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    by Joe Purpura
    Dr. Vince DeLuca would normally take a Tito’s straight up with two olives after a ruptured ectopic pregnancy nearly flatlined a patient. Maybe follow it up with a one-night stand to chase away memories of the trauma that’s kept his life stagnant for so long. But when he overhears one of his recovering patients—married to the CEO of a defense contractor—mumbling about “stingers,” “revenge,” and her affair with a mysterious man named Salaam, Vince’s PTSD alights. Sure, it could just be the ramb... more
  • The Coyote and a One-Armed Man: A One-Armed Detective Novel (The One-Armed Detective Series Book 2)

    by B.D. Lawrence

    A simple rescue, but the girl’s thirteen-year-old friend is sent to Mexico. He goes after her. Failure means his death and her enslavement.

    Lefty Bruder faces an unseen stalker intent on killing him. He travels to Phoenix to rescue an autistic girl trafficked by her own father. The mission succeeds, but he learns of a young girl destined to be a sex slave to a high-ranking cartel boss in Mexico. Assembling a team, they prepare to go get her. But an unknown sniper shoots one of the... more

  • Death of a Diva: From Berlin to Broadway

    by Brigitte Goldstein
    During an engagement on Broadway in the summer of 1941, Stella Berger, a formerly renowned star of stage and screen in Weimar Germany and outspoken critic of the Nazi regime, is brutally murdered. The police investigation leads to the arrest of a Hungarian street violinist who once had a close relationship with the actress. Misia Safran, a young Jewish refugee and part-time employee at the theater, is convinced that the wrong person is tried for in the murder and sentenced to death. Launching he... more
  • Sanctum

    by Sue Rovens
    The floating dog. The scrawled messages. The corpse-like hands reaching into the world of the living. When minor issues for homeowners Ronnie and Emily take a sudden left turn into the world of the weird, they look first to their handyman and then to their real estate agent for answers. Ed Thackery, newly appointed agent representing Cain Mill Homes, attempts to help but it soon becomes apparent that neither Ed nor his clients are aware of the horrors that have already infiltrated their smal... more
  • The Backfill

    by Michael McKain
    What if the person you replaced at work had vanished without a trace? Jake Serrano has just landed his dream job at Resolute, a Seattle tech giant known for its lucrative pay, limitless career opportunities, and a nasty habit of crushing anyone failing to meet its high standards. But the company's notorious work culture isn't the only thing Jake finds shocking; he soon discovers that his predecessor, Jessie, has vanished without a trace. Navigating the intense pressure of his new job, Jake... more
  • The Reformed Man

    by Dina Santorelli
    From the author of the bestselling thriller Baby Grand comes the heart-pounding story of a man who had no future. Little did he know, the future of humankind would be in his hands. Rising tides. Rising temperatures. Rising fear. Since the Great Shift killed millions worldwide twenty-five years ago, humankind has been bracing itself for a second cosmic catastrophe called the Great Purge, which is expected to extinguish most of what is left of civilization. One of the only viable means of... more
  • Hope Is Dead (A Zack Goodson Novel Book 1)

    by Bob Asher
    Former Marine Aviator and war hero Zack Goodson is a fish out of water. He regrets promising his wife he would give up his life of thrills and action to move to her sleepy backwater hometown in rural Missouri. Though overqualified, he has accepted a position as a deputy with the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department despite his misgivings. After ten years in the Corps, the adjustment from warrior to small-town cop is harder than he could have ever imagined. Unfortunately for him, his predi... more
  • Bear Trap

    by Bob Asher
    The Russians have invaded America to bring a defector, former KGB Colonel Oleg Karpinsky, back to the Motherland. Days after the Berlin Wall came down Karpinsky defected. Thirty years later, Dr. Karpinsky is a respected CIA scientist conducting research in the paranormal sciences. He uses a method like ESP called Remote Viewing to gather intelligence on America’s enemies and allies. He is enjoying his annual winter vacation in an isolated cabin in the frozen Alaskan wilderness with his personal ... more
  • Into the Marrow

    by GW Allison

    A killer forces Leroy Cutter to a last resort in Key West.

    In the aftermath of a high-profile case that brought the city to its knees, Leroy Cutter leaves Detroit, seeking refuge in Key West. He plans to unwind with an old Navy buddy and reset his life. Unfortunately, Key West PD pegs Cutter as their prime suspect in a brutal murder and the number of victims are starting to rise. With his freedom on the line, Cutter attempts to clear his name and find the real kill... more

  • The Knock: A True Story of an Innocent Man, a Twisted Accusation & the Fight for Truth

    by Maxwell Winshire

    Introducing The Knock: A True Story of an Innocent Man, A Twisted Accusation and the Fight for Truth – a relentless rollercoaster of suspense that thrusts you into the heart-wrenching predicament of Max, an innocent family man.

    Imagine your life turned upside down in an instant. Accused of downloading indecent images you never touched. A loving spouse, two precious children - all hanging in the balance. But the accusations won't relent. They're coming for you... more

  • SEL

    by B. C. Howard
    Life was ugly. At twenty-five, Will Chisholm had learned that a long time ago. Half Cherokee, he had already been a mixed martial arts fighter, a war hero, and an undercover narcotics cop. But after his personal tendencies get him shot in the head, he is fired from the Boston Police Department. Now, as a struggling private investigator in New York City, he takes on the case of a murdered stripper but quickly realizes it is a setup to frame him as a serial killer.
  • The Wife List

    by J.A. Schneider

    Has a group of men conspired to murder each other's wives - figuring their perfect alibis will save them? That is what Beth Kemp starts to suspect, but is she losing her mind? Her husband says he fears so...

    I'll give this marriage one more try, Beth Kemp thinks. She is a successful crime writer in New York City, who regrets that tension has crept into her relationship with her husband, Brad. He too is a writer who, after early success, finds his career fading. Brad urges that a... more

  • The Fleeting Vibration of Life

    by Frank Brubaker
    Bonni is a down-and-out financial advisor with a gambling habit. He has always been searching for the shot that can change his life. When the opportunity for a big deal comes his way and at the same time a tip from a friend gives him the opportunity to reinvest the hefty commission in a "safe" deal, Bonni thinks fate has finally decided to repay him for his dark years. Stefan is an introverted boy with extraordinary abilities and a mysterious past. He lives in an institution for orphans and eve... more
  • The Dead Chip Syndicate

    by Andrew Pearson
    Offered the chance to run his twin brother's A.I. company, Anthony Wilson ditches his failing screenwriting career to start anew in Macau. The job turns highly lucrative when Anthony's new client, Cash Cheang, a pompadour-topped and Johnny Cash-loving casino operator, hands him a bag full of cold hard Yuan to implement a facial recognition system in his casino. Hearing about Anthony's past life as a screenwriter, Cash offers him another job - ghostwriting a biography about the casino mogul's ... more
  • And God Laughed

    by Joe Rielinger
    Private detective Terry Luvello has just been handed the biggest case of his career. During confession, a man has twice declared his intent to commit murder. In both cases, the murders later occurred in exactly the way the unknown man had described. Hoping to keep the church connection out of the newspapers, the parish pastor asks Terry to find the killer and act as his liaison with the Cleveland Police and Detective Hannah Page. While dealing with their own growing attraction, Terry and Hann... more
  • Lovers and Other Killers

    by Penelope Karageorge
    Journalist Cass Cooper searches for a savage killer in a new novel by Penelope Karageorge, "Lovers and Other Killers." When her ex-husband is released from prison after serving a mere five years for a Ponzi scheme, they plan to remarry,. But Cass finds him with a knife through his heart and becomes the prime murder suspect. Desperate to prove her innocence, she travels from her Greenwich Village apartment to a billionaire's New York penthouse to the country retreat of a group playing dangero... more