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  • Little Bit: Alsoo Rising

    by Henry A. Burns
    Twenty years have passed since a small group of galactic refugees sought shelter on Earth. Frightened, defeated and traumatized they huddled in their. artificial burrows for years, Little Bit, born on Earth, has experienced none of the horrors her parents escaped, she grows up pampered and protected, a pet of the god-like humans. When her home world is discovered she starts having a strange dream where the spirits of two long-dead humans speak to her. They tell her she must return to her home wo... more
  • Guardians of the Solar Shield: Earth's Climate Mirrors Under Attack

    by Sam Bleicher


    Political pressure, corruption, romance, intrigue, and murder in the battle against climate disruption

         Kelly O’Rourke is excited to become a UN Solar Shield Corps Officer, but she soon discovers inside political pressure to misuse the Project’s capabilities. She confides in Jay Bhattachar, Commander Fauré’s Aide, that she suspects Fauré has covertly realigned one of the 480 solar mirrors to satisfy a ... more

  • Grit Enough to Chew Your Legs Off

    by C. Scott Brown
    Don’t worry about the cockroach. It’s not that kind of cockroach. But be concerned that the rest of the Galaxy is very worried about Earth, especially America. The tribalism and division that plagues many lands on Earth has made it a prime target for a numberless horde of evil spirits that prey on the sick worlds of the Galaxy. \tAn alien spacecraft monitors Earth. If the evil spirits have infiltrated the planet, nothing can be done to save it. The planet will be cleansed of both inhabitants ... more
  • Black Mark

    by Katherine Beals
    What's worse than a pissed off demon? An entire clan of them holding your friend hostage. Then demanding you steal a priceless artifact from Seattle's sleaziest necromancer as the ransom price. Alex Whittaker will do whatever it takes to rescue her friend. And she's dragging her new partner, paranormal PI Finn Black, along for the ride. You'll love every twist and turn of this action packed urban fantasy. Witches, fae, and daemons won't be enough to stop our heroes from kicking butt and pro... more
  • Russian HellwayZ

    by Igor Generalov
    In Russia, a socially divided country where corrupt rulers and capitalists often prey upon ordinary citizens, eight men endure harsh conditions beyond the Arctic Circle to work in the uninhabited Far North. One day, the workers lose all contact with civilization, and their supply deliveries cease. Upon learning that humanity has been plagued by a virus that turns people into zombies, the men agree to return home to Moscow. Together, they must travel several thousand kilometers to reach the capit... more
  • The Ripper: Earth's Aberrant Torchbearer

    by James G. Robertson

    John Pepo, an Irishman who emigrated with his family into England, lived an ordinary life with ordinary dreams; but then, everything changed. Shortly before the tragic death of his family, John began having other dreams. He dreamed of a young man covered in lightning, a girl with tattoos, and of a man marked with VI from another world. However, what John dreamed about most of all was of fire, and of laughter.

    After being summoned to London, John finds himself in Whitechapel. T... more

  • Afterworld

    by James G. Robertson

    Death comes, and misery follows. As a man in his early twenties, Leon never genuinely contemplated what would happen after his death. Like those before him, he never understood the truth of our universe. After his sudden demise, the terrorizing reality of a mysterious dystopian afterlife begins crushing him as it has those prior. Men have started enslaving and killing each other to sate their greed while enigmatic creatures oppress the masses. Only a select few have shown the courage that is ... more

  • Gotham Kitty

    by Ann Greyson

    A Brozian insectoid cargo vessel from another galaxy spits out of a wormhole into the Milky Way Galaxy only to explode in mid-air and crash in the forest of Arusha National Park in Tanzania. Allison Banes, a zoology doctorate student, witnesses the explosion, later to discover a half-feline half-human, Catusapien on the ground sleeping next to an escape pod. She takes the extraterrestrial to her Arusha neighborhood house for observation.

    According to Chagga prophecy, the alien is necess... more

  • Revolution (The Sol Saga Book 1)

    by James Fox
    General Keith Brennan would rather face an army with his trusty rifle than attend another state dinner. When the President of the solar system is assassinated on Mars, Brennan is the obvious choice to investigate. If he comes up with the wrong answer, though, his career will be over. However, duty is never so simple. When the investigation uncovers a trail of corruption and a conspiracy on a system-wide scale, Brennan’s career is the least of his worries. With Earth and Mars on the brink o... more
  • The Spirit of a Rising Sun

    by K. R. Galindez

    Rebellion is always right.

    Oyza yearns for revolution—an impossible dream with her lifetime prison sentence. Fueled by the destruction of her home and years of servitude, she reads the smuggled texts of the Ungoverned and dreams of a future that can never be. But the arrival of a new prisoner, Yars, reignites Oyza’s courage. She finds herself capable of more than she ever imagined.

    To fight their way to their own freedom, they must fight for something bigger: freedom f... more

  • Power's Play

    by Eva Sandor

    Impress the Kingdom’s loftiest Lady by busting said Kingdom’s biggest crime boss. Sounds like a Fool-proof plan!

    A year after the events of Fool's Proof, Malfred Murd is no longer a Fool, royal or otherwise. He’s a newly minted nobleman— who can’t help plunging back into his own special brew of trouble. This time he’s taken on a task that’s outrageous even for him: becoming an undercover officer, out to bust the biggest crim... more

  • Lady Silver: Warlock Chronicles, Book I

    by Bobbie R. Byrd
    The multiverse is unraveling. Zealots in thrall to an extradimensional entity awaken a rift in the dimensional barrier, a breach that’s festered for millennia. Trapped for centuries in constant flux between layers of the multiverse, this creature masquerading as a god has deteriorated into madness. When its followers resurrect the ancient technology that ripped open the dimensional barrier six thousand years ago, the galaxy faces another coming Cataclysm. Warlocks and humans, sister r... more
  • Shadows In Light - Book 1 of the Hidden Rims saga

    by P.M. Amaras & Paul Driggere
  • Identicals

    by William Brennan Knight
    In the year and a half since Jack Clausen lost his five-year-old daughter, RosaMarie, his life has fallen apart. Depressed and despondent, he steps off a platform into an oncoming train, but just before impact, a strong hand pulls him away. A strange, small person offers Jack a way to bring his daughter back, but there is a high price to pay. After Jack's child is returned to him, he refuses to pay his debt, and he experiences a series of new realities, each worse than the one that preceded it. ... more
  • Annihilation of a Planet III

    by Antonion Borges
    An arc of light across the sky and shots fired from a U.S. Navy Blue Angel F/A-18 supersonic hornet fail to collide; the light vanishes from the sky, and the light energy of the android Lawrence streaks to the earth and into the labs of C&L Automation, straight to the alien disc brought previously from Mars. Dr. Paul Linsdale, unaware of Lawrence’s return, celebrates the birth of his son, Lawrence Love Linsdale, and goes to congress to request approval and funding for a project that will quell ... more
  • One Step Away

    by James Gabrian
    John Kenton, a young man caught between limiting parental guidance and an imagination fired by hidden meaning, is killed one evening by a lorry as he cycles home from school along the icy roads of his West Yorkshire village. Death provides a choice to go with a catcher to his next stage in life in the afterworld or remain ‘between worlds’, closer to his home and his reality. This is a world of denial and conflict, populated by those fearing judgement of their lives on Earth, the Leaves. Before ... more