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  • Nine Minutes Eleven Seconds

    by L. V. Pederson

    Everyone has secrets. Some are just more deadly than others.

    When Madison starts her first real job as an executive assistant at a Silicon Valley tech giant, she has hopes to start afresh and put her troubled life in Boston behind her. But it is not to be.

    A young employee out for an evening jog turns up dead.  

    Her charismatic VP boss fills her with unease. And when Madison uncovers his deadly secret, her ordinary life is thrust into a high-stakes conspiracy the FBI i... more

  • Countdown

    by Johan Ottosen

    Danish intelligence races to stop a dirty bomb in Copenhagen before heads of state gather for the Queen's jubilee. Meanwhile, a 5,000-year-old calendar is unearthed. It's counting down. To Ragnarok.

    Countdown is a must-read for fans of Dan Brown, Brad Thor, and Stieg Larsson, a gripping tale of international intrigue, ancient mysteries, and unbreakable bonds.

    When journalist Kurt Østergaard's stepfather dies, he leaves behind clues to a... more

  • Until Death Do You Part: An American Family Meets Their Sicilian Cousins

    by Wm. Hovey Smith
    The first novel by Wm. Hovey Smith relates the adventures of a third- generation Louisiana family of Sicilian origin who takes a vacation to their home island and unexpectedly discovers when they arrive on Monday that their two sons are to be married on Friday or none of the family will leave the island alive. He is richly drawing from his experiences as an exploration geologist, decorated combat engineer officer, outdoorsman, art enthusiast, and storyteller interested in archeology. Smith... more
  • Dell's Demons

    by ML Biddison

    Deputy Dell has never ventured far from her small adopted town in South Dakota until now. She is called to Arizona to keep her friend Pan from languishing in jail on bogus charges. Thank you, Pan! She’s on her way to see and do stuff she’s never done before. London Bridge. The Grand Canyon. But, all-too familiar demons dog her along the way. Drug runners. Kidnappers. Murderous gangs. Not to mention the ones nagging inside her head. Fortunately, Dell finds a new friend on her arriv... more


    by Marc Rosenberg
    Neil Kyd, accused of assassinating a Russian presidential candidate, hunted by Russian Special Forces, has only one thing on his mind, saving his daughter's life. Kyd has done everything possible to help his terminally ill daughter. He's out of options when he's recalled by the Agency and offered a special job, a quick 'in and out' assignment to retrieve a memory card from an ex-girlfriend in Moscow. If he accepts, the Agency will place his daughter into a cutting-edge medical program that wi... more
  • #1 With a Bullet

    by Steve Ochs, GED
    New York hitman/playboy Johnny Pacelli’s celebrity is becoming a problem. So when a million bucks stolen from an espresso machine results in an attempt on his father’s—the don’s—life, it delivers the perfect way to get Johnny out of town and off the society page radar: send him to Nashville, where the escaped assailants are holed up. After Johnny is ID’d in Music City for attempted murder, his travel partner, Phillie Canicattì, hatches a scheme to save them both, a scheme that can’t possibly wor... more
  • Post Civ

    by Julianne Harvey
    Post-apocalyptic climate fiction with a feminist introspective focus, Post Civ imagines a better, fairer world in microcosm after our current civilization is destroyed. Twelve survivors make their way to a mysteriously inhabitable island near what used to be Vancouver, where they begin to rebuild.
  • Road to Nineveh

    by Charles Besondy

    Gold Medal for Christian Mystery/Thriller in the 2024 Illumination Book Awards.

    When Charley Austin Marches to the Wrong Beat, Life Gets Ugly

    Against a backdrop of societal upheaval, Road to Nineveh continues the story of Charley Austin (introduced in Book 3, The Snare) as he, like a modern-day Jonah, faces the harsh consequences of turning away from God’s purpose for his life and succumbs to pride and lust.

  • Unsettled States

    by Tom Casey
    Unsettled States is a page-turning whodunit infused with heady notes of existential thought and carnal desire. Tom Casey’s unconventional exploration of voyeurism, infidelity, murder, and spiritual corruption is shot through with flashes of social commentary and humor. When a small Connecticut coastal town is rocked by a set of seemingly random tragedies, a gripping investigation of facts and fabrications ensues. The cast of characters includes a troubled Peeping Tom, an unconventional psychoth... more
  • Mendacity

    by Bryan Clark
    Corruption was expected from drug cartels, but was it possible that it ran deeper? Mendacity takes readers on a suspenseful journey as Brayden faces moral dilemmas and dangers that challenge his perceptions and threaten his life. Amidst the drama, the novel is punctuated with moments of humor, providing a respite and a human touch to the intense narrative. Brayden's journey is not just a battle against external enemies but an internal struggle to reconcile his ideals with the reality that sur... more

    by Sarah Denning
    Charlotte Baxter is eager for the circus to come through her dusty Texas town on the railroad, but the exciting event turns deadly when a star performer dies in the center ring. After Charlotte discovers a devastating secret at home, she takes her son and escapes her dangerous husband by jumping on the circus train. Jay Edwards manages logistics for the traveling circus, but challenges arise as the circus faces a financial crisis while his personal life goes off the rails. Jay finds someone ... more
  • The Invitation

    by Patrick MacDonald
    A woman receives an invitation to her own funeral. Uncertain as to whether it’s a hoax or something more sinister, she begins to search for answers. Then her son, Toby, is abducted from his nursery….
  • Rem's Chance

    by Dave J. Andrae

    Rem Bruxvoort is forty-six and not getting any younger. The former guitarist of The Bubbling Samovars—an obscure nineties punk band—is still feeling fallout from the pandemic. It’s October of 2021 in southwest Florida and he’s stuck living under the same roof as his ex-fiancée, who hates his guts. As they sell off the bungalow they bought together before everything between them went up in smoke, Rem seeks a way forward to better days.

    A chance encounter re... more

  • The Nine Minute Diner

    by Grzegorz Kunowski
    Embark on a gripping journey through a 48,000-word narrative woven from diverse threads of drama, mystery, and human connection. From a web of small-town secrets to a chaotic diner robbery, the text explores the profound impacts of choices on sixteen compelling characters. The Nine Minute Diner captures the haunting reverberations of their decisions, revealing the intricate dance between fate and human agency. Suspenseful twists and poignant reflections unravel a rich tapestry of lives colliding... more
  • The Daughter Between Them

    by Alretha Thomas
    Two mothers. One missing daughter. One life-changing secret. In 2019, Leslie Graham is within arm’s reach of her goal to become the news editor at the Dancing Hills Times. At thirty-five, she has it all—a promising career and a close relationship with her two teenage girls, Rhonda and Jillian. But when an old enemy from her past resurfaces, threatening to reveal life-changing information about one of her daughters, Leslie does everything in her power to keep her world from crashing down. A... more