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    by Mary Yungeberg
    Established enemies of the United States have insinuated themselves into the upper echelons of the intelligence community, their influence reaching to the highest office in the land. As a decorated FBI Special Agent, Rowan Milani is a vital asset to the country’s premiere law enforcement organization. As the President’s terrorist assassin, he’s the main player in a very secret, very personal war on terror. Betrayed by a trusted confidant, Rowan becomes the target of his own government and the ... more

    by Mary Yungeberg
    Rowan Milani is exonerated, free, longing only for peaceful solitude with Danielle Stratton, the woman he loves. Instead, he finds himself indebted to Johnny Giacopino, the world’s most dangerous and influential Mafia Don. They will partner in their own private war. Meanwhile, ruthless foes have other plans for Rowan. Vindictive FBI Director Leigh Berenger wants him back in solitary confinement. Muslim Brotherhood kingpin Muusa Shemal will not stop until Rowan and Danielle are dead. Drawn ... more
  • Tokyo Zangyo

    by Michael Pronko
    After a top-tier manager in Japan’s premier media company ends up dead in front of company headquarters, Detective Hiroshi enters the high-pressure, hard-driving world of Tokyo’s large corporations. Hiroshi quickly finds out the manager fell from the roof at the exact same spot as an employee suicide three years before. With little more to go on, Hiroshi can’t tell if the manager’s death was a guilt-ridden suicide, a careless accident, or a grisly personnel decision. The only certainty is th... more

    by Jacqueline Cayer Nelson McDonald
    Paper girl Jackie is a loner who can tell good people from bad at a glance. Caretaker to her baby brother and simple, strong-man uncle, she finds escape in the nighttime stalking of an odd stranger. Her paper route and unusual hobby yield unexpected insight into two unrelated murders. When she and her mentor, Detective Dahm team up, they solve both murders and trigger another.
  • The Treasure of the Pandavas

    by Victor Cosmos
    Cover Blurb: Diana Warwick had no idea that complying with her grandmother’s last wishes would land her in an international conspiracy to decapitate the world leadership. Her wish was to retrieve the ancient treasure of the Pandavas, which her great-grandfather Arthur once discovered. Closely chased by ‘Jawahar the Jackal’ of SEPS—a dangerous secret society established in India during the Colonial Period, which behaves as if it is the enemy of the world, pluralism and democracy itself—she ... more
  • The Watchmaker 2

    by B.L. Blocher
    The Saga Continues as ten years have passed, and the Watchmaker and his family are now settled into their thriving new jewelry business, in the heart of New York City's jewelry district. Despite their emotional anguish, they manage to somehow move on from the horrors and their hardships of the Holocaust. Until one summer afternoon, without notice a mysterious stranger appeared in their shop, and after a short introduction, he began sharing his never before spoken, tragic and compelling story ... more
  • Mr. Simpson and Other Short Stories

    by Stephen Maitland-Lewis
    Award-winning author Stephen Maitland-Lewis’ first collection of short stories includes tales of international intrigue, suspense, mystery, and exotic adventures. Featuring the exploits of such diverse characters as a fugitive from justice, a frustrated musician, an unscrupulous Manhattan art dealer, an impoverished London banker, and a British schoolboy in New Zealand and Palm Springs. The anthology also chronicles amorous escapades in Geneva, Paris, and the French Riviera, family greed, and a... more
  • The Pepper Tree

    by Dave Freedland

    A Southern California landmark primarily known only to law enforcement earned a reputation for crime scenes of the most unspeakably vicious homicides. Infamous serial killers had chosen this location to discard and display their victims as trophies of their horrific deeds. Lieutenant Scott Hunter must lead a team of detectives to identify and capture a perpetrator who’s targeting young women, and has chosen this landmark to showcase his victims.

    This story is a work of fiction, bu... more

  • The Grifter

    by Ali Gunn
    One will rise. The other will fall. Kent Bancroft’s rise to fame and fortune was nothing short of meteoric. Once a simple teacher in London’s East End, he’s now on course to become Britain’s youngest billionaire. But his success has come on the back of those he’s trodden upon to get there. Among them is a man whose fall was as swift as Kent’s rise. He used to be a sparky until a freak accident robbed him of one leg. And then Kent Bancroft robbed him of everything else. Forget forgive... more
  • Mr. Simpson and Other Short Stories

    by Stephen Maitland-Lewis
    Award-winning author Stephen Maitland-Lewis’ first collection of short stories features tales of international intrigue, suspense, mystery, and exotic adventures in far off lands.
  • No Remedy Against Death

    by Gordon Brewer
    One deadly encounter after another leads Ray Irish along a torturous path against demonic forces and unexpected saviors in a thrilling climax.
  • Caroline and I Are Out

    by Bob Jefferson
    Ben Ammerle arrives home from work and can’t seem to find his wife Caroline. His kids are happily playing at the neighbors, nothing looks out of place and there’s no note or message of any kind. But this isn’t the kind of thing Caroline would do. She’s organized, diligent, a loving mother and his best friend. She’d never just disappear without a word, would she? Soon, Ben begins to discover tiny clues have been left for him, and if he can only piece them together, he just might figure out where ... more
  • Anguished

    by George Encizo
    Murder and mayhem hit close to home for Sheriff JD Pickens. Someone viciously attacked his father from behind, and his best friend, Leroy Jones, was shot in the back and left for dead. Several other attacks forced Pickens to seek outside help, not only for solving the crimes but for his peace of mind. Never before had Pickens and his deputies had to deal with so many harsh realities of life.
  • Hidden Demon

    by Fish Phillips
    Every politician has a plan until the demon comes. When a Secret Service operation in 2044 Tokyo goes wrong, a United States Counter Assault Agent finds her career in jeopardy. To get her life back, she partners with a fellow operative and scapegoat from Japan for a covert Presidential mission. Soon after, strange attacks on politicians compel them down a twisted trail to the Shenandoah Forest as they hunt a monstrosity born from indigenous legends. Nicknamed 'The Demon' by locals, they must dis... more
  • Dark Chase: Dead Run

    When a group of teenagers is attacked outside of the abandoned Northern State Mental Hospital, the sole survivor can only mumble the word “zombies!” before slipping into despondence. Paranormal researcher Dr. Ryder Chase and his team is once again called in to assist FBI Special Agent Devon Jeffers and team of agents. Mysterious figures are caught on camera and even witnessed by the team themselves, only for them to vanish before they can be caught. When a group of amateur sleuths sneak ... more
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