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  • Maiden Voyage: A Lucy Tamerlane Mid-Century Modern Mystery

    by K.P. Cecala
    Set in the Cold-War era of the early 1950s: Middle-aged Lucy Tamerlane, longing for adventure, takes a position as librarian aboard a luxury round-the-world ocean liner out of New York City. She seems at first a fish out of water, but when several of her patron/passengers fall victim to a mysterious, and fatal, malady, she sets out to investigate in her own amateurish, but charming, way.
  • Betrayal in Black

    by Mark Bello
    Pulled over in America? When you're white, you might get a ticket. When you're black, you might end up dead. In a fictional Michigan town, a man is pulled over by the local police. The driver wonders: “What did I do wrong?” The officer asks for I.D.; the driver casually mentions he legally carries a gun. The officer panics—confusion reigns—shots ring out—an innocent man lays bleeding to death and the incident is captured on video. The shooting becomes the national headline—the dead man is ... more
  • Betrayal of Justice

    by Mark Bello
    In this second heart-stopping installment of the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series, Zack is fresh off his epic legal battle with the church’s clandestine evil forces in Betrayal of Faith. If you enjoyed the political angst of All the President’s Men or the realistic courtroom scenes of The Verdict, you will love this political-legal action thriller, where super trial lawyer Zack Blake takes on new, even more, powerful foes: The New President—Hero of bigots and white supremacists everywhere—... more
  • Betrayal in Blue

    by Mark Bello
    Cut off the head of a snake and another grows in its place... Zack and Jack are back! White supremacy again rears its ugly head in Dearborn. Trial lawyer Zachary Blake tackled the church and clergy sexual abuse in Betrayal of Faith and white supremacy and a bigoted POTUS in Betrayal of Justice. The super lawyer returns along with Dearborn Police Captain Jack Dylan for this third installment of the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series, an exciting journey through investigation, chase, deception... more
  • No Accounting for Destiny

    by Kimberly Emerson
    Northern California accountant Emmaline Spencer didn't want to go to London to begin with, and that was before she knew she'd get taken hostage there. After she and Edward, a handsome if quirky earl, fall victim to kidnappers, she wants to go home more than ever. But in order to do that, she's going to have to outsmart an egomaniacal mastermind, discover secret worlds in people she thought she knew and overcome an extremely limited wardrobe, all without getting shot. Maybe ending up in the middl... more
  • Soulstealer

    by Shane Boulware
    He was looking forward to college…but then the worst possible thing happened. Could Nythan survive the demon inside of him? College in Florida was supposed to be about the beaches, the girls, and sometimes even a class or two. But the demon inside had one demand. Help it fulfill its quest so the demon might escape. It’s the only way for Nythan to get his life back. There are just two problems… Nythan doesn’t want to hurt innocent people…and there’s a secret order out to stop him. The... more
  • 23 and Dead

    by Tom Williams
    Dave Hartmann received a belated letter from his father. In the correspondence, Dave’s father, Dr. Ernst Hartmann, apologized for keeping a secret, one that this father hoped Dave would understand – Dave was adopted. The letter gave no insight into the identity of Dave’s biological parents other than he was born in Steinhoring, Germany. Dave’s overwhelmed mind tried to process the impact of his father’s revelation. Am I German? Do I have siblings? Were my birth parents good or bad people? Wer... more
  • Parasomnia

    by J.C. Bratton

    Recent divorcée Alex Anderson suffers from hypnopompic hallucinations, parasomnias that take place between REM sleep and wakefulness. The hallucinations consist of rapid moving still images that appear before her eyes while closed. She encounters a still image of the most perfect man she has ever seen in her life. She later learns that this man was a real person, Dr. Scott Collier, who tragically died in a car accident. With the help of her friends, a psychologist, and clues left behind by a ... more

  • Don't Break the Dolls: Scarlet's Story

    by Simone Luxe
    Everyone has demons. Some are small and convince you to take the last piece of cake. Some are bigger and convince you to lie and cheat. Some demons, like Scarlet's, can gobble up human life with no remorse. The scariest part isn't that we all have demons. It's that those demons are just primitive thoughts of our own design. ​There is no horned devil hiding in the shadows controlling them. We control them ourselves... and Scarlet's demons would always be her own secret playthings that roa... more
  • Colton Lang

    by Randall Moore
    An 80s action noir that pits an ex-professional boxer against the Mexican Mafia, the Yakuza, his former manager, and a patent thief. He's given three tasks to perform, otherwise, his ex-wife and son will be killed. Weaved into the story is his care for a former rival who's dying of cancer and he's the only one who visits him in hospice.
  • Critter

    by Michael McClendon
    Character-driven Gothic thriller. With wicked humour and myriad twists, the story of The Critter, who or what it is, and what it may yet be, is exposed.
  • The Friday Cage

    by Andrew Diamond

    Someone new has taken an interest in Claire Chastain. He circles her house when she’s alone and follows her on errands across town. He tours her home while she’s away, leaving little things disturbingly out of place. He may even be involved in the recent death of her childhood friend.

    But who is he? And what does he want?

    Claire soon discovers that, like Cary Grant in North by Northwest, she’s caught up in someone else’s dark conspiracy, and she ha... more

  • The Secret Sign of the Lizard People ISBN: 978-1-5255-5962-4 (soft cover)

    by Kevin E. Buckley

    "Two homicide detectives stumble upon an alien plot in Kevin Buckley’s humorous novel, The Secret Sign of the Lizard People.

    An aspiring model is murdered, and the LAPD’s greatest homicide detectives, Leafy and Beefy, are on the case. The clues lead them through the best and worst of California, from drought-dried sewers to a posh country club. They come to the realization that the model’s death is only the tip of an insidious iceberg. The closer L... more

  • Chasing the Miracle

    by J Michael Roper


    In a North Carolina hospital, a dying girl is cured of the leukemia that has her at death’s door in hours and a young man in critical condition from injuries suffered in an accident emerges from a coma, well on his way to a complete, unnaturally fast recovery. The only link between the two is they both received blood products made from the same, single pint of blood…

    Dr. Rebecca Candler, a brilliant sc... more

  • The Ratline

    by Alan Greenwood
    Eleanor Haines, the matriarch of a powerful New England family discovers a crisis that only an outsider can absolve. The enigmatic Order of the Black Helm dispatches Daniel Gallagher, one of its best agents to investigate. What he discovers may jeopardize both the Haines' and the Order's plans.

    by LaMar Going
    The Juicy Fruit Man is the story of Declan Noakes, a Vietnam veteran who chooses a life of itinerancy while he struggles to cope with the inner demons who seek his demise. Rejecting the chains and tethers others accept as the cost of living, Declan has no permanent address, no traditional employment, no car and no significant other. What he does have is almost a ton and a half of Thai Sticks, potent marijuana from Thailand, known on the streets of America as Juicy Fruit. Declan travels the rou... more