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  • Zondura (Silver Tears)

    by Daniel J. Strait
    Nakiata and Dravone have found themselves on a strange new world. The moment they arrive they are pitted against danger and have no choice but to fight their way out of the castle of The Prowess. Caution and concealment will be a must as they search for any help they can find if any help is to be found as they venture across...Zondura.
  • Trouganda: Silver Tears Book 1

    by Daniel J. Strait
    A prophecy written over millennia ago. A baby girl is born with a birthmark matching the one described in the prophecy. Her parents feared the worst so they fled from the elders. They found solace in the small village of Jin, where Nakiata would be trained by the greatest SOT Master ever known. After years of intense training, Nakiata must face her Final Test. A test that would send her out into a world of danger, mystery, and death. Nakiata would have to use every skill she knew in order to sur... more
  • The Seventh Guard: Destiny Expires

    by Francis Halpin
    A hidden code awakens a mysterious compulsion, leading a young man on a compelling journey of unearthly discovery—the truth lies beyond . . . Twenty-five-year-old Robert Lowden is awkward, abrasive, sarcastic—borderline dysfunctional. His part-time job at Best Buy doesn’t match his vision of success. He wants to be more than a repair agent—someone stuck fixing other people’s problems. At home he conducts bizarre experiments, many at the expense of his customers and his few friends. He beli... more
  • The Ruby Cradle

    by James L Hill
    It is the turn of the nineteenth century. The industrial age has begun. Steam powered ships has taken over the oceans. Factories are going up across Europe and America. There is a resurgence of activity in the castles in the mountains and when the Crimean War breaks out Zabella is sent to her grandmother, Rehema to learn about the dragons. Rehema mentally transcends the girl to the First Split (1000 A.D.), the wars her mother, Apollonia, fought to destroy the dragons as they had spread across A... more
  • Pegasus: A Journey to New Eden

    by James L Hill
    Zack and Zuri are set to embark on the Pegasus for New Eden, an unknown and unexplored planet four light years from Earth. For Zack, four light years isn’t nearly far enough from the madness that has been mankind’s history. For Zuri, it is a chance to have the family she has so long desired. Pegasus is humanity’s greatest invention, a modern day Noah’s Ark, set to spread civilization to the stars. But Pegasus has secrets which some will do anything to possess, and Zack and Zuri have yet to disco... more
  • The Emerald Lady

    by James L Hill
    A fantasy Pirate/Mermaid love story set in the golden age of Pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries. Jeremy Simmons is a midshipman on the commercial vessel, Rummy Gale. An honorable young man, he believes in the science of the day not age-old superstitions of the sea. But a hurricane will do more than sink his ship; it will forever change his world. Shera, a mermaid, rescues him; they fall in love and in her attempt to return him to his world, she approaches her sisters at Usea Maya for assis... more
  • Progeny's Promise

    by Kenneth Wick
    As Earth's temperatures accelerate out of control, aliens arrive to rescue and move off-world a sampling of humans to preserve the promise of humankind. The mission is threatened as a fanatical religious cult uses the looming apocalypse to cleanse society and dominate humanity. Terror reigns as the aliens join with courageous nations to fight the cult and save the exodus arkfleet.
  • King of Flames

    by Kathryn Ann Kingsley

    Everything about my life has been pretty normal working as a forensic autopsy technician. Until the day I woke up with a mysterious symbol tattooed on my arm.

    Suddenly normal no longer existed. The barrier between Earth and a world called Under, dissolved...

    Now I’m trapped with dozens of other people. Held prisoner by the creators of myths and legends, where the realm is ruled by two masked kings who want to turn us into creatures like them.

    But even though I didn&rsq... more

  • White Dress: A Short Story

    by R.F. Blackstone
    If love has a price, how much would you pay? Would you lie … steal … spill the blood of an innocent baby? When his beloved Sandra dies, Danny Rey focuses his memories and longings on a pristine wedding dress. Finding the perfect ritual inside an ancient book that howls and purrs—The Book of Spite—allows Danny to have Sandra back. Soon though, his plan for satisfying evil begins to disintegrate—as does his resurrected bride.
  • Tigra II: For the Sins of Rothra Orr

    by R.J. Leahy
    It has been ten years since the events of Tigra. After a sleep of five thousand years, the ancient race has awakened, at the very dawn of a new age. Having barely taken the first steps toward rediscovering their culture, they are suddenly thrust into a galactic war, forced to fight in order to keep their new found freedom. Yet how can the tiny desert planet of Ararat, on the farthest edge of known space, hope to win against the awesome power of the Coalition. With no other choice, Jeena and S... more
  • Tigra

    by R.J. Leahy
    Jeena Garza escapes the horror of a POW camp only to crash-land on a desert planet far from where she’d intended to go. Alone, she adopts a tigra cub, a tiger-like carnivore native to Ararat, and names him Samson. It’s the least she can do, given she killed his mother.Tigras have special talents. Unlike their Earth counterparts, they can stand erect, and do it comfortably. As Samson matures, he demonstrates an even more astonishing skill, one that places serious doubts on the accuracy of the pla... more
  • Angel of the City

    by R.J. Leahy
    A vision of a dystopian future, as seen through the eyes of a brain damaged ex-policeman. The last city on Earth is an overcrowded, festering metropolis of segregated quarters and ancient, ethnic hatreds. It is a city on the edge of starvation, slowly succumbing to the creeping death that has choked off the rest of the world. When the leader of a nascent resistance movement is captured by the government, a nameless, brain-damaged thief is hired to rescue her. It's a suicide mission and he ... more
  • Shadows of Chaos

    by Andrew Larkwood
    Imagine being unexpectedly endowed with a level of knowledge and understanding beyond anything dreamed of in the greatest fantasies of human history. The gift revolutionizes the world in positive and negative ways, and the beholder must choose a path for the future to follow. What would you do if this was given to you? Maya Kaona, daughter of a fringe scientist who changed the world with automation, suddenly finds out her father made a discovery capable of saving or destroying the world. She... more
  • Ruin: Kano's Necromantic Comedy

    by Karl Radle
    Kano, a human soul placed in an artificial body, is surrounded by fools. Unable to comprehend her brilliance, they insist on dragging her into their nonsense as she wanders the absurd, violent world. Plagued by memories that belonged to a very different her, she leaves a wave of spontaneous havoc in her wake. She winds up caught in the stupid plans of necromancers, the only beings capable of creating new life, and struggles to find meaning amongst the death as she kills her way free. Until sh... more
  • The Promise (Book 1 of the Piecer Chronicles)

    by Maxx Powr
    The Earth is attacked by aliens and humanity nearly wiped out. To fight back, DNA manipulated soldiers (The Piecer Corp) are created to fight, and eventually do beat the aliens back. A truce is called and the Corp continues for many years. Humanity restored, the Corp is no longer deemed necessary and a final graduation ceremony takes place. As the commencement ends the sky lights up with an EMP blast. Their weapons useless the Piecer 523 squad scrambles to save their families and friends. Their ... more
  • Safe Passage (Black Flag Book 1)

    by Rachel Ford

    Go big or go home. For privateer Captain Magdalene Landon, it's all about going big. For Kay Ellis, it's about getting home. Together, they're about to architect the most daring heist in the galaxy.

    Kay knows too much. She knows it’s a matter of time before a Conglomerate hitman finds her. She’s desperate for safe passage back to Union space.

    Then Magdalene shows up, promising a way home in exchange for that information. It’s a risky ... more