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  • Balancers

    by M.C. Alexander

    We are taught revenge is wrong, and that those who do good or evil get what they deserve. But whose job is it to ensure that such divine justice is carried out?

    Alessandra Genovese, tired of seeing the innocent suffer and the guilty prosper, joins a secret group that speaks to divine messengers who guide them to carry out acts of divine justice outside of the law: 


    But... a murderer is loose in the city. Will Alessandra and the Bal... more

  • Scorpius Rex

    by William Burke
    Petroleum engineers drilling in the African desert uncover a pocket of mysterious, life-preserving gas, and the hellish creatures hibernating within—a colony of ten-foot prehistoric scorpions. After 400 million years, Scorpius Rex has risen to reclaim its throne as Earth’s apex predator.
  • Grave New World: Down & Dirty Supernatural Cleaning Services Book 1

    by Kate Karyus Quinn
    Sometimes you have to play dirty. I’m Paige Harper and I clean up supernatural messes. But my personal life is something I can’t seem to straighten out. I accidentally married a fae, and even though we've been divorced for years, Jax still manages to land me in hot water. Like, putting my house on the table at a high stakes poker game type of hot. Now, he's been arrested for murder and the cops want to pin a series of vampire killings on him. I don't know if he did it or not. But I do k... more
  • Reclaiming the Magic: An Urban Fantasy romance

    by Brooklyn Ann

    Urban Fantasy Romance

    Vampire society knows him as the Thirteenth Elder first vampire in creation, the mages know him as an immortal high sorcerer and the Keeper of the Prophecy. Delgarias Dullahan only cares about the woman who knew him simply as "Del." Two thousand years ago, he gambled his soul for the power to marry Nikkita Leonine...and lost.

    Now he is finally on her trail. But Del is not the only one searching for the missing luminite princess, and whoever finds he... more

  • Becoming Monday

    by GW Constable
    Humanity exists in an in-between state. Artificial intelligence has transformed the world, but artificial sentience has remained out of reach. When it arrives, it arrives slowly — until all of a sudden, things move very fast, not least for the AI caught up in the mess. This is the story of the emergence of artificial life and its fight to survive when world powers are desperate to prevent a technological singularity event. The debut novel by a lifelong technologist and author of award-winn... more
  • Innocence Found Guilty

    by Carlos Schmidt
    This book comprises thirteen short stories recounting the violent throes endured by galactic Confederation society since Mankind's inclusion as citizens.
  • Drace Talker

    by David C. Simon
    Thirea, a land of magic and dragons, conquered by muskets and cannons. Magic is illegal, and mages are in hiding. But when the dragons start fighting back, only one mage can save can stop an entire city from burning.
  • Optimal

    by J.M. Berger
    The Algorithm Wars have ended, and the world has been optimized. Thanks to the System, everything that happens is recorded, liked, commented, shared and analyzed at scale in order to produce nonstop and ever-improving recommendations about what kind of job you should have, what kind of food you might enjoy, what kind of music you might like, what kind of exercise you need, and what kind of person you might want to sleep with. It is a world of total information and total freedom… although thin... more
  • In Lost Dreams the Four Were Bound

    by Bradley R. Blankenship

    “In lost dreams the four were bound: the ancient friend lulled by comfortable melancholy, the jilted lover bent to sisterly duty, the prideful brother jailed in bloody ambition, all while Virage slept trapped in nightmare…”

    The Hyunisti talvuo tribe has lingered in somber isolation for over three hundred years deep within the Lorinian Witchwood. In their village, four burdens underscore a chain of catastrophes eyed by watchers from afar.

    ... more
  • Betera's Legacy

    by T.J. Sachs

    Crawford Lear, the reluctant leader of the civil war that crippled the Beta Union habitat, finds himself on a collision course with a terrifying destiny steeped in deception and covered with blood. As a new hero emerges, the truth will rise. Dark. Deadly. Devastating.

  • SETI Trilogy

    by Frederick Fichman
    Seventeen year old Sam Alexander has a mission: to finish his dead father's crusade to locate deep-space radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. He uses his powerful computer and radio equipment to search the electromagnetic spectrum for a message from deep space, and finds one. But when he shares his discovery with his father's friends at NASA, Sam's trust is betrayed and his equipment is stolen. With the next alien contact imminent, Sam makes a move that plunges him into desperate c... more
  • On Deception Watch

    by David H. Spielberg

    This is the first in a trilogy called World Federation Novels. The overarching theme of On Deception Watch is sustainable energy through controlled nuclear fusion. The story begins by introducing several of the key characters. JAMES MARSHALL, the science reporter for the Washington Courier, visits the private nuclear research lab, AJC Fusion, in a backwater New Jersey industrial park. There he meets SYLVIA CARLYLE, administrative assistant to ... more

  • Amir of Guelph

    by Albert Marsolais

    An intelligent near-future thriller about friends, family, loyalty, and betrayal.

    The pandemic and economic collapse irrevocably changed the world. Maintaining social harmony was paramount as societies struggled to find solutions to governance, population, and cultural problems that lead to the failures of the past. But for every solution a new problem arose.

  • Boarded Windows, Dead Leaves

    by Michael Jess Alexander
    From cultish rituals to cosmic horror, Michael Jess Alexander's collection of horror fiction will leave you disquieted and unsettled. In "Chatterbox," a college professor is haunted by the spirit of a former student. "A Profound Impact" tells the story of a lost group of people who finally find a place they belong. In "Space For Amateurs," a science experiment goes horribly awry. These tales and six others await you in this haunting volume of horror fiction.
  • The Princess of Asylum

    by D.G. Valdron
    A lowly actress in a city overrun by invaders pretends to be the Princess, leading to a chain of events and continually escalating lies, until she topples a great empire.
  • The Voyages of Ralf, Vol. 1

    by R.M. Kozan
    Banned on Mars! A space opera comedy with satiric tone, The Voyages of Ralf owes as much to Douglas Adams as Philip K. Dick. In the year 1969 SR (Since Reset), Mars leads a flourishing tri-galactic alliance. Space Corps Intern Ralf has had a brain-load full of the Academy and now, as he starts his second internship, he has already completed one top secret mission, suffered a great personal loss, and dealt with Zin pirates. In a world where 'ugly' is a swear word, and the Equal Sign (=) is the ... more