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  • Time to Run

    by Susan C, Muller
    When Jax Duncan witnesses the murder of a state senator, she becomes the next target for a mob hitman and the prime suspect of the FBI. After four years on the run, her location is discovered and she must run again only this time she has an added burden...a wounded FBI agent who depends on Jax to keep him alive until he's well enough to arrest her.

    by FX Holden

    OKINAWA by FX Holden is a riveting take on the near future of warfare and global politics.

    In 1942, Chinese-American soldier John Chen interrogates captured Japanese pilot Tadao Kato. In 2033, Japan and China sign a landmark treaty, and Chen and Kato’s great-grandchildren, Li Chen and Takuya Kato, are both pilots ordered to participate in the first-ever Sino-Japanese joint military exercises. But the supposedly peaceful Operation Red Dove turns deadly when a secret government-funded Chi... more

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    by jeo mathew
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  • An Unholy Alliance (Emma Golden Mystery Series Book 1)

    by Judy Nedry
    A combination of wine and mystery threads Judy Nedry’s delightful re-release, An Unholy Alliance (second ed.). Set in the Oregon wine industry, the story introduces amateur sleuth Emma Golden, a woman in her fifties who feels invisible. But that’s about to change. It's grape harvest time when Emma returns to wine country after a seven year absence. She finds the industry changed, and some of the new players aren't very nice--particularly the fellow Emma discovers dead in a vat of fermenting Pino... more
  • The Cold Storm: A gripping Special Ops action-thriller (O'Neil Series Book 1)

    by John Etterlee
    The first book in this action-packed thriller series introduces us to Sergeant Roger O'Neil, former U.S. Army Ranger and decorated combat veteran of the Global War On Terror. After years of fighting al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, he returns to Montana to find that home is no longer the safe haven he once thought it was. On a winter camping trip in the Montana mountains, Roger must save his family from a gang of ruthless killers by reuniting with his combat-hardened buddies for one ... more
  • Wolf Isle

    by Alan Thompson
    The Wolf Isle Fellows, an elite group of scholars and thinkers, are delivered to a deserted island and tasked by their host – one of the world’s richest men – with finding solutions to mankind’s most intractable problems. Their initial enthusiasm soon evaporates – the island is completely cut off from the outside world and the Fellows, deprived of their usual sources of inspiration, quickly descend into chaos. At the same time, mysterious circumstances combine to prevent them from leaving the ... more
  • The Black and White House

    by Robert James Bridge
    In short Joshua Jenks a young colored boy from Memphis becomes Senator against all odds,and eventually Middle East Advisor.On the way facing suspense and intrigue as he also faces one conspiracy after another on his journeys. Although a short intro I am sure this book will become a hit for those that love thrillers.
  • Fear of Normal

    by E.V. Lohring
    Winters Macklin, a widower whose wife died under questionable circumstances, is appointed to a church in Canaville, Tennessee. While there he learns about a teacher - Miss Holly - who was murdered about 25 years earlier at the local school, which is now abandoned. Her killer was never found. Locals claim her ghost haunts the school. After a youth group meeting at the church, one of the teen girls is murdered on her way home near the old school. The killing is very similar to the murder of... more
  • Special Investigative Reporter

    by Malcolm R. Campbell
    In this satirical and somewhat insane lament about the fall of traditional journalism into an abyss of news without facts, Special Investigative Reporter Jock Stewart specializes in tracking down Junction City’s inept and corrupt movers and shakers for his newspaper The Star-Gazer. Since Stewart is not a team player, he doesn’t trust anyone, especially colleagues and news sources. Stewart, who became a reporter back in the days when real newsmen were supposed to smoke and drink themselves to ... more
  • Case of the Mouse Trap Legend

    by Jean Marie Wiesen
    With their first tough case wrapped up, private investigators Laura Jensen and Mike O'Malley are on a celebratory fishing trip when Laura literally hooks evidence that puts them on the trail of explosives, international spy rings and a plot to steal one of the pride and joys of the United States Air Force. Fanning out from their Connecticut town, the team is joined by local and state police and the FBI as they race to thwart a national disaster.
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    by brinto John
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  • Close Encounters of the Curd Kind

    by Kirsten Weiss
    The truth is out there… Way out there. Susan Witsend, owner of the best little UFO-themed B&B in the Sierras, is absolutely, positively, not going to get involved in another murder case. Not with her small-town sheriff threatening jail time if she interferes in one more investigation. So when her neighbor is murdered, Susan exerts all her willpower to stay out of the sheriff’s business. But her neighbor’s daughter, Clare, needs Susan’s help. Clare’s been experiencing lost time, a sure ... more
  • Planet of the Grapes

    by Kirsten Weiss
    Aliens, fairies and murder, oh, my! In small-town Doyle, California, UFO abductions are a budding tourist attraction. So, when Susan Witsend brings a UFO festival to town, she’s ready for some well-deserved time in the sun. What she gets instead is the corpse of a UFO conspiracy theorist, brained with a bottle of local wine. Susan may be the owner of a UFO-themed B&B, but she doesn’t wish on stars to get what she wants. She’s a woman with a planner. Plan A) Milk the UFO festival for all... more
  • At Wits' End

    by Kirsten Weiss
    A cozy mystery that’s out of this world… Men in Black. Conspiracy-crazed old ladies. Can a clueless innkeeper catch a killer … and stick to her carefully crafted schedule? When control-freak Susan Witsend inherits her grandmother’s UFO-themed B&B, she’s ready to put her organizational skills to the test. She knows she can make the B&B work, even if there is a faux-UFO in the roof. After all, what’s not to love about a Victorian nestled in the high Sierra foothills? None of her carefull... more
  • The Black and White House

    by Robert James Bridge
    Racism, Terrorism two words that were to strike fear into the hearts and minds globally. At the time Joshua Jenks came into the world racism had almost been eradicated leaving only terrorism to spread like a cancer around the world. Joshua Jenks came from a poor colored family in Memphis,well when I say poor they were actually well off compared to many of his friends since his mother and father had obtained employment with a local rich white family who had a daughter same age as Joshua. Sam Mc... more
  • A Fool For Love & Money

    by John Ottini
    Love and Money are two important ingredients in a man’s recipe for happiness. Unfortunately, those same two ingredients under the wrong circumstances can be a man’s recipe for disaster. Unlucky at love, unemployed and drowning in debt, Thomas Murphy is a man in need of salvation. When an unexpected gift arrives from an unknown source, Tom is confused, yet elated about his new-found fortune. His luck continues when he runs into an old flame he hasn’t seen in years and sparks begin to fly. S... more