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  • Click to Kill

    by John Carlo
    You can't be dead, if you were never alive... An assassination in Belgrade. A spy on the run in London. Witnesses vanishing into thin air. Caught in the crossfire is Rigby Goode, a hacker with a heart of gold whose ability to erase personal identities makes him the man everyone wants, and some will stop at nothing to get their hands on. Cycling mad, coffee-addicted, and bacteria-phobic, Rigby was trained by the National Crime Agency to erase digital records. He now works independently, hu... more
  • Get Out Now!

    by Barbara Harrison
    Beautiful, naïve Amber Light, falls in love with a tortured artist named Cade Raine. From the first moment she meets him, she is absolutely smitten. Not only is he incredibly handsome, but also successful and wealthy. They marry soon after. Without realising it, suddenly, Amber’s entire world revolves around this one man, who isolates her from family and friends then overtly turns against her. He does this subtly at first, allowing Amber to believe that everything which goes wrong in their rel... more
  • The Sky Tells No Lies

    by Don Derkach
    Recently retired investigative reporter Quentin Thomas is dealing with another relationship breakup when the bigwigs at his former paper call in markers to get him back. There's a blockbuster story waiting to be written. An astrologically inspired killer targeting lawyers has eluded the FBI for months and they aren't happy when Quentin starts poking around. The apparent killer targets Quentin and he is shot but he survives and the police kill his attacker. The FBI closes the case but Quentin kno... more
  • The Monster

    by Josh Soule
    A college student has a strained relationship with his mother and ex-girlfriend. When he sees his ex and best friend together at a Halloween Mixer, he becomes enraged. Things turn when a mysterious, puppet-themed student attacks the couple, leaving the protagonist seemingly to blame. Things escalate quickly, and the narrator soon finds himself framed for murder at the hands of the "Puppet Man". He decides to go on the run, and finds himself in the company of misfits and criminals while seemin... more
  • Restorations

    by Charles Strickler
    When Miles West discovers a mysterious treasure in an old car he acquires, he thinks his broken life is on the mend. But the 1928 Stutz Black Hawk Boat Tail Roadster contains a secret that has remained hidden for almost ninety years, left there by the infamous bank robber "Lefty" Webber. Jewels, old gold pieces and a coded journal force Miles to dig into the past. With the assistance of the resourceful Bramley Ann Fairchild, West sets out on an adrenaline-fueled adventure. They must evade ruthle... more
  • Revenge in 3 Parts

    by Valerie J. Brooks
    She fought for justice. Now she seeks revenge. In this gripping psychological thriller and debut noir that takes the reader from Paris to Portland, Oregon, and finally to Kauai, criminal attorney Angeline Porter thrives on crime—righting wrongs, fighting for justice, putting away murderers. But after rebuking the sexual advances of the head of her firm—plus putting away his friend, a serial rapist—Angeline is disbarred. When Angeline’s beautiful, but troubled sister Sophie commits suicide... more
  • Adam Parker and the High School Bully

    by Michael Field
    It’s been four months since Adam returned to Hilldale. With the help of his friends, Kevin and Becky, the Parker Detective Agency has solved their fair share of cases in that time. But now, their partnership will be tested as a new threat has emerged. In the neighboring town of Brookville, Adam’s old high school friend is found murdered and a message left behind: Adam Parker is next. A mysterious man from Hilldale’s past threatens to not only kill Adam, but also reveal his true nature to his ... more
  • Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout

    by Michael D Field
    In the small town of Hilldale, kid detective Adam Parker was crime’s worst enemy. With the help of his best friend, Kevin, and the girl next door, Becky, no mystery was too great to tackle. 15 years later, Adam returns to his hometown, but this time playing detective is no longer his passion. Kevin needs his help and what starts out as a favor, quickly turns into a plot to destroy the town.

    PRAYER OF THE NIGHT. Michael Pierce and Edward Floyd were two biologists that all thru their foster childhood were verbally and physically abused, developing a complex of hate against their caretakers, which later on with the used of alcohol and drugs push them over the limit to really show how disturb their minds were. Thru series of biological experiments, using praying mantis and venom extracted from rattle snakes, they managed to get the insects to ... more
  • Acts of Revenge [Marc Miller #2]

    by Tom Dawn
    Marc gives up work as a commercial diver to follow both his love and his dreams. He starts a business in Malta, surrounded by its wealth and glamour. But he cannot leave his past behind. His ambitions thwarted, he becomes embroiled in a series of private wars. His desire to turn his life around and his friendship with a refugee lead him to war-torn Libya ... and his nemesis. Can either luck or perseverance help him escape the destructive cycle of rejection and revenge, or will it take ... more
  • The Inferiority Complex: A Thriller Novel (Crime & Mystery, Suspense)

    by Ryan Degg
    ONE CASE, TWO DETECTIVES ONE MAN INTENT ON DESTRUCTION ONE STORY, TWO PERSPECTIVES ONE CITY; DEATH AND CORRUPTION TJ TJ was an inferior man. He didn’t buy into the myth of an inferiority complex; he was inferior. But all that changed six months ago when he met a woman. He became a superior man. He decided to act. This was when his masterplan, “The Messiah Machination”, was born. The plan is now in motion; TJ has just committed his first murder in New York City. This is only the beginning... more
  • The Shakespeare Murders

    by Sharon Gupta
    It’s 1602 and William Shakespeare is at the height of his popularity. South of the River Thames in the borough of Southwark, the Globe playhouse dominates the skyline. The Chamberlain’s Men, led by Richard Burbage, functions there. Shakespeare is their in-house playwright. Burbage’s acting prowess combined with Shakespeare’s literary talent make the Globe the most successful theatre of its time. Other playhouses fall into ruin. Suddenly, in early August, someone begins targeting the players one ... more
  • Corvo Hollows: A Psychological Thriller

    by April A. Taylor
    Anna's world is turned upside down after a mysterious couple tries to gain access to her apartment. Soon, she begins seeing them everywhere. At the same time, a series of loud banging noises keep emanating from the apartment behind hers. Are these incidents just a coincidence, or do they have something to do with the gruesome serial murders that begin to plague her town? It begins with a deceptive cry for help. Before it ends, a quiet Detroit suburb's illusion of safety will be shattered forever... more
  • Diamonds and Lies

    by Inge-Lise Goss
    A gambling debt. A diamond heist. A murderer on the loose. Andy and Mia’s planned heist is thwarted as they become hunted. The mark is Mia’s only way to survive. With death threats in the air, can a thief learn to trust? Tests of love, loyalty and betrayal await Mia as she tries to avoid Andy’s stalker, unexpectedly falling for the mark. Is he protecting her or is he the one out to kill her?
  • Shattered Shield: Cole Cameron Thriller Series Book 1

    by Camden Mays

    A deadly terrorist’s blast rocks a chemical research and development company in Tucson setting in motion a string of events designed to immobilize the country and settle personal scores with the intelligence community.  Disillusioned and jaded, CIA officer Cole Cameron must dismiss his inner battles and lead an interagency mission against the terrorist group that he has analyzed and dogged for years. 
    Cameron finds himself drawn to FBI Special Agent Hannah Jacobs who work... more

  • Darkness in Ronda

    by Paul S Bradley

    Public opinion in Spain demand that bullfighting is banned—or at least transformed. A young bullfighter, Diego Romero, backed by the might of two of bullfighting’s most enduring dynasties, proposes an updated version with no bloodletting or killing, but the Royal Taurino Society—the powerful bullfighting watchdog—insists on retaining its beloved death in the afternoon. Their conflict comes to a head at the Pedro Romero Festival in Ronda where Diego discovers that a mor... more