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  • Eagle Ascending

    by Dan Whitfield
    New York cop Joe Krueger is about to arrest a notorious drug pusher when his life changes forever. He witnesses a bomb tear through one of the city's biggest Jewish museums, leaving dozens dead. In the aftermath, the case takes an even more horrific turn: footage from the scene suggests that the bomber is Joe's own grandfather, infamous Nazi General Wolfgang Krueger, who died 70 years ago. With time running out until the next attack, Joe Krueger is forced to confront his family's monstrous p... more
  • The Determined Widow

    by Adam Melrose
    HER HUSBAND WAS MURDERED. SHE WILL PROVE IT. AS DETERMINATION BECOMES OBSESSION, ALL BETS ARE OFF. Sixteen months ago, Bella Stone lost her husband. The authorities insist his death was accidental but she knows it was murder. No one will take her seriously. She has one last hope for her very personal cold case. A private detective by the name of Matthew Holland. As the investigation deepens, the team learn their client is determined to unearth the truth regardless of the human cost. With... more
  • The Spark

    by Howard Rahtz
    The book opens as the January 6 attack on the Capitol is unfolding. After the attack, seeking to start a race war and overthrow the government, a white supremacist gang plots a terror attack at the NBA All-Star game. As the suspects infiltrate arena security, police and the FBI office become aware of a possible attack. With game day quickly approaching, the police and FBI race feverishly to stop the attack. While the clock winds down to game time, the characters confront the most pressing iss... more
  • Dark Heat

    by J. M. Taylor
    The novel focuses on Starr Wyman, an herbalist who must also care for her war-damaged brother, a veteran of the Iraq campaign who harbors secrets no one could fathom. Her father, a despotic alderman and drug kingpin, keeps his boot heel on her movements. But when a stranger comes to town, searching for an ancient relic stolen from the Iraqi National Museum, she sees what just may be a way out. But, like Medea, she will have to make a painful sacrifice in order to gain her freedom.
  • The Gallucci Gallery

    by K.B. Richards
    Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, Bianca attempts to rescue her kidnapped children while being hunted for a murder she didn't commit...
  • Th Holy Truth

    by Abdulilah Hamadi
    The Holy Truth unfolds. When research leads best-selling author, David Lipton, to Stockholm for conferences and unplugging from the world, he doesn’t expect a murder mystery and a gang of hitmen after him for his legally purchased historic documents. Yet, it would appear the exchange has brought with it more than a writer could hope to unveil. A cascade of dangerous secrets surrounding the Temple of Scribes, an ultra-conservative religious society famed with being the keepers of the lost Ark... more
  • The Blue Executions

    by George Norris
    A serial killer is roaming the streets of New York City…the madman’s target—New York City police officers. An incident in a Queens housing project hurls highly decorated detective Tommy Galvin not only onto the front pages of the newspapers but also into the crosshairs of the sociopath. The hunter becomes the hunted! Galvin’s actions on a warm spring evening ignite a powder keg of racial tension and civil unrest, capturing national attention which must be dealt with and brought under control ... more
  • Exceptional Merit

    by George Norris
    Lieutenant James Keegan is a highly decorated police officer assigned to the N.Y.P.D.’s Joint Terrorist Task Force. Keegan has solved many high-profile cases during his eighteen years with the N.Y.P.D., including an imminent terrorist attack which earned him a personal thank you from the President of the United States. All is not what it appears, however, with Lieutenant Keegan. James Keegan has a double life in which he has been involved with the Irish Republican Army for almost as long as he h... more
  • The Second List

    by Max Bridges
    “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” –Benjamin Franklin Patrick Rooper, an investigative journalist and ex-Navy SEAL, is looking forward to his upcoming wedding when a rich socialite walks into his office and offers a lucrative assignment. To retrieve a document from the Swiss Alps seems easy enough for someone with Patrick’s accolades, but unbeknownst to him, the undertaking poses an existential threat to someone powerful—someone desperate to stop him at any cost. The socia... more
  • Trail of the Jaguar

    by Jonathan Hanson
    Biologist, wildlife photographer, and tactically trained anti-poaching expert Clayton Porter witnesses what appears to be a routine drug-smuggling flight across the Arizona-Mexico border. Instead, he uncovers a sophisticated operation involving a secret lodge high in the Sierra Madre, canned hunts for endangered jaguars, a ring of opioid-dealing doctors in the U.S., and a string of cartel victims partially consumed by a large predator. After Porter unwittingly throws a wrench into the works and ... more
  • B0943ZCFYN

    by K.C. Turner
    He’s out of prison. His targets are set. And she’s one of them. Elizabeth Strong had hoped after all this time, Steve Robinson would leave her alone. But his message is clear. He’s not only coming for her; he also has his sights set on another woman who refused to testify against him back then. But since recently being made an unwilling accomplice to Robinson’s current criminal empire, she immediately goes to Elizabeth for help. With at least one dirty cop in the Silverton Police Depar... more
  • Sacred River: A Himalayan Journey

    by Debu Majumdar
    An Indian-American journeys to mystical Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas, searching for peace and renewal. As he travels, a pilgrimage temple near the glacier becomes the target of a gold heist. Pilgrims, thieves, tourists, and events flow toward the temple independently with their individual stories. The life struggles of an illiterate farmer, lofty goals of a charitable organization, desire for fame, romance, and cultural nuance, along with Indian myths and legends, supply colorful thread... more
  • Best blockchain scalability solutions platform – Shubh Network

    by Shubh Network
    Shubh Network aims to create a multi-chain ecosystem of compatible blockchains, allowing users to easily transact on the blockchain and to create Decentralized Applications that will allow seamless blockchains that can freely exchange value and information.
  • fingering and fisting

    by Foxtail App
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  • Buy Apartments in Istanbul For Beautiful Houseboats

    by kitana kari

    Buy Apartments in Istanbul For Beautiful Houseboats

    Apartments for sale in Istanbul can be the right solution when you are not residing in this beautiful city often. Istanbul is one of the most modern cities of Turkey and has so much to offer to tourists. Many construction industries are now offering a variety of affordable apartments for sale in ideal locations with easy accessibility to various public transport fa... more

  • Casket Case

    by Lee James
    Cynthia Shade. That's her name. She has ADHD and cynophobia. That's just a fancy way of saying she's terrified of dogs. Not all dogs mind you, just the tiny ones that come at you with their razor-sharp fangs and frenzied eyes. To make it worse, she can't find a job, rather, she can't keep a job, and she's about to be evicted. Just when she gets a glimmer of hope she's blackmailed into trying to solve a murder. Wait-what? Cue the handsome sheriff who awakens real interest in perpetually single ... more