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  • Toxic Fr.O.G.

    by Dr. Richard Roach
    Fran is a senior in high school who has always been odd. Her best friend is a full-blooded Potawatomie First Nation woman. Fran’s friends call her “Frog” because of her science interest. But her interest soon sends her into the French Guiana jungle to become a shaman’s apprentice. The two friends have separate interests, but what binds them together is a man who hates Indians and is trying to kill them.
  • Bearied Treasure

    by ted mulcahey
    What do you get when you mix a 1920’s cult, a couple of interior designers, the Pacific Northwest, a small fortune in gold, and a Kodiak bear? You get this clever and adventurous “what if” story weaving real-life historical characters with the imagination of Ted Mulcahay–Bearied Treasure.
  • Whispers

    by Bonné Bartron
    But...How can a myth kidnap a child? Stacey Cooper is thrilled to treat her two sisters, Amalia and Emily and their four girls, to a week-long epic vacation in Orlando, Florida. After a disturbing encounter with a man at a theme park, Stacey overhears the children discussing a monster they're convinced is following them. She assumes the kids are making up stories...until the unthinkable happens. While the family prepares breakfast in their Airbnb, Stacey's eight-year-old niece is st... more
  • Teed up for Terror

    by Ted Mulcahey
    Jewel thieves, hero dogs, white separatists and interior designers make for a tongue in cheek tale of murder and mayhem among the members of a not so exclusive country club. The story, sarcastic and irreverent at times, revolves around interior designers Kevin and Jenne O’Malley who seem to have a knack for attracting trouble. In this light-hearted parody of the membership of a private golf club, located in Bellevue, Washington, they stumble upon a gruesome murder. The incident is only the begin... more
  • Yes, It Happened

    by Robert Maxwell
    Amid a nation crippled by dissension and a nuclear explosion, Augustus faces a choice in how to keep his children safe and the memory of his murdered wife alive. His choice takes him into the heart of fake news, a kidnapping, caving, international intrigue, all to stop a ruthless autocrat and to keep the idea of America alive.
  • The Serpent

    by Zephyr Dorsey
    Government Agent Rico Roma awakes atop a dead body in a strange home, with no memory of how he got there. His quest for answers will lead him to questions far deeper than those concerning an unsolved murder. He will be forced to face the deepest mysteries of God and life on Earth. And the answers will shock him. Jango Kadinsky, walking on the edge of Suicide Gorge, finds a strange glowing cylinder which will alter the course of his life and make him reconsider everything he thought he knew about... more
  • Somewhere In Between

    by Dawn Hosmer
    Mackenzie Bartholomew wakes up at her own funeral with no idea how she died. She was a healthy, thirty-nine-year old mother of three. Did she commit suicide? Was she murdered? She's stuck somewhere in between life and death until she can find the answers.
  • The End of Echoes

    by Dawn Hosmer
    Ruby Dunkin is in an abusive marriage and unable to spare her two sons from her husband's wrath. Chelsea Wyatt is a senior in high school when she goes missing after work one night. For over eighteen years, no one knows the connection between Ruby Dunkin and Chelsea Wyatt. A journey through time reveals the common thread stitching their heartbreak together. Yesterday echoes throughout each character's life as they decide how, and if, they will break the chains of the past.
  • Bits & Pieces

    by Dawn Hosmer
    Tessa picks up pieces of others through touch. The only way she knows she's changed is by a flash of color. Red equals pain. Orange, a painful memory. Blue, a pleasant one. A purple flash indicates that she's obtained a new talent or skill. A yellow flash provides a glimpse of the future. During a search for a local missing college student, a flash like lightning consumes her, and with it, the faces of murdered women overtake her mind. This chance encounter with a killer traps her within the min... more
  • Thread

    by J Franklin Payne
    The character development of Kyle Stone is particularly interesting and is intriguing to see how the effects of his time at war gave him fortitude for the challenges that were to face him later in life. In terms of cohesion, one of the best features of the work is its dialogue, which not only gives the cutthroat atmosphere of the boardroom world but also characterizes and delivers plot exposition in a snappy, direct fashion. Thread is a fascinating and incredible read which will surely suit read... more
  • The Russian Agents Box Set

    by Ted Halstead
    What if Russian agents were – mostly – the good guys? Find out in this discounted collection of four unabridged thrillers spanning the globe, with hundreds of 5-star reviews. Includes The Second Korean War (2018), The Saudi-Iranian War (2019), The End of America’s War in Afghanistan (2020), and The End of Russia’s War in Ukraine (2020).
  • The End of Russia’s War in Ukraine

    by Ted Halstead
    Three Russian agents are searching Ukraine for a missing thermonuclear warhead. America suspects the warhead wasn’t really stolen, and its detonation might be a pretext to let Russia seize Ukraine. Will the agents find the warhead before it is used, and starts WWIII? This will be the Russian agents’ greatest challenge yet.
  • Murder at Alpine Manor

    by Robert Archibald
    For detective Jack Thomas aka JT, the chance to spend Christmas at the luxury Alpine Manor is too good to resist. A relaxing break, however, soon becomes another investigation as a dead body is discovered. Accident or foul play? As the snow deepens, and it becomes apparent that they are trapped in the Manor with a killer, no one knows who could be targeted next.
  • Corruption - An Angelica Dale Mystery

    by P.K. Armstrong

    Angel is at it again and this time things get complicated. Contacted by a local attorney whose son finds a dead body, Angel is thrown into a tangled investigation that once again means she will be stepping on the toes of her new romantic interest Detective Christopher Roland. To add to her stress, Angel’s father, retired cop Jerry Dale, stumbles upon new information regarding Angel’s foster child Violet and her birth parents. With a group of dirty cops coming into focus and Roland... more

  • Slurry

    by Josh Boldt
    Caught up in the narcotics trade of rural Appalachia, nineteen-year-old Willa Taylor vanishes from her parents’ home in Eastern Kentucky. The region has fallen on hard times. A once booming coal industry is in decline. In its wake the drug business has taken over. Locals say narcotics are devastating Appalachia faster than strip mining ever could. When Lexington private detective Cal Tyson is hired to find the missing girl, he discovers a small mountain town cut off from the rest of society, sus... more
  • Depths and Venom

    by C.R. Defuoco
    The story is set in New York City and within the mind of Perry Roniami. The prologue begins the story at the end. Perry has found a new appreciation for life but doesn't know how to proceed as his mind tries to make sense of everything that had just happened to him. Unfortunately for Perry, he can't escape his past. His life ends in an alley behind a pub, laying in a pool of irony. As his life slips away, he finally realizes what's been plaguing his mind for the last few years. This novel int... more