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  • A Bad Place to Be a Hero (The Bad Series Book 1)

    by Jerry F. Westinger
    "There is no bigger bastard than a man who thinks he's a hero." Thessa is a young noblewoman who has an unfortunate run-in with a werewolf on her engagement night. Lokenn is a fugitive necromancer, out to restore the reputation of his maligned art. Corlis is an innkeeper nursing a dying aunt amidst rapidly mounting debts. And around them all, a dirty city hides a web of even dirtier secrets. In a string of bad luck and worse decisions, the three of them end up getting arrested and neck dee... more
  • Survive the Cursed (These Cursed Origins Book 1)

    by Ashton Abbott
    At the end, we only have ourselves to blame. We focused on pride and what reality should be. No one could see it until it was too late. In the end, the darkness didn't have to do much. We were more than capable of destroying the world ourselves. Now evil roams the earth, killing what's left of us. I don't know why it bothers. We are fallen. After the world fell survivors banded together in an attempt to thrive amongst the chaos that evil had unleashed. The only way to make it, ... more
  • The Infinite-Infinite

    by M.K. Williams
    Imagine waking up one morning to a better life: a beautifully stylized home, an elevated position at your job, and a cleaner society. Oh, there’s a catch – your boyfriend may be a murderer with access to the most powerful invention in human history. This is exactly how Nina Marks woke on August 8th. Kidnapped across the multiverse, Nina has to navigate her way home. An action-packed journey that will transport readers across several stops in the multiverse, this is a thrilling read for fans o... more
  • Interview with a #Vanlifer

    by M.K. Williams
    The one question no one is asking in the current climate crisis is, “how does this affect the vampire population?“ Scoring an exclusive interview with Peter and Ursula, the now internet-famous influencers and #vanlifers, our narrator details their evening in Yosemite National Park with a pair of vampires. In this satirical short story, we will learn about Peter and Ursula’s experience as vampires, their unique risks as the climate continues to change, and how they plan to use their celebr... more
  • GRONE: Legends of the Known Arc Book 1

    by Patrick Cumby
    IN A LAVISH VIRTUAL UNIVERSE OF EMPIRES AND ALIENS, THINGS JUST GOT REAL. FAR TOO REAL. The QARMA supercomputer at Stanford University hosts the most vivid and realistic metaverse ever envisioned. But now a malicious cyberattack has cut the metaverse off from its creators and users. Behind an unbreakable firewall, time in the machine has begun to speed a million times faster than it should. As days and weeks tick by in the real world, centuries and millennia pass in the evolving metaverse.... more
  • Starlight Jewel: Gifts of the Auldtree, Book One

    by E.L. Lyons
    Axly, the Starlight Company's premier seductress-thief and assassin, will do whatever it takes to keep her human brother hidden. The secrets of his origin could tear their world apart, and keeping them has driven her to lies and murder. Her people, the sprygan-human hybrids that live under the city of Minalav, aren't keen on allowing their most skilled asset to roam free. A job with a human offers a chance to get her brother out of danger, but it comes at a price. Divided loyalties, duty, romanc... more
  • When I’m lonely I dream of you

    by Tallie
    From an unexpected meeting at the great Japanese mountain to endless comparisons in an almost magical baker's academy. From the timeless retreat of the abandoned to the hectic life of the Korean idol of the future. Each story in this album is invariably filled with atmosphere, mood, and ideas for reflection. In small but vivid stories, Tallie shares musings on music, the modern age, and life.
  • Epic of Helinthia

    by MJ Pankey

    When a madman seized the throne, the gods on Olympus fell silent, and the island of Helinthia withered into decay...

    Dargon is sure these events are no coincidence and convinces Kelric and Gadnor to join him in a rebellion against the king, hoping to incur favor with the gods and restore prosperity to their ravaged lands. Confident of their purpose, they embark on a journey to rally support for war, leaving Dargon's sister Gonivein safe behind the walls of Shallinat... more

  • McMinnville

    by Derrick McCartney
    wo photographs taken on a spring evening in 1950 that seem to show the impossible-we are not alone. A thirteen-year-old girl disappears the same evening, but returns thirty years later without aging a day. A dying detective on the hunt for the answers to one mystery falls afoul of a more profound mystery that calls into question all of human history and the science on which the universe is based. McMinnville is the story of one man's coming to terms with his mortality and the inconceivable, whil... more
  • La Vampira: In Search of Lost Time

    by Madonna de la Noche
    I’ve been bit. I was a little Mexican girl and now I'm a cosmopolitan, Manhattanite vampire. A naïve little girl became a brutal vampire but now that little girl haunts me. I’ve written other vampire books, but this is the first truthful one. My previous books made lots of money, lying about what we are, what we do. But I’ve become ashamed of the lies. I'm writing something truthful. That’s why I went back to learn about my human self before the bite. I wanted to write something with just... more
  • Five Demons: An Occult Detective Novel

    by Marc Layton
    You’re right to be scared of the dark… Professor Aldous Crane, paranormal expert and ghost hunter, knows all too well the things that lurk beyond the thin veil of our reality. Dark spirits hide just beyond our reach, waiting for their chance to strike – and when disturbed, vengeful ghosts will stop at nothing to exact their revenge on the living. In these five haunting and horrifying tales, you’ll delve into the darkest depths of the supernatural, discovering the shocking and macabre cases th... more
  • Deadly Memory

    by David Walton
    THE PAST TURNS DEADLY in this sequel to the globe-spanning paleontology thriller Living Memory. Ancient genetic technology drives world politics as China and the US vie for the power contained in Thailand’s fossil deposits. Deep in an underground CIA facility, Samira studies an unprecedented find but fears her discoveries will be used as a weapon. Meanwhile, from the depths of the ocean, a killer organism surfaces that hasn’t been seen in two hundred and fifty million years. Will world powers sh... more
  • Silhouettes and Shadows

    by James R. Martin
    Moving beyond rocket propulsion while defying world powers, a private corporation secretly builds ships to explore Mars and the Solar System. To survive, they must initially defend their discoveries and goals against a right-wing government, corporate competitors, and foreign countries. The story starts today, quickly moving into a dangerous future. A host of characters teams up to make a dream come true. Will they complete their quest before Homo sapiens destroy Earth? Each of the many charac... more
  • Edge of the Cosmos (Cosmos Saga Book 1)

    by Dex Devlyn
    One day, seven stars will rise up, unify all mankind, and bring peace to the universe. Today is not that day. Today, these seven strangers barely survived the crash of the last starliner, found themselves marooned, and managed to narrowly avoid murdering each other over a shiny stone. Not their best day, but certainly not their worst. So begins their unlikely tale of survival as they make their way across the universe, from a remote outpost to a shining city of light to its seedy shadowed ... more
  • Raven’s Creek

    by David-Jack Fletcher
    Michael and Geoff, a married couple, stop for the night in a dilapidated motel, pursuing their runaway surrogate. Little do they know, the owners are preparing for their annual "show" Financed by the wealthy elite, who support genetic research beneath the motel. Among them is a young woman named Adelaide, intent on exposing the cruelties that lurk beneath the depths of the Raven's Creek motel. The trio are forced to participate in a battle for survival. One that wills them to dig into the dar... more
  • Stranger in the Twisted Realm

    by Kay Kenyon
    Yevliesza, a modern woman of earth, has at last gained acceptance in the closed medieval kingdom of Numinat. She has won the love of a high lord, gathered the first friends of her young life—and uncovered a rare power she never wanted and cannot control. When she is sent on a diplomatic mission into warlike Volkia she finds herself trapped by the cunning ruler, Prince Albrecht. He suspects that she is linked to a power he can harness for war. Determined to bend her to his will, he is willing ... more