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  • Season End: Sons of Meir

    by Jacqueline T. Johnson
    When the queen of Meir is kidnapped Erich makes a harrowing decision not to inform the family. He secretly searches for her with Nash and includes an unexpected ally, Malak, his illegitimate son. Malak is sent to infiltrate the lair of the notorious Nidarian leader the Bear, an enemy from his father’s past. Eager to prove himself to his father, Malak has no idea what dangers await him on Nidara. Meanwhile, Daniel is left alone to attend the Gathering in his father’s absence. It is in Peerles... more
  • Sage, Smoke & Fire

    by Ryan Kurr
    The world has fallen out of energetic balance. In the Deep South there is a remedy that is both powerful and dangerous--witches. At the peak of summer, Nina is living a fast-paced life in New York City. But when the earth's gravitational pull activates a gene--making her and a few others capable of magic--she is called to duty in southern Louisiana to lead a coven of witches and restore balance to the world through magic. By autumn, witches are turning up dead and she has but one choice--defe... more
  • Memory Lost

    by Eric S. Hubbard
    Great calamities haunt our memory. True calamity is Memory Lost. Thirteen-year-old Tibbs is dealing with normal worries like his demanding mother, starting high school, and trying to figure out the opposite sex. When his family makes their weekly visit to his Memom, they find her rocking silently in her favorite chair, her memory fading. At the hospital, Tibbs notices the headline flashing across the television screen: “The Wiping: Why Elderly Across the Globe Are Losing Their Memories.” A... more
  • Brimstone's Knight

    by W Wright
    Eric has just moved back into the old Hampton family mansion. He is totally unaware of the recent tragedy that had transpired in his hometown. At its source is an unspeakable evil that is rapidly growing worldwide. It’s not until he hears the voice of that thing in the forest that he realizes his destiny. He is to command a new breed of modern knights, and they ride upon dragons. As the knights assemble, Eric finds himself falling deeply in love with one of them. Now, he must not only protect t... more
  • Near Space - The First Frontier

    by Silhouette
    This book is set against a present day background with a twist, the author introduced a range of technologies 80 years ahead of anything current - using them to deal with conflicts, global warming whilst controlling a number of plot lines and a plethora of events leading to International mayhem and an exciting conclusion.
  • Alexander And Lucien In The Middle East

    by T. M. Moore
    Alexander Corvina and his fullblood father Lucien Arkanon have traveled out of Tibet and arrive in Kashmir, where they rescue a Raja from a tiger. After that, they go on into Afghanistan and beyond into Georgia, eluding Persians and Turks along the way.
  • Alexander And Lucien In The Far East

    by T. M. Moore
    Alexander Corvina has traveled widely, but misses his fullblood father Lucien Arkanon. After receiving a letter from Lucien, he travels to Tibet to visit with him, and persuades Lucien to return to the world outside. Thus begins their adventures together as they journey to the west in search of a safe haven to dwell within.
  • The Children of The Night

    by T. M. Moore
    In the 24th century, a journalist is invited to a secret enclave, a place long thought to be a myth, only to find an utopian community resisting the march of time. Soon after she arrives, the village is besieged from within as well as without, as a mysterious illness strikes the populace and an adept from an ancient vampire cult invades to wreak havoc.
  • The Pirate's Pledge

    by T. M. Moore
    In 1718, Charity Rakham finds herself alone when her father and fiance' are killed by the dread pirate Blackbeard and his crew. When she is sold into indentured slavery by the pirates, she learns about life and vampires in the house she serves. Somehow she escapes the master of the house, and gains justice against her enemies through her enduring courage, the love of a vampire, and a legend.
  • The Queen's Marksman

    by T. M. Moore
    In the 19th century, a young Englishman signs on for more adventure than he expects when he enlists in the army to fight in Afghanistan. But his service to Queen Victoria becomes far more dangerous when he encounters two villains. One is the guest of the Russian ambassador, who wants to exploit him for his wealth of secrets; and the other is a serial killer who commits the most hideous crimes imaginable.
  • Destiny's Forge

    by T. M. Moore
    Honor and duty, friendship and loyalty, murder and revenge, blood and dynasty. In the 23rd century, a stranger from another planet arrives on Earth to search for an ancient enemy of the state who has been condemned on her world. Through a quirky turn of fate she winds up serving on the military starship Destiny's Forge, where the crew is haunted by murder and sabotage. Over time, she learns that the destiny of two worlds has been placed in her hands.
  • The Legacy of Mars

    by T. M. Moore
    On July 20, 2069, the starship Percival Lowell lands on Mars. Jonathan Kraine is an archaeologist on the mission who makes a strange discovery and changes the mission's focus. Odd events force the survey team to return to Earth. What started out as a moment of first contact soon turns into a battle to save the future and destiny of the human race.
  • The Path of The Red Dragon

    by T. M. Moore
    In 1984, a reporter's assignment to cover the war between the dragon tongs in Chinatown San Francisco leads him on a journey to hell when he discovers that nothing is as it appears. When he investigates the murder of a loved one, he must forge an uneasy alliance with the Red Dragon tong, and learns that he is more than human. But when he is captured by the Black Dragons, he must fight in the arena to save the life of the woman he loves.
  • The 36 Watchers

    by Dan Bar Hava
    “It is said that at all times, there are 36 special people in the world, and that were it not for them, all of them, if even one of them was missing, the world would come to an end.” Talmud, the central religious text of Rabbinic Judaism, as quoted by Wikipedia
  • Subversive

    by Colleen Cowley
    In an America controlled by wizards, Beatrix Harper counts herself among the resistance—the Women’s League for the Prohibition of Magic. Then Peter Blackwell, the only wizard her town has ever produced, unexpectedly returns home and presses her into service as his assistant. Beatrix fears he wants to undermine the League. His real purpose is far more dangerous for them both. SUBVERSIVE is the first novel in the fantasy romance Clandestine Magic trilogy, set in a 21st century that's 100 yea... more
  • Shadow-Stained

    by Rachel Hobbs
    For her, it's her late grandma's legacy. For him, the mother of all black arts spoils, granting one demon the power of a God. Immortality. When occult-magnet Ruby falls victim to Demon Lord Drayvex's viperous allure, she loses a sentient dark relic to his light fingers and appetite for power. Like calls to like. But when Drayvex himself loses the relic to a traitor to the throne, Ruby coerces him - the tyrant king with a soft spot for humanity - into helping her save her pokey old world villa... more