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  • Miller Knew: An Appalachian Noir and Suspense Story

    by Scott Geisel
    Deep in the Appalachian hills of Virginia, a brother and sister are in trouble. Miller’s ma is gone. His pa is gone. What else can be taken before he fights back? Miller knows the kind of men who inhabit these hills. He doesn’t want to become one of them. How can he protect himself and his sister without losing his soul? From the author of the critically acclaimed Jackson Flint mystery novels. A new voice in Appalachian noir. Mysterious, suspenseful, intense, and yearning for redemp... more
  • Breaking Arrows

    by Luis Figueredo
    An eight-year-old Indian child is dead. The innocent boy’s death is cruel, torturous, and most of all, needless. Jeremiah Tiger, the chief of the Kialegee Tribe, is now faced with the realization that he must fight for his impoverished tribe against the State of Oklahoma and the wealthy and influential Muscogee Nation. The battle is seemingly unwinnable. The once fierce warriors of the Kialegee Tribe are now oppressed and living in squalor. Jeremiah’s only option for securing a future for ... more
  • Windekind

    by Mark Lavine
    Following the tragic death of his young wife, Sam Thibeau and his eight-year-old son Harry move from California to a co-housing community deep in the Vermont woods, where they hope to leave behind their painful memories and start over in an unfamiliar land of snow and maple syrup. Just as they are starting to settle in, Sam comes across a series of strange clues and messages which appear to be meant just for him. The clues lead to what at first appears to be a financial windfall, but before long... more
  • Trip the Light Phantasmic (The Gothic Gwyn Mysteries Book 1)

    by Judith Sterling
    Gwyneth Camm has just inherited her great-aunt’s house in Salem, Massachusetts, along with an extensive collection of gothic romance novels. As a PhD student who prefers “serious” books, Gwyn has always avoided pulp fiction. Now, in honor of her beloved Aunt Ethel, she gives one of the gothics a try…and promptly falls asleep. When she wakes, she finds herself inside the story, thrust by forces unknown into the heroine’s role. There’s magic afoot, and the only way back to her own life is to play... more
  • Stalked By Revenge

    by Lynn Lipinski
    In book three of the Zane Clearwater Mystery series, a young man and his teenage sister take steps to protect themselves when the man they put behind bars has his conviction overturned. Clyde Doom vows to seek revenge on Zane and his sister. Will they run or will they fight?
  • A Killer Secret

    by Jeff Berney

    Would you kill to keep a secret?

    That’s the question haunting three people whose lives become inescapably intertwined by the secrets that define them and ultimately threaten to tear them apart. A disgraced professor, a disenchanted psychologist and a deceitful patient are about to learn more than they expected about each other and themselves.

    Will their relationships survive their secrets? Will they?

    Everyone has secrets. ... more

  • The Fall of Faith

    by Jeff Berney

    Lust. Kills.

    “The Fall of Faith” is a gritty domestic thriller about lust, love, faith and the consequences of doing whatever it takes to survive.

    How far would you go to regain your faith in something bigger than yourself?

    That’s the question Jimmy grapples with when his truck breaks down in Eden, Missouri, and he learns the hard way that the isolated little town is nothing like its biblical namesake. As ... more

  • Formula 1215

    by John S Kennedy, Michael A Bisson
    From laboratory experiment, to psychic killer, John McBride leaves Washington DC to live his life in peace, not realizing his life is in constant turmoil. Dr. Walker tries to produce an antitoxin for the monster he created, using his own son as a lab rat. When McBride returns he has mixed feelings about the Doctor, his once best friend. Their love and hate relationship, fuels the fire along the way, to his finding out what happened 20 years ago.
  • Charleston Conundrum

    by Stacy Wilder
    Liz Adams never imagined when she moved to Charleston with her truth-sniffing Labrador retriever, Duke, that she would use her skills as a private investigator to avoid winding up on Death Row. Her best friend, Peg, murdered, shot by Liz’s gun. At the insistence of Peg’s father, Private Investigator Liz Adams, and her Labrador, Duke, rush to solve the case. Tensions flare between Liz and the cops as she rises to the top of their suspect list. Riding a roller coaster of emotions, Liz discov... more
  • Lost Sierra

    by Amanda Traylor
    27-year-old Daphne Barlow escapes her parents’ ruthless expectations as the heir to their Fortune 10 organic food brand and finds a different kind of ruthlessness—the remote town of Sierra Ridge in the inhospitable Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California.With a new PhD under her belt and eager to avoid her pre-determined path at the company named for her, Daphne seeks out an idyllic Mayberry existence in a small town where residents might appreciate her personal brand of homeopathic techn... more
  • Blood is Slicker than Water: What happened in the woods?

    by Louise Furley
    3 little sisters go into the woods. One comes back crippled, one never comes back at all, and the third is accused of the others demise and is exiled from her home. 14 years later the third sister returns home to fix things with her estranged family. A deputy who falls for her digs into the past to resolve the mystery of what happened to the sisters that tragic day and people he questions start turning up dead.
  • The Methuselah Project (The Blackwell Files Book 15)

    by Steven F. Freeman
    Lifespans longer than ever imagined…unless you’re murdered first. The Consortium, a sophisticated crime ring, has intimidated top international biogenetic scientists into moving to a compound in Rome to research and develop cutting-edge longevity therapies—treatments available only to the uber-wealthy. To tie off loose ends, the Consortium tries to silence former contractor Rala Vaziri. Escaping the first assassination attempt, Vaziri enlists the help of NSA agents Alton and Mallory Blackw... more
  • Her Drawings

    by Joe Baldwin
    Sally and Rose Wilkinson are in a dire home situation. They must stick together at all costs. When elder sister, Sally, takes Rose on an adventure trekking through the depths of the farmhouse backyard, Sally's world is turned upside down. Following a sisterly argument, they go their separate ways. Soon after, Sally stands by idly as an unknown creature takes Rose into the woods never to be seen again. Thirteen years later, Sally receives a call that her childhood farmhouse has burn... more

    From the award-winning author of THE OTHER CHEEK, a story of descent into a nightmare existence of abuse at the hands of a close family member, comes the thrilling tale of self-discovery that results after becoming embroiled in the decisions and lives of strangers. When twenty-something Phoebe LaFlamme heads west to pursue further details of baffling correspondence filled with stunning evidence of a family secret, she has no idea of the danger she unwittingly chases. Can she trust the letter'... more
  • True Winter (A Series of Four Seasons Book 1)

    by Q.K. Petty

    Delve Into A Secret World Under Our Own Tied To Legacy, Violence & History.

    Five hundred years ago, a deadly artifact called the Chains of Peter was stolen. Now, the chains have resurfaced in Mobile, Alabama, and the House of David, a secret organization that specializes in securing dangerous artifacts, has sent its most lethal operative to find them.

    Judge Eden Dowler is all but certain the wealthy Bachman family is hiding the chains, and he has a w... more

  • Catechisms

    by James W Bennetts
    Detective Paige McGraw is waiting—waiting for something to go her way for once. After letting a suspect on the run slip through her fingers, her career is in shambles. Stuck working in the shadow of the brash new homicide inspector on the force, she is biding her time, hoping to redeem herself by catching a good case or bringing her slippery fugitive to heel. When a defrocked priest is found dead, horribly murdered and mutilated, it may be just the investigation she needs to prove to herself an... more