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  • Girl With A Rose: A Gripping Serial Killer Thriller

    by Leslie Wolfe

    Her body is frozen, unable to move. Her eyes are locked on the blood leaving her body in a steady string of droplets, collecting in the bone ash porcelain bowl engraved with intricate gold leaves. Her parted lips let out a shriek that no one hears. He just smiles and wipes her tears with cold fingers.

    The girl: missing

    After fifteen-year-old Kaylee disappears without a trace, FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett is a... more

  • Emergency Powers

    by James McCrone
    The accidental president is no accident. The investigation that was FBI Agent Imogen Trager’s undoing may be the key to stopping a brutal, false flag terrorist attack meant to tighten a puppet president’s grip on power. There's a ripped-from-the-headlines feel: a jaded, cynical electorate, a fractious FBI, an undermined Attorney General, powerful people exploiting and twisting the rule of law. But it's more than headlines about things people think they know. And it's darker - a story of corrup... more
  • Rising Wind: The Thunder Beings

    by Diane Olsen
    When impassioned paleontologist Secora James is summoned to South America to confirm or dispel rumors of a creature long-thought extinct, she lands herself in more trouble than she had ever imagined. Secora knows that the Mapinguari, a giant ground sloth that rivals King Kong for size, is probably just a local myth dreamed up by the indigenous tribes. Or is it? Gideon Yellow Thunder is Montana’s top real estate broker and is perfectly content with his modern life, choosing to leave behind... more
  • Deviously Sincere, Volume 1

    by Alayna Hallward
    Agent Tilda Wain is trying to capture an elusive serial killer. This killer believes that he is saving women by purifying them with his methods. In order to catch this killer, Tilda seeks out the help of another killer who targeted women. Getting information from Hyde comes at a cost. As she continues her hunt, Tilda soon risks losing more than her honor.
  • St. Petersburg White

    by Gregory Randall

    Moscow schemes as Iowa burns.

    Once again Alex Polonia must travel to a region of the world where governments play dice with the lives of their citizens.

    Everything is connected now. A disease in a remote village becomes widespread contagion. A trigger is pulled, and bombs drop half a world away. A computer program is activated and encrypted data kills hundreds. A war game becomes reality.

    Alex Polonia, security specialist with Teton Security and Defense, is handed a new oper... more

  • The Labyrinth in Winter

    by Michael Jeffery Blair

    "A rich, intriguing and nuanced novel — intense, insightful and authentic." 
    A body floating in the Harlem River. A phone call asking for help. A call that leads government lawyer Devlin Wolfe into the murky world of dark money and Wall Street, and behind the scenes of the glittering Metropolitan Opera where everything is seemingly linked together — the murder of a top financial figure, the laundering of illegal funds into a political ... more

  • The Procurator Fiscal

    by Viktoria King
    Some jobs put good people in bad situations. I'm sharing horrid things that happen to good people. It's a difficult path to walk - steel yourself.
  • Not Very PC

    by Alan Craig

    Not Very PC




    Alan Craig



    A Synopsis





    DS MARK McMANUS is a young, single detective, with a great clear-up rate for his cases.,but he is bored and frustrated by the low level crime he has to deal with.

    The murder of a boatyard owner sees him transferred to a Major Investigation Team, giving him the challenge he has been waiting for. He is excited by the opportuni... more

  • Resurrection

    by Rob Lockett

    In the beginning there was Adam.... A world-weary global backpacker working as a bartender in Southern England; his life starts to take a series of downward turns and his thoughts start to become dark, very dark. Supernatural forces are circling Adam and he makes a deal that will see him play host to one of the most demonic antagonists to grace the pages of history. His world is quickly overtaken as he bears witness to a series of encounters that will set off a chain of terrifying events in b... more

  • Delusions of Clarity

    by Vern Bryk
    Karl Jommers is a genial, straight-talking police psychologist who is keenly attuned to the problems of cops yet blind to his own. His usual laidback self-assurance is shattered when a cop friend, tormented by secrets, goes berserk and is needlessly shot by an Internal Affairs detective. Department policy requires a post-incident psychological evaluation for the detective, an enigmatic, mercurial woman with a persecution complex. Shockingly, she shows no remorse, believing that the victi... more
  • I Can't Sleep

    by J.E. Rowney
    “I can’t sleep. Not since June 16th, 2018. Not since what happened…” Traumatised by the events of her past, exhausted by insomnia, Becky Braithwaite believes that a new start will help her to recover. She leaves home to fulfil her brother’s dreams, and honour the life he never had… but she soon finds that escaping from the past is not as easy as she imagined. Is her fatigued mind playing tricks on her, or is danger really lurking in the shadows? This unputdownable psychological th... more
  • Root and Branch

    by Preston Fleming
    ROOT AND BRANCH is a realistic thriller set in a near-future America where an Islamist-inspired intifada triggers emergency security measures that go terribly wrong. Roger Zorn, owner of a French private security company, is delighted at having won a lucrative contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as part of the government’s new program of emergency security measures. The measures are launched when the U.S. military response to sneak attacks by Iran and Pakistan on Ame... more
  • Tulum Takedown—A Wheels Up Yucatán Thriller

    by Jeanine Kitchel
    Hiding out in Mexico City after her daring assassination of a cartel rival, Layla Navarro is searching for a safe place to land until the ruckus dies down. She develops an unlikely friendship with a reporter whose niece has gone missing which leads her to the Yucatán Peninsula and the pueblo of Tulum. In a desperate race against time to find the girl, Layla teams up with a fellow dealer and a cartel fixer. Now she must piece together a complex puzzle of money laundering, dirty politics, and mill... more
  • Watson on the Orient Express

    by Anna Elliott

    A pernicious assassination plot. A devious decoy. And a transcontinental race against time to catch a killer . . .

    London, 1898. Held captive by a diabolical criminal mastermind and his gang of thugs, Watson overhears an assassination plot that not only endangers the life of Sherlock Holmes, but threatens to ignite a war. If he has any hope of foiling his kidnappers’ nefarious plans, he must escape, and quickly. Eluding the familiar foe proves challenging, however. Watson is soon ... more

  • The Mystery at Mount Forest Island

    by Pat Camalliere
    Jessica Fletcher meets the Sopranos in this third book in the Cora Tozzi historical mystery series. Based on a real place with some historical persons and events. Crime, deceit, love and the value of friendship set in the forests of Lemont, Illinois, in suburban Chicago. A woman whose family’s involvement in the Chicago Mob devastates lives throughout generations. Fans of Kate Morton’s The Clockmaker’s Daughter will enjoy this book. When an automobile accident leaves Valerie Pawl... more
  • Guilty?: A Swedish Crime Novel

    by Christer Tholin

    Stockholm: From one day to the next, 16-year old Hanna just vanishes without a trace. Her worried parents hire detectives Lars and Elin to find their daughter. The two of them do just that and very quickly. However, Hanna’s problems are far from over – she is trapped in the clutches of a “loverboy”. Just a couple of months later, the two private detectives are asked to help once again, because now Hanna is facing a much more serious issue. This difficult assignment pus... more