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  • Moves

    by John Michaels

    In the blink of an eye, Robert Jake’s perfect life became hell.

    Jake, a radio talk show host with a pregnant wife, had the perfect life until, in a moment of “Patriotic Stupidity” he decided to stop talking for a living and start shooting to help his country.

    Deployed to Iraq, he barely made it home alive, shot-up and full of shrapnel, after a fatal ambush.

    Moves is a mixture of single parent meets thriller, action, and suspense in bucket loads. If you like... more

  • Power Blind

    by V.S. Kemanis

    An unsolved murder. A teenager in peril. Two cases, lives in turmoil, fates manipulated by officials wielding the power to help—or harm.

    In the dead of night, on the eve of New York City’s lockdown, a well-respected man is murdered, setting off a perplexing tangle of missed clues and political scandal. Former prosecutor Dana Hargrove, now an appellate judge, is determined to expose the media lies and false accusations targeting her friends and former colleagues. A limping cr... more

  • 979-8513092001

    by Dubhghlas Kraus
    Darkness: A Collection of Stories provides a literary collection of investigations into the darkness of mind, heart, and environment. It uses this focus to cast a light into understanding the wellsprings and incarnations of different forms of darkness. Each story provides history, depth, and psychological inspection. Each offers a different glimpse into that special darkness that resides in heart and soul, its origins, and the choices of different characters that choose to finally confront it. ... more
  • Overdose, An ER Phycological Thriller

    by Rada Jones MD
    Dr. Emma Steele is having a bad day. Scratch that. She's having the worst day of her career. After all, she never before woke up in her own ER tied to a stretcher, wearing mental health patients blue paper scrubs. How the heck did this happen? She was hunting for a killer, and she found him. Just as he seized her and planted evidence accusing her of his crimes. She's innocent, so she'll be free soon. She has friends who can't wait to help.Twice wrong.Things can't get any worse. Until they do. Em... more
  • Ghost Cat

    by Helen Currie Foster
    Real estate's hot in once peaceful Coffee Creek, Texas--hotter than lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer has ever seen. An unscrupulous developer is muscling in, abusing undocumented workers and menacing his neighbors. Ignoring threats, Alice challenges him in court. When one of her clients is shot dead, and another nearly suffocated in a wine vat, Alice has a target on her back. A devious mastermind is intent on stopping her -- permanently. Is she snake-bit? She'll need more than legal skills to foil a... more
  • Murder in the Medina

    by Carter Fielding
    Finley Blake thought a plum assignment in Tangier would be the perfect chance to grab some girl time with her sister, Whitt. But when a crew member from an action movie being filmed locally falls to his death, Whitt and Finley must put their heads together to figure out whether it was an accident – or murder. While in Morocco, Finley Blake, a young travel writer still reeling from a painful breakup, and her sister, Whitt, are caught in a web of human trafficking and murder. They must decide whe... more
  • Black Camelot's Dawn & the Return of Madame Hot Temper

    by Darius Myers
    Donald Alexander, Kwame Mills, and Samantha Rivers, after the solving of The Harris Simmons Murders, have become darlings of the city. They also have become extremely wealthy after Alexander's successful sale of the company for $75 billion. Their dramatic stories led the city’s leading gossip press crew, the Celebrity Hack Patrol, to name this period of adulation and fascination, Gotham’s Black Camelot. In Black Camelot's Dawn, Gotham's gossip and drama are at an all-time high. The city is ex... more
  • The Publisher's Dilemma

    by Darius Myers
    All is well at the family-owned media company of Harris Simmons. The company is on fire and reporting record profits. It's also a best-in-class workplace, everybody wants to work at Harris Simmons. However, looks can deceive. There are dark secrets and abuses by family and company leaders that have been kept at bay. When gunshots ring out, so do these dark secrets.

    by J. Ronald M. York
    What can you do when it feels like the world is looking through your window and you can no longer hide? It sounded like a simple plan – a serial peeping Tom writes a book based on his own experiences – but he needs a sounding board, an audience of one. He needs help from someone knowledgeable in illegal sexual behaviors, and so a game of cat and mouse begins. However, his scheme becomes complicated when the peeper realizes his prey comes with baggage, and he has lost the upper hand – he is... more
  • The Telecom Takeover

    by Beverly Winter
    When two mid-level tax accountants realize their newly-acquired company is under attack by foreign spies, they risk their lives to stop the theft. Jim Dennis and Beth Madison were employees in the tax department of Principal Processing Company. After Principal is acquired by Heenehan Telecom Company, Jim and Beth battle to carry out their responsibilities in the dysfunctional work environment of Heenehan. It’s not just the lack of transparency from above or the strange behavior coming from ne... more
  • Dead on the Delta

    by Sherry Knowlton
    When Alexa Williams agrees to spend four months doing lion research with boyfriend Reese, she looks forward to witnessing the elemental life and death struggle of the African wild. But she never imagines she’ll become one of the hunted on the remote Okavango Delta. Botswana protects its wildlife with one of the strictest policies on the African continent and an entire army deployed to combat poachers. So, Alexa and Reese are shocked when poachers wipe out an entire herd of elephants. At the s... more
  • Tranquil Heights

    by Megan Speece
    Katie Edgecomb is questioning everything she thought she knew. She thought the family curse was fake, just a scary story her mom told her to keep her from misbehaving. The first-born daughters in each of the last three generations lost their lives on their twenty-fifth birthdays, a series of tragic accidents sending shock waves of grief through multiple generations. It isn’t until Katie is faced with the real-time impacts of the curse that she starts to believe it may be more than a story and sh... more
  • Killers! A Natalie McMasters Mystery

    by Thomas A. Burns Jr.
    Natalie McMasters finds she's the next target of a serial killer who has murdered her mentor. She, her unusual family and some odd friends band together to hunt him down.
  • A Fashionable Fate

    by Ileana Muñoz Renfroe
    A psychic, a fashion gala and the death of a runway model. This is not what Boutique owner, Rosa de los Reyes hoped for when she organized the Colten Island Fashion Show. To save the gala and stop the killer from striking again, Rosa must use her psychic abilities, sift through the gossip at La Misteriosa Café and navigate increasing danger all while racing against the clock. Will Rosa, her familiar Raul, and Las Cubanitas find the truth before the murderer kills again? Recipes inclu... more
  • Outsourced

    by Eric J. Gates

    What's the most dangerous gift a fan could send to an author?

    And if that fan was a professional assassin?


    Readers' Favorite 2017 GOLD MEDAL Winner

    Chill With a Book READERS' AWARD Sept 2017

    GoodReads BOOK of the MONTH February 2015


    New York-based writer Nic Stiles receives a strange package in the mail. It's not long before he ... more

  • A Kind of Hush

    by JoDee Neathery
    The novel explores whether there is a gray area between right and wrong. The Mackie family is enjoying an outing at the Zoar Valley Gorge near their Buffalo, New York home when tragedy strikes. One parent survives along with their teenage daughter and seven-year-old son found hiding in the woods. Was this a horrendous accident or something more heinous and if so whodunnit and whydunit? The novel is written in a literary style "winding through a circle of lives connected by perceptions, decisions... more