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  • Dark Protection

    by Willie Mae Jackson
    Donovan Montgomery is a badass forensic psychiatrist with a versatile arsenal of weapons, both mental and physical. She’s going to need all of them, because her testimony in the trial has put a target on her back.
  • The Black Rose: A Madison Lockhart Mystery

    by Matthew Fugazzie
    Down-on-her-luck private investigator Madison Lockhart is hired by a client who is the prime suspect in the murder of his wife and her lover. The killer left a calling card in the throats of their victims: a black rose. Madison's client wants her to find the real killer, but the circumstantial evidence against him complicates matters. As Madison attempts to unravel the web of deceit surrounding her client and the people connected to the case, she unearths secrets buried deep beneath the surfa... more
  • Relentless: A Gripping International Thriller and Unforgettable Love Story

    by Michael Maloof
    On the eve of her five-year wedding anniversary, a devastating terrorist attack in Paris thrusts former CIA analyst Kate Preacher, into a lethal cat-and-mouse game of kill or be killed… Kate’s husband, retired Navy SEAL Jake Church, is the right man in the wrong place. Caught in the middle of the Paris attack, Jake’s actions spark an international media storm, drawing unwanted attention and awakening old enemies. Refusing to let the suspicious attack go unquestioned…or the perpetrators go ... more
  • Things Unseen

    by David T. Isaak

    Can you trust a clue no one else can see?

    Emotionally frigid Walker Clayborne has always preferred the stability of the rock formations he studies to the unpredictable people around him. A cold and unaffectionate upbringing allowed him and his siblings to drift — until the murder of his sister, Claire, propels Walker into a volatile world of strong ideals and spiritual mysticism.

    Moved to unearth the truth, Walker visits his sister’s community in searc... more

  • The Cannabis Preacher – Sermon Four: A financial thriller about a race to solve a medical mystery and escape a ferocious storm

    by Sabine Frisch
    In this action-packed financial thriller, Al Ivers and his two brothers live with the constant fear of an elusive killer who has sworn to take revenge on their family. Al's life is already complicated enough as the majority shareholder of the largest cannabis company in the country, but a mysterious illness is making him increasingly weaker. Meanwhile, Al's best friend and advisor, Rafael, is stranded in a tropical storm thousands of miles away. With no leaders, the company is thrown into chaos... more
  • The Cannabis Preacher-Sermon Three

    by Sabine Frisch
    In the aftermath of a shocking murder, only one question is on the mind of everyone at Perfect Cannabis: Who killed Tadeo Ivers? As the investigation takes an unexpected turn, Rafael Covin is thrust into the spotlight of suspicion and forced to give up his leadership role at PerCan. The fragile bond between him and Kayla is put to the ultimate test, forcing them to navigate treacherous waters of doubt and loyalty, where the line between love and betrayal becomes dangerously blurred. Meanwh... more
  • Cannabis Preacher-Sermon Two

    by Sabine Frisch
    The biggest grow op in the world is broken, and one man spent a fortune to own all of the pieces. How do you resurrect it? Is it even possible? Tadeo Ivers has an idea. He forces Rafael to make it happen—or else. Failure will not be accepted. Rafael fears there's no way to breathe life into the company, no matter how hard he tries. Every step of the way reveals another obstacle instead of the success he needs. No one is more surprised than Rafael, when amidst all of his efforts, he find... more
  • The Cannabis Preacher-Sermon One

    by Sabine Frisch
    Get Ready for an Unforgettable Thrill Ride in the World of High-Stakes Finance! Meet Connor Beauregard, a man with an insatiable hunger for success and an ego that knows no bounds. In this gripping financial thriller, Connor embarks on a relentless mission to amass wealth, no matter the cost. With an arsenal of charisma, ambition, and an unshakable drive, he seizes a unique opportunity that catapults him into the intriguing world of legal drug dealing. As Connor's fortunes soar, so do the stak... more
  • The Sensitive

    by Renee Richardson
    Charming, but unassuming. This house has a story to tell her. After her mother's death, Emma Reilly seeks a fresh start in historic Newport, Rhode Island. Shortly after moving into her author aunt's second home, she is tormented by the same chilling nightmare each time she closes her eyes. Once she runs into a quirky stranger named Willow, she is forced to acknowledge a haunting part of herself that she has denied for years. Will Emma be able to adjust to her new life while the dark history... more
  • The Desert Saint: A Maria Varela Mystery

    by AM Pascarella

    Complex characters. Shocking twists. A debut crime thriller readers can't put down.

    When Maria Varela first made detective, more than a few cops called her a nepo-baby behind her back. Sure, having a legendary detective for a father hadn’t hurt her career, but he was retired, and the one closing cases was her, not him. Eventually all the arrests silenced even the loudest of the doubters.

    Then a long dormant serial killer murders her brother.

    Last seen in 1983, the ... more

  • Dark Tide 11: Sherlock Holmes and the Arcana of Madness

    by Naching T. Kassa
    Discover the untold mysteries of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in Sherlock Holmes and the Arcana of Madness, a trilogy that unveils three captivating cases intertwined with the mystical allure of tarot cards, designed by the renowned, yet infamous artist, Richard Dadd. A collection of manuscripts, meticulously penned by John H. Watson M.D., is unearthed in 2019 amidst the restoration of Broadmoor Hospital, found inexplicably in the grave of Richard Dadd. The manuscripts' concealed journ... more
  • Dogboy v Catfish

    by Luke Gracias
    On the day of her second wedding, Katherine Fisher, aka 'Catfish' set the date for her divorce. In precisely 18 months, she would be entitled to half of their combined assets and receive maintenance payments until her five- year-old daughter, Emma, turns 18. Just as Catfish was about to take her husband, Lindsay 'Dogboy' Kramer (a successful businessman and dog whisperer) to the cleaners, he goes missing. The police investigation into Dogboy's disappearance leads them into the dark world of c... more

    by AM Stuart
    The fourth book in this series of the HARRIET GORDON MYSTERIES. Following the explosive events that concluded EVIL IN EMERALD, Inspector Robert Curran has disappeared from Singapore. Harriet has been dismissed from the job she loved and finds herself cast adrift. The opportunity to pursue a new opportunity in Kuala Lumpur takes Harriet and Julian north for a pleasant weekend with friends ... but death is waiting for them!
  • Morbid Monday

    by Denise Jaden
    Tabby has inadvertently invited her estranged father, the State Senator Conrad Chase, for a visit to Crystal Cove to help her plan Detective Aaron Thom’s mayoral campaign. Unfortunately, the visit comes on the heels of another tragedy in Crystal Cove, one that Tabby can’t help but investigate. Her parents were never going to be in favor of her involving herself in dangerous investigations, but even more so now that they are seeing it with their own eyes. But this tragedy concerns a friend of ... more
  • Suicide in Suffolk

    by D. Ayres
    "Suicide in Suffolk" is a gripping debut novel that delves into the depths of mystery and suspense. Set against the backdrop of the idyllic town of Lowestoft, Suffolk, this cozy mystery follows Cecil Whitford, a compassionate funeral director who becomes embroiled in a dark and twisted tale of intrigue. When Cecil stumbles upon a death that is initially deemed a suicide, he can't shake the nagging feeling that there is more to the story. Driven by a relentless pursuit of truth and justice, he b... more
  • Buried Silence: Under the Big Sky

    by Susan Hemphill
    Who blew up my friend’s house with her inside? The Yellowstone River runs deep in the Big Sky country of Montana, but so does deception. When the bustle of city life inevitably bored the most powerful captains of industry, the self-proclaimed Big Men of the Big Sky swapped their suits for cowboy boots and drug their trophy wives along with them. Nestled in a gated community at the base of mountains larger than the egos of their husbands, the transplanted women kept themselves busy with ove... more