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  • Bewicched: The Sea Wicche Chronicles

    by Seana Kelly
    We here at The Sea Wicche cater to your art-collecting, muffin-eating, tea-drinking, and potion-peddling needs. Palmistry and Tarot sessions are available upon request and by appointment. Our store hours vary and rely completely on Arwyn—the owner—getting her butt out of bed. I’m Arwyn Cassandra Corey, the sea wicche, or the wicche who lives by the sea. It requires a lot more work than I’d anticipated to remodel an abandoned cannery and turn it into an art gallery & tea bar. It’s coming along... more
  • Sex with Jesus

    by Mike Spiritfair Marty
    Sex with Jesus ( concretely describes the actions of the main characters as they each make choices during the events that occur, and it also addresses the economy, mental health, antisemitism, student loans, suicide, misinformation, the world, nature, deoxyribonucleic acid, and more. The characters are specifically contrasted with regard to how they each view the gap (if any) between their views of reality and their unrealized wishes. Within the action-packed meta... more
  • Witness to the Revoltion

    by Kiersten Marcil
    Without warning, the roar of the traffic and the stink of funeral lilies fade away. Just as Savannah Moore notices that the world around her has changed, a man wraps her in his arms and presses a knife to her throat. Only after she escapes, with the help of Captain Jonathan Wythe, does she realize she has been inexplicably sucked into America’s Revolutionary War. Anything Savannah does could alter the course of history and threaten the family she left behind. But Savannah is not the only one ... more
  • The Mars Migration

    by Wayne M. Bailey
    When a pair of otherworldly spheres land on Earth in Canada and the UK, Amber and Daniel are instantly transported away from their homes to a strange world beyond a black hole. Amber and Daniel, are taken on an unwanted adventure to be studied by a race of people living without a sun in the desolate Dark Space. Meanwhile, their families and friends on Earth remain frozen, trapped inside a thousand mile squared bubble, surrounding each sphere where time does not pass. The governments on bot... more
  • The Whisper Killer

    by Rod Little
    Ben is a baby-faced serial killer who can charm his victims with a smile. But when he stumbles into Wolf Hollow to hide from the FBI, it's the town that charms him and convinces him to stay. Because Wolf Hollow gets what it needs, and it needs Ben. It knows his secret. Under cover of a blizzard, a bitter enemy returns to Wolf Hollow, hell-bent on revenge, intent on wiping out the entire town, leaving no survivors. Only Ben has what it takes to stand in its way. He is their only hope. Be... more
  • The Blue Race: A galaxy-spanning space opera.

    by Senan Mahon
    The truce between humanity and the Engus empire is finely-balanced on a knife-edge where neither side can overpower the other. Both are striving to capture ancient alien tech that will upset the apple cart. The race is on...
  • The Candlelit Tales of Mr. Snodgers

    by Salene Hill
    The Candlelit Tales of Mr. Snodgers is a collection of fictional and surreal tales of a mysterious hermit, in the highlands of the Appalachian Mountains. The tales span over a momentous period of time, and embrace the rushed thoughts of Mr. Snodgers and his life story. Most people believe that historical tales and fiction are just make believe, made up words to only grasp the minds of the next door reader. Mr. Snodgers gaze into the outlines and fabric of a person's life, and move the brain clos... more
  • Beneath the Gray Matter

    by Salene Hill
    Beneath the Gray Matter is a collection of mysteries, sci fi voyages, and surreal horror tales. Each collection keeps you captivated and on the edge of your seat. If you like to journey to the outer limits of space and historical flights, Beneath the Gray Matter can be a night cap.n
  • Steps Along Toll 277

    by Salene Hill
    Steps Along Toll 277 is a fictional tale about a rural area, and its many mysterious. The narrator is lost in a time spin of suspense, crime, and drama. There is a chance and time of history, strange beginnings, and unknown endings. Life might be greener on the other side of a certain culture line, but can be changed with the blink of an eye. The novel will have you turning pages, and not skipping one beat of the fast track. The love of adventure, travel, and spellbinding is created to enhance t... more
  • Transformer Kit: A gritty & humorous urban fantasy (Mantle Series Book 1)

    by S. T. Blake

    New York needs a hero. As usual. But is it ready for a hero as outrageously unusual as this?

    In the early 70s New York punk scene, Kitty Hampshire is still finding her own identity. But she’s certain of one thing - she always knew she was meant to be a man. Kitty learns about life from the eccentric friends she meets in NYC’s underground music scene and then has the surgery to affirm her true gender. Kitty becomes Kit Simmons, but other forces are present in the flesh grafte... more

  • Drinks and Sinkholes

    by S. Usher Evans
    Bev may not know who she was before she showed up in the quaint village of Pigsend five years ago, but that doesn't bother her much. She's made a tidy little life for herself as the proprietor of the Weary Dragon Inn, where the most notable event is when she makes her famous rosemary bread. But when earthquakes and sinkholes start appearing all over town, including near Bev's front door, she's got to put on her sleuthing hat to figure out what—or who—might be causing them before the entire t... more
  • LOY: In the forests of the mind

    by Todd David Gross
    The world is destroyed. Stripped of all modern technology, a small group of people survive and evolve. The Rehloy are born blind and don’t gain sight until they reach puberty. Learning of the world first through their other senses, creates such a high level of awareness in them that they border on the mystical. For a thousand years they have lived in isolation, developing a special relationship with nature. Theirs is a “spiritual” life, ethereal, in some ways divine. But the outside world is ... more
  • Sunrays Among Shadows

    by H. Dawn Hunter
    The Present: After an abduction left them without memories of their childhood, Lily and Liam Howell have led a quiet life. For twenty years, they’ve avoided the topic of their disappearance, carefully tiptoeing around each other in fear of what they might expose or discover. Until Lily remembers something. Then she’s willing to do anything to recover their lost year. But there’s a reason they were made to forget.  The Past: Jasper Behrtram has a task to complete, and through the use o... more

    by Nick Stitle
    Auris is a land of storms and chaos, where seven violent Tempests rule the continent. Different energies are pulled from the Tempests themselves, forming the seven Sects of Summoners who channel their power through Crystals. But when a Summoner of a long-extinct sect—a Blood Sorcerer—shows up in the throne room of Arvendon, the world begins spinning on a new path toward an unknown future. Auris has two classes of citizens. The upper class are all from seven different Sects of Summoners with m... more
  • Requiem for a Prodigal

    by Tim Novar
    In an alternate timeline where the Roman Empire never existed, Asterius, a transhuman bouncer working on the Greek island of Mikonos, is plagued by terrifying nightmares. In his quest to find the source, he becomes entangled in a conspiracy involving buried temples and sleeping gods. Can he unravel the layers of deception before his world descends into madness?
  • The Watchers: Home World

    by Trenton Hamm

    The Watchers: Home World is the first of a three-part series that tells the story of the Elohim largely from the perspective of Uri, a "sage of his people".  The Elohim home world is dying, and the Elohim along with it.  Uri has worked since primary school to become a part of the salvation of his world:  to arrest the runaway greenhouse effect that threatens them.  But now he finds that his life's work is pointless, and there may be no way to change this futu... more