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  • Z Is For Zero: Zero Is For Out Of Time

    by Arthur S. Newman
    The novel delves into the story of Author Janae Mayfield’s heirs as they play a dangerous game with a deranged fan when their mother dies without finishing the final book in her wildly popular mystery saga, the Calendar Series, written under the pen name Annie Reeves. Reese and Peter Mayfield vow to let their mother and her work rest in peace, declining to release the notes for her final novel or hire a ghostwriter to finish the series. However, as the fortune earned with Janae’s words begins t... more
  • The Cry of Cicadas

    by J. Sydney Jones
    A wounded ex-NYPD detective investigates murder and espionage on the coast of California in the early days of WWII. Autumn, 1941—Max Byrns was once a high-flying NYPD detective, but his career ended the night he took a bullet intended for another officer. The shooting left scars both physical and emotional. Now his wife Elizabeth has given up her own successful career at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art so that Max can recover in the peaceful town on the California coast where she and the ... more
  • Moneymaker

    by Josh Boldt

    Mack Abbott, a Navy veteran turned freelance surveillance expert, is working for a client in Atlanta and struggling to adapt to civilian life. His path takes a dangerous turn when he is hired to track a drug shipment off the coast of Savannah. Entangled with local smugglers, Abbott’s one connection in town is Avery Calloway, a feisty exotic dancer with questionable motives and a taste for the smugglers’ product. Abbott and Calloway navigate treacherous waters as their relationship... more

  • Platinum Blackmail

    by Jay Atleson
    Cryptuc messages appear on Mark Sterling's secure iPhone and direct him to visit a website where he discovers photos of him in bed with a teenage girl. Along with explicit instructions to pay a million dollars in blackmail to keep the story from the prying eyes of the media. Like some modern-day Job, Mark finds his sales career sabotaged, his company in danger of bankrupcy, his modeling expectations at a brick wall, and himself the victim of a serious ship-board attack. Then things get worse. Ma... more
  • Murder Takes the Fifth

    by K.P. Gresham
    A ragged-looking man walks into a popular gay nightclub in downtown Austin, leaving a box at the bar. Hours later the proprietor opens the box, triggering a bomb explosion. Several people are killed and many more injured. Two weeks later, another gay bar is bombed resulting in more deaths and carnage. Pastor Matt Hayden’s new home is in Austin, where he resides under the roof of a gracious elderly woman and two other boarders: together they’ve formed a cheerful little family. When one of his... more
  • An American Abduction: Is It Fiction Or Is It Happening?

    by James A. Johnson
    An American Abduction: Is It Fiction, Or Is It Happening? is a wonderful mystery book for all kinds of people. It is an excellent story that describes the abduction of Americans. But what is behind this abduction? Therefore, the question is, if it is fiction, or is it happening in real time. James A Johnson has produced an excellent thriller, which captures the imagination of all the people who love stories about UFOs, aliens, and abductions. This book holds a lot of surprises.
  • 9798989211012

    by Rosalie Rayburn
    The Sunshine Solution is the second novel in a series featuring Elizabeth "Digger" Doyle the fearless investigative reporter whose tenacity earned her a reputation for exposing the shadowy secrets of politicians in the fictional New Mexico city of Las Vistas. Now she's working for a cabinet secretary in Santa Fe. Shortly after she marries the activist Maria Ortiz, who is seeking election to the state legislature, her boss asks her to spy on a political rival's announcement for a multi-million do... more
  • The Secrets of Millhaven

    by Will Beaudry
    When a young woman disappears from the small town of Millhaven, Tennessee, Deputy Kyle Lorne discovers that nothing is as it seems and everyone holds a dark secret. He soon finds himself at odds with allies he thought he could trust, and forms new alliances in the unlikeliest of places. With the mayor pressuring him to take over the role of sheriff, dealing with the loss of his father, and having a propensity for misplacing his patrol cars, the last thing he needs is something new to worry ab... more
  • Karma Comes In Red The Beyond Mysteries Book 4

    by morgan james

    An ill wind, cold and unpredictable, blows author and B&B manager, Paula Vega, into dangerous waters after her lover, John, is attacked by an intruder seeking to reclaim an unknown treasure. When no one in the small town of Beyond admits to knowing the intruder or what he’s after, and a shadowy hiker appears with a strange tale that may connect the intruder to a mystery from the past, Paula is left to separate the truth from the lies.

  • Sky Rocketson's Flight

    by Sean Conway
    When Joe Brescoe’s troubled older brother, Warren, appears on his doorstep late one night suffering a gruesome facial injury after a mysterious car accident, Joe initially writes it off as another incident in Warren’s long history of self-inflicted drama. But when Joe later learns that his brother had been fleeing a botched robbery attempt—specifically, Warren had broken into their childhood home—Joe finds himself drawn, surprisingly, into his brother’s story. With his own life fraying at the se... more
  • The Life Engine

    by Rick Baker
    In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where danger lurks at every turn, CIA trainee Ian Wolfe and environmental activist April Gentry forge an unlikely alliance, risking it all to unlock the secrets of "The Life Engine." Enter a world of danger, intrigue, and unexpected alliances in "The Life Engine." Former Olympic decathlete and CIA trainee Ian Wolfe and environmental activist April Gentry find themselves on the run, fighting for their lives. As they navigate the treacherous Amazon rainfor... more
  • All of us Thieves

    by Fary
    The life story of a boy who tries to continue his life after his father's arrest and his family's separation from him, but a call from an unknown person changes his life path. 180 pages and 41000 words. If you wish, I can send you the story in its entirety.
  • The Games We Play

    by Alistair B. Hayward

    **Extreme Content Warning: Reader Beware**
    Two brutal killers. One bloody game.

    Hello. I'm David. But that's not my only name. The media call me The London Strangler . . . and I've been terrorising this city for years. But the thing is: I'm getting bored. Murder's a lonely game and I need someone to play with. Now I think I've found the perfect partner. Someone I know well. Someone I trust. Someone who has a secret as dark as my own... more

  • The Great Gatsby Case

    by David Finkle
    On a beautiful spring day in New York City, writer Daniel Freund receives two surprises. First he finds a long sought after 1953 edition of The Great Gatsby free for the taking on the steps of a building right down the block. The other occurs when he brings home his treasure, begins to read it and sees the words lift off the page and start rearranging themselves. After a few moments he realizes he is being sent a message that there has been a murder. Prompted by The Great Gatsby itself, Freun... more
  • Lost and Found: A Madison Lockhart Mystery

    by Matthew Fugazzie
    After solving the biggest case of her career, Madison Lockhart decided to expand Lockhart Investigations. She's now working alongside former police officer Lillian Walsh and computer whiz Milo Dark. When a young programmer working on a massive new app about to be launched to the world goes missing, his mother hires Lockhart Investigations to find him. As the team delves deeper into the case, they realize there's a lot more going on than just a missing person. They become entangled in a conspirac... more
  • Molly's Milestone

    by Marlys Beider
    30-year-old Molly Miraldo is trapped in a shroud of amnesia caused by a traumatic accident at the age of four. Raised by her narcissistic grandfather and philandering father, she relies on their words as they insist her mother and twin perished under mysterious circumstances soon after they abandoned her. Everything changes when an enigmatic phone call disrupts Molly’s fragile existence; a voice from the past reveals her mother and twin are alive. But as she embarks on a journey of truth, the... more