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  • The Memory Game

    by Mike Speegle
    Montgomery Pope is a cheap-shit fixer. He's the guy who takes bad jobs that pay worse, the kind of jobs that leave folks bruised, bloodied, and hungry for revenge. Even better, Pope owes tall paper to all the wrong people. So when Pope finds a dead girl's memories in his pocket, he's surprised to find that he's suddenly very popular in the Portland underworld. Everyone wants those memories, and the promise of violence is on the air. Now Pope has a decision to make, one that will leave hi... more
  • HITMAN: La Famiglia

    by Theodore Valley, aka., Dr. Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D.
    Hitman; “La Famiglia” is the 1st book in the series, that is set in South Florida in the 1980s. The Hitman now an old man in 2018, the lone survivor of his family, tells his story of his life in the mafia, or La Famiglia! His story is one of romance, mishaps, drug dealing, betrayal, murder, suspense, drama, and thrilling twists that you won’t see coming! "The Dean, the Mafia’s most feared contract killer is called in to restore order; however, everything isn’t as it seems with the many twist... more
  • Fatal Deception

    by Audrey J. Cole
    Still recovering from her brother’s murder, Detective Tess Richards transfers out of Homicide…only to find herself in the center of a deadly undercover operation.
  • Lies Behind the Woods

    by Bradley Cornish

    Steve Breiten is a college professor who has a long line of failed relationships behind him. All he wants is a long vacation in the mountains, free of drama and responsibilities, where he can relax, read, and maybe even start writing his book. He didn't expect a mysterious woman to walk into his office - not that woman, the one who had been kidnapped all those years ago and rescued after a tip he'd left at the police station.

    Now, his plans for the summer have taken a dramatic s... more

  • 9798651796557

    by Laura Lollie
    Personas is the first of four in a series. In this first novel, our main character development is designed to establish the evolution of personality traits created by trauma. Our main character, Ian Trahan, is a science prodigy with a high functioning form of autism. He was brought up in a deep south environment of New Orleans Louisiana by a father who is heavily involved in politics and high society. His father, Dr. Xavier Trahan , a renown Psychiatrist, also has a very dark secret in the fact ... more
  • The Algerian Hoax

    by Roger Croft
    Top officials at MI6, Britain's spy agency, suspect one of their senior operatives of betrayal. Former journalist Michael Vaux, honey-trapped into serving queen and country by the Secret Intelligence Service [SIS] in the mid-90s, comes under close scrutiny by the UK's top spy catcher in the wake of anonymous charges of betrayal and double-dealing in a series of top secret operations in which he played major roles. To expose his suspected loyalties to Britain's long-term enemies and otherwise un... more
  • Two Bullets & a Six-Pack

    by RJ Bogart
    After assaulting her photographer, Joanne runs out of her Vegas wedding. Turning up 1900 miles north with a fairy tale and a camera, she seeks help from a reluctant shamus in search of a new golf swing. Can Coop, a caustic detective with more vices than a seventies rock star help the runaway bride, or is she destined to end up floating down the Humber River in thirty-five Ziploc bags?
  • Bones of Black Saints

    by Alex Charns
    What happens in a Southern town when a white cop tries to kill a young Black man and there is no videotape? The victim is tried on trumped up charges. Star Gold Gwiazda, a quirky, flamboyant defender represents controversial Black Lives Matter activist Marcos Salazar for the attempted murder of a vice cop. Assistant District Attorney Stonewall Jackson Gross doesn't like women, civil rights protesters, or Star. Things get hotter when Marcos' cousin, L.A. Hip Hop star J-Zap Salazar writes a ... more
  • The Quiet Professional

    by Michael Byars Lewis
    A special operations C-130 with a secret tasking to Bangkok. A French expatriate on a deadly path of revenge. An Al-Qaeda offshoot seeking to establish a foothold in Southeast Asia. A missing payment of gold... The Global War of Terror is thousands of miles away from Kadena Air Base in Okinawa. Sent on a no-notice mission to Thailand, a crew of Air Commandos quickly discovers their mission is anything but routine. When a case of mistaken identity ensnares Air Force Special Operations pilot... more
  • The Garage Guerrilla

    by Collin Pearce

    When the motiveless killing of a woman in her garage confuses the investigators of Riverwood, Colorado, Detective Sean Kennedy begins to move on from the case. But after another woman is found, followed by a third, he quickly realizes that he’s onto something much bigger than he had ever anticipated. With the body count rising, Sean does everything he can to end the nightmare.

    Nearly fifty years later, Detective Jake Caldwell walks onto his first day on the job. Assigned with revi... more

  • The Detective Next Door

    by W.C. Gordon
    An accidental murder, a dismembered corpse, and a web of lies haunts this gripping debut from Gordon. The protagonist is a regular cop who likes to do his duty with as much diligence as possible and be left alone otherwise. What when a break-in turns deadly, the fact that he, a white cop, killed a man of color forces him to cover up the murder. As the police investigation closes in, he finds himself scrambling to come up with an escape plan. With his experience as a law enforcement officer, Gord... more
  • Spider's Web

    by Shannon Condon
    Over three years have passed since Maggie's near fatal injury. She is restless running the team's special ops missions from the safety of the Grid. No sooner does she re-enter the real world than her past finds her. In an instant, Maggie's life is forever changed. Unsure who to trust, Maggie tries to navigate her new reality. Will she be able to choose her future or will she remain trapped in the web of enemies she has created?
  • Dead Ball: A Novel of Murder and Passion

    by GP Hutchinson

    "[Dead Ball is] a historically based murder mystery with plenty of surprises--and with a beautiful romantic subplot." --Gary Livacari, author of Reflections on the 1919 Black Sox

    In 1912, in a meaningless late-season game between two bottom-of-the-pack National League teams, talented rookie pitcher Hal Gerecke throws a fastball he'll regret as long as he lives.

    Rube Wannamaker, the popular plate-crowding batter H... more

  • Buffalo Dance

    by GP Hutchinson

    "an immersive and exciting historical work that weaves in layers of action, adventure, suspense, and mystery...a highly original and enjoyable western novel." - K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

    Cimarron Jack Wheatley is one of 1890s America's most popular Wild West show stars. When a visiting European royal sees Wheatley perform, he decides he must have the showman as chief scout on a goodwill buffalo-hunting expedition on the high plains of C... more

  • The Buffalo Pilot

    by Lawrence A. Colby
    MILITARY FLYING— THE RISKIEST CAREER OF THEM ALL. More military pilots die in training than at war. Air Force Reserve Major Ford Stevens is a veteran military pilot, upholding the prestigious family practice of service to the nation in the face of danger. His younger brother, Charlie, a fresh Lieutenant out of pilot training, joins the family tradition seeking to prove himself. With the rivalry still strong, all he wanted to do was follow his big brother’s footsteps… Now,... more