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  • Bedougalnn: The Art of Chronostasis

    by Morticus Holtz
    Dougal, leads a quiet, unexceptional life with his rescue dog, Bounce, at least he did! But after getting a visit from a peculiar looking dwarf, and finding out he is being hunted by entities from a shadow realm. He begins to realise; reality is not always what it seems. His life is flipped upside down, as he allows himself to be dragged into a rather perilous adventure, in a world of Dwarves, Pixies, Vegetarian Werewolves, and other fantastical creatures that only the strange and unusual dre... more
  • Zworsky's Children

    by Tom Connelly
    Some got the gift; some didn’t. And then there were those who saw it as a threat. It was an unexpected side effect of Dr. Zworsky’s now banned vaccine for a generation of children who developed antibiotic resistance. They called them the Metachromes: humans who could fly. Darlene Verity never enjoyed the attention she got as a Meta. But she never thought those who labeled her as inhuman would force her into a protection camp in the California desert. That all changed when an asteroid cras... more
  • Winter Enchantment

    by Malina Douglas
    Frost sprites dance at the windowpane, a snow-dwelling spider grants wishes and elusive beings lead a path through the snow in this magical collection!   Journey from a Japanese blizzard to a magical Arctic village, from the snow-covered forests of Kajanaland to a waterfall in Iceland. A snow maiden soars on her sleigh to a permafrost palace and a soothsayer in a bearskin robe shares a warning with a sprinkling of white leaves. A maiden wanders through a portal to a winter wonderland while a c... more
  • Phoenix Saga

    by amalL era JesuƨɘႱ hO

    An elegant, beautiful, and inspiring epic exploring a semiotic paradise!


    Nietzsche called homo sapien the “murderer of all murderers” when he declared that “God is dead” at the turn of the 20th Century. Yet, the great god Pan died nearly 2,000 years ago.  Thamus, are you there? Take care. The Obsolescence of Oracles followed. All Earths’ mightiest Heroes swallowed. And what of the Poets hallowed? “Who will wipe this blood off us? Wha... more

  • imPerfect Magic

    by C N Rowan
    After hundreds of years of dying, you'd think I would've perfected it by now... One moment I'm a heretical priest in the twelfth century, hunted, hated...The next, I'm waking up in the nearest corpse. Stuck in a cycle of instant reincarnation, popping back up like a tarnished penny. Fast forward eight hundred years, and you might think I’ve learned a thing or two. Nope. All I've learned is how to die far too easily, far too often. Now my territory in the South of France is under threat ... more
  • Survive! First Alien Contact

    by Charles Graham
    Twelve light-years from Earth, Lieutenant Commander Valory Jeanne, is alone in the astrophysics lab when an unexpected meteor storm strikes the United Earth Space Force ship Copernicus. After just four orbits around a newly discovered planet in the Tau Ceti star system, the ship is destroyed. Now stranded onboard without any means of escaping to the planet below, the Ph.D. astrophysicist must struggle against insurmountable odds to stay alive on a dead spaceship. Relying on ingenuity, perseve... more
  • Black Suns

    by Gregory P Tyson II
    In Burlington Vermont, 40-year-old Sonny Hillshire is visiting his wife’s grave on a rainy night of April 9, 2040, which is also the day that his rent is due. Living in an apartment under the name of Miriam Flordia as well as taking Akeem and Kira under his wing, Sonny tries making a living in the world as he wants to let go of his terrible past as a former Black Sun member. Whilst doing so, he meets two former Black Sun members named Eiji and Advika. However, he is also being hunted by a myster... more
  • The Woodcutter

    by Stephanie Ellis
    A tragic accident, shrouded in mystery, leads to a family reunion in the hidden village of Little Hatchet, located in the smothering shadow of GodBeGone Wood, the home of the mythical Woodcutter and Grandma. Alec Eades rediscovers his bond with GodBeGone Wood and the future his father agreed to years ago as nefarious landowner Oliver Hayward schemes to raise money for the village by re-enacting part of the Woodcutter legend. Old wounds are re-opened and ties of blood and friendship are tested to... more
  • The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon

    by Delas Heras
    Murder, ghosts, and a vengeful fiancée? The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon is the purr-fect blend of urban fantasy, detective story, and ghostly fun. Set in the 1950s, in an alternate world run by cats and dogs, the action kicks off with the mysterious murder of journalist Flint Lockford on the streets of Greenwich Village. Junior Detective Morton Digby and his partner Detective J.B. Puddleworth launch their investigation, but must contend with Flint’s feisty fiancée, Bianca Moon, who is determined t... more
  • Heart 2046

    by Zoé Henriques

    A dystopian thriller set in a future where everyone lives without human contact, closed inside individual apartment boxes; a life where everything is provided to every human to survive.

    Simon, who remembers how it used to be in the Outside World, finds it hard to cope with the entrapped everyday life. He wonders if the way humans live is what’s making him start to lose his mind or if it’s just him doing it to himself. He goes to an appointment with Doctor W in search of help... more

  • Ancient Civilizations: Lamentations and Magic book 1

    by Russell Cowdrey
    After a prologue set in 321 B.C., the story of Ancient Civilizations jumps forward to 1883, where an intrepid thief named Louisa Sophia steals Egyptian papyri from the Louvre. Her heist leads her to Egypt, where she crosses paths with an archaeologist named Dr. Benjamin McGehee and his (unofficially) adopted son, Abu Saqr. Louisa needs Ben’s help to solve an ancient mystery, and since he has some free time before his next expedition, he accepts. Their group, escorted by Duffadar Nahal and th... more
  • FaseriPopedia

    by Jonathan Nolan

    Welcome to the FASERIPopedia Rules Cyclopedia! Here in one book are 388 pages of every possible rule, combat choice and option, recreating in retroclone form the 1980s classic superhero table top roleplaying game! This volume is the guide for gamemasters and handbook for players alike who want to play FASERIP superhero games - or any other kind of game setting using the brilliant FASERIP system! Hundreds of entries for Powers, Items, Vehicles, Weapons of all kinds and sizes, Animals, Creature... more

  • The Witch of Wolfden

    by Kodi Gonzaga

    The Horner Paranormal Private Investigators, a trio of traveling twenty-year-olds that solve paranormal mysteries, arrive in a small town for a supposedly easy case. However, the Horner PIs quickly realize there's something else afoot thanks to their own special abilities. When the town witch is not only implicated in the case but also shows up asking to join the Horners, tensions rise, and suspicion abounds. In the end, the four must work together to solve the mystery and escape the supe... more

  • Ghosts of the Past

    by Deanna R. Sweeney
    Ghosts of the Past takes the reader on a centuries old battle between the forces of good and evil. Throughout her life, including her previous lives, Veronica has lived a lonely existence, being outcast from her community for the special gifts she possesses. After centuries of pain from watching the few people she loved being killed before her very eyes, Veronica is determined to end this long-standing battle between her and Lilith once and for all. The second book follows Veronica on a journ... more
  • The Awakening: A Veronica Strange Story

    by Deanna R Sweeney
    Veronica works as assistant manager at a spa resort in the little town she has lived in all her life. Recurrent, unexplained and otherworldly visions cause her to lead a lonely existence as experience has taught her that people tend to be suspicious of people that are different. Even her own mother treats her with indifference, and the only two people she has truly loved and trusted are both dead. Her career, at least, is going well until a colleague is found dead and another is mysteriously inj... more
  • Project Mariner

    by Bahhaj Hockley
    Project Mariner is a story of survival and triumph through personal tragedy and familial deception as generational legacies within the close-knit climbing community are debated and fought over, even upon the very slopes of Olympus Mons itself. It is the biggest mountaineering prize up for grabs in nearly two centuries, and it has reawakened one of the oldest rivalries in all of alpinism. Artfully weaving together references to the long-standing debate as to whether or not George Mallory ever mad... more