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  • Shopping Cart Annie

    by Cordy Fitzgerald
    It's 2009. Dr. Inez Buchanan, retired African-American schoolteacher turned amateur sleuth, receives an unexpected visit from Dolly David, an elderly Denver socialite, and begs Inez to bring her granddaughter home from Afghanistan. Police suspected the college girl was murdered in Fort Collins after graduating, but her body was never found. With the help of Trace Mitchell, a CBI agent, Inez uncovers a social experiment involving people of color in the CIA. As unseen international threats multipl... more
  • The Devil's Throat, or, Robert Louis Stevenson, Detective

    by Joseph Theroux

    It's the Kingdom of Hawaii, 1889. King Kalakaua is on the throne, but secret societies are at work throughout the islands. When renowned volcano painter Jules Tavernier is murdered in his Honolulu studio, Robert Louis Stevenson and his step-son Lloyd Osbourne, his writing partner, investigate their friend's death. A secret royal society seeks to preserve the culture and traditions of the past, while a Chinese opium tong uses murder and larceny to control the islands. Stevenson and Osbourne ar... more

  • Tarzan on the Precipice

    by Michael A Sanford
    Edgar Rice Burroughs' classical style lives again in a new, stand-alone, novel, accounting for Tarzan's time beginning immediately after the book that started it all, Tarzan of the Apes. The crisply written historical fiction transports you back to 1912 with Jane duty bound to marry the ape-man's penniless cousin, Clayton. To enable the couple to live as nobility in England, Tarzan has declined his rightful claim on the Greystoke family estate and resolved all of Dr. Porter's debts. Leaving them... more
  • A.K.A.

    by T L Alexander
    Morgan Steel is a rising-star ADA from LA. When her half-sister is brutally murdered her world spins off course, tilts off its axis. Seeking justice, she commits the unthinkable and finds herself no longer living in a world of right or wrong, black or white. She finds herself living in a reality within a false reality of love, lust, betrayal, and murder.
  • Twenty-One

    by D. Victoria BonAnno
    Reeling from the recent loss of her mother, college student Chloe Leroux just wants to finish her final academic year in peace. But when she indulges in a night out to a mysterious club, she awakens naked and locked in a cage with a collar around her neck. Chloe is trapped in a manor populated by women who have been kidnapped, branded, and brainwashed into sex slaves to auction off to the highest bidder. Demetrius, her mercurial captor, promises to do the same to her. As the slave auction draws ... more
  • No One Sleeps

    by Jack Erickson
    Milan's elite anti-terrorism police receive a tip that a sleeper cell of Muslim terrorists have received toxic chemicals from Pakistan to make deadly sarin gas. The leader of the cell has access to Milan's centers of commerce, finance, technology, and culture -- all high profile targets with potentially hundreds of casualties in a terrorist attack.
  • Sundown: Engineering Gives the Devil a Sunburn

    by Carl H. Mitchell
    In 2057, when the world is starved of oil and the whole globe is in the unrelenting grip of the World Council, NYCPD detective Nick Garvey has his plate murderously full, contending with: the assassination of the Vice President and four Secret Service agents; the vicious power struggle between President Lenora Allison and the Supreme Leader of the World Council, Jason Beck; the off-duty avenging of the brutalization of his estranged daughter by her live-in thug; the kidnapping of his granddaught... more
  • Cast for Murder (A Veronica Walsh Mystery)

    by Jeanne Quigley
    Former soap opera actress Veronica Walsh is recovering from her first holiday season in the retail world when she is pulled from retirement to star in a community production of Blithe Spirit. Delighted to play the part of a medium, Veronica must soon also assume the role of amateur sleuth when she finds the play’s director shot dead behind the theater. Teaming with stage manager Sophie Morrissey, Veronica’s hunt for clues to the murder of Gigi Swanson leads her to a cast of colorful behind-th... more
  • Ashkettle Haunted

    by A.M. Goetz
    Dack doesn’t want to remember. His mind refuses to forget. In book two, a threat from the boys' past is resurrected and sets its sights on the youngest brother. Will Dack finally understand his true worth, or will the incident throw him into a downward spiral from which he can’t recover? Come along with the Ashkettle Boys, as they take on Dack’s mental illness, their own feelings of helplessness and an ugly terror from the past. Will they survive and become stronger together? Or w... more
  • Ashkettle Crazy

    by A.M. Goetz
    His two older brothers will do anything to keep him safe. A crazed killer will do anything to see him dead. When Dack Ashkettle witnesses a neighbor’s murder, he’s left with two grim choices – run or die. That’s when older brother Bo steps up and spirits Dack away to the mountains where safety, sanity and their oldest brother awaits. Deep in the wilds of the Adirondacks, the boys find safe haven. Have they finally earned their freedom? Or is any place really safe when a madman wants yo... more
  • Blacky Jaguar Against The Cool Clux Cult

    by Angel Luis Colon

    Ex-IRA hard-ass, wanted international criminal, and all-around hooligan Blacky Jaguar is back and on the run.

    After painting the Cross Bronx Expressway red—literally—and losing his beloved car Polly to his ex, Linda Chen (who isn’t returning his calls because she’s not a complete idiot), Blacky decides his time is running short and has tasked himself with one last stop before tossing hands up and surrendering: Graceland.

    Of course, nothing Blacky Jaguar set... more

  • The Jubilee Problem

    by Anna Elliott
    The year is 1897. Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James, his lovely young American daughter, must finally unmask the traitor who has crossed swords with them in their three previous adventures. Their secret adversary is now masterminding a well-orchestrated conspiracy to destroy the most glamorous event of the Century: Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration. Lucy's growing relationship with Detective Constable Jack Kelly will be seriously tested as she and Jack work with Sherlock and Watson to de... more

    by Alison Brodie
    Zenka is a Hungarian dancer. When crime boss, Jack Murray, saves her life she vows to become his guardian angel, with devastating results.
  • The Devil to Pay

    by Gene J. Parola
    Sven Olafson and Matt Blair, a yacht delivery crew, pick up a client's boat in the Bahamas.  Even before they board, they find the body of GULL's boat keeper in her dinghy. Menacing Cubans board GULL at midnight, threatening to tow her away to be dismantled in search of a mysterious canister that's hidden aboard.The crew outsmarts the aggressors and escapes with their charge intact, but....   Adding to the crew's burdens, a derelict boat surrenders a mysterious trapped woman who appears to be... more
  • Stealing Ghosts (The DeWitt Agency Files Book 2)

    by Lance Charnes

    Dorotea DeVillardi is ninety-one years old, gorgeous, and worth a fortune. Matt Friedrich’s going to steal her.

    The Nazis seized Dorotea’s portrait from her Viennese family, then the Soviets stole it from the Nazis. Now it’s in the hands of a Russian oligarch. Dorotea’s corporate-CEO grandson played by the legal rules to get her portrait back, but he struck out. So he’s hired the DeWitt Agency to get it for him – and he doesn&rsquo... more

  • Small World

    by Ronald R Johnson

    A journalist and a reclusive professor have 10 days to find someone named Basil or the world will be destroyed. They know nothing about him except his first name. They have, however, discovered a communication device that gives them clues, but only the professor can read it, and the journalist has excellent reasons for doubting the professor’s sanity. Along the way, they must kidnap a Reality TV star, trust a woman with a mysterious past, and get the cooperation of a dysfunctional famil... more