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  • The Sungei Road Gang

    by Frederick Lim
    A stolen clutch bag triggers a chain of events that winds its way towards Sungei Road. A $100,000 reward for a missing girl sets off a separate chain of events that also converges upon Sungei Road. And at Singapore's renown ‘Thieves' Market’ in Sungei Road the two chains are entangled in a chance meeting that brings together a teenage street gang and a private detective. They are forced into a hasty, uneasy alliance to take on an international criminal syndicate. But are wits and street skills e... more
  • Binding Circumstance

    by Kelley Griffin
    ***LASR's 2020 Book of the Year!*** To save the life of the man she loves, she'll have to risk her own. Costume designer, Leslie Carroll has mastered the art of flying under the radar. She’s had to, or risk being found by the psychopath who almost killed her. When she literally falls into Hollywood heartthrob Charlie Erickson’s dressing room on her first day of employment, their mutual attraction is instant and undeniable. Despite his star status, Charlie is a sweet southern boy at hear... more
  • What Lurks in the Shadows

    by S.C. Shannon
    It’s the end of the world and 20-year-old Grace has a front row seat. What was once a carefree suburban life has become a daily struggle to survive, and the days are spent preparing for whatever might come next. Just as Grace and her family begin to adjust to their new, post-apocalyptic normal, a much more terrifying threat emerges, and survival is quickly replaced with just trying to stay alive. Told from two points in time leading up to one epic showdown, this twisty, page-turning, and ter... more
  • Murder in New Orleans

    by Denise Jaden
    A food tour in New Orleans where murder is on the menu… When Mallory Beck wins a food tour experience in New Orleans, she invites teenage Amber, her foodie BFF, to join her on a road trip of French and creole cuisine. Mallory’s cat-sitter cancels at the last minute, and presumptuous, cheeky Hunch helps himself to shotgun in Mallory’s Prius. A good thing, too, because when a know-it-all food tour participant turns up dead and wrapped in Mardi Gras beads, they’ll need Hunch’s keen nose to sniff... more
  • Murder in the Secret Cold Case

    by Denise Jaden
    A cop with a secret, a teenager with attitude, and a cat with a hunch... Spring has arrived in Honeysuckle Grove, and now that crime has finally settled down, Mallory is excited to put her extra time into her new catering business. Despite the lack of crime, though, Alex has been noticeably MIA in Mallory’s life, working in the background on a secretive high-profile case. Lately, it’s taking up every bit of his time, and it’s hard for Mallory not to feel both jilted and curious. Not meanin... more
  • Let Sleeping Murder Lie

    by Carmen Radtke
    A village idyll American Eve Holdsworth is living her quintessential English dream in a picturesque village in the countryside. Meeting an attractive stranger adds to the appeal. An unsolved murder But Ben Dryden is a pariah in Eve’s new neighbourhood, since his wife was murdered five years ago, and he was the only suspect. Eve, who is absolutely sure someone as charming as Ben could never be a killer, is determined to solve the case and clear Ben’s name, even if it’s against his will... more
  • Unmasked

    by Jenifer Kanin
    Meet Gary. A very average raccoon of average intelligence. His daily concerns are where to get his next snack and how to remain unnoticed. When his friend Jenny notices he bears a strikingly similar appearance to the local cat, his quiet life is soon turned upside-down with a brazen plan to infiltrate the homes of the nearby humans in search of food. Just when things seem to be going their way some of the local animals, both wild and domestic turn up missing or dead. The pair find themselves ... more
  • Hooker Avenue

    by Jode Millman
    \tBeing a Good Samaritan can be deadly. \tSingle mom and attorney Jessie Martin learns that lesson the hard way. \tDuring a violent spring thunderstorm, Jessie discovers an unconscious woman lying in a roadside ditch and dials 911 for help. Little does she know her compassion will propel her on a collision course with her estranged best friend, Detective Ebony Jones... and one of the most shocking mysteries in the Hudson Valley. \tThe badly beaten victim, Lissie Sexton, is a prostit... more
  • The Crusade for Vengeance

    by Joe Ettle
    A shocking crime . . . a mysterious clue . . .how does it all connect? Intrepid artifact recovery expert Rex Fletcher is tasked with tracking down a brazen group of criminals after they steal the Crown Jewels of England. But the closer he gets to them, the deadlier they become. With his erstwhile partner, Ruby Clarkson, by his side, can they uncover this mysterious group before all is lost? Or will they be allowed to enact their deadly plan to bring world powers to their knees through fear? ... more
  • Ravel (Lake Haven Book 2) by D.M. Simmons

    by Chick Lit Café - Book Reviews

    The highly anticipated follow up to EVOKE and book two in the Lake Haven series. It’s been two years since the accident that claimed the lives of three friends and stopped her heart. But when the truth brought Laney Thomas back, something followed. Together, Laney and Evan have moved forward from the night that changed their lives forever. They finished college, moved back home, and started the next chapter of their lives. But shortly after being back in Lake Haven, they began. ... more

  • Fish Out of Water: An Ozarks Lake Mystery (#1)

    by Marc Jedel

    A small-town homicide. A community swamped in secrets. Can married amateur sleuths bait and capture the killer before the truth slips away?

    Elizabeth Trout had escaped her rural Arkansas hometown. Compelled to sort through her deceased grandmother’s belongings, she and her new husband Jonas make an unexpected trip down south to the family ranch. But when the property manager turns up dead, Elizabeth is rocked when her ex-boyfriend-turned-deputy arrests her for the... more

  • A Most Efficient Murder

    by Anthony Slayton
    When the reclusive Earl of Unsworth’s first party in over a decade is spoiled by murder, His Lordship’s loyal and efficient secretary, Mr. Quayle, must unravel a web of red-herrings and buried secrets before the murderer can strike again… “I do not wish to disturb you, your grace, but there is a body in the garden…” England, 1925. When a strange young woman is found murdered on the grounds of Unsworth Castle, the Earl and his family are astounded at first, but quickly become enraged when t... more
  • A Trail of Vengeance

    by Marvin Levine
  • Pandion

    by William Michael Ried

    Having it all is great, until everything comes crashing down.

    Atticus Forester is the son of a billionaire, living a life of privilege between a Manhattan townhouse and Pandion, the family compound on the coast of Maine. But young Atticus misses a flight on his father’s jet, and that changes everything. 

    Suddenly alone and on the street, Atticus must fend for himself armed only with his wits. He crashes in a Loisaida tenement and inve... more

  • An Angel and a One-Armed Man

    by B.D. Lawrence
    Can a one-armed private detective save an Angel from the St. Louis sex trade? Lefty Bruder is minding his own business at his favorite bar when Eileen Seager asks him to find Angel, her missing niece. Lefty’s PI business is going nowhere, just where he wants it to go. But the picture of Angel and the thought of getting to know Eileen gnaws at him. Why not? He has nothing better to do. The PI discovers that a wealthy widower named Calvin Rockport kidnapped Angel from her pimp. He follows... more
  • I'll Be Your Shadow

    by Bobbie Robins
    I’ll Be Your Shadow is a fast-paced suspense, certain to surprise you with its heart-rending twists. Samantha Raven is a rich heir hunted by a ruthless criminal. She was kidnapped once, and she managed to get away. But is she safe because the kidnapper was never caught? She has either bad luck, or the same kidnapper is back chasing her again. She does not know who to trust. Two men are interested in her - both have their own reasons, and secrets. And then her worst nightmare happened again: a... more