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  • Impending Disaster

    by Colin Guest
    Three friends had been out enjoying a sightseeing plane trip. They were happy and carefree as they were about to pass over the mountain above their town nestling down in the valley. A gently bubbling creek ran through the centre of it. On each side of its banks were a variety of timber built summer homes and cabins. It looked and was a peaceful town of around 350 inhabitants. As they woke that morning, no one knew that high above them a terrifying plane crash would result in most of them able to... more
  • The Second Korean War

    by Ted Halstead
    Two Russian agents discover a missing nuclear weapon was hidden in an American city by North Korea. Another nuclear weapon nears Seoul in a tunnel built by North Koreans. And North Korea's new military dictator launches an all-out invasion. Will Seoul or Pyongyang be the new capital of a united Korea?
  • Play Dead

    by Connie Flynn
    A former Nevada Police Chief, brought down by her father's betrayal, struggles to support her mother and young daughter while dealing with political intrigue. When her best friend, the governor's wife, is brutally murdered for the secrets she kept, the heroine is coerced into investigating the crime by the chief of staff for the governor himself. When someone tries to run her off a treacherous mountain road and she's later shot at by unknown assailants and her daughter is nearly kidnapped, she... more
  • RobotWorld

    by Ray Verola
  • A Pilgrimage to Death

    by Alexa Padgett
    They murdered her sister. They threatened her church. But their day of reckoning will cost her everything... When Cici Gurule finds the dead body of a parishioner in the nearby Santa Fe National Forest, she's horrified to realize the victim bears the same stab wounds that ended her twin sister's life one year earlier. Now, as a freewheeling, progressive reverend who'll stop at nothing to protect her flock, she'll need to join forces with her detective friend and loyal pair of Great Pyrenees to ... more
  • Silent Survivor

    by Deborah Shlian
  • I Didn't See This Coming From My Family

    by Niecy M.
    An insightful journey into the lives of nineteen family members who resides under one roof in the rural country parts of Oklahoma. Sofay White, a main character maturely unveils a surreal journey into the lifestyles of her fifteen Uncles and aunts quirky but outrageous daily lives that's linked to: witchcraft, betrayal, infidelity, potential crime, family secrets, and mental health. Though, Sofay is a child she's always at the wrong place at the right time: snickering, laughing, in awe, and... more
  • The Nigerian

    by Eric Reese

    In this funny spy story, Debare Balogun, a crooked Nigerian businessman, is approached by a mysterious agent in a nightclub in the baddest area in Lagos, the last thing he expects is to be blackmailed by the good guys. British Intelligence Agency, MI6 has been watching over his shady business deals for years, and have more than enough evidence to implicate him and put him away forever.

    But the Brits have an offer for the Nigerian: to win his freedom and clear his name; inf... more

  • The Last One to Murder

    by Eric Reese

    One man's deadly hunt for justice is about to become the year's most gripping serial killer thrillers. 

    Xuan Lang is the last surviving member of his family, a man with nothing left to lose. His family was brutally murdered at the end of the Vietnam War by a group of seven US soldiers. Now, he heads to the United States to hunt down the men who took everything away from him.

    The rogue soldiers have been hiding their dark secret from the military - and their f... more

  • Winter City Wolf Moon

    by Elvis English
    When two young Alaska Native women are found dead, and their deaths are ruled “accidental” and “undetermined” by the police, burned out gumshoe Lewis Bocarde, well-acquainted with life on the gritty streets of Anchorage, senses something sinister rising. Allied with a suicidal social worker named Grace and a street-savvy group of indigenous contrarians, Bocarde races to discover what flocks of ravens already know. And to thaw the frantic screams frozen in the snow.
  • Several Lives Removed

    by Michael Coughlin
    Damn Nightmares. They are composed by the decisions you make in the light. They leave their rotting fingerprints all across your life until you are exhausted, broken and filled with regrets. John Hodge spent thirty years living a nightmare that haunted his nights. In order to survive the physical and emotional toll it exacted, Hodge created an insular world in a small town, Scyluller’s Harbor on the North Shore of Long Island. With each passing day and with the help of his small circle of friend... more
  • Voices Behind The Light

    by Michael Coughlin
    Seven Years ago, Joshua Carter was a Pulitzer Prize winning author, happily married with a beautiful wife, Mary Anne and precocious daughter, Erica. In one fraction of a horrifying moment, a predator kidnapped and murdered Erica and left only a memory. The resulting self-loathing, grief and despair devasted his marriage, destroyed his career and sent him into a personal abyss. Seven years later, Carter has rededicated his life to finding missing children and saving other families from being the ... more
  • Of Half a Mind (The Mind Sleuth Series Book 1)

    by Bruce M. Perrin
    When you talk to yourself, there’s only one voice. When you picture something, there’s but a single mind’s eye. Recently graduated psychologist, Dr. Sam “Doc” Price and his inexperienced team had always held those principles to be true…at least, under normal circumstances. But as they studied the work of Dr. Ned Worthington, a brilliant but troubled neuroscientist, they began to wonder if he had created an electronic world that was anything but normal. He claimed it could rewire the brain,... more
  • Sophie's Journal

    by Sean Oliver
    Meet Sophie. She loves to write. Just pray it's not about you. In this psychological thriller that lives at the intersection of James Patterson and Stephen King, you will meet Cathy--a thirtysomething teacher in a challenged, urban district. Her life-long struggle with an anxiety disorder keeps her preoccupied beyond the normal struggles of school life. And the start of any school year brings her panic attacks to fever pitch. This year, Cathy would meet young Sophie Lafontaine--a quiet, t... more
  • Kidnapping Anna (The Kidnapping Anna Trilogy Book 1)

    by A.B. Alvarez

    Anna Wodehouse's father has been missing for 7 years. And now someone's found him.

    In 2005, 17-year old Anna Wodehouse was pulled out of her Brooklyn home by the NYC Police when they arrived to arrest her father.

    He never returned.

    Anna, sure that her father would never abandon her, spends years waiting for his return. Seven years later, Anna receives a package: a mysterious man has found him. The man also wants to grant her a wish: to track... more

  • Buddha's Bones

    by Frederick Thomas
    Osiris Lee has found himself once again up to his eyeballs in danger at the request of a mysterious woman and a well-known gangster. And this time he might not make it out alive. His problem? What are Buddha's Bones and why is everyone after them. With the help of a few friends as he travels Africa, Asia and China, Osiris uses every ounce of his courage to find out. And once he does, he'll never be the same again.