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    by Lorne Kent

    A gripping crime thriller about murder, bomb plots, an egotistical hero disobeying orders and an equally egotistical serial killer.

    Detective Inspector Brian Golding of the Ottawa Police Service Homicide Unit uses his wits, his team of Detective Sergeants and Constables and a plethora of modern technologies to solve a baffling case of murder on his patch.

    A Russian airliner is forced down over Poland due to terrorists targeting it with SAM missiles. And ... more

  • A Day for Bones

    by Dale E. Lehman
    A catastrophic flood scatters a human skeleton along Main street. As Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller investigates, the dark secrets of a successful family emerge, until someone lurking in the shadows resorts to murder to keep them hidden.
  • The Velvet Badge

    by Bob Mantel
    A tasteless night club run by a failed JFK assassination co-conspirator brings out the worst in 1970s New York. Songbird Sadasia Trayne runs into a disco-era buzz saw of wine, women, and murder when she hooks up with the Brooklyn-based creator of a notorious TV sitcom. Her frantic SOS to a long-lost love, the Big Apple’s closeted lesbian Chief of Police Detectives, drives this tale of memory and regret, compromise and topiary, politics and a corrupt press, Kris Kringle and twisted acts of lo... more
  • The Rain City Hustle

    by M.D. Grayson
    Wedding bells are about to ring for Seattle Private Iinvestigators Danny Logan and Toni Blair. The date’s four weeks out and this time there will be no more delays, no more postponements, no more excuses. Nothing will stop them. But then . . . . . Danny bumps into an old army buddy at Starbucks one morning. Her father’s prize French Impressionist painting has been stolen off the living room wall of his Bellevue condo by her conniving boyfriend, who had the bright idea to use it as collat... more
  • Murder by the Numbers

    by Steve Leshin
    Joshua Oates is back! It is 1921 and private investigator Joshua Oates moves his operations from Boston to New York City. He receives a mysterious note with an envelope full of cash from a new client to meet at the Brooklyn Bridge. The client never shows up. When he returns to his new office, Oates finds it ransacked. Shortly afterward, a young woman hires him to find who murdered her husband, a newspaper reporter with a sordid past. The hard drinking, two fisted PI must deal with mob bosses, th... more
  • Dark Sonnet

    by Tom McCarthy
    Oxford, England. A Jesuit priest unearths a tattered poetic manuscript from the nineteenth century. Against universal scorn, he makes the outrageous claim that it contains a series of word puzzles pointing to the whereabouts of the Cuxham Chalice, a priceless relic of England's medieval anti-Semitic past. He suddenly disappears amidst a city in turmoil over a series of brutal slayings, and two concerned friends are determined to find him. Myles Dunn, pulled from a failed life in Colorado bac... more
  • Author

    by Casey Cardel
    Mysty Haven is a charming, lovely and safe place for anyone who isn’t human. Hidden in a remote area of Wisconsin, you’ll find a variety of inhabitants that prefer to be called Mysticals. Who or what are the Mysticals? Anyone who isn’t human! Mythical, supernatural, paranormal and possible urban legend beings can be found in Mysty Haven, some enjoying a cup of Finn’s special brewed coffee at Maddie B’s and others simply enjoying a smooth cup of tea. There is always a mystery to be solved in ... more
  • The Russian Woman

    by Alex Lukeman

    The Russian Woman is the first book in a series featuring Michael Thorne.

    Colonel Anya Volkova is a patriot who loves her country. She works in the Russian Ministry of Defense, where she's an important part of Moscow's machinery of war. She's more or less content with her ordered life, until things start to fall apart.

    Her younger brother is sent to fight in Syria. Her boss wants her for his mistress, and if she doesn't give him what he wants, her ca... more

  • Achilles' Heel: A gripping thrill ride mystery

    by Luke Christodoulou
    100000 Greek murder/mystery books sold by the 'Greek James Patterson' 'Christodoulou doesn't pull his punches' - Publishers Weekly Everyone has a vulnerable point. A weakness rooted deep inside us that hinders and endangers us. Police Lieutenant Damien Levante cannot afford any missteps. He arrives at the horrendous murder scene and finds a massacre has taken place. In the mansion on the hill three fresh bodies and an old one lie. Running out toward him is the only survivor of the night. Z... more

    by Greg Morse
    Why would billionaire, South Florida Mob Boss, Antonio “Magic Man” Barrera hire Jason Noble, a no-name, untested criminal defense lawyer to represent him in his federal death penalty trial? Jason Noble knows he can become a great lawyer, even if the rest of the world does not. All he needs is that one big case the media goes crazy for, and he is on his way to fame and fortune. He thought he landed the chance of a lifetime when Peter Cohen called him to take over representing Antonio Barre... more
  • Clifford's War: Without End

    by J. Denison Reed
    In this action-packed, twisty, and fast-paced continuation of the PI Clifford Dee crime/thriller series, private investigator Clifford Dee is back with his team, this time in Northern Virginia, working with his former Army commander, Doyle Hamilton, in Washington D.C. A U.S. Senator was murdered and Doyle has been chosen to run in a special election to fill his office. To qualify, Doyle has to step down from his army command and decides to hand the division over to a former military rival of Cli... more
  • First Friday

    by Eliza West
    When a client dies under sudden and suspicious circumstances at her clinic's open house, Agatha Maguire turns her skills towards sleuthing. Hynogogic hallucinations, love triangles and financial deception abound as she unravels the ways in which her clients' secrets intertwine.
  • Treachery in Tabari

    by Dirk Marks
    Secret Service agent Oliver Hamilton is in charge of the security of Prime Minister Hasani Baharia from the tiny African Kingdom of Tabari when he visits New York for the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations. But there’s an assassination attempt, and they rush the Prime Minister to the hospital. Will he survive? NYPD detective Jonathan Martin tries to track down the gunman. After the FBI gets involved and the Tabari Ambassador at the United Nations disappears, Ranita Rao of the Departmen... more
  • Gothic Revival

    by Michael Mullin
    Old graduate school friends reunite to discover one of them, their host, is not the man they used to know.
  • The Panacea Project

    by Greenleaf Book Group
  • Unmasked

    by Howard Pollack
    When the wife of a shady Florida businessman is shot in bed in their exclusive home, all signs point to a senseless robbery. Detectives are on the case, but it's the dead woman's high school sweetheart, now a high-powered attorney, who discovers a web of intrigue tied to China, a deadly weaponized virus, a beautiful young heiress, and even, perhaps, the U.S. government. With a plot that never fails to surprise, UNMASKED is full of details pulled straight from today's news about viruses, violence... more