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  • Murder Music

    by Michael Baldwin
    Murder Music is the story of a quest by elderly black jazz saxophonist, Tiger Blakely, and his student, white, teen-age girl violin virtuoso, Missy McKean, to discover who is trying to murder Blakely and why. They undertake a jazz road trip after two attempts on Blakely's life, trying to escape the killer, but they are tracked and the attempts continue. Finally they solve the musical mystery and the villain is discovered and arrested with the help of a secret service agent who has fallen in love... more
  • bada-BOOM!

    by Wally Duff
    A summary of bada-BOOM! The third book of the Hamlin Park Irregulars series by Wally Duff A woman hopes to reestablish herself as an investigative journalist by chasing a story about suspicious suicides in this third installment of a series. Chicago stay-at-home mom Tina Thomas lost her reporter job years ago when she disregarded an FBI order. But she’s always looking for a story to redeem herself, and MidAmerica Hospital surgeon Dr. J. Randall Fertig may be the answer. Fertig claims he perfor... more
  • The Crocodile Makes No Sound

    by N.L. Holmes
    Four years into Akhenaten’s new regime, the dissatisfaction of those who practiced the old religion of Amen-Ra is growing. Hani, a diplomat already under the king’s surveillance because of the disappearance of his firebrand Amen priest brother-in-law, gets drawn into an investigation for the Beloved Royal Wife, who is being blackmailed over an infidelity. Meanwhile, the new vassal king of A’amu, lodged at Hani’s house until the king grants him an audience, is showing himself to be none too loyal... more
  • Revelation

    by John Casey
    Michael Dolan is leading the CIA black unit formerly known as SCALPEL, his fortunes buoyed by unparalleled success in preventing several terrorist attacks around the globe. After uncovering a network of organizations that have joined forces to destroy America, he must risk putting the world at war if he is to save it. REVELATION is book three of The Devolution Trilogy, a psychological spy thriller series.
  • Reckless Discernment

    by Tom Sullivan
    Fascinated by bartender Elizabeth Marino's ambition of relentless discernment, and by Elizabeth herself, Andrew McCready joins her searching for a bar patron’s girlfriend, who has disappeared without a trace. When they find the woman, she has returned to her real identity, living in Vermont with her husband and calling herself Zuzana. Zuzana confesses her deception and the motivation behind it, describes her difficult circumstances, and asks them for help. The pair are dragged back into... more
  • The Lumbermill

    by Laya V. Smith
    No one survives The Lumbermill. How many logs fell today? Los Angeles, 1954. Sending a pair of mass murderers to the chair got his name in the papers, but veteran fighter pilot turned detective, Augy Small, couldn’t celebrate. The culprits confessed, but the cops only ever found one body. Who had the killers died to protect? Katya Tyler, a Russian enigma with a wad of cash in one hand and a hit list in the other, claims to have the answers. First, she wants Augy’s help to bring down a massive... more
  • Make Believe

    by Cory Wolfe
    Jennifer Hall, a mental health counselor, arrives in a desert town after the death of the third student at Lincoln High. The third tragedy. The third memorial service. The third suicide. No Note, no answers. Jennifer counsels the students and community through their grief and with every passing day in Lincoln, her own pain slowly begins to creep back in. The kind of pain where you can't forgive oneself. With an alcoholic father and self-absorbed mother, Tyler Tuckerman prefers the world he se... more
  • The Gift of Diamonds

    by Roberta Seret
  • Love Odyssey

    by Roberta Seret
  • Evolution

    by John Casey

    Two years have passed since the dramatic conclusion of Operation EXCISE. Dolan has moved home to Boston to mend when once again, the Agency comes knocking. Terrorists have launched a bioweapon in the Middle East, thousands are dying of a horrifying virus with no cure, and Dolan is the key to preventing more attacks. Only this time, everything will be done on his terms... EVOLUTION is book two in The Devolution Trilogy, a psychological spy thriller series.

  • Edited Out – A Carmen Ramirez Mystery, New Edition

    by Lisa Haddock
    Carmen Ramirez, 24, a fledgling copy editor, gets her first big break — working on a second-anniversary spread about the killing of a 12-year-old girl. The child's body is discovered at the home her teacher, a closeted lesbian who commits suicide shortly after the murder. After challenging the inaccurate, homophobic coverage, Carmen is pulled off the project. Undaunted, Carmen searches for the truth — a decision that risks her job and her life. Meanwhile, a chance meeting at the newspaper li... more
  • Devolution

    by John Casey

    Michael Dolan is a stoic perfectionist and former Special Operations pilot working a staff job at The Pentagon when he is approached by the CIA with an improbably request, to help prevent impending terrorist attacks in Europe. As his deep-cover role in Operation EXCISE evolves, Dolan finds that of the demons he must prevail against, the most terrible are from within...

    DEVOLUTION was nominated for the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award and is book one of The Devolution Trilogy, a psy... more

  • Havana Odyssey: Chasing Ochoa's Ghost

    by Stephen E. Murphy
    “Havana Odyssey: Chasing Ochoa’s Ghost is an insightful look at modern-day Cuba. The book is sympathetic to the Cuban people yet critical of the inner workings of the authoritarian state. This historical novel reads fast, offering romance, treachery, and personal redemption.” ---Dr. Jaime Suchlicki, Director, The Cuban Studies Institute (Coral Gables, FL). Author, Cuba: From Columbus to Castro and Beyond. Professor Luke Shannon gets upbraided by a Cuban exile at Seattle University. 30 years... more
  • Super Sport: Phuk N Shanks Series

    by J.P. Wolfe

    For almost four hundred years, a story has been told in the Rodriguez family about a lost heirloom known as “Llave de Oro.” When two young men find a silver medallion while scuba diving in the Caribbean, the legend appears more fact than fiction. The bizarre disappearance of these two young men leads their parents to contact Phuk and Shanks.

    Gill Phuk and Hattie Shanks left the Punta Gorda police force to start their own private investigating business in Los Angeles, but the... more

  • The Newton Code

    by Liam Fialkov
    The Temple of Solomon. The Dome of the Rock. Only he can stop the Holy Land from igniting the Apocalypse. Professor Michael Evans hoped there was more to life than teaching journalism. So, when he’s asked to help expose a potentially dangerous cult, he accept the ultimate investigative assignment. But after successfully infiltrating the group, the undercover reporter unearths a harrowing plot to bring about the Second Coming by triggering Armageddon. Diving deeper into the sect’s disturbin... more
  • Windswept

    by Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
    After struggling for decades, New Yorker MEGHAN JOYCE has, finally found an ideal lover, a wryly eloquent Englishman, investment banker THOMAS CATHERTON LOCKHART. To save an island targeted for exploitation by his corporation, Thomas has embezzled millions. Sociopathic boss LOCKE MURDOCK discovers this and unleashes a team of assassins. Thomas confesses his doom to Meghan. They try to flee New York. Everywhere they turn, they barely escape the killers Meghan engineers an intricate rescue sche... more