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  • Cult of Darkness

    by D.W. Whitlock
    A seaside paradise. An endless war. Everyone pays in blood. The cartels in Mexico have splintered, triggering violent conflict over control of the illicit drug trade. One has risen to power above all others with its brutal methods: The Riviera. Led by a shadowy figure known only as Kukulkan, this powerful cartel has become the main source of Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid fifty times more potent than heroin. As mutilated bodies appear on the pristine white sands of local beach communities, i... more
  • Armistice Suicide

    by Steven Stancell
    In the mid-spring of 1975, twenty-two year old Dice was about to avenge his brother’s murder. But when his landlord tells him he’s renovating his apartment and doubling his rent, his priorities change. With his friend Spike, the two decide to become murderers for hire as a career path, in and around the neighborhood they grew up in. They fancy themselves as bounty hunters, ridding the world of people who deserve it. They will soon realize they have bitten off more than they can chew.
  • The 666 Murders

    by Alan Golbourn
    London, 1966 Fear grips the capital when a second ritualistically murdered victim is found in an alleyway — with their heart removed. With no leads or motive, DCS Kendall Quincy is under intense pressure to find the sadistic killer before a third victim is claimed. Out of luck Randolph Landon — disillusioned with his life as a private investigator and separated from his family, soon becomes embroiled with his biggest, challenging, and most terrifying case to date. The case leads him dow... more
  • Out to Get Me

    by Jeffrey A. Cooper

    Toni has five million dollars stashed in the back of her BMW that she needs to save her kidnapped husband Sam’s life.  The money is the payoff from Sam and his partner’s brazen robbery of an underworld courier early this morning.

    She's being chased through the deserted streets of pandemic-era Los Angeles by the tenacious courier; a desperate, violent killer who is willing to go to any extreme to get the money back and take their revenge on the robbers.

    Everyon... more

  • Remember My Name

    by Laurencia Hoffman
    Dark and twisted secrets mar Shane Coulter's skin, and darken his fragile heart. Yet he keeps his nightmarish truth hidden from all those he holds dear with a smart mouth and abrasive attitude. His first love, Callan Reid, refuses to accept Shane's tough exterior. Convinced something truly horrific lurks beneath Shane's defenses, Callan vows to uncover the truth. But some things are better left buried. As darkness from the past threatens to be brought to light, there are those who would ki... more
  • Dashiell Hammett and the World's Fair Mystery

    by Gregory Urbach
    While giving book readings at the 1939 New York World's Fair, mystery writer Dashiell Hammett is approached by Professor Albert Einstein with a serious problem: A letter containing vital secrets has been stolen. To keep the letter from falling into the hands of Nazi spies, Hammett teams up with his old pal, movie star William Powell, following a twisted trail of intrigue and murder. Along the way, they encounter Johnny Weissmuller, Bugsy Siegel, Jack Dempsey, George VI, Eleanor Roosevelt, Enr... more
  • the detail

    by Dana Wayne

    How far will a killer go for revenge?

    Detective Jessica Foster is exhausted. She’s spent months hunting a crazed killer while juggling a caseload that never ends, her unpredictable family, and forbidden feelings for her partner, Seth Hamilton. When the suspect she sought is finally captured near Denver, she and Seth must bring him back to Texas for trial.  Jess dreads the long drive because it means close proximity to the man who haunts her dreams and makes her long for thing... more

  • Richter's War: Case of the Ghostly Seance

    by Daniel P. Douglas
    A Spirited Tale about a Frightful Plot to Control the Future! The hunt for nefarious Nazi spies in Los Angeles during World War II just took another paranormal turn, which means hardboiled detective Geno Richter is on the case and soon embroiled in wartime action, mystery, and suspense... A stakeout at the Los Angeles Central Library ensnares Geno Richter in the roots of a deadly conspiracy stretching back to the dawn of civilization. Soon, the enemy's real motives emerge after they awaken... more
  • Born to Die

    by Lee Faulkner

    Nick Saten, ex Special Forces Commando, recovering from wounds sustained during a sabotaged operation, receives a plea for help from a colleague from the past.
    Someone is trying to steal an object, hidden for over 100 years, that is capable of sustaining immense amounts of energy that, in the wrong hands, could cause global mass destruction.
    Nick is recruited into DAHRT, a secretive branch of MI6 and , together with his new team, must stop the person who intends to use this power fo... more

  • Free Book Review- Prior Restraint, ISBN 979-8715232755

    by Stephen McGuire
    " Prior Restraint"--America's most famous news anchor is brutally murdered by terrorists, and the entire media establishment is paralyzed by the fear of who may be next. Seemingly overnight, a pernicious wave of self-censorship grips the airwaves, and no one dares to further criticize religious fanaticism. A corrupt Senator, intoxicated by ambition and greed, exploits the ensuing chaos, while a tenacious, young reporter risks her career and her life to uncover the truth. "Prior Restraint" is a c... more
  • Free Book Review Fractured Power ISBN 979-8808498570

    by Stephen McGuire
    "Fractured Power" is a dark and haunting psychological thriller about Aiden Fletcher; a young man who comes from humble origins and uses his extraordinary ambition and devious ingenuity to fulfill his inevitable destiny and reach the pinnacle of power in Washington, DC. As a newly elected District Attorney whose office investigates a rash of murders of young women in Knoxville, Tennessee, he uses his position to manipulate the evidence while pursuing a serial killer whose arrest and trial put... more
  • No Good Deed

    by Maggie Casteen
    In this third installment, Kathy has finally achieved her dream of being an investigator, and an investigator for defense lawyer Bailey Clark, no less. With Chase Wagner found not guilty, Kathy now turns her attention to locating Charlie, their only eyewitness to what really happened. Problems arise when it turns out Kathy is not the only one looking for Charlie, a sinister shadow lurking about tracking him too. Meanwhile, Dr. Hamilton is pressing forward with the reinvestigation into his wife'... more
  • For the Minds and Wills of Men

    by Jeff Lanier
    Manhattan, 1953. Fear of communist subversion and espionage are tearing America apart. Abstract expressionism is on the verge of exploding, making New York the cultural epicenter of the world. While recovering a stolen Jackson Pollock for a wealthy client, art insurer Will Oxley falls for the client’s daughter, Liz Bower, who leads him deep into the rebellious and seductive world of the abstract expressionist painters, their Village bar haunts and East Hampton binges. But when Will learns the pa... more
  • Tycho Brahe Secret

    by Trygve E. Wighdal
    A bad-ass fourteen-year-old cypher-punk girl seeks the help of a renegade Nobel laureate in physics and a 16th century alchemist in a last-ditch struggle to rescue her little brother from certain death—and humanity along with it. The richest man in history, Winston Varga, is a wicked purveyor of bliss and digital fantasies, an omnipotent ruler of all lives with a dark plan for humanity. And he has set his deadly plan in motion, which no one can stop. Except, perhaps, his nemesis: a bad-ass ... more
  • Faded Lines

    by C.D. Paul
    An International Romantic Thriller that touches on two lives and the decisions that have affected their course of action in the world they live. Meet Maya Singh, a physician who works with Doctor's Without Borders, divorced for two years and is still unable to come to terms with it. Meet Azar al Faid, an actor but also one who has ties to a terrorist group and the world of illegal arms trade. Both meet by chance, unexpectedly sparking a flame between them but one which neither is sure can last.
  • The Power of Rain

    by Rosalie Rayburn
    A tough young reporter in the fictional city of Las Vistas, New Mexico Elizabeth “Digger” Doyle has a nose for uncovering political intrigue at city hall. And there’s plenty of that in a town where developers call the shots. When an environmental activist group contacts Digger about their campaign to stop a road that threatens a historic Spanish chapel, Digger is determined to expose how encroaching sprawl development is damaging the fragile landscape. She hadn’t counted on falling for protest l... more