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  • The Scream of An Eagle

    by Marcus Lynn Dean
    A novel about coming of age in a dystopian world of the very near future. A future that is mere decades away. A future ravaged by climate change and savaged by modern civilization. Can young love and young lovers survive? Can our civilization survive? Is survival a blessing or a curse? This is the story of James Mendez and his first love, Anna. Born the only son of one of the world’s richest men; will his wealth even matter, as he grows up in a world that is turning upside down? What is money an... more
  • The Case of the Notorious Roboticist

    by David Hearne
    Set in a future where matriarchy has toppled patriarchy, Moroz is a flawed, old-fashioned gumshoe fighting for equality in a society where human-form androids have become the norm. Notorious roboticist and artificial intelligence whiz Isadora is his greatest adversary yet his only hope to restore justice between the sexes. Yet her own plans are to keep men under her thumb.When Isadora is charged with murder, Moroz must consider the cost of trying to solve the case: something that could cost h... more
  • Reluctant Android

    by William X. Adams
    Andy Bolton, a software engineer in Seattle, feels like just a regular guy but evidence mounts that he is actually a robot. His boss, Lucy, wants to capture him and take him apart for study. On the run, Andy finds his creator and learns he is neither human nor simple machine. He reluctantly accepts that he is something in between, a sentient AI device. He needs to explain this to his nemesis, Lucy, but can a person ever believe in a machine with empathy? This is the first in the Newcomers serie... more
  • The Heirs of Clearwater

    by Ian Wuertz

    Someone in Clearwater is going to die and Cameron Temes is sure that it will be her fault. But who will fall victim to Cameron’s curse this time and will Cameron be able to save them? This has always been Cameron’s life, her curse. With each new town, Cameron brings Death along with her. But no matter how hard she tries, Death always wins. That is, until Cameron comes to Clearwater, a mysterious town with a body count of its own, and meets Margot McCallister. Margot, like Cameron,... more

  • The Going Back Portal

    by Connie Lacy

    The past is a dangerous place in this fast-paced time travel novel about a young Cherokee Indian woman of 1840 and a twenty-first century investigative journalist.

    Determined to keep her ancestral lands after her family is forced to march west during the Trail of Tears, Forest Water finds herself trapped by a brutal white man on her own farmstead. When Kathryn Spears arrives from the twenty-first century, Forest Water hopes she's a good spirit come to help her. ... more

  • Lullabies for Suffering: Tales of Addiction Horror

    by Mark Matthews
    Addiction starts like a sweet lullaby sung by a trusted loved one. It washes away the pains of the day and wraps you safely in the warmness of the womb. Nothing hurts and every dream is possible. Yet soon enough, this warm state of bliss becomes a cold shiver, the ecstasy and dreams become nightmares, yet we can’t stop listening to the lullaby for suffering. We crave to hear the siren song as it rips us apart. A powerful list of talent has woven tales featuring the insidious nature of add... more
  • Paradox Twins

    by Marc Neuffer
    Paradox Twins – Synopsis Paradox Twins is a science fiction adventure The book begins as an interview with a Ph.D. in the year 2165. He doesn’t believe her story but has been tasked to make an evaluation. As she tells her story he learns that it began on Labor Day weekend 2019. Riley is a young professional woman working in the publishing world. She comes home to her tiny apartment to find she has already arrived; an EXACT COPY of herself, same memories, same life. Each is equally unsure of ... more
  • Fourth Trait

    by Benjamin A. Bryan
    It’s 2095. A cataclysmic event known as the Great Catastrophe has killed ninety-five percent of the world’s population. The survivors share a common thread: genetic traits that enable perception of the physical and emotional experience of others, both living and dead. Turns out death is an empty persistence in limbo, and the dead, or unattached as they’re now known, plague the living. But scientists have developed a genetically flawless replacement body. Death is cured. And the unattached have t... more
  • Beyond the Fearsome Mist

    by Linton C. Blaise
    The mist walkers are real! All her life Lowen believed the mysterious creatures a figment of her grandmother’s tales. But when their flying fortress appears outside her village, she and her family become the prisoners of these not so mythical beings. Together with her friend Emmi, Lowen must use her magical powers to fight her way across a landscape teeming with dangers as she attempts to reunite with her missing family. For Kastalard Igo capturing Lowen should have been the achievement of a... more
  • The Third Internecion (Tale of Infidels)

    by Erik A. Otto
    The fate of Matteo's lands rests on precariously on the blasphemous words of a growing cadre of infidels. They must find a way to rally forces to the aid of the Old Keep before it's too late. But who will believe them?
  • The Day's Wake (Tale of Infidels)

    by Erik A. Otto
    In A Tale of Infidels, we learned about three infidels who have been cast out and branded. They say they seek truth but they only sew discord in Matteo's lands. Here we will learn about three more who contract the heathen contagion, three more who spout blasphemous lies. Conspiracies? Hideous beasts? A world that is fracturing at the seams? Where do their notions come from? There is enough torment and destruction across Matteo’s lands already, like the Day of Ascendancy... . Which is h... more
  • A Tale of Infidels

    by Erik A. Otto
    Matteo’s lands are steeped in theological doctrine. The prophesies speak of red rains and gargoyles and days where up is down and down is up, but only the most devout servants believe. The Truthseeker is an ambitious apprentice, eager to become a learned Sandalier. He unwittingly unearths a deadly secret that undermines his faith. He is cast out and Marked. The Traitor is a precocious princess, sent away as a political pawn to entreaty with their most vile historical enemy. But her heath... more
  • The Venusians Among Us

    by Steve Zimcosky
    Checking your DNA and ancestry is real popular these days and everyone is doing it. A group of co-workers who meet regularly for drinks decide to do it as a group and share their results. But what happens when one of them finds out he is not even from this planet? And he is not alone! Are they friendly or hostile to planet earth and it's people?
  • The Siren's Last Song

    by Jordan Heikkinen
    As bitter winter winds begin to sweep across the lands of Neuterran, three of the Ruling Lords of the Four Kingdoms receive letters with word of the King’s Death. The letter sent to the fourth Lord—the King’s son, Prince Leeroy—tells only of his father’s ailing health, nothing more. With that omission, decades of peace between the Four Kingdoms start to unravel and unlikely paths begin to converge.A girl of sixteen tends to her jealous heart in a black castle perched above the sea. A woman plagu... more
  • The Rain Belongs Here

    by Julie Rogers
    If she succeeds in finding him, he’ll be charged with murder. If she fails, he won’t likely survive on his own. It’s 2064. Ana lives in the City, an experimental community that has had little contact with outsiders in decades. When her older brother Finn disappears on her 22nd birthday, a seemingly impossible event given the City’s extensive monitoring, she quits school, moves into her station wagon and embarks on an obsessive manhunt. Unable to find him on her own, she’s forced to partner wi... more
  • A Truth Be Told

    by Alyssa Milani
    Briana wakes up in a strange room with no memory of who she is or how she got there. The only other person with her is a man named Charlie. Grotesque creatures have the power to enter her mind at will, terrorizing Charlie and Briana until they escape and find themselves in a world unbeknownst to them; everything was different there. The time, the air, the water. There were no roads, there was no sky. Everything was not as it seemed.