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  • Caroline and I Are Out

    by Bob Jefferson
    Ben Ammerle arrives home from work and can’t seem to find his wife Caroline. His kids are happily playing at the neighbors, nothing looks out of place and there’s no note or message of any kind. But this isn’t the kind of thing Caroline would do. She’s organized, diligent, a loving mother and his best friend. She’d never just disappear without a word, would she? Soon, Ben begins to discover tiny clues have been left for him, and if he can only piece them together, he just might figure out where ... more
  • Anguished

    by George Encizo
    Murder and mayhem hit close to home for Sheriff JD Pickens. Someone viciously attacked his father from behind, and his best friend, Leroy Jones, was shot in the back and left for dead. Several other attacks forced Pickens to seek outside help, not only for solving the crimes but for his peace of mind. Never before had Pickens and his deputies had to deal with so many harsh realities of life.
  • Hidden Demon

    by Fish Phillips
    Every politician has a plan until the demon comes. When a Secret Service operation in 2044 Tokyo goes wrong, a United States Counter Assault Agent finds her career in jeopardy. To get her life back, she partners with a fellow operative and scapegoat from Japan for a covert Presidential mission. Soon after, strange attacks on politicians compel them down a twisted trail to the Shenandoah Forest as they hunt a monstrosity born from indigenous legends. Nicknamed 'The Demon' by locals, they must dis... more
  • Dark Chase: Dead Run

    When a group of teenagers is attacked outside of the abandoned Northern State Mental Hospital, the sole survivor can only mumble the word “zombies!” before slipping into despondence. Paranormal researcher Dr. Ryder Chase and his team is once again called in to assist FBI Special Agent Devon Jeffers and team of agents. Mysterious figures are caught on camera and even witnessed by the team themselves, only for them to vanish before they can be caught. When a group of amateur sleuths sneak ... more
  • Till Daph Do Us Part

    by Phillipa Nefri Clark
    As a travelling officiant, Daphne Jones celebrates weddings and helps with sad goodbyes. Not usually at the same time! When a member of a bridal party ends up face down in a swimming pool, Daphne embraces her inner sleuth, believing this death was no accident. Everyone has a secret but Daphne won't give up... unless the killer finds her first.

    Inspired by Machiavelli’s The Prince and Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal, the Sicilian-Mafia connected Don Pasquale aspires to achieve fame and fortune with his inside track on a historic five-billion-euro project. His beautiful wife Donna Rosa, driven by suspicion and jealousy, remains skeptical. Complications arise when he is suspected of the assassination of a rival Mafia boss. Warned of possible danger by local police inspector Bellini, his problems mount as the European Investment Bank,... more

    Bridge Across the Ocean, set in 2011-12, is the story of four MIT grads and entrepreneurs in their mid-thirties who founded Smithworks, a high-end custom bicycle maker, a decade earlier. Now Jedediah Smith, Shieh-Seng "Luke" Lin, David Bondsman and Rick Saundersson have invented the most innovative bicycle drive in history, the Spinner. A week before they are to leave for Taipei, Taiwan, to discuss a licensing agreement with Joyful Bike, the world's largest bicycle maker, Luke is killed by a... more
  • The Canary Room

    by darrin lane
    A budding journalist (Marcus Baez) is convicted of double homicide; homicides he was investigating. Sentenced to life, his journey to prison takes a sick and unexpected turn between injustice, human nature and truth before coming to rest in the abomination known only as "The Canary Room".
  • Fair Game: A Jackson Flint mystery, Yellow Springs, Ohio

    by Scott Geisel
    Who is the girl in the rain? And where is the woman who disappeared twenty years ago? Jackson Flint must find them and discover why the mysterious strangers are on their trail. Jackson Flint is hired to find a daughter who disappeared twenty years ago. A teenage runaway and mysterious strangers complicate the case. Someone is not telling the truth. Jackson navigates his role as a single parent while he follows the trail through back alleys and empty warehouses in Dayton, Ohio. When a ranso... more
  • The Characters of Milestoneville

    by Golden November

    The fictional city of Milestoneville is an incredible place to live. There is a lot to do in this city. Milestoneville Beach has cafes overlooking the ocean. The sound of the waves set the mood. Downtown Milestoneville is artsy, with retail stores and great restaurants. Flower Rose owns a used bookstore; she sells hard-to-find books. JBT and his business partner own a service that specializes in recovering lost valuables and books. This action-adventure begins when they get hired to track dow... more

  • Ophelia's Room

    by Michael Scott Garvin
    2021 International Book Awards - Two-time Finalist "Garvin has delivered one of the most well-crafted stories of the year. A five-star page-turner..."                                    San Francisco Book Review - Five Stars "Nothing in Garvin's previous novels will prepare readers for Ophelia's Room...This genre-bending novel is both a riveting psychological thriller and an in-depth character study." "Ophelia's Room straddles genres...equal parts, an honest examinatio... more
  • Left For Death

    by Joseph D'Aquisto
    Seattle detective, John Sandes, takes what may be his last case before retirement: Leo Johnson, a man living alone, not so unlike Sandes, has gone missing. The detective discovers quickly that Johnson has been murdered. But why? Detective Sandes finds several compelling clues in Johnson’s apartment. A picture of a young girl leads Sandes down a dark and increasingly twisted path into crimes uglier far more extensive than one dead man alone in his apartment. To solve Johnson’s murder and to stop ... more
  • Rage

    by Steven F. Freeman
    When an unstoppable murderer matches wits with relentless detectives… A serial killer is terrorizing the streets of Washington, D.C. In a sign of unparalleled rage, the murderer carves a mysterious symbol into the dead flesh of each victim. Recognizing the similarity of the killer’s techniques to a previous case, baffled authorities coax legendary FBI criminal profiler Decimus Farr out of retirement. To assist the jaded profiler, NSA Operatives Alton and Mallory Blackwell are assigned to l... more
  • A Quantum Alibi

    by Liam Fialkov
    The professor was seen at the crime scene shortly after giving a lecture on the other side of the country. Did he use the laws of nature to commit an impossible murder? When the FBI arrested Professor Eldridge for the murder of his archrival, they relied primarily on eyewitnesses’ accounts and a security camera. The professor had been on the other side of the country when the murder took place, where he gave a lecture to hundreds of students. Or was he? A revered Native American healer and... more
  • Mother's Bones

    by Dan Bilodeau
    Inspired by true events, this is the story of Dale Chabot, who is searching for his mother who disappeared from his home town 30 years ago. After receiving a late-night phone call from his frantic sister who tells him that a stranger recently revealed to her the identities of those responsible for their mother’s disappearance, he returns home, determined to sacrifice all, if necessary, in a search for the truth. However, by doing so, he triggers a calamitous series of violent events that will le... more
  • Smith 1

    by Timothy London
    Stephen Smith is a translator. He is also trained to kill and hurt. Employed by a private security company owned by two brothers with a grotesque sense of humour, he goes out to the highest bidder. After a particularly gruesome event pricks his conscience Smith has a break down and is imprisoned ‘for his health’. The brothers disagree about what to do with him. One of them wants him dead. The other likes the idea of keeping him alive, to annoy his brother. After a failed attempt on his life Smit... more