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  • Vertical City

    by Tristan Scott
    Edgar Pacey is alone in a world without loneliness. His home, Vertical City, a gargantuan skyscraper on the island of Tristan da Cunha, is claustrophobically packed with the last remnants of the human race. Edgar, a carbon miner and resident of the underground, awkwardly navigates his days without privacy or solitude. He often wonders - to the indifference or confusion of those around him - if their way of life is normal? But then, Edgar's quick thinking during a seemingly freak mining accident ... more
  • The Narrator

    by Babak Hodjat
    Imagine an app that creates a story based on one’s life, complete with genres and characters to choose from. The Narrator is that app. There’s just one problem: the company behind the product isn’t seeing the popularity and use they were hoping for. Fraught with suspense, The Narrator is a foreboding of the power of technology, and asks the urgent question: How much of our lives is guided by free will and can we get back control before it’s too late?
  • The Body Politic (The Tribal Wars Book 2)

    by Stella Atrium
    Brianna Miller returns to Dolvia where tribal women protest the oppressive rule of Rabbenu Ely by self-torchings in the Cylay Square. Brianna re-establishes her tribal schools and takes on assistant Kelly Osborn who is mixed blood and also a poet. Kelly visits a neighboring planet Cicero where her aunt Carline Bryant takes over her education. While returning to Dolvia, Kelly meets the Australian adventurer Hershel Henry who has signed on for a tour of Dolvia as a photo-journalist. Henry ta... more

    by Michele E. Gwynn

    The missing are being returned...but who is sending them back? For Special Agents Roger Otis of the FBI and Niall Alchurch of MI6, their assignment to Section 5, a joint international taskforce investigating incidents of unusual origin, has been a step up the career ladder, but the price paid for the privilege grows with each new case. Chasing down mysterious coordinates leads them on a hunt for missing persons across the globe—cases long grown cold. Amid unbelievable discoveries and di... more

  • Type B

    by Steve Mitchell
    John, a courier for Mercy Hospital lab, is given instructions to go pick up two blood specimens and rush them to the hospital for analysis. John discovers information about a deadly blood disease that is fatal to everyone except those who have type B blood and those who have not reached adolescence. The medical community doesn’t know what it is, how it spreads or how to cure it. What they do know is the virus spreads rapidly with a 100 percent mortality rate. As the disease takes its toll on t... more
  • Saurian : Redemption in the Amazon

    by John Craven Smarr
    In a laboratory, in the hills of California a discovery has been made...a discovery which will change the world as we know it. A basin lost to time has been discovered in the Amazon jungle, rumored to be filled with plants and animals from pre-history. Dinosaurs- Alive, Today. Now, BioPharm, a Bio-engineering company that makes pharmaceuticals out of the chemical properties of plants and animals alike has put together a safari to take advantage of the rich resources unknown to modern science. An... more
  • The Way of the Cicadas

    by Audrey Henley
    An amnesiac survivor proves the outside’s habitability and spurs a group of bunker-borns on a gritty journey through an irradiated wasteland—perfect for fans of The 100 and Station Eleven.
  • Come One, Come All

    by E. Gilliland
    The Pied Piper Circus lures in the lost, the lonely, people who wish to be stronger or faster or prettier…but once you join, you can never leave. Louisa knows the dangers of the traveling carnival, but she cannot afford to stay away. Not if she wants to get rid of the white owl that’s been haunting her, invading her dreams. Not if she wants to know about the dark, sinister mark in her eyes that convinces people to follow her every whim, no matter how terrible. Not when she fears what she mig... more
  • Forged of Fire: A New Adult Fantasy (The Forged Series Book 1)

    by Stacy Von Haegert
    On Goodreads' "Best New Adult and Fantasy Romance" and "Books that Deserve to be on Film" lists "Buckle up! This is the beginning of a new hit series..." - S.J. Pierce, International Bestselling Author Legends are not born. They are forged of fire... Long revered as one of the realm's most lethal warriors, Ashdon LaGoryen now prefers a solitary life. Far removed from his volatile past, he has no interest in returning to the station of his royal birth. But when an ancient prophecy comes ... more
  • Unidentified Funny Objects 9

    by Alex Shvartsman
    The Unidentified Funny Objects series delivers an annual dose of funny, zany, and unusual science fiction and fantasy stories. All-new fiction from the genre's top voices! In this volume you'll find: * Overworked fairies distributing swords. * Alien yeti slackers * Elf bakers * Absconded books * Superhero dance battles * Matchmakers ... in spaaace!
  • The Hostess

    by Catherine Oyster

    "Take a trip, see the world. New York to Paris in less than one second." Michaela loves her job as a "hostess." It pays ridiculously well and all she has to do is take a sedative and snooze through her shift, while a far away guest uses her body for instant teleportation. But when Michaela wakes with mysterious marks on her body, her dream job turns nightmare.

  • Angelic Wars

    Have you ever wondered how evil began? Or why God gave angels the free will to reject Him? The Angelic Wars, First Rebellion is a musical novel where the book’s characters sing when the reader activates links in the book. It is the epic story of the internal struggles and external battles among the angels for the control of Heaven during Satan’s rebellion. This first book in a series is unlike any other action-adventure fantasy because its setting is in Heaven and guided by Biblical passages. Az... more
  • Brave New Mars

    by Somerset Meece

    In 2084, The planet Mars has been acquired by one billionaire who runs it as a Corpocracy for profit.

    A Ganymedean miner comes to town looking for a market and a mate and meets the only pregnant woman on Mars; who wants to get off the planet so she can keep her coming child.

    The miner and the unwed mother disrupt the over-controlling Corporation's computer network and flee faster than the speed of light to the moons of Jupiter.

    The Owner is not amused and goes after them... more

  • Several Moments Of Madness

    by Alex Finch
    as one evening a rather drunken and worryingly depressed Ben Holland stumbles across two men fighting what should be an impossible battle, as lightning bolts shoot across a dark Soho street and one of the men nearly dies. After Ben attempts to help the severely injured man he discovers that his newfound friend George Hartman is a magician and several hundred years old, and after the two bond George offers to make Ben a magician himself. There is a catch however as the British government are a... more
  • Trip to Eyota

    by Martina Hubler
    Ray Heeks, salesperson extraordinaire, checks into a Georgia hotel for a meeting that should net him a big promotion. His plans are derailed when he finds the room is already occupied by a lonely, chatty ghost named Gus, who desperately wants to see an old friend back in his hometown of Eyota, Minnesota. Ray and Gus set off in a rattletrap RV, battling other ghosts, the law, and each other along the way. But the biggest threat drives a red Trans Am. Ray's wife and a ghost hunter, armed with a... more
  • Stranger Sins

    by Michaelbrent Collings

    International bestseller and multiple Bram Stoker Award and Dragon Award finalist brings you the next chapter of a chilling story of murder, mayhem, and redemption...


    What happens in Vegas…slays in Vegas.


    Legion is a teacher. An avenging angel. A murderer. 


    A madman.


    “I loved this crazy and intense ride of a book!&r... more