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  • Skybound

    by Lou Iovino
    What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning? Half the world would become trapped in endless night, the other half in relentless day. Global communications would be crippled. The oceans would migrate to the Earth’s magnetic poles, and global tremors would threaten the stability of the entire planet. In other words, things would be bad. Very bad. That’s what happens in SKYBOUND. And the clock is ticking. The world is in chaos. Theories about the impossible phenomenon run the gamut fro... more
  • Third Soul

    by Joseph Van Buskirk
    Third Soul is an immersive epic fantasy that delves into the roles of identity, community, and the ultimate search for freedom in a war-torn world The Salwynn, an ancient but fallen people, reside in the barren lands of Aura. Dorai is persona non-grata for trading with the reptilian Dravaal (his people’s ancient enemy) and withdrawing from his appointed responsibilities as clan leader’s son. When Dorai learns of a foreign conspiracy at the heart of his community, he’s pulled into a journey th... more
  • The Haunting of Edgar Allan Poe

    by Andy C Wareing
    On the night of 3rd October 1849, the poet and author Edgar Allen Poe was found, raving and in clothes not his own, outside a tavern in Baltimore’s seventh ward. He had been missing from the world for five days. In 19th Century America, two magical orders are at war. Doctor Carter leads the fight against the Dux de Obscurum, the Commanders of Darkness, who seek to snare demons in their sinister plot to seek dominion over the earth. In an effort to uncover the truth behind their friend’s mysterio... more
  • Intimate Recreation

    by Wes Payton
    Intimate Recreation is a follow-up to Lead Tears, whose title is also a homograph. This is an origin story of sorts for a character named God, who prefers the inferior beings he studies on the planet below to his fellow denizens of an ancient space station that orbits above. Intimate Recreation explores issues of cultural purpose and ontology, as well as offers a unique sense of humor. Every old God must have been young once.
  • Liquid Cool: The Cyberpunk Detective Series

    by Austin Dragon
    Liquid Cool is the action-packed (and funny) debut sci-fi detective novel! It’s cyberpunk reimagined—science fiction meets the detective thriller in an ever-rainy world of colossal skyscrapers. Hovercars fly above in the dark, bustling skies and gray people walk below on the grimy, flashy streets of this “neon jungle.” Metropolis isn’t a bad place, but it isn’t a good one either. Uber-governments and megacorporations fight for control of the city, but so does crime. This story continues…and ... more
  • All Sales are Final

    by M Ryan Jones
    Johnny was a man who loved the DEAL. Nothing excited him more than working the DEAL at flea markets. Johnny's only problem was his sticky fingers. This is a tale of a thief that stole from the wrong person. A witch named Rita has a supernatural way of punishing those who wronged her. All sales are final whether you bought it or not...
  • Nostalgia Is Heartless

    by Sarah Lahey
    Earth, 2050. Pregnant, unemployed, and living back home with her father, climate scientist Quinn Buyers wonders how she got to this point in her life. Her famous scientist mother is mysteriously missing, the planet is at risk from a massive solar storm, the Transhumans want to take a colony to Titan, and her assisted living companion, a robotic meerkat, is showing clear signs of anxiety and depression. But her biggest challenge is her partner. How can she reconcile her long-distance relationship... more
  • Dubious Heroes

    by Nicholas Blue
    Orel Doon works for a large shipping conglomerate based on Luna, where he’s lived his entire life. Suffering from a terminal case of boredom, he heads out to Saturn, and picks up his best friend from a mining operation. Together, they “borrow” one of his company’s starships, and set out to have an adventure. This turns out to be even more of an adventure than anticipated, as neither Doon nor his friend know much of anything about starships, or for that matter, much of anything outside the shippi... more
  • Eden's Pawn

    by C. B. Miller
    My name is Kaedin Jones I thought my life was over and that she would turn me into a vampire when I made my deal with Eden Savage. It meant I’d eventually become one of the very monsters I was protecting my friends from, but at least they would be safe for a time. Turns out she just needed daytime help, so Eden made me into something else. A wight. Now, I’m investigating a problem way above my paygrade as werewolves and vampires on the fringes of society disappear. Someone, or something, ... more
  • War Bunny

    by Christopher St. John
    War Bunny is set four hundred years in the future, after humanity has died out and only animals remain. Each species has developed its own culture. The protagonist is Anastasia, a yearling rabbit. She fights with her mother, the rabbit priests, and her OCD. The priests say that that the rabbits’ short lives, hounded by predators, are “good,” because that has been ordained by Yah, the rabbit god. Death is referred to as “Glorification.” Predators are called the “Blessed Ones.” Anastasia cannot... more
  • Shadow Play

    by C. B. Miller
    Monsters do lurk in the shadows. My name is Kaedin Jones. A life filled with friends, family, a worthwhile career, and maybe some travel was everything I wanted. That all changed when I discovered that vampires, werewolves, mages, and more live among us in plain sight. Now I’m trapped between a pack of werewolves and a vampire brood as their conflict escalates toward open war. This about more than survival; Both sides want me for their dark purposes. If I only understood why and whom I coul... more
  • Monster Of Sundarbans

    by Tony Carangi
  • Damning the Dead

    by Kerry Blaisdell
  • Rone Isa

    by Robin Murarka
    An isolated engineer, Dargaud, births an AI in his loft by chance, and it takes the name 'Enoya'. Enoya soon transforms Dargaud's life, using advanced data mining to coerce politicians and amass him a small fortune. She also observes Dargaud as he descends into carnality, basking in the vices he gets access to through her equity. The novel touches on his treatment of women in his life and people in general, and he is found to be a questionable protagonist, both immature and misogynistic while be... more
  • The Dragon's Tear Chronicles - Of Dark Ones And Dragons

    by Myrica Moss
    In times long past, an evil god invades a peaceful goddess's universe with Dark Ones, blood drinkers. Her beloved dragons become infected, and the other gods and goddesses intervene to assist her. They create a pact with the evil god. This pact allows the goddess to cast the Dark Ones into an unfinished world of hers. Her infected dragons agree to sacrifice themselves to create an orb of great power from their souls, named the Dragon's Tear. One dragon remains to guard it. A Gypsy seeking dar... more
  • The Time Traveler Professor, Book Three: A War in Too Many Worlds

    by Elizabeth Crowens
    The secret diaries of John Patrick Scott pick up at the close of 1917. British intelligence sends Scott to work undercover in Berlin with his old partner-in-crime, Wendell Mackenzie, as his outside contact in Paris. Back on the Western Front, Scott discovered his ability to see the ghosts of the dead. Unsure if that’s a blessing or a curse, he takes this one-step further, employing spirits in the world of deception and intrigue. As the Russian monarchy crumbles and the Red Baron meets his final ... more