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  • The Nosferatu Conspiracy, Book One: The Sleepwalker

    by Brian James Gage

    History states Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra, and their five children were executed on the morning of July 17, 1918 (OS). This contrasts suppressed documents citing the royal family mysteriously disappeared after fires ravaged Saint Petersburg in December 1916 (OS).

    Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin was supposedly murdered by high-ranking Russian officials on December 16, 1916 (OS), for his unprecedented and perceived nefarious influence over the royal family. He was poisoned, shot twi... more

  • Drink with the Devil at Midnight (Ray Irish Occult Mystery Book 3)

    by Gordon Brewer
    Ray Irish must save a client who escaped from a mental asylum while Andras spreads his control over a city! When Irish stumbles across Florence Rice who appears ready to commit suicide, he enters a dark conspiracy. Seeking to prove his new client is sane, Ray unleashes a series of increasingly terrible events. Soon, the police accuse Ray of killing his lawyer after Florence disappears. Like a bull in a china shop, Irish saves his client from certain death. However, the shamus finds the dark s... more
  • Burning Justice

    by Marti Green
    The newest in Marti Green’s award-winning books about the wrongly accused features Dani Trumball in another suspenseful courtroom drama – and her fiercest fight yet. Convicted of setting fire to her house and killing her three children, young Texas widow Becky Whitlaw is sentenced to death. Becky maintains her innocence—even though a part of her worries she may have indeed committed arson during a drunken blackout. Twenty years later, attorney Dani Trumball works with the Help Innocen... more
  • The Ravine

    by Mary Coley
    Katy Werling's parents think she's spending the night with a friend, unaware their child is lying severely injured at the bottom of a ravine. A crisis in their marriage consumes them, preventing them from focusing on anything other than their crumbling lives. Neighboring families, all facing their own catastrophes, are equally oblivious to a black dog's attempt to capture their attention. Will any of them look past their individual struggles to discover the dog's urgent message and save the ch... more
  • Blood on the Cimarron: No Motive for Murder

    by Mary Coley
    A Bloody Scythe ... A Bloody Memory ... Journalist Claire Northcutt arrives at J.B. Floren's Oklahoma Mustang Rescue Ranch to interview the rancher. Instead, she finds his mutilated body. As she works to finish her article, lauding J.B.'s achievements, Claire discovers many people disliked the rancher, including her nephew, Denver, and her teenage son, Cade. Soon, Denver is the only suspect in the rancher's murder, and Claire's reputation is on the line. As Claire tried to unravel the truth ... more
  • Chrysalis

    by Mary Coley
    Book 4 - Family Secret Series Jamie Aldrich Mazie and Sam move to Ponca City, OK, and trouble finds them the very first weekend. OSBI 'cold case' detective Chase Longhorn delivers unsettling news: the death of Sam's first wife, Reba, is under investigation and her body is being disinterred; a fellow teacher and cast member in the high school drama production about the Ponca City Grand Prix races is murdered; and one of the ghosts Jamie's cousin Trudy is seeing in her old Pawhuska home is Reba.... more
  • Ant Dens: A Suspense Novel

    by Mary Coley
    Rebecca Aldrich has a history of disappearing. But this time is different. The spirited college freshman simply vanishes, like several other young women from Las Vegas, New Mexico's Highlands University. When her stepmother, Jamie Aldrich, embarks on a desperate hunt for her missing stepdaughter, she discovers that the surrounding grasslands and foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains are full of secrets, and that her recently deceased husband left behind a life enshrouded in mystery.
  • Crystalline Crypt

    by Mary Coley
    Mandy Lyon's best friend Jenna is a secretive orphan who won't talk about her early life. Then one afternoon she comes close to revealing her past after finding a painting of herself in a Tulsa art gallery. Ignoring Jenna's wishes, Mandy searches for and finds the painting. Within an hour of the chilling discovery, the gallery is on fire and Jenna is missing. At the risk of losing her job, Mandy makes it her mission to find her friend. She travels to Medicine Park in Oklahoma's wild Wichita Mou... more
  • Climbing the Coliseum (Monastery Valley Book 1)

    by Bill Percy
    It’s the rugged Monastery Valley of Montana. High on the cliff called the Coliseum stands a man, deciding whether to live or die. In the valley below, Grace Ellonson, fourteen, will be abandoned by her mother. Where has Grace’s mother gone, and why has she left her daughter behind? A rancher will be seduced into a racist and anti-government conspiracy—who’s leading the conspiracy and what are his plans? Depressed psychologist Ed Northrup and Monastery Valley newcomer deputy sheriff Andi Pelton s... more
  • Nobody's Safe Here (Monastery Valley Book 2)

    by Bill Percy
    When cattle baron Magnus Anderssen collapses mentally, psychologist Ed Northrup struggles to find the cause - a terrible event buried in Magnus's past leaving him veering between suicide and murder. Meanwhile, Deputies Andi Pelton and Brad Ordrew clash as they investigate Jared Hansen, a boy caught with rifles and a paranoid plan to kill his schoolmates. Their problem? Jared, a great kid, a school leader, has no previous problems. Ordrew’s convinced Jared’s a mass shooter-in-waiting, but Andi’s ... more
  • The Bishop Burned the Lady (Monastery Valley Book 3)

    by Bill Percy
    A mysterious fire in a remote forest clearing; a woman's charred bones; unexplained tracks in the rutted road—the only clues Deputy Andi Pelton has to what happened. Then she meets an old man living alone in a forest compound that obviously houses many people. Sex trafficking in the Montana wilderness? As Andi and psychologist Ed Northrup struggle to solve the brutal and fiery murder, Andi faces a fear she didn’t know she had. The horrors they unearth lead them deep into the appalling reality of... more
  • Standing Our Ground

    by Bill Percy
    A cold-blooded murder. The victim: A fourteen-year-old boy. The shooter waits patiently for the cops and calmly explains his right to kill the boy. “I was defending my property.” Can Deputy Andi Pelton find the evidence to break through the killer’s stand-your-ground defense? Suddenly, Sheriff Ben Stewart almost dies and cannot campaign for re-election. Andi knows she must take his place—her nemesis, Deputy Brad Ordrew, runs unopposed and he’s promised to fire her when he’s sheriff. Can she stan... more
  • Expect Betrayal: An Operation Delphi Novel

    by JoAnn Smith Ainsworth
    A college friend offers advice on staying safe in war-torn England to the naval commander overseeing the U.S. psychic team and to its team leader (a U.S. WAVES clairvoyant) while they search for her family’s grimoire, The Book of Cures. It contains spells and charms to protect their Philadelphia headquarters from further Nazi occult attacks. But the friend is the very man assigned by the Fatherland to spy on them and to put a bullet between their eyes once he gets his hands on this grimoire that... more
  • Buried: A Psychological Thriller

    by Reagan Keeter
    When the earthquake hits, the narrow, corkscrew turn that leads into the labyrinth of tunnels underneath Misery Rock collapses. Martin Campbell and his friends are stranded. Their guide’s leg has been crushed by a rock too big to move. They’ve brought only a sandwich each and have very little water. If they don’t find another way out soon, they will no doubt die in here. So, as Martin’s sister stays behind to care for their guide, Martin sets out with friends Ethan and Cynthia to find another ex... more
  • Once in a Blue Year by Michael Durkota

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion

    "A bold debut, filled with unforgettable moments and characters." — Kirkus Reviews

    Top Medalist - Military - New Apple Book Awards
    Top Medalist - Psychological Suspense - New Apple e-Book Awards
    Finalist - IAN Book of the Year Awards.

    Once in a Blue Year begins during the first days of the Gulf War, with two navy barracks roommates remaining onshore as their submarine leaves without them. Unraveling through differen... more

  • The Passage of Anne Donovan

    by S. Mandel Joseph

    For years, Anne Donovan has struggled to heal from the murder of her mother. When her psychiatrist recommends a hypnotherapist who can transport people's consciousness through time, Anne jumps at the opportunity of traveling back to the time before her mother's death. But when she gets there, she becomes determined to prevent the murder of her mother, leading her down into a dark spiral of revenge, crime, and murder. She soon finds herself in a cat-and-mouse game with her mother's... more