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  • Lost Cargo (Get Lost Saga)

    by Noah Chinn

    One Big Lie, One Big Score, One Big Heap of Unexpected Trouble. 


    Out of fuel and out of luck, Maurice "Moss" Foote is having a bad day, until he gets a lead on the score of a lifetime. Easy pickings, if his crew doesn't mind a bit of pirating...
    One tiny lie might get them both on board.
    What's the worst that can happen?

  • Designing Hell: Ghost Vs Angel Book One

    by Levi Drop

    What would you do for a second chance at death?

    Life is a game. We all have a Scorecard. Positive numbers send folks to heaven. Negative numbers send sinners to hell. What happens if you die with a score of Zero?

    Tom can’t do this for eternity. Sitting at a desk, monitoring souls in heaven or hell was pure torture. He can fix this. All he needs is a new body to house his soul.

    Hacking into the afterlife database, he find the Death List which leads him ... more

  • Lost Souls (Get Lost Saga)

    by Noah Chinn

    Bravely Running Away From Dagner... And Failing.


    Maurice "Moss" Foote used to be somebody. Now he's back to square one, using his last hundred credits to get his old ship back and start over. But someone has stowed away on board, someone whose untrustworthy memory is the key to a mystery that's worth a fortune to the right (or wrong) people.

  • Codex Sohrakia: The Gifted Dark

    by KM Taylor



    Is it possible to find redemption in the darkest of places? 

    Saham, an Eternal Seraphon, faces banishment from The Realm of Light for meddling with The Dark. As he fights to regain his rightful place, his relentless pursuit of forgiveness causes pain and suffering to those he holds most dear as he struggles to undo his past transgressions. 

    Codex Sohrakia: The Gifted Dark is a unique, surreal dark fantasy written in an epic, poetic style. It fea... more

  • The Aching Plane

    by Cody Lakin
    Marion Del Rosario disappeared at age twelve, and no answers ever came. Ten years later, Charlie Louise is still haunted by the empty space in her life that Marion once filled. They were best friends, each other's first loves. She still searches for Marion in the eyes of strangers, trying in vain to escape the gravity of her past. The only things that give her hope anymore are her father, whose sobriety has brought a semblance of stability and comfort; and her friend Adrian, whose kindness she f... more
  • Crimson Blue Blossom

    by Katherina Star
    In a modern retelling of a Celtic goddess and god tale lies the tragedy of the Celtic goddess Freyja and her beloved, the mortal named Michael. Although she is in love with Michael, honor and duty win over true love. The spirit of Michael and Freyja lives on and protects their home and balances it with a tree that stands tall with dark purple roses. A hundred years later, Blossom Day is around the corner once more. At the reopening and welcoming ceremony, chaos shifts the intentions of harmony ... more
  • The Diary of a Sugarbaby

    by J.Q. Gagliastro

    In J. Q. Gagliastro’s dystopian future, the aging patriarchy and rising hate crimes have led to a mass genocide of queer Americans. Oppression has killed what was left of the United and sired what has now become the Divided, a world where human trafficking is legal, the youth are sexualized, and heteronormativity is enforced. Dime—a former sugarbaby—chronicles his experiences as the nation around him embraces gerontocracy, and he himself becomes the property of an Elder. Dep... more

  • The Exorcism of Adolf Hitler: A Horror Novel

    by Connor Gunnin
    It is March 1938 and Nazi Germany has plans for war. But it doesn’t have to happen. Can one exorcism change history? 18-year-old Bruna had just graduated from the Hitler Youth. Part of her feared the Nazis weren’t what they seemed, but loyalty to her people and country pushed her fears aside. Adolf Hitler had the answers Germany needed, and she was swept under his spell. But her father feared something else…something demonic. Stengel, Bruna’s father and a high-ranking Nazi official, has no... more
  • Union Rules

    by Kent Flowers
    When a small, unmanned observation craft from the Builders planet landed just outside the factory gates and took Arlin the guard into space, his life would be altered forever. The Builders gave him the gift of super intelligence and extensive knowledge. They wanted something in return for that. What they wanted was the use of the factory to build things for them. Even though they were called the Builders, they in fact built nothing themselves, relying on other worlds for their expertise and labo... more
  • LOY and Beyond

    by Todd Gross
    The world is destroyed. For a thousand years, the Rehloy lived in isolation, developing a special relationship with nature. Theirs was a spiritual life, ethereal, in some ways divine. But change was in the air. Something was coming, something ominous. Loy And Beyond is the continuing story of a native people with extraordinary abilities, who face the invasion of a barbarous and technologically superior one. It is the coming-of-age story of a child whose extreme sensitivities have forced him ... more
  • Orabelle: The Keepers of Imbria Book 1

    by J. Barrett
    For generations, the Keepers of Imbria have wielded the power of the four elements and kept their world safe, fostering peace and prosperity. They were united in this endeavor, until one of the Keepers chose to forge her own path, igniting a spark that could burn their entire world to ash. When a shocking and brutal murder threatens the fragile peace between the realms of Imbria, Orabelle, the Elemental Keeper of Water and Queen of Lehar, finds herself thrust into a labyrinth of betrayal and... more
  • The Shirker

    by Mark J. Schultis

    Recently discharged AED soldier Vio Recarey arrives on the frontier world Obcasio II to make a life for himself. When he saves the lives of a local philanthropist and his stunning wife, Vio is thrust into a world of wealth and violence where the lines of morality are blurred, and where his actions, or inaction, can have grave and far reaching consequences.

  • Welcome to Jessie's

    by Eli Rainwater
    When Jessie, one of the oldest and most powerful witches in the world, joined the Witch Council over a thousand years ago, she became embroiled in politics, saving the world, and trying to keep the existence of the supernatural world a secret from humans. Now that the supernaturals are out in the open and a tentative alliance between the fae, cryptids, humans, and witches is underway, Jessie finally gets to leave it all behind to open a bar in a small town north of Atlanta where the most annoyin... more
  • Who's There?: A Collection of Stories (Where Nightmares Dwell)

    by Dimas Rio
    Asian mythology and folk tales crossed with the supernatural horror of Edgar Allan Poe, Henry James, and Arthur Machen! Drawing on local folk tales of vengeful banshees, dusk-dwelling monsters, ghouls hiding in the woods, and other forms of the undead, this collection transports listeners to the darkest abyss where demons forever reside: the human mind. A woman goes missing a week before her wedding. A man recalls his nightmarish encounter with the devil. Letters sent from beyond the grave... more
  • Of Ghosts and Broken Promises

    by Mark Lingane
    The message turned up out of nowhere. Military-grade encryption. It took Ronan four minutes to decode it. A party invite. A chance meeting. A cry for help. Ronan is dragged into the depths of cyber-hell, but can he save his love?
  • A Southern Enchantress

    by Deborah Trahan
    When Suzanne, a clairsentient enchantress, meets Max, an irresistible rogue, at a Garden District soiree, destiny is at play. As their relationship sizzles, Suzanne experiences an uptick in supernatural encounters, each demanding that an evil deed from yesteryear be avenged. As Suzanne navigates these hauntings, she must confront her past and acknowledge her heritage. Raised by a hoodoo conjurer, Suzanne had rejected her mother's expectations to practice folk magic, but eluding her role as a sp... more