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  • Halo of Power

    by Jeremy D. Holden

    What if ten unelected people controlled the destiny of all of us? What if they already do?


    Since Jeremy D. Holden introduced readers to one of contemporary fiction’s most charismatic new protagonists in his 2016 novel Sea of Doubt, advertising executive Mal Thomas has been t... more

  • Achilles Heel - Your Stalker Solution

    by E J Phillips
    Colleen has an unremitting stalker. “Achilles Heel” is a clandestine organisation existing in the shadows of society, well financed and expertly organised with the mission to get stalkers to desist or face stark and embarrassing consequences. Colleen has had “Achilles Heel” involved but as he clearly is incapable of getting the message, they set up a “sting” operation which publicly exposes him, makes him the subject of Social Media viral posts and also of a major TV channel. He appears to be sh... more
  • Enyo

    by Peter Hulsman
    When retired FBI agent Karen McIntyre is hired to look into a string of grisly murders, a trail of sinister secrets leads her down the twisted trenches of a world shunned by society. From the torrid streets of Honduras to the sleepy backyards of small-town Appalachia, fragments of a brutal reality come to light, and the picture of a killer emerges. But the closer Karen comes to the truth, the more the lines separating criminal from victim start to blur. Caught on the crossroads of murder and ret... more
  • Boxes For Beds

    by Maryann Miller
    In March, 1961, Leslie Richards leaves New York with her ten-year-old daughter, Mandy, hoping to escape from her past and the ruins of a relationship. She chooses Pine Hollow, Arkansas because that is where her grandmother lived, and Leslie still remembers the visits. At this point in her life, the thought of a quieter, simpler daily routine has tremendous appeal. A moderately successful author of children's books, Leslie has the freedom of taking her job with her, even though he... more
  • Absolute Threshold: A Harvey Chatham Novel

    by Charles Kipps

    When psychiatrist Harvey Chatham is hired by the CIA, he thinks his job is to help assassins make the transition from cold-blooded killers to desk bound civil servants. He’s dead wrong.

  • Yesterday's Tomorrow: Part One: Just a Dream

    by Guy Rosmarin
    Harvard historian, Andy Spencer has spent his career struggling to unravel the truth behind the Third Reich downfall. On Spring 2001, his research is on the verge of a breakthrough, but life takes a mysterious turn. Just before sending his class off to spring break, Andy blacks out. The lights suddenly turn off. Locked out of all his senses, Andy floats in complete darkness for what seems like hours, but when he regains his eyesight, he realizes the ordeal was instantaneous. Though he chooses to... more
  • 978-0999202937

    by K.N. MESSIER
    TOP COUNTY is a new and exciting series by K. N. Messier that follows Patrick Johnson, a middle-aged Federal-Marshal-turned-Sheriff, in an expansive county in northern Maine. In this first installment - CASE CLOSED - Johnson's first day on the job and back in his home county takes a turn for the worse when a series of the unexpected happenings unravel. Little did Johnson know he was about to embark in the fast-paced embroilment of romance, drama, lies, deceit, horrific crime, murder, and the pos... more
  • NOT SO GONE: A Sam Sunborn Novel

    by Charles Levin
    In NOT SO GONE, Sam Sunborn is forced to come back from the Dead to save his son and protect his country from a sadistic terrorist. Can the genius scientist, Frank Einstein, free Sam from the Cloud and bring him back so he can return to his wife Monica in the physical world? With the help of Albert Einstein's descendant and Homeland Security agents, Michelle Hadar and Rich Little, Sam goes head-to-head against a driven psychopath, known only as The Cub, In a race against time. They must sav... more
  • Operation Incorporate

    by Brian Still
    Darrell Wilcox is an out of work engineer with a secret: he knows where there are billions of dollars of diamonds. All he needs is the help of a few other talented, and equally disgruntled, men, and a tiny army of paid mercenaries, to go get them in the middle of one the harshest deserts in the world. A brilliant inventor in the midst of a religious crisis, a shadow investor, a disgraced British Brigadier, a super soldier looking for peace, two longtime friends, and a well-connected refugee ... more
  • Where The Trail Ends

    by John Etterlee

    Meet Roger, your average everyday super hero…

    A family on a simple camping trip in the mountains of Montana get more than they bargained for when they find a lone drifter who is wanted by police. 

    Roger O’Neil, a Bozeman attorney, is on a winter retreat with his family in a Montana mountain cabin that was willed to him by his late grandfather, Robert. Hoping to rekindle he and his wife’s relationship ... more

  • Rock Solid (The Vancouver Series Book 2)

    by Paul Slatter
    Beneath the quaint facade of unassuming Vancouver, where some luxuriate on private yachts and others binge on heroin and prostitution, one man flies, one blackmails, and another needs a dentist. Picking up in the flaming aftermath of Burn, Rock Solid reaches further still into the depths of humanity's desire, greed, and unfaltering stupidity as blackmail begins to take hold. From Vancouver's cushy condo love seats to the filthy go-go brothels of Bangkok and the mountains of Kenya, Rock Solid... more
  • Evolution of a Killer

    by Robert Ullrich

    Book One of of The Lazarus Chronicles introduces, Laxarus Solaris and how this 7 year-old orphan evolved into a world class assassin. 

    Flash backs tell the storry as Lazarus executes a contrsct to relocate a crooked bank president who has embelzed millioms from his Half-Brother and Drug Lord, Ramon Torano. Add an unexpected love connection and the discoveery of the missing funds by Torano. Lazarus weaves his way though, completing the contract will insuring safety for the women who... more

  • The Bringer of Death: A Thriller

    by Michael Monahan
    Veteran CIA paramilitary officer PJ Carpenter senses a change in the rhythms of the terror world. The al Qaeda terror group has been unusually quiet in recent weeks. Adding to his concern is the fact that its most lethal commander, a man known only as Mumeet—the Bringer of Death—has gone completely off the radar. As Carpenter tries to convince his colleagues al Qaeda is planning something significant, the terror group is already well on its way to a dramatic return to jihad operations. Under the... more
  • True Colors : The Accidental Heist

    by Clive Dev
    People show their TRUE COLORS when they desire something unlawfully. When we covet someone else’ property, we show what we are really made of. However, the joy of acquiring does not last forever......When Jason escapes from prison after ten years, it is not as easy as he thought it will be. He braves the perils and reaches a safe harbor.Here he witnesses two murders that leads him to conduct an accidental heist.A compelling story of twists and turns; adventure and drama.
  • Strangers inside : Detective Dev Thriller Series

    by Clive Dev

    What is the punishment for such a crime? Should he get life sentence? Should he be forgiven or should he die? How as the death of these two vulnerable people avenged? No one should go through this kind of experience in their life. It shakes the trust a person has placed on another. What are people supposed to do? Never open their hearts and homes to anyone! If we all lived with such a paranoia then, everyone will be a STRANGER INSIDE.

  • Counter Strike: A PJ Carpenter Thriller

    by Michael Monahan
    PJ Carpenter and his colleagues at the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center are not surprised when al Qaeda releases a statement praising Sadiq bin Aziz and the Bringer of Death for the horrific attacks in the American heartland. While Carpenter hunts the perpetrators of those attacks, Aziz sets in motion his ambitious plans to seize control of the global jihad movement. It soon becomes clear that the recent attacks in Minnesota were only a first step for Aziz. Capitalizing on his rising status with th... more