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  • Open Season

    by Alisa Schindler
    Little league head coach Wayne Savage is at the top of his game. A big personality with a bigger ego, he’s both respected and reviled by a good many players, parents and coaches. But love him or hate him, Coach Wayne is a winner, his players are winners, and anyone who has anything negative to say about it is clearly a loser. But that was yesterday. Today Wayne Savage is dead at home plate. Now the team must scramble to keep it together as one assistant coach makes a play for the widowed wif... more
  • The Governor's Daughter: The Mysteries of Colonial Cambodia

    by Sambath Meas
    Anjali Chinak, a strong-minded daughter of a Khmer detective, is shocked by the horrible attack on her Eurasian friend, Esmè Laurent, who happens to be the governor's daughter of Siem Reap, Cambodge. When the man Anjali is secretly in love with is charged with the brutal crime, she has only days to find the real perpetrator before he is put to death. Could it be the same man who has wreaked havoc in other Southeast Asian countries? Anjali is certain that the killer is a member of the royal fami... more
  • Necessary Decisions

    by giacomo giammatteo
    Gino Cataldi is a man hanging on by a thread. Cancer took his wife, and drugs put his son in rehab. All he has left is his badge.  When a teenage girl is kidnapped, it brings back nightmares from the worst case he ever worked—the one that tore his life to shreds and forced him out of Philadelphia. Gino doesn't want this case, but he knows he has to take it. Not just to save the girl, but to earn redemption for what went wrong in Philly. 
  • Breakaway

    by Valentine Cardinale
    Father Richard Bianchi is looking for a little peace and quiet in a rented house in New Jersey to reflect on whether he should stay in the ministry or marry Tess Tessalone. A couple of days after moving in, he meets Dana Dvorak, a teenager with at least half dozen issues. The star on an all-boys hockey team, she's about to enter a major hockey tournament when her Dad, with whom she lives, is mysteriously abducted. Father Bianchi, Richie to his friends, puts aside his own issues to become part of... more
  • Resistance Music

    by T.A. Barnes

    Beware the astounding fury of those you entrap, you who do evil.

    Her parents were movie stars with secrets, her sister a rock star with bad connections. What they knew got them killed.

    It might kill her, too.

    Sancia Loyola de Bastida, 34-year-old concert violinist, raised between Spain’s Basque Country and Manhattan, knows nothing of the terrorist group known as Eta, neither its origins nor activities. She knows nothing of her connections to it and worse, much less tha... more

  • The Cossack

    by KJ Lawrence
    Winter 2014. In London, Daniel Brooking is a successful fine art photographer on the eve of his latest exhibition. In Ukraine, the Euromaidan protests are in full swing. The sudden disappearance of Daniel’s Ukrainian assistant, Ivan, upends his comfortable existence and pitches him into a world of competing international interests, where the life of one photographer is considered a small price to pay to maintain a secret that has lain hidden for over two hundred years. Daniel is ultimately force... more
  • Rebirth of the Gangster Act 1: Meet the Family

    by CJ Standal

    The Anderson and Thompson family share a dark past, but their sons Marcus and Hunter don't know it....yet.

    As the past comes to light--including the answers to a decades-old murder--an intricate revenge scheme forms, involving six people belonging to, or affected by, the families.

    Each chapter follows one of these six people, searching for their pieces to the puzzle.

    Marcus--a man struggling against the reins of his job and his family.
    ... more

  • Nothing but the Blood

    by S.D. Thames

    What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood…

    Private eye Milo Porter hasn’t taken a job or communion in months. He’s even unsure whether the guardian angel that helped him solve his last case was a heavenly agent or just a hallucination caused by PTSD. Milo finally gets his act together when a pro football team hires him to trail Maurice Jackson, a prized college prospect training for the upcoming draft. The job turns out to be much more than Milo barga... more

  • Bikinis & Bloodshed

    by Anne Marie Stoddard
    After an embarrassing public divorce from her football star husband, Kaley Kalua moves home to Aloha Lagoon to manage her Aunt Rikki's clothing shop, the Happy Hula Dress Boutique. Unfortunately, life on the island isn't the peaceful paradise she'd hope for. When one of Happy Hula's employees is murdered, Aunt Rikki tops the suspect list. As Kaley fights to prove her aunt's innocence, she attracts the attention of a dangerous killer. If she isn't careful, she could wind up trading her trendy war... more
  • Merlin at War

    by Mark Ellis
    Summer 1941. Four violent deaths, French double agents, an escalating fraud case – DCI Frank Merlin sets out on his most complex case yet. War rages across Europe. France is under the Nazi thumb. Britain has its back to the wall. In London, Scotland Yard detective Merlin investigates a series of disturbing events – a young girl killed in a botched abortion, a French emigré shot in a seedy Notting Hill flat, a mysterious letter written by a British officer, gunned down in Crete. Chasing evi... more
  • The Lady with the Purple Hat

    by Ladina Jaecklin
    Ten years ago, Daisy left her husband, Bernard, to create a new life for herself. But now as their divorce proceedings continue to drag on and Bernard battles terminal cancer, Daisy determines she would rather be his widow than his ex-wife and decides to play with fate. After she dons an outlandish large purple hat to disguise her face, Daisy glides through the hospital corridors, hell-bent on poisoning her husband to accelerate his death. When she finally arrives at his door and opens it, sh... more
  • The Body on the Lido Deck

    by Jane Bennett Munro
    Twin Falls pathologist Toni Day is on a Caribbean cruise with her husband and parents when she is jerked out of a peaceful slumber by a horrific scream. After several unsuccessful attempts to reclaim sleep, Toni heads to the ship?s deck to read. But shortly after the sun rises, everything changes when a mangled body plummets from the roof into the pool next to her. Rather than flee in horror, Toni teams up with her stepfather, Nigel, and Scotland Yard to investigate the murder, despite resist... more
  • Elegy in Scarlet: A Scott Drayco Mystery

    by BV Lawson

    What if a large part of your past turned out to be a lie?

    Crime consultant Scott Drayco is already in the middle of a possible career-ending legal battle when word comes that his mother, who disappeared 30 years ago, is very much alive — and charged with murder. With Drayco’s father washing his hands of the matter and police convinced the woman is guilty, everyone tells Drayco he should just walk away from the case and let the chips fall where they may.

    Except, Drayco ... more

  • The Weight

    by Hubert Crouch

    Lawyers, Lies, Corruption, Money, and Murder!  A father-daughter legal team scheme to keep their fortunes and law licenses, while Texas Matters Magazine and one of its young journalists frantically fight for their survival battling a “bet-the-company” libel case.

    Prominent Fort Worth attorney Jace Forman is retained to defend a young reporter named Leah Rosen, against a lawsuit lodged by Cal Connors, a flamboyant plaintiff lawyer... more

  • Legacy Girls, Book #2 in The Jaycee Wilder Series

    by Jennifer Vaughn
    Los Angeles TV reporter Jaycee Wilder fled her woodsy New Hampshire hometown long ago, but when she gets word her teenage cousin has gone missing from the elite boarding school she attends on scholarship, Jaycee answers the urgent plea for help. Despite having narrowly survived the clutches of a serial killer herself, the intrepid storyteller and amateur investigator rushes back to the family she barely remembers and the wintry campus of an illustrious academy known for grooming the next generat... more
  • When Houses Burn

    by Laurèn Lee
    Dr. Delilah Hedley is a well-respected Doctor of Psychiatry in a small, affluent city on the East Coast. Despite her professional success, Delilah is physically unable to have children, causing increasing turmoil in her marriage. When Delilah begins seeing a new patient, a man previously accused of murdering his parents, a woman is simultaneously found dead in the river. As the hunt for Jane Doe’s killer intensifies, Delilah falls deeper and deeper for her new patient, despite his dark past. ... more