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  • Vigilante Priest

    by Joe Gallagher and Dan Bowden
    Vigilante Priest, while ominous and heavy, is written with a bit of comedic relief. It confronts moral issues, and offers, ultimately, a vision of enlightened reform. The book is led by two protagonists. Father Tony and Detective Eddie Rodriguez. Father Tony, a once-popular New York priest and a member of a family connected to the mob, was falsely accused of abusing a student. He is torn by his secret knowledge and troubled by what is right or wrong and if the end really does justify th... more
  • Additional Attendee

    by Josh Harper
    Paul, a part-time actor and full-time narcissist, just knows that his wife is having an affair with the dog trainer who lives upstairs in their luxury apartment building. But when he tries to catch them in the act, he finds their neighbor’s corpse instead. And now he can’t find his wife anywhere. With only the building’s alluring front desk person to help him, Paul must find the killer before the cops pin the murder on him. Soon, he discovers that his fellow over-privileged tenants aren’t as... more
  • Hunting Tobias

    by Michael Putegnat

    Torn from his mother’s arms on the Jewish ramp at Auschwitz, Daniel feared he would never see his parents or sister again. But he survived the Holocaust and dedicated his life to seeking justice as a Nazi Hunter.  Then, In the last year of his life, he stumbles upon evidence that his family had somehow survived.

    But where are they?

    So begins a desperate odyssey to find his family, spanning time and continents, following clues that reach back into the dark realities of l... more

  • 979-8-9905277-0-6

    by Richard Ross
    Suspense meets historical intrigue as novelist Clayton Lange uncovers a disturbing family secret that could rewrite history. His seemingly innocuous writings predicted real-world events, but nothing prepared him for the discovery of his ancestors' dark affiliations with Nazi Germany. As past atrocities spill into the present, Clayton finds himself in the midst of a battle for power in modern-day Manhattan, a struggle dating from the Roman and Ottoman Empires and others. This is a narrative th... more
  • Didja' Hear? Danny Devlin's Dead: A Tommy Palmer Story

    by William P Singley
    It's Ash Wednesday, and all Tommy Palmer wants to do is enjoy his drink at Billy Frisco's jazz club and listen to some great American tunes. Carla is on stage, Billy's girl, and man, can she sing. The pouring rain outside only makes Tommy, her biggest fan more inclined to stay, until a soaking wet getaway driver tumbles in the front door. Turns out, Danny Devlin is dead-shot at a botched post office robbery. Billy hired an amateur driver who abandoned the crew. Now, Billy's in hot water, and Tom... more

    by J. M. Venturini
    Tuscany, circa 1927. To seal a lucrative deal, Gianni Lucci hands his playboy son, Stefano, an ultimatum: marry my Brazilian partner’s daughter or be banished. Heartbroken over a perceived rejection by his first love, Ilaria, the penniless Stefano abandons all and sails off to America. 30 years later, he’s married to Anna with two kids. Stefano’s longtime financial troubles are amplified when Anna gets pregnant yet again. Seizing on this golden opportunity, Gianni fakes a deathly illness to ... more

    by Amy Sewell

    When a New York City television producer, and mother of three, is blacklisted from the entertainment industry and then brutally attacked, a spiraling addiction and a haunting accident from her past resurface old wounds, illuminating a history of violence and its damaging inheritance.

    Grace O’Doyle, the complicated anti-heroine of The Hole in the Rabbit, spirals out of control after a series of personal and professional snafus have her reckoning with life-long recreational... more


    by Robert J. Potter
    Richard Drake, a boy with special powers, finds himself entwined in many mysteries--all surrounding an abduction, turned to murder. Of course, nothing is what it seems, and our unsung hero may very well have bitten off more than he can chew.
  • Vetlandia


    Tom Ward finds that his life is unraveling due to a medical condition brought about by his military service. He embarks on a journey to find his identity and place in the world, only to have a devastating encounter while hitchhiking that lands him in Vetlandia, a facility for the long-term treatment of military veterans. As he settles into life at the facility, he realizes that some patients get preferential treatment while others are singled out for degradation, abuse or having obstacles arb... more

  • Murder Sometimes Cold

    by Murray Moffatt
    Murder Sometimes Cold is a story about greed, deception, murder and a courtroom battle over the truth. A young woman was killed eight years ago and the man sent to prison for it claims he's innocent. On the day he's released from jail after serving his sentence, he's murdered and the lawyer who defended him, Shane Daniels' employer and friend, is shot. Is it possible the same person committed both crimes? To solve one murder, Shane must find out who actually committed the first one. But there... more

    by Mike Krentz

    She’s flanked by enemies, inside and out. Can this dedicated officer execute a strategy to save a colleague’s life before they’re both MIA?

    South Korea. Navy Captain Kate Mahoney is fighting battles on all fronts. When a Navy doctor reports suspicions of a botulism strike at an American facility, the rising 7th Fleet star orders an immediate investigation. And her challenges multiply when she learns a fellow female pilot is missing in North Korea&helli... more


    by Mike Krentz

    Enemies attacking from all sides. Can she counter the offensive long enough to claim victory?

    The South China Sea, 2012. Navy Captain Kate Mahoney can’t catch a break. Called back from California before she could reconcile with her teenage son, she rushes to contested waters as international tensions grow. But when adversaries capture a female reconnaissance pilot, the kick-ass captain escalates the operation to general quarters.

    As her toxic ex-husband driv... more


    by Mike Krentz

    She can stand her ground with the best of them. But she’ll need all her strength to keep her family and her sailors afloat…

    2012. Navy Captain Kate Mahoney never backs down from a challenge. Determined to prove her mettle as the new Director of Operations for the US Seventh Fleet, the single mom entrusts her sister to care for her fifteen-year-old son. After arriving on the Japan-based flagship, her strategic expertise proves vital when two rival Korean war... more


    by Mike Krentz

    He flourishes in the heart of a hectic ER but threatened loss of family becomes his greatest fear. Can an intrepid doctor protect his own from a twisted mind?

    Dr. Zack Winston’s self-confidence wobbles on shaky ground. Slated to see his daughters over Christmas for the first time in five years, the skilled emergency physician worries his relationship issues will prevent them from bonding. His determination to focus on his personal life sinks ... more


    by Mike Krentz

    A drug-laced conspiracy. A former Navy surgeon with a harrowing history. Will a covert frame job end his career… and his life?

    Zack Winston can’t outrun his mistakes. Working in the high-pressure environment of the ER, the widowed doctor is haunted by lives he should have saved. But when he fails to resuscitate his coworker’s husband from a fatal cardiac arrest, he’s blindsided by the livid ICU nurse launching a career-threatening malpractice su... more

  • Way of the Bow

    by Vince Fratello
    A soldier who has become a Buddhist and a techie who has become a people-person reunite after forty-five years for an epic road trip and life journey. Their goal is to uncover a conspiracy and save the soldier’s life. Traveling via almost every form of transportation, they are aided by an assorted crew of people met online and in life who have come to care deeply about them and who are on their own journeys. We see how this odd couple bonded with one another and became who they are. We also glim... more