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  • I Will Fight No More Forever (Sam and Henry Book 2)

    by EB (Edana) Corbin
    When Sam contacts Nina Dark Horse to return the money conned from the Native American by her father, she becomes ensnared in a plot against the Consolidated Tribes of Warm Springs Oregon. Nina’s son, a bartender, tells them of a presumed attack on the Warm Springs Reservation using stolen Javelin missiles. Thousands of Native Americans will be visiting from other areas for an upcoming pow wow to be held soon and the results could be disastrous. Hatched by a right-wing state senator using his ... more
  • Death With Dignity

    by EB (Edana) Corbin
    Her father was the most notorious con man of the twenty-first century. She was the FBI agent who brought him down. After leaving the FBI, Sam plans to return almost a billion dollars to her father's many victims, and she's enlisted the help of ex-Navy Seal, Henry Samuels. Henry's happy to have landed the job but he has a secret he's determined to keep from Sam. From his jail cell, her father has issued a "hit" on the person who stole his money and Sam needs Henry to watch her back. ... more
  • Better The Devil You Know

    by charlene k.

    Sequel to Better Off Dead

    It's one year later and Kendall's out, and the status quo is about to change.

    The solution that had been reached the year before is about to be undone when Kendall accuses Jared of committing a crime as leverage to recover the score from the original heist. And while Jared is on the run, the cops are in hot pursuit, but they may have to get in line behind the syndicate that still wants him dead.

    If Jared can figure out a wa... more

  • Better Off Dead

    by charlene k.

    Sequel to Better To Give Than Deceive

    Three years ago Chance and Jared left a hitman in a coma and their partner in prison when they walked away with $2.4 million. It's three years later, Frank's out, the hitman recovered, and they're going after the money.

    When Frank is released from prison, he follows the money back to Chance and Jared where he discovers they're in the middle of a high stakes con. Frank secretly attempts to infiltrate the con and... more

  • 2085: The Rise & Fall of The Sisters (The Drone Chronicles)

    by Christopher Weeks
    It is the year 2085, where militaristic feminism rules, men are relegated to mindless drones, and a small group of renegade Christians holds the key to the world's survival.
  • Dark Ending

    by C.L. Brees


    DARK ENDING, the sequel to An Unsettled Past, fast-forwards seven years to find Alex now working as a homicide detective with the NYPD. Only recently promoted from patrol, he is thrust into the spotlight as the lead investigator on a series of grisly murders after several young women are discov... more

  • Among the Ashes

    by C.L. Brees


    As one of the most up-and-coming criminal defense attorneys in St. John's, Newfoundland, Caleb Winters has virtually everything anybody could hope for: incredible friends, a new lover, and nearly perfect record of crushing his foe, Crown Prosecutor Andrew Murphy, in court.

    An early morning phone call on the day of his closing submissions dredges up fa... more

  • Secrets in the Woods: An Emilia Long Mystery

    by J.E. Smythe
    Emilia Long is an investigative reporter from New York City. After reading documents left for her by her adopted mother, Emilia learned that she was left abandoned as an infant at a Brooklyn hospital. The discovery led Emilia on a journey to find her birth mother. The search took her from New York to a small town in North Caroline. Upon her arrival, she learned that her birth mother disappeared months before her birth and that the disappearance was linked to a murder. With the key suspect in ... more
  • A Step Ahead of Death

    by Scott McPherson
    Jack Sharp is just an ordinary family physician living in Nebraska. As a former missionary and military physician, his background is anything but ordinary, but he finds quiet satisfaction in the normal routine of a simple life. However, his uncomplicated life is thrown into chaos when he discovers the body of a murdered young woman dumped beside a bike path. Jack finds himself juggling the drama of the murder investigation with the concerns of his patients and his medical practice. His medic... more
  • Rose Scented Murder

    by Jill Paterson
    The Adelphi Theatre is about to close its doors for the last time when Howard Greenwood’s lifeless form is found on the floor of his dressing room shrouded in long-stemmed red roses. Was this the act of a killer looking to ridicule the celebrated actor or did it reflect a darker connotation for his murder? DCI Fitzjohn questions the significance of the roses as layer upon layer of Howard’s life unfolds to reveal a man fixated on revenge for his wife’s death and a predator who will stop at not... more
  • A Decent Lie

    by S. E. Steele
    Sarah is a Mormon pioneer coming of age in a polygamous family during the 1880s and finds herself desperately wanting a husband. She loves the dashing, yet unestablished, bachelor Beckam, but her parents force her to marry the wealthy and powerful Joseph instead. He already has two wives, a family and is well-known in the community. Sarah quickly learns to fear her forceful, unfeeling husband, all the while developing an all-too-close relationship with the alluring sister-wife, Elizabeth. Sarah ... more
  • The Sin Eater

    by Lee McIntyre
    HOW FAR WOULD YOU GO TO SAVE YOUR CHILD? What if Child Protective Services knocked on your door late one evening and threatened to take your child, based on a complaint from your new nanny? Adam Grammaticus is a high-tech executive in Portland, Oregon, who grew up in a trailer park on the wrong side of town, but now lives the good life with his wife Kate and daughter Emma in Lake Oswego. When CPS shows up at his door one night, Adam has to fight back shock waves upon hearing the incredibl... more
  • Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle

    by Kim Carter

    Book One of The Series

    "A Clara and Iris Mystery"

    "Not all that Glitters is Gold" as waitress Lizzie Headrick thought ...She had finally met her prince charming in Dr. Grant Chatsworth. She was young and in love, and their quick courtship ended with the four carat diamond engagement ring of her dreams. 

    Now residing in one of Buckhead’s finest estates, Lizzie soon learns all that glitters is not gold. Her handsome husband, a... more

  • Murder Among The Tombstones

    by Kim Carter

    A Clara and Iris Mystery.
    When Atlanta homicide detectives are called in to investigate the murder of a nineteen-year-old girl found dumped in historic Oakland Cemetery, they immediately begin working the case. But with no leads to follow, and their case log growing larger by the day, the murder quickly grows cold.

    Desperate to keep the investigation of her deceased sister going, Ginger Baines hires two novice sleuths to solve the case. Widowed, well into their seventies, and ... more

  • Bula Bridge (Galiwee Visions Book 2)

    by J Drew Brumbaugh
    Tommy Galiwee has visions. In Bula Bridge he is faced with an even more frightening look into the future than his first vision and it has him wishing he’d never found this ability. The vision hints at a plot to kill the families living in a quiet Northeastern Ohio town on Christmas Eve. What can be done to stop it?
  • All the Dying Children

    by James Halpin
    When the gruesome death of a popular teenage girl is caught on a video that goes viral, authorities discover a cryptic link between suicides that have been plaguing local high school students. Erik Daly is a newspaper reporter with a haunted past who is determined to get to the bottom of the suicide cluster — before the body count rises. In his journey through the dark underbelly of the former coal towns of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Daly is forced to confront his personal demons as he comes fac... more