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  • Mountain Heat

    by Natrelle Long
    When Charley discovers that her ex-husband has been brutally murdered in the remote mountains of New Mexico, she is determined to learn who and what is responsible. Her investigation leads her to Las Cruces and Hatch where she meets Hispanics, Native Americans, a homeless man who is much more than he appears to be, corrupt police, another ex-wife, and the source of all problems. As always, Charley is calm under pressure and murderous when necessary.
  • The Grand Attraction

    by Enoch Enns
    Man's greatest attraction is oft his greatest illusion. In an era of economic reset and uncertainty, the promise of a new start is luring to all who hear of the metropolis city-mall deemed by many as New Babylon or the Grand Mall. Join Carls Locke and his family as they come to experience it for themselves--and the hard truths that lie within man's misled intentions. Horrors await, as well as hope, for all who fall to its clutches.
  • And Justice Will Be Done

    by Morgan Currier
    The accidental death of a wealthy New Hampshire lawyer is an open and shut case until Detective Berlin Redding learns the deceased wasn’t the good guy everyone thought he was. The investigation leads Berlin and her partner to a prestigious private school where even darker secrets are revealed, including a death, volunteers with questionable motives, and a woman who has taken a special interest in Berlin.
  • The Scarlet Crown

    by Frederic Dalton

    Tales of all-powerful gods which once ruled over heaven and earth have long faded to legend. When they disappeared, they left behind a weapon so powerful that it could unbalance world order forever. Mild-mannered John Grey finds himself at the center of a modern-day conspiracy. His attempt to save an elderly lady from attack unexpectedly confronts him with his past, and the unlikely hero finds himself trying to keep the world's most powerful weapon, a simple scarlet crown, out of the hand... more

  • Prophet Reborn

    by Diane M. Johnson
    Failed satanic high priest Lucas seeks redemption for his sins in a Christian commune. The day comes when the commune leader learns of Lucas' past as well as his connection to a celebrity faith healer who is rumored to be an atheist. Lucas must now prove his spiritual worth in order to remain a member of the commune. In order to save himself, he must save someone else, but his warped sense of right and wrong puts the faith healer and his family in mortal danger. 'Prophet Reborn' is a thrill f... more
  • Without Regret

    by RJ Pineiro
    Waging a Secret War. WITHOUT REGRET. To Prevent . . . a World War. Against all odds, Colonel Hunter Stark and FBI Special Agent Monica Cruz must cross the lines of morality and justice in order to track down the perpetrators of a heinous crime that threatens to bring modern civilization to the very brink of a nuclear apocalypse. In a tragic turn of events, Kim Jong-un, President of North Korea, is assassinated during an official visit to America. On the surface, it appears as if the a... more
  • 99 Truths

    by Lori Lacefield
    A murderer on the loose. A career on the line. If she fails to catch him, she’ll lose more than her job. After a recent mistake, FBI special agent Frankie Johnson is desperate to prove she has what it takes to become a lead profiler with the Bureau’s Charlotte, NC field office. So when the district attorney’s daughter is discovered bound, raped, and murdered, she volunteers to assist local detectives on the case to help find her killer. The evidence leads to two suspects—the victim’s husband... more
  • The Fifth Juror

    by Lori Lacefield

    The trial ended years ago, but her nightmare is just beginning. Can she save an innocent man before his time runs out?

    “The ending was unpredictable...” – A Lawrence
    “Intriguing from the very first page…” – K Crowell
    “This book did not disappoint!” – H Watt

    Former juror Jess Dawson is facing a difficult time in her life, raising an autistic son and navigating a failing marriage, when h... more

  • The Advocate

    by Lori Lacefield

    A twenty-year-old crime. A shocking conspiracy. Can she expose the truth before she becomes the next victim?

    "A fast-paced page turner... - Bonnie L"
    "A taut, twisting tale... - Bob M"

    Palmer Reed is still haunted by her tragic past. Frustrated her childhood kidnappers escaped justice, she accepts a position at an advocacy foundation, hoping to support other victims of crime. But she’s stunned to discover that behind th... more

  • Elevated Madness and Other Stories

    by John D. Ottini
    The real world is filled with people who live quiet, productive, uneventful lives. These are not the characters you’ll meet in author John D. Ottini’s world of twisted fiction. Elevated Madness & Other Stories consists of 11 short stories that will amuse, shock, and enlighten you. The twists and turns in each story will keep you guessing until the conclusion, where you’ll be left shaking your head and wondering, “Why didn’t I see that coming?” Stories Include: Find out why a casual meet... more
  • The Opinion Page

    by David Ackley
    It never rains, but it pours in Portland, Oregon. At least that’s how it seems to Detective Galen Young. The police are already busy with several high-profile crimes, including the abduction of a four-year-old girl from a local shopping mall, when another person goes missing. Robert Armlin, the Opinion Page editor for the Oregon Sentinel was last seen exercising at his local fitness club on Saturday afternoon, and his frantic wife alerts the police about his failure to return home that eveni... more
  • Rich White Americans

    by Virginia Mariposa
    The protagonist spends the summer of 1963 in posh Montecito where her parents have bought a new home. She runs afoul of the psychopathic stepson of State Senator Norland but outwits him. Clever and fleet, she makes good use of her wits as he stalks her back in Berkeley where she has fallen in love with Albert Johnson, UC Berkeley's first black English professor. Her white supremacist mother joins forces with her wannabe molester. Together they plot to eliminate the professor, who has just asked ... more
  • The Souring of Sweet Charity

    by Vera Wilson
    The book highlights how the good intention and cause of a charity is mixed by a failure of governance. Can Gina change an island's law to bring the miscreants to justice.
  • The Case of the Deadly Seance

    by Ronald Rowbottom
    The story is set in the framework of the legal realities of the Canadian forensics and policing system, highlighting the intricacies of Canadian Law faced by Detective Tom Grant of the London Ontario police force as he and his partner work to solve the young girl's death. The Case of the Deadly Seance is the first in the Detective Tom Grant Series.
  • Lucy Spires: The Blind Detective

    by Peter Hamilton
    Detective Chief Inspector Lucy Spires, is working on complicated cases. She is blinded in a near fatal car accident. She is invited back to the Police Force, where she goes on to solve many complicated cases.
  • White's Novel

    by Peter Bourne
    White’s tale is about most of us: we come and go from the world without really, at any stage, trying to affect or change it, despite dreaming of what we would do if we had the chance. White has that chance. White’s Novel is about what happens as a result of him taking that chance. And, in the end, is he really so very different than the rest of us? He thinks he is!