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  • Fair Game: A Jackson Flint mystery, Yellow Springs, Ohio

    by Scott Geisel
    Who is the girl in the rain? And where is the woman who disappeared twenty years ago? Jackson Flint must find them and discover why the mysterious strangers are on their trail. Jackson Flint is hired to find a daughter who disappeared twenty years ago. A teenage runaway and mysterious strangers complicate the case. Someone is not telling the truth. Jackson navigates his role as a single parent while he follows the trail through back alleys and empty warehouses in Dayton, Ohio. When a ranso... more
  • The Characters of Milestoneville

    by Golden November

    The fictional city of Milestoneville is an incredible place to live. There is a lot to do in this city. Milestoneville Beach has cafes overlooking the ocean. The sound of the waves set the mood. Downtown Milestoneville is artsy, with retail stores and great restaurants. Flower Rose owns a used bookstore; she sells hard-to-find books. JBT and his business partner own a service that specializes in recovering lost valuables and books. This action-adventure begins when they get hired to track dow... more

  • Ophelia's Room

    by Michael Scott Garvin
    2021 International Book Awards - Two-time Finalist "Garvin has delivered one of the most well-crafted stories of the year. A five-star page-turner..."                                    San Francisco Book Review - Five Stars "Nothing in Garvin's previous novels will prepare readers for Ophelia's Room...This genre-bending novel is both a riveting psychological thriller and an in-depth character study." "Ophelia's Room straddles genres...equal parts, an honest examinatio... more
  • Left For Death

    by Joseph D'Aquisto
    Seattle detective, John Sandes, takes what may be his last case before retirement: Leo Johnson, a man living alone, not so unlike Sandes, has gone missing. The detective discovers quickly that Johnson has been murdered. But why? Detective Sandes finds several compelling clues in Johnson’s apartment. A picture of a young girl leads Sandes down a dark and increasingly twisted path into crimes uglier far more extensive than one dead man alone in his apartment. To solve Johnson’s murder and to stop ... more
  • Rage

    by Steven F. Freeman
    When an unstoppable murderer matches wits with relentless detectives… A serial killer is terrorizing the streets of Washington, D.C. In a sign of unparalleled rage, the murderer carves a mysterious symbol into the dead flesh of each victim. Recognizing the similarity of the killer’s techniques to a previous case, baffled authorities coax legendary FBI criminal profiler Decimus Farr out of retirement. To assist the jaded profiler, NSA Operatives Alton and Mallory Blackwell are assigned to l... more
  • Barking for Business

    by E.N. Crane
    Cynthia Sharp has retired from the Army with her K-9 partner, Sgt. Winnifred Pupperson. The duo arrive in Sweet Pea, Ohio looking for a job and the reason money is going missing from a local church.
  • A Quantum Alibi

    by Liam Fialkov
    The professor was seen at the crime scene shortly after giving a lecture on the other side of the country. Did he use the laws of nature to commit an impossible murder? When the FBI arrested Professor Eldridge for the murder of his archrival, they relied primarily on eyewitnesses’ accounts and a security camera. The professor had been on the other side of the country when the murder took place, where he gave a lecture to hundreds of students. Or was he? A revered Native American healer and... more
  • Mother's Bones

    by Dan Bilodeau
    Inspired by true events, this is the story of Dale Chabot, who is searching for his mother who disappeared from his home town 30 years ago. After receiving a late-night phone call from his frantic sister who tells him that a stranger recently revealed to her the identities of those responsible for their mother’s disappearance, he returns home, determined to sacrifice all, if necessary, in a search for the truth. However, by doing so, he triggers a calamitous series of violent events that will le... more
  • Smith 1

    by Timothy London
    Stephen Smith is a translator. He is also trained to kill and hurt. Employed by a private security company owned by two brothers with a grotesque sense of humour, he goes out to the highest bidder. After a particularly gruesome event pricks his conscience Smith has a break down and is imprisoned ‘for his health’. The brothers disagree about what to do with him. One of them wants him dead. The other likes the idea of keeping him alive, to annoy his brother. After a failed attempt on his life Smit... more
  • Where Angels Fall: The Noir Collective

    by John Bowie
    Welcome to The Noir Collective: Where Angels Fall; inside you'll find three dark, gritty tales. Twist Of The Blade - MJ Newman A standalone self-contained short story set within the world of The Crime Syndicate series. After fleeing south of the border from Glasgow, Malkie Thompson and his crew have established a base in the Midlands. Business is good, but this ain’t the time to get complacent. Malkie’s gotta cover all the bases. The year is 1994, location HMP Winson Green, Birmingha... more
  • Falling into Magic : Destiny Falls Mystery & Magic Series Book 1

    by Elizabeth Pantley
    An accidental journey through a magic mirror. A portal to an enchanted land. A mysterious family she never knew she had. Hayden's life is upended with the wonder of Destiny Falls. But it is tainted by the danger that brought her here and that threatens her newfound family. Can Hayden and her sassy sidekick remove the threat, so that she can begin her magical new life in this captivating world?
  • Legacy of Evil

    by Ed Marohn
    Legacy of Evil, by Ed Marohn, is the second novel in the action-adventure series about Psychologist John Moore, who works for the CIA. He finds himself in the middle of a “factions war” between the present second-in-command of the CIA, James Woodruff, and a rival connected to the neo-Nazis, who will stop at nothing to unseat him. Woodruff sends Moore to Holland and Germany to help expose any neo-Nazis who had infiltrated the CIA. In the process, he meets with former members of the Baader-Mein... more
  • 978-1838391102

    by V. A. Rudys
    Ethan Page had it all: a respectable job, loving friends, and a beautiful apartment - the envy of all his friends. He was madly in love with his wife, Jodie - until he discovered the price she demanded for engineering his perfect life.
  • Death Count

    by SL Beaumont

    Can a conspiracy be uncovered before the Death Count rises? Forensic accountant Kat Munro fights corporate fraud during the day and kickboxes her demons at night while trying to ignore the nightmares that have plagued her since a car accident changed her life forever. DS Adam Jackson is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of a friend two years ago. When the partner of a successful London Investment fund dies in suspicious circumstances, Kat joins forces with Adam to investigate the firm. ... more

  • Masks, Mayhem and Murder

    by Kevin S. Giles
    In the winter of 1954-55, Red Maguire uncovers a new scoop for the Butte Bugle. Men wearing children’s Halloween masks demand ever-ballooning payoffs from honest business owners. Secrets behind the masks promise even more danger for the legendary mining city of Butte. As the mystery unfolds, Red and his best source for crime news, police captain Harold “Duke” Ferndale, investigate a miners’ union led by a surly giant. Red soon finds himself in the middle of murder. This novel, written in the ‘pu... more
  • Souls on Fire

    by Jay Williams
    SOULS ON FIRE is an action-packed mystery that combines a troubling social issue with a police procedural thriller. Lt. Neil Kenny, a movie-addicted detective of the Austin Police Department enlists the help of his friend Jim Greenwald, an ex-Green Beret, CIA operative, to help him track down the people who use military tactics to raid banks and police stations. These terrorists are AIDS activists who have decided it’s better to die fighting for their beliefs than helpless in bed. Will authori... more