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  • Overland

    by Ramcy Diek
    Skyla Overland is proud to work for Overland Insurance, the company founded by her grandfather. Besides one nerve-wracking insurance fraud case in the past, her sheltered life is uneventful and just the way she likes it. Until one day, everything changes... Regaining consciousness, Skyla finds herself on the backseat of her own car, with her hands tied behind her back. Is she getting kidnapped? Who is he? And where is he taking her?
  • Terror in Northern California

    by N.Hall
    This book is an adult mystery. The plot involves cyberterrorism from extremists bent on disrupting the infrastructure of the U.S. and other countries through hacking computer code. When bodies start to drop, no one is safe. Jane Anders has a husband who is murdered after he designed the technical center where employees are trained in software development. Some of his colleagues already know what the technical center is for. People are murdered to keep the coding secret and the author is adep... more
  • Cyber-Warfare and the New World Order

    by James Rosone

    Is this the end of America?

    The US has finally fought the Russians to a standstill in Europe and stopped the Chinese and Russians from breaking out of Alaska, but now they have a new threat to handle in California. Will the bloody street fight be too much for the American military to handle?

    Just as it seems that the United States is going to collapse, DARPA unleashes a new torrent of technologically advanced weapons. Will the new ark angel fighters turn the tide of air superiorit... more

  • Interview with a Terrorist

    by James Rosone

    Have you ever wondered what really goes on in those poorly lit interrogation rooms overseas?

    Are you prepared to travel down a dark path into a world few know of...and even fewer have ever talked about?

    In 2006, when the Iraq War was all but lost, a new strategy was implemented - not only would America place combat troops in nearly every village and city across Iraq, the US would systematically hunt down every terrorist and insurgent group operat... more

  • Operation Red Dawn and the Siege of Europe

    by James Rosone

    Is America vulnerable to an attack on the homeland?

    In Operation Red Dawn and the Siege of Europe, we see what happens when war arrives on the shores of the US. As Chinese and Russians attack the frontier of Alaska, American forces are stretched thin. With battles raging in Europe, the Islamic Republic, and on their own doorstep, what will President Stein decide to do?

    Operation Red Dawn and the Siege of Europe is the third audiobook in this predictive World War ... more

  • Operation Red Dragon and the Unthinkable

    by James Rosone

    This book is a continuation of the World War III series, an Amazon top-selling series. See what happens to America when the country refuses to surrender their forces in the Middle East and capitulate to the Caliphate’s demands.

    In this second installment of James Rosone and Miranda Watson’s World War III series, we discover the fate of New York City as the Islamic Republic steers a freighter into New York Harbor.

    Join the authors as they walk us through the final battl... more

  • Unnatural, Erica Rosen MD Trilogy, Book 1

    by Deven Greene
    Dr. Erica Rosen is perplexed when she sees a young Chinese girl with blue eyes in her San Francisco pediatrics clinic. The girl’s mother, Ting, is secretive and Erica suspects she has entered the country illegally. Later, Erica encounters Ting’s son, and discovers he has an unusual mutation. Erica learns that Ting’s children underwent embryonic stem cell gene editing as part of a secret Chinese government-run program. The Chinese government wants to murder Ting’s son to prevent others from l... more
  • Farewell the Dragon

    by S. Lee Barckmann

    In Farewell the Dragon, Nate Scheutt, American, 35, is pulled into a politically charged murder investigation when he stumbles onto the bodies of two young Europeans on a prestigious Beijing university campus. Gradually Nate discovers the case is entwined with an international quest for a small stone tablet, (a stele) that might contain the key to ancient China's long-lost link with the West.

    In the 1980's, old Beijing's walls and hutong alleyways were disappearing, victims ... more

  • Dashiell Hammett and the Hearst Castle Mystery

    by Gregory Urbach
    Dashiell Hammett, America's foremost mystery writer, is invited for a weekend at Hearst Castle in the spring of 1934. But when a body is discovered in the gardens, William Randolph Hearst gives Hammett 48 hours to solve the crime. Marion Davies and a cast of Hollywood stars, gangsters and hoodlums are soon caught up in an investigation that is never quite what it seems.
  • The Starmind Alert

    by R. H. Kohno
    Carrying on the tradition of service as exemplified by his Nisei grandfather, a veteran with the 100th/442nd RCT in WWII, Jim Sato, a dedicated cop, serves as the nerve ending of a Top Secret psychotronic brain wave enhancer, a giant AI super computer, deep the bowels of DIA Headquarters in an attempt to stop and eliminate Abdul Ahmad, the arch terrorist, who sets out to destroy America. Sato is teamed up with Gilda Dobrowski, a small city psychic, and together they track down the whereabouts of... more
  • Plan to Kill

    by C. V. Hamilton
    “Outrageous and controversial!” Businesswomen don’t plot. They plan. They know a solid plan is key to success, especially if your goal is to assassinate the President. When the President of the United States and the Supreme Court succeed in reversing Roe v. Wade, four outraged Las Vegas professional women, each with a personal abortion experience, plan the assassination. A restaurateur, a retired Toxicology Specialist, a CPA, and a Congresswoman each contribute to the brazen plan. Can the... more
  • The Aviculturist

    June 1971, Alice Sanders is celebrating her sixth birthday at her family’s Cornish country home in Lostmor. But by the end of the evening, an event so horrific unfolds that it changes the family’s lives forever. Years later, following the death of her mother, Alice’s sister reluctantly returns to Cornwall for the reading of a mysterious will. Once there, with the help of newly found friends she gradually unravels a web of secrets surrounding her family’s past and unlocks the reasons for her nig... more
  • Yearn to Fear

    by Chas Murrell
    The greatest scientific invention of modern times… Capable of curing humanity… But more adept at controlling it… Sydney scientist, Marcus Hall, is developing a radical 5G Wi-Fi receiver for CSIRO. With access to secretive Lamarr computer chips - this technology promises billions to repair Australia's ravaged economy. On a caffeine boosted whim, he inadvertently discovers a therapeutic breakthrough in neuroscience. Or so he thinks… His seemingly trustworthy lab partner, Henry, is an unlikel... more
  • Neptune City

    by Dale T. Phillips
    When LA detective Jim Lloyd reluctantly returns to his NJ hometown for a final funeral, the ghosts of the past combine with the perils of the present, and he is pulled into a world of secrets, deceit, and danger.
  • The Second Zack Pack

    by Dale T. Phillips
    This collection combines the second trio of Zack Taylor mysteries in one volume. Contains three novels: A Certain Slant of Light, A Sharp Medicine, and A Darkened Room.
  • The Badge

    by Lydia Emma Niebuhr
    The Badge is the 3rd book in the #thadwheelerdetectiveseries Cozy Mystery Investigative reporter Mike Knowles is forced into hiding after hacking into a thirty-year-old sealed police file. He makes a desperate call to his friend, Detective Thad Wheeler, for help. In order for Thad to help Mike, he must weave together events that happened six months ago with the discovery of a body thirty years ago. The badge found by the body becomes the key to finding that connection.