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  • The Unfortunate Curse of Deathfall Forest: Weeds, Meads, and Steeds (Inebriated Magic Book 1)

    by Luke M. Charles
    A drunken wizard curses a forest by accident, which grows in size to threaten the whole kingdom, and it's up to five misfit adventures to save the day.
  • Where Ravens Soar (Nine World Protection Agency Book 1)

    by michelle Connor
    Rifinn, or Finn as she prefers to be known, is an agent working for the Nine World Protection Agency. Her job involves getting to the bottom of events that are often beyond the understanding of humans. She is also the granddaughter of Odin. While working on a shocking case where wolf-skin children are being kidnapped and then skinned for the black market, Finn and her partner Augustus track the suspect back to his palatial home where they discover a grisly scene that leaves them devastated. ... more
  • A Wind from the Wilderness

    by Suzannah Rowntree
    Hunted by demons. Lost in time. Welcome to the First Crusade. Syria, 636: As heretic invaders circle Jerusalem, young Lukas Bessarion vows to defend his people. Instead, disaster strikes. His family is ripped apart. His allies are slaughtered. And Lukas is hurled across the centuries to a future where his worst nightmares have come true... Constantinople, 1097: Ayla may be a heretic beggar, but she knows one thing for sure: six months from now, she will die. Before then, she must ave... more
  • The Prisoner

    by Sara Allyn

    The first in a series, Sara Allyn’s break though novel, “The Prisoner,” is a glimpse into life on the planet of Olrona.  We are introduced to the Pegaseans, whose advanced evolution has allowed their survival for thousands of years, despite an unforgiving terrain and constant threats from rival species. For all their talents, adaptations, and advanced social and governmental structures, they find themselves at the mercy of an ancient Entity who refuses to negotiate with... more

  • In the Shadows

    by Lawrence Medici

    New York City detective Al Russo is a walking cliché and he knows it.  His obsession with his job and the adrenaline rush it brings has led to a failed marriage and a taste for alcohol.

    ​Detective Russo is called to investigate, what appears to be, a simple traffic accident that resulted in the death of a homeless person.  However Al uncovers evidence that things may not be as they seem.  His suspicions appear to be confirmed when he is confronted one night by a sh... more

  • Orconomics: A Satire (The Dark Profit Saga Book 1)

    by J. Zachary Pike
    Orconomics: A Satire is the first book in The Dark Profit Saga, a trilogy of humorous epic fantasy novels. If you like down-and-out heroes, sidesplitting misadventures, and ingenious world-building, then you’ll love J. Zachary Pike’s dark and delightful ribbing of high fantasy.
  • Kingshold (Wildfire Cycle Book 1)

    by D. P. Woolliscroft
    Longlisted for the Booknest 2018 Fantasy Awards - Best Self Published Fantasy Novel and Best Debut Novel “This is a book that deserves to be recognized as not only one of the best self-published books of the year, but also as one of the best Fantasy books of 2018. .”-out of this world book reviews The King is Dead. Long Live the People! Mareth is a bard, a serial under achiever, a professional drunk, and general disappointment to his father. Despite this, Mareth has one thing going for ... more
  • Post-Apocalypticon (The Apocalypticon Trilogy Book 2)

    by Clayton Smith
    Ben Fogelvee isn’t having his best apocalypse. His madcap last-hurrah road trip from Chicago to Disney World ended in disaster; he lost his best friend, and he’s spent the three years since weighed down by ghosts and haunted by tragedy. When the train he's riding is beset by bandits who steal a particularly precious piece of cargo, Ben heads out into the high desert of the Colorado-Utah borderlands on a post-apocalyptic mission to get back what he’s lost. He’s not alone, though...he has the memo... more
  • The Amazon Legacy

    by Zenay Bekele Ben-Yochanan
  • Book 3 - Quantum Time

    by Douglas Phillips
    Everyone knew time travel was impossible. Then reality intruded. A dying man stumbles into a police station and collapses. In his fist is a mysterious coin with strange markings. He tells the police he’s from the future, and when they uncover the coin’s hidden message they’re inclined to believe him. Daniel Rice never asked for fame but his key role in Earth’s first contact with an alien civilization thrust him into a social arena where any crackpot might take aim. When the FBI arrives at his ... more
  • Book 2 - Quantum Void

    by Douglas Phillips
    Eight months after the astounding discoveries made at Fermilab… Particle physics was always an unlikely path to the stars, but with the discovery that space could be compressed, the entire galaxy had come within reach. The technology was astonishing, yet nothing compared to what humans encountered four thousand light-years from home. Now, with an invitation from a mysterious gatekeeper, the people of Earth must decide if they’re ready to participate in the galactic conversation. The world ... more
  • Blue-Edged Soul

    by Venessa Giunta
    This novella is a bridge between Jivaja, book one of the Soul Cavern series, and the sequel. It features Ken, the uncle of Jivaja's main character, who has been dispatched to London to protect the wife and daughter of a family friend. This is his story.
  • Jivaja (Soul Cavern Series Book 1)

    by Venessa Giunta
    Mecca is a murderer. That’s what she thinks when she accidentally kills the man who attacks her in the parking lot of her favorite coffee shop. When word gets back to the Visci of someone who can kill one of their kind with just a touch, the race is on to acquire Mecca as a weapon in the coming war. Unable to trust the one person she has always counted on, Mecca is isolated from everything she once knew, all while being hunted by dangerous creatures bent on using her Gift for their own bl... more
  • Remanded to the Night Cafe

    by M. E. Smith

    In a seedy bar, John Clarke begins his journey. We learn that John was like the rest of us, not so long ago. He had a steady job, a wife and a place in the world. By working hard and playing by the rules, he believed got you security.

    Unfortunately, life tenders no promises; he lost it all; marriage, job, sight and sanity.

    Now, living in a shabby hotel on the government’s dime, stumbling from one misadventure from another, he is urged on by a seductive, enigmatic voice in hi... more

  • Queen of Zazzau

    by J.S. Emuakpor
    Amina is heir apparent to the throne of Zazzau and must prove herself worthy of the crown. As foreign invaders close in on them, she is the only thing standing between her people and their destruction. Caught in a web of prophecies and intrigue, she must defend Zazzau, but cannot do so if she wants to prevent the future that was foretold. She did not seek war; it found her. Unwilling to be the plaything of gods or men and determined to take control of her own destiny, she tracks down the god of ... more
  • Trigger, A The Earthside Trilogy Novel

    by Sherri Moorer
    This Heaven’s a lie. Ayanna died and went to Heaven – or so she’s been told. She was working on advanced nanotechnology at her university job when a blast outside of her office building transports her to a utopian world, where her new job is to integrate advanced nanotech into the new world. There’s just one problem: Heaven shouldn’t need nanotech, and the more she finds, the more she sees that this Heaven may be a lie. When another new arrival discovers that the settlement isn’t stable, Aya... more