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  • Unleashed Vol. 2

    by Edward Jefferson

    It is a fact that the choices you make will seal your fate.


    She is the product of man’s own greed. She is the beauty who stalks the night. Her chosen name is Raven, and she is death that walks. She hunts her prey while hiding in plain sight; her alluring beauty shields her from suspicion and conceals her insatiable desire to kill. A primordial fire burns within her that cannot be quenched. No force known to man can stop her, and everyone who crosses her path is a pote... more

  • Kill Your Darlings

    by L.E. Harper
    INCEPTION meets INKHEART in this allegorical epic. A depressed fantasy author writes a dark ending to her story, killing her beloved characters. When she awakes and finds herself magically trapped in their world, she must fight to change the fatal finale. Trading her pen for a sword, she sets out to defeat the insidious villain who feeds on blood and dreams—but if she can’t overcome her inner darkness, she’ll die with her darlings.
  • Manxiety

    by Daemon Manx
    The stories in this book were inspired by real-life events. Some are loose interpretations of my nightmares and experiences, and others are dark memoirs. All were designed to evoke emotion. Longing, fear, remorse, desperation, and of course, anxiety, are a few of the horrors we all face and the ones from which there is often no escape. These stories were written during the most difficult periods in my life. Addiction, incarceration, and depression are the demons of which I speak. Creating this c... more
  • Doubt The Stars Are Fire

    by Daniele Kasper
    After vanishing without a trace for months, Cara is home in New York and feeling more lost than ever. Everyone around her knows that she has changed, but no one knows why. A chance encounter with a fortune-teller at a festival sends Cara on a journey to recover her missing memories and leaves her with even more secrets to hide. She is more determined than ever to find a way to get back to Caine. That is, until a freak accident lands Cara in the arms of a man who may derail all of her plans. M... more
  • Cut Her Out In Little Stars

    by Daniele Kasper
    A woman lost in time. A star system on the brink of war. A man haunted by past sins. Traitors lurk in the shadows while secrets threaten to put everyone's life in danger in the cold depths of space. Can a woman trapped in a strange new future be the one to save them or will be she the spark that ignites the war? After an accident on a New York subway, Cara DeLeon finds herself in the future, but not the one she dreamed of. Fleet Commander Nikolas Caine defends the star system he calls home from ... more
  • Elijah's Awakening

    by J. William Hauck
    An unseen war rages between immortals, called watchers, thousands of years after they were sent to teach and guide early humans. For millennia, Elijah has served the side of good while secretly longing to live as a mortal. When his wish is granted through a series of tragic events, Eli meets Michelle, a French nurse with a hidden royal bloodline. Eli must choose between continuing his mission and experiencing love as World War I shakes Europe. But as his dilemma grows, clues to Michelle’s true n... more
  • The Reality Meltdown

    by Dan Cray


    Celebrity product designer Matthew Beren and his enigmatic wife, Sofia, have stumbled upon a stunning secret: millions of unknown, sentient life forms are hiding in plain sight.

    It's a wondrous discovery… or is it? Though unable to speak, the hidden beings appear to have formed close bonds with the oblivious residents of Matt's hometown in subtle, seemingly magical ways that make the garden flowers chime, the politics unite, ... more

  • The Bloodstained Shade

    by Cass Morris
    Latona of the Vitelliae, mage of Spirit and Fire, lies still as death. Her fate rests in the hands of her allies, who must redeem her soul from the churning void where Corinna, leader of a banished Discordian cult, has trapped it. Protected by a cabal of corrupt priests and politicians, Corinna plans her most daring assault yet: a ritual striking at the ancient heart of Aven, with the power to swallow the city in a maw of chaos and strife. Her success would be Aven's doom, and the greatest vi... more

    by D. L. Frazell
    \tEverybody knows what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. But what if something unknown happened? What if something was loosed upon the world that day, starting humanity on its long, slow slide toward upheaval, agony and disaster? That is the theme of my novel, Beast: A Haunted World. It explores the idea that a device can open a portal between the world of the living and that of the dead. This is not a formulaic ghost story. It is a fast-moving, twisty supernatural thriller like no other.
  • Whispers of a Gypsy: A Supernatural Dark Thriller of Suspense and Horror

    by J.T. Patten

    Dark with twists, a uniquely gifted boy falls into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game with the arrival of a monstrous protector...searching for something of the past.

    Neurodivergent, young Dwight Skinner considers his mental challenges to be a superpower, but it's a pure bloodline that will put him in danger. When a tragic event brings a mysterious Romani neighbor, Mr. Mortimer, out of seclusion and into the Skinner family's lives, Dwight and his emotionally overloaded mother fin... more

  • Wingless : Veil Series

    by M. K. Dockery

    In the clash under the lifted veil many (kinds) once fought for dominance in the land. Now what people believe about their world and the past is far from the truth, and the history of all that has been suppressed by an oppressive empire and violence against whispered stories of legends that have roots in truth. Two will catch the empires attention and threaten to make the past known.

  • The Movement (Time Corrector Series Book 2)

    by Avi Datta
    In this mind-bending sequel, The Movement finds absolute genius and the prophesized time corrector living the life of his dream. His AI firm is booming, he’s in better control of his powers, and Akane is with him after all this time. But, there are gaps in his memory and a new enemy, Vandal, is hell-bent on destroying everyone and everything in Vincent’s life. Vincent works frantically to stop him, but Vandal is always one step ahead with a sinister smile and blood on his hands. When Vandal c... more
  • Order of the Dragonfly

    by Dr. Anthony John Toledo
    Description Order of the Dragonfly is a story about a group of war veterans and law enforcement officers who discover a nefarious and wicked empire's plot to enslave humanity. In a reality and time, not too different from our own, a secret society has infiltrated all levels of government and political systems. Utilizing various control measures, science and propaganda, the future of the children of this world is looking dark. The opposing group of justice and war veterans are chosen to receiv... more
  • Where Whales Speak

    by Michael E. Morgan
    A scientist attempts to communicate with whales and becomes involved with the military because whales used a special technique to destroy a submarine they believed was trying to harm their kind. A mad dash from the government to gain the knowledge the whales used as a new weapon.
  • Adventures of the Miso Mice

    by Annette Czech Kopp
    Discover five very curious fantastical Miso Mice on their quest to find The Answer Book, given to them by a magical button found floating out of a treasure chest! Their travels take them on exciting galactic adventures with Kaame, the sea horse riding sprite, and the Zodiac Girls who help starfish go skyward, but beware, as they cross paths with the devious Lobsta Clamdestino!
  • The Monsters in our Shadows

    by Edward J Cembal
    Humanity is extinct. Almost. The global population has been Devastated by Shivers—terrifying, shapeless creatures that latch on to their hosts and consume them over time. The last of civilization lives in the crumbling city of Atlas, where they subsist on processed insects and await their inevitable fate. Anthem is the city Exilist, tasked with trapping the Shivers as they strike and banishing them and their victims to the malevolent Deadlands outside the city walls. But he is ailing and... more