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  • Drone (Miranda Chase #1)

    by M. L. Buchman
    A supersonic drone flies Black Ops missions from the most secure hangar in the nation. A C-130 Hercules transport plane lies shattered in the heart of America’s Top Secret military airbase — Groom Lake in the Nevada Test and Training Range. China’s newest stealth J-31 jet fighter goes missing. The CIA, the military, and the National Reconnaissance Office are all locked in a power struggle. One woman is trapped in the middle. Miranda Chase, lead crash investigator for the NTSB (National Trans... more
  • Howard & Debbie

    by Max Mobley
    Lonely loser Howard Feck has just fallen in love over the internet. His online paramour, the sexy and vivacious Deborah Fairchild, seems to be every man’s dream girl. Howard sure lucked out. But when he arrives in Deborah’s small town to consummate their digital relationship, he learns a dangerous truth: Deborah Fairchild is actually the fictitious online persona of violent sociopath Debbie Coomb. If only he had learned this before Debbie kidnapped him. Normally Debbie kills the men she lures in... more
  • The Broom of God: A Novel of Patagonia

    by John Bragg
    Patagonia. Chile. An unexplored mountain range on the edge of the vast continental icecap. A remote basecamp. A brutal murder. Todd Miller, elite alpinist, is found with an ice-axe buried in his back. Inspector Juan Antonio Paz is sent from the capital city of Santiago to lead an investigation that will pit him against the rugged landscape and raging storms of Patagonia, the violent political history of Chile, and the dark secrets of an isolated village. And will test him in ways he never kn... more
  • Fractured

    by Thomas Kelso
    Orthopedic trauma surgeon Mark Thurman and preeminent stem cell biologist Claire Hodgson have discovered how to heal fractured bones–in days. When Mark’s ex-SEAL Team colleague, John Bristow, shows up in the emergency room they plan to test their revolutionary methods on a human patient. Things soon begin to go sideways and it doesn’t take long to realize Bristow isn’t the person he appears to be. An intricate web is spun leading on a thrilling, treacherous journey pitting Thurman against those ... more
  • Murder in Black Tie

    by Sara Rosett
    Top hats and tails. Mink and murder . . . November, 1923. An invitation to a house party at the estate of Parkview Hall is a welcome respite for Olive Belgrave, a newly minted working girl who’s become the solver of high society’s trickiest problems. But when the sumptuous black-tie event turns deadly, Olive’s cousin Peter becomes the main suspect. Olive must unmask a sophisticated killer before an innocent man takes the blame . . . because murder doesn’t RSVP. Murder in Black Tie is the fo... more
  • SACRIFICED: A Kieran Yeats Mystery

    by Linda J Wright
    A cryptic text brings Victoria, British Columbia, animal crimes investigator Kieran Yeats to a midnight rendezvous with a client mysteriously named Shrew. Shrew’s late . . . and when she does arrive, there’s no time for talk. She hastily throws two packages into a nearby garbage dumpster, telling Kieran, “Get the things I’ve left for you, and for God’s sake, don’t leave the others behind.” Then her VW screeches out of the parking lot, a big SUV in pursuit. The next morning, Shrew is found dead, ... more
  • Inheriting Redemption

    by Dawn Smith
    Twenty days ago, Lyssa Eastin's sister married into a wealthy Scottish family. Now, Lyssa's sister and brother-in-law are dead. Lyssa flies to Scotland for the funeral and winds up inheriting her brother-in-law's half of the family business. When Lyssa learns that the couple was murdered, she starts her own investigation and uncovers a chaos of conflicting interests, jilted lovers, and a family business that shuns outsiders. If only things stayed that simple...
  • Ailey of Skye

    by Wendy Hewlett
    Sometimes you don't know what you want until you find it. Recovering alcoholic/addict, Aileen MacEwan, travels from Toronto to the Isle of Skye in Scotland to spend a month deciding what to do with the house left to her by her paternal grandmother, discover who sober Ailey is, and figure out what to do with the rest of her life. But, when she arrives, she finds a man already living in the house. As she learns the truth of who this man is and the real reason her father fled to Canada with her, ... more
  • A Woman Like Me

    by Francine Rodriguez
    August 26, 2019 Dear Reader/Reviewer: I am writing to you, to introduce my novel, A Woman Like Me, a 157,000 word, gritty and dark “warrior’s journey,” crime thriller. This novel is inspired by the life of a female police officer who is currently on death row for several murders. This is the story of a one-of-a-kind, disconcerting protagonist, a transgender, and biracial woman, who is isolated, lonely, and emotionally troubled, a stranger in her own body. She is the character that... more
  • Heat Angels

    by Jim Yeazel
  • Machine Sense

    by Dominic Schunker
    Zak sees things change that no-one else does. His best buddy suddenly became someone he’d never met, president Garfield is now president Valdez. Something is messing up the timeline. To everybody else though its always been as it is.  He’s been alone with this since he was a teenager but then he meets Allie, someone else who sees the same changes. Her mum does as well and it seems his daughter, Izzy is showing signs of seeing the changes too.  There follows a tale of nazis, reverse enginee... more
  • Letters from Angels

    by Dominic Schunker
    There’s something very wrong with the world. A strange mist settles everywhere. It seems to be causing more than the usual horrors humans like to inflict on themselves, like an organising of those horrors into a plan to end them. A Preacher with a past challenging his faith and a renowned Ufologist learn something evil is controlling it. They’re being shown signs to discover who it is but what is it? Is it an alien hybrid, installed for a long-overdue alien takeover and terraforming of Pla... more
  • An Unfortunate Dimension

    by Dominic Schunker
    Salvador is thrown into battle and intense laser fire. He doesn’t know how he got here or why, and that’s just one of his problems. He’s been experiencing a sort of dimensional schizophrenia, jumping into bizarre scenes past, present and future. Is the universe messing with him, interfering with his only goal, to bring his wife Jemma out of her coma? He grows sure Jemma is trying to communicate a solution from her dimension, trying to tell him how to save her, to bring her back round. She tel... more
  • Amy's Square

    by Dominic Schunker
    The world continues to let children die every day from thirst and starvation, poisoned water and disease, and the world continues to let the Earth die. A man, destroyed by the desertion of his wife, comes out the other side and finds a mission. It’s bold. It’s crazy. He’s not totally sure what’s at the end of it but he has to follow it. It’s a terrifying leap away from his world but it ends up being a mission to rescue the very substance of life. From the ancient Aztecs to the Morocca... more
  • The Last Getaway

    by Clay Savage
    Calvin Russell and Richie Glass don’t know each other, but they have the same job: wait outside American Federal bank…with the engine running. The problem is they’ve been recruited by two different crews intent on robbing the same bank, on the same day, at the same time. When the bank heist goes sideways, the two young men—one a smart-ass gambling addict from Beverly Hills, the other a car-thief from Inglewood with a wife and five-year-old son—must work together to figure out what the hell ha... more
  • Missing Pieces: A Novel of the Balkans

    by Thomas De Angelo
    Missing Pieces is a suspense novel set in 1998 Croatia. At its core it is a story of survival, reminiscent of the novels of Eric Ambler and John Buchan where the protagonist, who appears at first to be relatively ordinary, is drawn into a mystery she/he only barely comprehends. The amateur, thrown into the right circumstances, can react with imagination and courage in equal measure, to beat the professionals at their own game.