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  • Tagalong

    by George Encizo
    When the ten-year-old daughter of a prominent attorney is kidnapped, Sheriff JD Pickens goes into overdrive to recover the girl only to discover that things aren't always how they appear. For one thing, the daughter is adopted and doesn't know it. For another thing, her uncle is a federal prosecutor who wants to help. Then there is the ransom note - an email message that warns the girl's mother not to contact the authorities. Fearful for her daughter's life, she is reluctant to tell the sheriff... more
  • One Clear Shot

    by RA Ferrell
    Claire's world is everything, but normal. In Will she finds the part she is missing. Can Claire bring their two worlds together… Without getting everyone killed?
  • Sick as our Secrets

    by Jim Christopher
    Hawk’s life is a secret. Wanted for murder, he hides from the law on a marijuana plantation in the Texas hill country. The violence of his past pales against the depravities he endures on the farm: dangerous and miraculous secrets he must protect if he wants to survive. Then a cunning stranger arrives bearing a grudge from Hawk’s past. The outsider unleashes his sinister preternatural ability in a frantic lunge for the farm’s most innocent soul. As the bloody standoff erupts between the dark ... more
  • Death No Stranger

    by Regan Barry
    Terror stalks the quiet streets of Cambridge. When a family solicitor is viciously stabbed to death in his own home, the respectable citizens of Cambridge are shocked to the core. Crimes of this brutality are unheard of in the sleepy university town. For DI Shauna Holt, it’s as though she brought trouble with her. Newly transferred from London’s Metropolitan Police Service, the burnt-out, jaded detective was hoping for a quieter life, but her experience makes her the ideal candidate to lea... more
  • Goldhammer

    by Haris Orkin
    A young actress, involuntarily committed to City of Roses Psychiatric Hospital, plunges James Flynn into a dangerous new adventure when she claims one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood is trying to kill her. Still convinced he's a secret agent for Her Majesty's Secret Service, Flynn springs into action, helps her escape and finds himself embroiled in a battle with a dangerous sociopath worth billions. In the process, he uncovers a high-tech conspiracy to control the mind of every hu... more
  • Mayan Shadows

    by Craig A. Hart
    Maxwell Barnes is an archeologist and the son of an archeologist. He and his companion, friend, and brother since youth, Axel Morales, have been treasure hunting for their benefactor Myron Crabtree, in the jungles of Guatemala. This area, not coincidentally, is also rumored to be the location of the last great city of the Maya, the legendary Ahrum. When Max meets a man who appears to be a young Maya skateboard punk, his entire world is turned upside down as he hears the true story of the city... more
  • The Bone Records

    by Rich Zahradnik
    NY Police Academy washout Grigg Orlov discovers an eerie piece of evidence at the scene of his father’s brutal murder: a disc-shaped X-ray of a skull. It’s a bone record—what Soviet citizens called banned American songs recorded on used X-rays. But the black-market singles haven’t been produced since the sixties. What’s one doing in Coney Island in 2016? Grigg uncovers a connection between his father and three others who collected bone records when they were teenage friends growing up in Leni... more
  • The Masked Man and the Orphan Girl

    by Jeff Shannon
    The Masked Man and the Orphan Girl is a suspenseful murder story set in a small Mississippi town in the 1980's. Cranberry Farmer, a teenage girl who has lost her parents, flees from her adopted home. Her ordeal, survival instincts, and new life frame the central perspective of the story. Off-setting her world is the "masked man," who is a killer with a bizarre ritualistic pattern. The reader is kept guessing about who he is, and why he behaves as he does. The county police, particularly the enig... more
  • A Deadly Covenant

    by Michael Stanley

    While digging a trench for a new water project, a backhoe operator unearths the skeleton of a long dead Bushman. Kubu and Scottish pathologist, Ian MacGregor, are sent to sort out the formalities, but the situation rapidly gets out of hand. MacGregor discovers eight more skeletons—a massacre of Bushmen including women and children. However, the locals deny any knowledge of the event. When an elder of the village is murdered at his home, the local police believe it was the result of a robbery ... more

  • The Good Priest

    by Tina Beattie

    "John's limbs are still stiff with cold. He dreads going out there. He has a sudden horror of finding them all dead or disappeared. The silence is so absolute. ..."​

    What horrors have come to haunt Father John as he hears confessions on Ash Wednesday? Who is the stranger in the confessional threatening to do "pure evil", and what does this haunting appearance have to do with the traumas of John's past?As Lent unfolds, John finds himself caught up in events be... more

  • Making Angels

    by M.J. Holt
    Stella Fargo goes to a rural community to close the home of a dear friend’s missing daughter. Stella finds a body dump is across the street, an abused young girl is living in the house, and a woman who may have made children into angels. Her living children are tiny, except for one early-teen who is a rape victim. Physical and psychological violence threatens Stella and the family who were close friends of the missing woman. Through this harrowing situation, Stella meets the area’s lowlife and t... more
  • Ruby Roy and the Murder in the Falls

    by Rima Ray

    Meet Dr. Ruby Roy. She is a twenty-nine-year-old, goofy, warm, and absent-minded professor in her third year at Baron University, located a few miles from the Falls. A plus-size woman of mixed Indian and Canadian roots, and cursed with an overactive imagination stemming from watching too many Bollywood and Disney films, Ruby is struggling to make her mark and stay out of trouble. It doesn't help matters that she keeps stumbling into a series of embarrassing incidents, even as she desperat... more

  • Avalina

    by Manuel Rose
    On the evening of an impending winter storm, in the quaint suburban town of Merryville, New York in February 1969, fifteen-year-old Avalina Bishop becomes the victim of a cruel and heinous crime committed by her best friend and four other classmates for being an alleged witch. What they don’t know is that Avalina was given a special gift from her grandmother, who is a true witch from Salem, Massachusetts, enabling Avalina to walk the Earth once more. Over fifty years later, Avalina’s soul is rea... more
  • The Marriage of Figgalo

    by Dr. Philip Emma
    Mick wakes up in the opulent house of Lawrence Figgalo, a New York City Union boss. Mick's been drugged, and he's with Lawrence. But Lawrence has been murdered! ​ Mick tries to extricate himself from the situation, but each move he makes puts him in even deeper. ​ Mick learns that Lawrence has an identical twin brother who has come up North to visit. And he learns that a certain mob boss has a hit man that looks just like Mick. And Mick's client has identical twin daughters who've gone missi... more
  • Super Flare

    by Steven F. Freeman
    Today’s UV Index: Lethal Deep inside the sun, magnetic lines of force are growing…building in ways not experienced for a millennium. When a pair of increasingly severe solar storms disables internet, communications, and GPS for millions around the globe, helioseismologist Greyson Finn fears the imminent arrival of a cataclysmic super flare, a magnetic explosion of the sun with the potential to obliterate life on earth. In a desperate bid to help the world prepare, Finn and his fellow sc... more
  • Tainted Times 2: Novel two in the Angeline Porter Trilogy

    by Valerie J. Brooks
    She’s tough, cynical, and out for revenge. Can she capture her prize without sacrificing her last breath? Kauai. Angeline Porter is worn to the bone. Hiding out with only a rescue dog for company, the disbarred defense attorney knows killing two mob bosses makes resurfacing impossibly risky. But when an undercover FBI agent offers to exchange a shocking family secret for her acting as bait, the driven woman can’t resist the lure. Digging into the twisted truths her parents kept hidden, Ang... more