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  • The Koh Ker Conspiracy: An Archaeological Thriller

    by Caleb Andrew
    A favor to his friend Thomas turns into a nightmare for ex-spy Boran Tompkins. With Thomas’s life on the line, Boran pursues a dangerous smuggler to a forgotten, thousand-year old pyramid in the Cambodian jungle, where he uncovers a plot to steal a priceless antiquity. Can he rescue his friend, stop the theft, and keep everyone alive?
  • Snap Decision

    by Holly Spofford

    Lifelong friends Paige Buckley and Fina Manzetti are getting a fresh start in New York City. During her first week at a new job, Paige meets Max Dovic, a wealthy businessman. It’s an encounter that catapults Paige into a world she has never experienced. As Paige falls into lust with Max, she ignores the red flags: how Max talks to people as if he owns them, his endless supply of cash, strange early morning deliveries to his yacht. Convinced Max is not what he seems, Fina and their ... more

  • Stayin' Alive

    by Susie McKenna

    Deana, the snarky, determined heroine in Susie McKenna's book, LAST TRACKS, returns in STAYIN' ALIVE to outsmart the bad guys. She works with the local detective to unravel a web of motives related to greed, jealousy, and deception. Deana and her friends use technologyto unravel the puzzle and unorthodox weapons to stay safe.

  • Unraveling Shadows: Shadows of Extinction Book 2

    by Kareem J Glover
    From lab work to field work, Jenebah finds herself falling into a changing landscape, and things are getting dangerously complicated. After the thrilling events of The Apicide Affair, this next book, Unraveling Shadows, takes readers deeper into Dr. Jenebah Tamba's newfound reality. She finds herself tossed into a world filled with secrets and death, where the shadows of the past beckon with unanswered questions, and the future hinges on choices fraught with peril. Dr. Jenebah Tamba, now W... more
  • Dead In The Water (A Cape Cod Mystery Book 2)

    by Keith Yocum
    A boat is found empty floating off the coast of Cape Cod. The blood-stained deck leads authorities to fear the owner was pulled overboard fighting a colossal bluefin tuna. Stacie, a young reporter, is sent to Chatham on Cape Cod to cover the story. She discovers a simmering tension between the town’s new affluent residents and the working-class fishing community trying to scrape a living out of a tired and warming ocean. The farther she digs into the ghost boat’s mystery, the closer she comes to... more
  • In the Life Ever After

    by Alice K. Boatwright
    The cold, dark winter in the Cotswolds is finally coming to an end, so Ellie and Graham Kent celebrate with a belated honeymoon in Paris. But news from Little Beecham casts a shadow over their holiday: convicted murderer Corinna Matthews has been released from prison and turns up in the village, asking for Mrs. Kent. As Ellie soon discovers, it was Louise, Graham's late wife, that Corinna wanted to see, but she steps in to help and finds herself coping not only coping with villagers who still wa... more
  • Sunflowers & Scorched Earth: The History of American Vigilante Expression and The Found Works of B.L. Ashburn

    by Locke Wood
    Ben Ashburn was violently ripped from his bed one fateful night, his naked body trembling amidst the heart-wrenching cries of his beloved. He had no recollection of how or why he ended up imprisoned. The next 20 years of his life bogged down in an inferno of torment, humiliation, and blind justice, wiping him off his Earth's surface and his family's memory. Now a free man, vengeance consumes Ben's every waking moment, as the city and the only father he knew steeped in greed and venality. The R... more
  • The Esmeralda Goodbye

    by Corey Lynn Fayman
    In the sleepy seaside town of La Jolla, California, rookie cop Jake Stirling saves renowned author Raymond Chandler from committing suicide. Jake’s decisive action earns the respect of his hard-nosed captain, Wade Lennox, who served on the force with Jake’s father, a detective whose career was destroyed by the scandalous, still unsolved Creeper case. Jake and his family have pulled together to deal with their father’s self-destruction, but teenaged brother Danny’s rebelliousness threatens their ... more
  • Shitamachi Scam

    by Michael Pronko
    After the suspicious deaths of a seventy-something woman and a student recluse, Detective Hiroshi tracks a gang of scammers. Hiroshi teams up with Detective Ishii from the women’s crime task force, and together, they search for who’s been ripping off retirees in shitamachi, the old part of Tokyo. With his personal life on hold (almost), Hiroshi finds out who’s behind the scams and who’s behind the scammers—and who will kill for more than the scams.
  • One Icy Night: 30th Anniversary of the '94 Delta Ice Storm Edition

    by W.A. Pepper
    Rook’s on the run in the most dangerous storm in decades. When a brush with the law goes from bad to worse, can she escape druggies, crazies, and killers? Abandoned by her now-ex-boyfriend at a dive bar in the middle of nowhere, the last thing resilient Rook Kellum needs is the local sheriff confiscating her I.D. when one phone call could expose her true identity and the reason she is on the run from the law. So when she’s trapped by a deadly ice storm that destroys the Mississippi Delta, the... more
  • Two Degrees: A Climate Change Novel

    by William Michael Ried
    Dan Lazaro lobbies for big oil in DC but lives in the Texas Hill Country. His firm funnels money to a senator to defeat a methane bill. He is seduced by the senator’s aide while a flash flood washes away his home along with his wife and daughter. Guilt brings on aquaphobia. He tries to keep working but becomes convinced his work made the flood worse, that he has been promoting greed over the public good. His brother-in-law introduces him to eco-activists, who exploit his grief and new understand... more
  • BELLADONNA, Bitter Conduct

    by L.M. Jorden

    BELLADONNA Bitter Conduct, a 1935 Mystery Voyage

      An Italian opera star spouts strange verses and collapses during the final act of Romeo and Juliet. Dr. Josephine Reva is in the audience and rushes to render aid. She believes the soprano was poisoned by Belladonna, a plant with deadly black berries, but her botanical expertise tells her there’s something more.

      Meanwhile, the Chief Detective uncovers fascist plots to overthrow President Franklin... more

  • The Crooked Queen

    by Daniel A. Crane
    The Murder of a Queen Lacey Papparin, a law school dropout turned private investigator, is on assignment in Lisbon when she stumbles into a mystery involving the murder of a fourteenth century noblewoman depicted in a work of art that has disappeared along with a man claiming to be its owner. Working with the disappeared man's daughter, Lacey must study the secrets of Portugal's traditional azulejo art form while dodging sinister forces bent on preventing her from uncovering the truth. Wit... more
  • Murder Not Quite Buried

    by Murray Moffatt
    Shane Daniels is a disabled former police officer who lives in the Ontario city of Brantford and now works as an investigator for a lawyer. The lawyer, Jason Burke, asks Shane to review the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a woman seven years ago before her husband receives a huge life insurance payment. But the discovery of the bodies of a woman and a young child, partially buried in a wooded area near Shane's hometown brings shocking family news for Shane and sends him looking f... more
  • Fade into the Night: Philly Heat Series, #5

    by Becky Flade
    A man dedicated to unmasking monsters. The woman who gives faces to the lost. Neither can see the evil hiding in plain sight. FBI Special Agent Noah Danes’ investigation into The Beltway Romeo brings him to Philadelphia and leads to a chance encounter with an old friend. Forensic facial reconstructionist Sadie Potter. She hasn’t seen Noah since the sentencing of her mother's murderer four years earlier. Seeing one another in a new light, they both dare to hope for more. But before they c... more
  • Spy Girls

    by Joanna Vander Vlugt
    A CIA action officer is released from prison. A Chief Justice is murdered, and the Law Society is scrutinizing Jade Thyme’s conduct. Jade’s life can’t get much worse until she is coerced into finding an elusive double agent. Tangled in lies and political agendas, high speed chases and sticky bombs, can Jade outplay a dangerous Hungarian assassin before her own life is terminated?