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  • Inside The Walls Book 5 Hope and Faith: Victim to Killer

    by Crystal Anderson
    Faith and Hope are twins. Faith is a victim of domestic violence and kills her husband. She fights to clear her name. She would convicted of murder and wrongfully sent to prison. She was only protecting herself. Hope is diagnosed with cancer and swaps places with Faith to provide Joy he home every child deserves. But will their secret come to light?
  • Inheriting Trouble

    by Dawn Smith
    Darcy Cooper doesn’t know why a small-town icon left her his house and land, but she does know it isn’t for the reason the suddenly circulating rumors suggest. She is trying hard to fit in—a task made harder when she finds a stash of heroin and becomes an unresolved problem for people that solve problems permanently. Sheriff Eli Whitepath’s looming reelection hinges upon catching the drug dealers and their suppliers in his county. As attacks against Darcy escalate, Eli fights to save his job—... more
  • The Fourth Rising (Peter Brandt Thrillers Book 3)

    by Martin Roy Hill
    On May 8, 1945, WWII in Europe ended with Germany’s surrender. But did the Nazi Party itself surrender? Some say no. 1943: A German ship moors in a clandestine anchorage in western Mexico with a cargo of gold intended to bribe the Mexican government into declaring war on the United States. When the attempt fails, the German vessel flees leaving its gold buried somewhere along the coast of the Sea of Cortés. 1997: The horrific murder of an old flame’s husband sets former war correspondent P... more

    by D. M. Borne
    When the body of a New York senator's daughter is found floating atop a pond in rural Backwater, Quebec, Canada, the Quebec Provincial Police, also known as the Surete du Quebec assigns the Montreal born and U. S. citizen Inspector Jacqui Simon to the case, and just like Jacqui, this murder investigation is more complex than it appears.
  • Manner of the Sundog

    by Ted Cabana
    Manner of the Sundog is a geopolitical Sci-Fi thriller (Polar Opera) about a young physicist living in a postmodern Antarctica. The story depicts life, culture and the political struggles following a century of intense climate change, war and social discord. Young physics prodigy, Bane Elrick, is thrown into a conflict between the Annortics governing body, ICS, and an imperialistic Union controlled by GRANT Corp. an aggressive multinational resource and trade company. The story is set around th... more
  • The Burden of Hate, An Annie Collins Mystery

    by Helen Starbuck
    Revenge. Hate. Fear. Not exactly traditional wedding gifts. But when convicted killer Ian Patterson escapes from prison, operating room nurse Annie Collins and fiancé assistant district attorney Angel Cisneros are forced to face these realities head on. The wedding plans are in motion but when events begin to unravel, including the mysterious disappearance of the priest, questions and fears begin to rise. Where is Ian Patterson? Will his quest for revenge toward the two people responsible fo... more
  • THE TRAP (The Griegg/Eastwood Mysteries Book 1)

    by A Wilson Steele
    American Alana Eastwood’s grandfather, and her only living relative, has taken ill at his home in Germany. Alana travels to be by his side, and while staying at his country cottage, she finds an unopened letter, postmarked 1945, that thrusts her into one of the most notable unsolved mysteries from postwar Germany. When people turn up dead, the local police are ill equipped to grasp the entire chain of events that the mysterious letter has put into play. It takes investigators Sigmund and And... more
  • luxury Hotels in Muvattupuzha

    by nick johns
    On the off chance that you are looking the rundown of best lodging in Muvattupuzha, you can see that are the at the forfront of the rundown. The globally qualified assistance remains at the top. We furnish the extravagance and suit live with reasonable cost for your settlement. The luxury Hotels in Muvattupuzha give world class offices at moderate cost. We give various bundles and client can pick the correct choice to suit their necessities. The lux... more
  • Caribbean Tears

    by Emiliya Ahmadova
    Sheila is a 35-year-old Trinidadian woman who has all she wants: a caring husband, Miguel, and two beautiful children. She is a housewife who has devoted her life to bringing up her children. But her life is turned upside down when her police-officer husband locks up the brother of a local gang leader, which triggers an attack on her family. Sheila is kidnapped and shipped to Venezuela, where she is sold to a brothel owned by a woman by the name of Bernadette. There her nightmare begins, as s... more
  • Caliphate Ave.

    by Leilani Graceffa

    ‘“Yes, Cheryl?” I reply, barely opening my eyes. She opens her other hand in front of me, revealing something mini, about the size of a June bug, in her palm.”’

    What would you do if you found this?

    College senior, Bradley Carleslie—posterior to being the prime suspect of a knotty murder trial—finds himself being the detective of a particular case after his little sister hands him a flash drive she found.

    Intending to... more

  • The President's Daughter

    by James Gordon

    In a narrative of suspense, action, and family secrets Madison Drinker will face the shadow of her own abusive past and the cloak and dagger world of “opposition research” as she risks more than just her life to learn the secret of the President’s Daughter. A real-world masochist, with social ties in the underground world of kink and fetish, Madison hides her emotional instability inside a high-stress and high-dopamine job in the world of opposition research or “oppo&r... more

  • Death in the Diamond Lane

    by Pete O'Donnell
    Mrs. E.J. DeLong is found nowhere on the World Wide Web. She also keeps to herself in person and flies private once a week from Silicon Valley to a dirt airstrip in a remote corner of Utah. I've been picking her up and dropping her off at San Francisco International Airport for four years now. How she caught the attention of my other passengers - all high-octane tech types - only became clear after somebody tried to kill me - for the third time. From patent trolls and VC's, to the FBI and ... more
  • The Chair Man

    by Alex Pearl

    Michael Hollinghurst is a successful corporate lawyer living a comfortable, suburban life in leafy North West London. But on 7 July 2005, his life is transformed when he steps on a London underground train targeted by Islamist suicide bombers. While most passengers in his carriage are killed, Michael survives the explosion but is confined to a wheelchair as a result. Coming to terms with his predicament and controlling his own feelings of guilt as a survivor conspire to push him in a directio... more

  • Barry's Brain

    by Real Carpentier
    Barry is a 13-year-old boy who gets no respect from his classmates and is abused by his promiscuous mother’s live-in boyfriend. It doesn’t help that Barry’s physical attributes above the neck are fodder for ridicule, and his timid demeanor makes him the perfect target. Everything changes, however, when Barry has a little accident that causes brain damage, allowing him to read others’ thoughts and eventually control their minds. With Barry’s new ability and his having reached the tolerance point,... more
  • The House on Xenia

    by Rita Moreau
    A government conspiracy. A life-threatening secret. Can a psychic accountant balance the books of justice? Mary Catherine "MC" Mahoney prefers numbers to her supernatural powers. But when a cold-case corpse shows up under her cousin’s family home, the only calculations that add up are paranormal. And deep within the floorboards of the house on Xenia, MC and her madcap Greek family uncover evidence pointing to visitors from another planet… Pursued by military agents intent on keeping the se... more
  • 978-1733610308

    by Dan Flanigan
    The year is 1986—the tarnished heart of the decade of greed. Private detective Peter O’Keefe, a physically scarred and emotionally battered Vietnam vet, is hired by childhood friend and attorney Mike Harrigan to investigate what appears to be a petty mink farm Ponzi scheme in the Ozarks. But quickly O’Keefe finds himself snared in a vicious web of money laundering, cocaine smuggling, and murder—all at the behest of a mysterious mobster only referred to as Mr. Canada. Also caught up in Mr. Can... more