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  • Fable's End

    by Seth Halleway
    After centuries of warfare, a world of conquerors has at last defeated their enemies and destroyed their god-like creators. With their society now teetering on collapse and an aging ruler close to death, two young scions from legendary imperial families contend to take control. One has a progressive vision for changing their world by integrating their former enemies. The other has a darker plan that calls for the expulsion and extermination of those who once opposed them. Only one can succeed, a... more
  • Strung

    by ⟅R̫o̮s̫k͚e̫

    In an attempt to repel an unwanted suitor, Lady Lysbeth Haywood shares her unfashionable enthusiasm for the "Faye"—a supposedly-mythical race few believe exist. Instead, her suitor is driven to capture one as a gift.

    When the Faye, Evyn, is delivered to Lindenholt Manor, Lysbeth's dread at the prospect of a forced engagement yields to the thrilling actualization of childhood Fayetales—and the chance to satisfy her long-suffered curiosity. Unfortunately, Avonlei... more

  • The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten: Bait And Switch

    by D. E. Wyatt
    There are some things in the world that are real, and others found only in minstrels' fancies. Elsabeth and Hieronymus find these lines blurring after accepting a simple escort job to the isolated village of Checy. Local folklore tells of a wizard dwelling in the wilderness nearby, and their client, an orphaned youth named Maerten, hopes that his magic can reveal the truth about his past. Despite their skepticism, Elsabeth and Hieronymus are soon drawn kicking and screaming into the unlikely ... more
  • My Manufactured Soul

    by Jeffry Dwight

    A planet with a forbidden history;
    A man without a name or memory;
    The two collide in a titanic struggle.

    Magic battles science in this gripping tale of an exoplanet colony’s struggle for survival.

    On Sundering, the man called Grey must unravel the planet’s deepest secrets to find his own real name and the truth about himself. His search for his past threatens the balance of power, and awakens ancient forces. Grey’s unshakeable... more

  • Stage Four

    by John Payne
    Three people are dying of melanoma cancer. Nothing more can be done for them. Their pets are keeping them alive. The Chicago metro-sexual has a python, the gay guy from Paris has a French bulldog and the lawyer from San Francisco has a falcon. Their pets are keeping them alive until they get their ravaged bodies to Texas, and for one mil, undergo the treatment process. They are verified cured by their doctors. All goes well until certain atmospheric conditions erupt, and they genetically morph i... more
  • The Albatross: Requiem

    by Connor Mackay
    The crew of the elite warship, Albatross, and the newfound Union they belong to, have been gravely injured. First contact with the mysterious alien enemy, known as the Forsaken, was more devastating than they could have imagined. The cost of the Union’s historic rescue mission on the planet Stormwater has left the few remaining survivors picking up the pieces and questioning what hell lies ahead. A new face and another one of the eight original human bright eyes, Elora Bhele, joins Will Reach... more
  • The Venus Project

    by Ilker Korkutlar
    The Venus Project is a science fiction adventure novel about the experiences of a group of people working to change the global socioeconomic system. The plot is divided across the years of 2010, 2017-2019, and 2044-2045. With the latter years corresponding to a dystopian world where small groups of survivors remain after global disaster, the topics of artificial intelligence, pandemics, and cryogenics are explored. In addition to a multi-character adventure, the novel also offers a philosophical... more
  • Future Tense: Tales of Apocalyptic Vision

    by Michaelbrent Collings

    Worldwide bestseller and master of terror Michaelbrent Collings invites you to peer into the future, to uncover things long hidden, and to experience worlds of a Future Tense…

    A world where suicide is illegal – unless you agree to kill yourself over and over again...

    “A must-read!” – Readers’ Favorite

    A place where childhood games turn back the clock – and bring with... more

  • Fatal Shadow

    by Noel Coughlan
    Long ago, magic cracked apart the world and suspended great continents between two suns. But the ebb and flow of human history continues. Trade and war cross the void on dragon wings. Great empires rise and topple… Drinith’s family is dead, her kingdom conquered. She lives as a wandering exile, seeking potential allies against the tyrant Magian the Infinite while doggedly pursued by his hired killers. The prophetic visions of the oracle, Quiescat, have protected her so far, but his power is f... more
  • Circadian Algorithms

    by Tom B. Night
    Those who control dreams control reality. Madeline wants more time—for her career as a tech startup CEO, for herself, and for her family. Lucky for her, a new and controversial procedure offers to give her just that by reducing how much she needs to sleep. The data is promising, and she’s used to taking calculated risks. It seems like the right decision at the time, even if she hides it from her husband. While Madeline scaled the corporate ladder and spent half her nights on the road, Darw... more
  • Sābanto - The Crimson River (Sabanto)

    by Ewa Anderson

    The war is over, but the fight continues.

    A desperate class struggle rages on between Covedale and Riverlea—sister cities far from the front lines and the newly-established global government, World United—that threatens to tear them apart from the inside. Organized crime has infiltrated key positions locally and is using its control to pit the cities against each other, manipulating citizens and businesses alike to achieve their mysterious ends. On ... more

  • Arthur and the Argonauts

    by G.H. Lewis

    Interstellar space travel has arrived, without the benefit of ansibles and warp drives. The Argo, vanity project of an eccentric billionaire, is taking humanity’s first tentative steps beyond the home planet. The voyage will see the Argonauts—and their children, and their children’s children—drifting alone and isolated through the black void for thousands of years. Poor, unremarkable, lovelorn Arthur Pifflethorpe has been chosen to go with them. He hasn&r... more

  • Chronicles of Anne

    by Naif Makmi
    Chronicles of Ann: A Novel A Historical Ghost Mystery In his latest up-and-coming historical ghost mystery, Naif writes about Anne, who is born 13 years after her parents were killed for breaking the rules of love. Anne grows up in an orphanage home without knowing who she really is. What’s next? In a world full of sorcery, Anne discovers her passion to become a witch. She gets the opportunity to become one, but strange things start happening that lead her to believe she has a destiny t... more
  • 2059

    by Naif Makmi
    It was a thing of awe and curiosity as humanity had witnessed the arrival of the first extraterrestrial beings they have seen and their level of sophistication and intellect far outpaced anything that humans have ever known yet this advanced species come seeking refuge from an unknown for and humanity accepts them, gaining from their technology and skill, making rapid advancements than had ever been recorded and enjoying relative peace and prosperity. Olivia is an Astrobiologist with a fascinat... more
  • Body and Blood

    by Michael Gallagher
    Two Roman Catholic priests blessed with theurgic superpowers of exorcism protect their parish from a cult that's kidnapping children from their parish in a spiritually unmoored cyberpunk future where demonic possession is common.
  • A Nomad in Mystical Montreal

    by Jess Caleb
    Having run the gauntlet of Thanksgiving with her family in Pennsylvania, and while licking her wounds in the snow-covered city of Montreal, Claudia Portneuf learns that an evil force is spreading terror in La Belle Province of Quebec. As her luck would have it, Claudia soon finds herself a prime target. Will she and her friends learn enough about the hidden world of magic to make it to New Year's?