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  • A Fondness for Truth

    by Kim Hays

    This third Polizei Bern mystery begins with the deliberate hit-and-run death of Andi Eberhart, a woman riding her bicycle home from an evening curling practice. Her devastated wife, Nisha, a second-generation immigrant from Sri Lanka, is convinced the death was no accident. Andi had been receiving homophobic hate mail for several years, and the letters grew uglier after the couple’s baby was born.

    Bern homicide Detective Giuliana Linder is assigned to investigate what happened to ... more

  • Shadow Over The Heartland

    by Thomas Annino
  • The Heartbox

    by Ryann Magnus

    In the quiet farmlands of Fromach, an elderly woman's body is found mutilated in her home while her ward, Marie, vanishes without a trace. Assigned to the case is Detective Payne, a seasoned investigator who seeks out the worst of tragedies in the name of justice. Little does he know, he's about to embark on a relentless pursuit that will test his limits.

    Marie's tumultuous past starts to unravel. As a child, she witnessed her stepfather brutalize her mother before fleeing t... more

  • Lacey's Star

    by Kay DiBianca

    Get in, sit down, buckle up, and hang on!

    Private pilot Cassie Deakin lands in the middle of an unwanted adventure when she discovers her beloved Uncle Charlie has been attacked and seriously injured by thieves.

    But Cassie has a problem. She doesn't know who she can trust. Still, she's determined to solve the mystery behind the assault on her uncle, so she reluctantly agrees to team up with Deputy Frank White, a man she definitely does not trust, to f... more

  • Sting of Lies (The Lies Mystery series)

    by Carol Potenza
    Can solving a mysterious poisoning save her career? Oh, and lead her to a long-lost buried treasure? Wait. AND thrust her into the arms of true love? Paleontologist and poisons expert Myrna P. Lee, Ph.D. isn't a team player. Not because she doesn't want to be. She's just not very good at it. Even her dog gives her attitude. So, when she—and the dog—are sent to a remote billionaire's ranch tasked with solving an environmental poisoning, it's just fine with her. She doesn't need anyone else, no... more
  • Songs For the Deaf

    by Kenneth A. Silver
    Songs For the Deaf is the untold story of the link between one of the unsolved MIA mysteries and the inexplicable bubonic plague epidemics that ravaged North Vietnam throughout the war, of the individuals who sought to establish that link, and of the forces that sought to prevent them from doing so. But the heart and soul of this galvanizing story resides in the protagonist, Miles Curtin. From his first big splash as an articles editor on the Columbia Law Review, where he transformed articles in... more
  • Detached

    by Alisa Burris
    After a sudden fire occurs in their townhome community, neighbors Wanda Lindstrom, Charlotte Murray, and Marcy Seele endure immediate turmoil. The trauma only worsens when a brutal murder is discovered within the ashes. As details of the homicide unfold, white nationalism and troubled connections to this controversial victim intertwine, heightening the women's complicated responses. Wanda's hidden Jewish identity and Marcy's secret decision to convert to Judaism cause continual terror to bu... more
  • Love Love TV

    by Gabriel Ruesso
    Star x Lovers is the best trash reality show on TV. Twenty bachelors and bachelorettes on a gorgeous island try to win the heart of Christopher Jope, the B-list celebrity from an old, popular supernatural teenage series. Love Love TV, the secretive television network behind Star x Lovers, does a masterful job at getting as much drama out of its contestants as possible. Ted Anderson is the host of the show, and the only person who knows how the island works. Too bad he is jaded, drunk, and sic... more
  • A Confluence of Enemies

    by D. Z. Church
    Wanee is braced for trouble. The Head Trustee has hired a rainmaker to end the months-long drought. The only problem is the rainmaker claims someone must die to bring rain. A man is found face down in the dwindling water supply, bringing disease. Most believe he was shot down by Sebastian Kanady, owner of The Courier newspaper, who hides secrets of his own. It’s up to Cora Countryman to identify the enemies, unwrap their motives, and tie them all up to save her little town. No one, least of all ... more
  • Catsitter's Curse

    by Angel Leigh McCoy
    Kitty Kats, her fearless daughter Diana, and enigmatic Muse—the king of cats in exile—return to unravel a chilling murder mystery. Join this magical trio as they navigate treacherous caverns, unmask secrets, and confront their enemies.
  • We Are Shadows: An Irish Ghost Story

    by Gail Grant Park
    Moira Gallagher has been conversing with ghosts since she was five. Now as an adult, she’s finally putting that ability to good use. Moira’s ability to talk with the dead gives her detective agency, Gallagher Investigations, an edge in uncovering secrets the past has buried. With the help of her sisters, Nuala and Deirdre, she assists those unsettled spirits in finding peace by righting the wrongs done to them before they found themselves on the Other Side. The past collides with the present a... more
  • Murder Leads To Marriage

    by shannon peeples
  • Fng

    by Benjamin Spada



    "Welcome to Black Spear." With these four words Cole West is immediately thrust into the shadowy world of the military's most deadly black-ops program. No warning. No training. No ... more

  • Li Jun: A Tommy Keane Novel

    by Travis Myers and Natasha Myers Marsiguerra
    A young woman is dead, it's a grim crime scene, her body hanging over a wrought iron fence. The question of course is how did this happen, did she jump from the open window three stories above where she now hangs? Or was she thrown to her death by one of the nine possible suspects who fled the building just as police arrived? Tommy makes a promise to find the answer. It turns out to be one of the most dangerous commitments of his career.
  • Just Like Majick

    by D. L. Yoder

    Magdalena Majick stumbles into a bewildering mystery when a friend's second-hand shop is broken into, but nothing has been removed. Every candle in the shop had been set ablaze and the clues left behind lure Magdalina into investigating the break-in. Magdalena slowly unravels the mystery, her life weaving a path through a hidden landscape of love, desire and obsession. The tale of one girl's love and care for her friends is pure magic.

  • Z Is For Zero Zero Is For Out Of Time

    by Arthur S. Newman
    A deranged fan has wagered a dangerous game with the heirs of a popular author, Janae Mayfield (writing under the name, Annie Reeves), who has died without finishing her life’s work of completing her popular mystery series. The family (Reese Mayfield and Peter Mayfield) has vowed to let dead authors and their works lie, choosing not to release the notes for the final novel or to hire a ghostwriter to complete the series. As Annie Reeves’s fortune dwindles and one member of the family disappears,... more