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  • The Stitches on the Stone: Lauradelle's Redemption

    by Christopher J. Finn
    Benji Watson, Janis Mayfair, and Edward Menzies—three people living very different lives—stumble upon a river stone that interconnects their lives through a web of horrors woven by the essence of their town. What began as a Halloween party of the ages devolved into a race to discover the meaning behind Lauradelle's surreal pitting of Janis Mayfair's unnatural obsession with teenage Benji's balefire—a mystical fire she sees burning within him each time she closes her eyes. Benji, cautiously... more
  • Reunion

    by Christopher Farnsworth
    A girl detective. A boy genius. A warrior princess. A young magician. Four young people with extraordinary gifts. For years, they solved mysteries, caught crooks, and slayed monsters. They were secret heroes, keeping an idyllic small town in the middle of America safe from the things that lurked in the dark. For twenty years, the four have tried living like normal people. Now their past is coming back to haunt them. The darkness is gathering once more. They're summoned back to their hometown to ... more
  • Bedeviled

    by Elizabeth Rose
    A dark man with a soul that is doomed for all eternity finds hope in the presence of a beautiful fae of light. Darium Blackseed is convinced his destiny has been determined from birth. Being the eldest of the three brothers, he is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps, being the Sin Eater of the land of Mura. Taking on the sins of the dead isn’t a hard job, but it dooms one’s soul to The Dark Abyss for all eternity at death. Everyone fears a Sin Eater. Darium has accepted that he wi... more
  • Petition

    by Delilah Waan
    In the Dominion of Aleznuaweite, anyone can rise to the greatest heights—if they are willing to pay the price. Failure is a luxury Rahelu can’t afford. Her family sold everything, left their ancestral home, and became destitute foreigners for the sake of her resonance skills. Now she can manipulate emotional echoes to discern truth from lies, conjure the past, and even foretell the future. But an act of petty revenge by her rival destroys her chance at joining one of the great Houses. Desp... more
  • Slay Ride

    by Chelsea Allen
    On a spontaneous holiday trip to the Adirondacks, Michael and Sarah plan to explore Lake George and the alleged haunted Sagamore Resort when a freak blizzard hits. Stranded, the hotel goers are stuck inside for a long weekend, but things don't go according to plan when bodies turn up dead and strange things go bump in the night that can't be explained. Is the resort simply haunted and the guests' death accidental or are they not as stranded and alone as they believe?
  • Guy Fawkes: Demon Hunter

    by Benjamin Langley
    Guy Fawkes: Demon Hunter tells the story of Guy Fawkes' young years - and how a tragedy that affects his family shapes his youth and draws him into the dangerous world of demon hunting. Will he be able to get revenge on those that hurt his family and save York from the clutches or evil men?
  • Save Me Plz and Other Stories

    by David Barr Kirtley
    Today David Barr Kirtley is best known as the host of the popular Geek's Guide to the Galaxy podcast, but before launching Geek's Guide to the Galaxy in 2010 (along with acclaimed science fiction editor John Joseph Adams), David was best known as a rising young star in the world of fantasy & science fiction, with short stories appearing regularly in magazines such as Realms of Fantasy and Weird Tales and in books such as New Voices in Science Fiction and Fantasy: The Best of the Year. This volum... more
  • Village of Salt and Sorrow

    by Laura Holt
    Nova McIntosh has been called many things—a witch. Dangerous. The girl with fire in her hair and salt water in her veins, whose eyes will drag you in and crush your heart like an under tow—and they’re all true. It’s said that Loch Moira was once home to a flock of selkies, until its fishermen made a deal with a sea witch to steal their pelts. Unable to transform, the selkies were forced to retain their human forms and wed their captors. But the sea is unforgiving and eternal and demands restitu... more
  • The Warrior Queen

    by Kathryn Knowles
    From the stillness, a hero rises. Catanya has escaped to the Kingdom of Awnell. Inside the towering fortress city, she meets Queen Ayr, a freethinking and cunning leader intent on safeguarding her people's liberty. Unsure who to trust, and still grappling with her untamed magic, Catanya must learn what it means to be a warrior. Miles away, Diyah's strength is tested as new allies emerge and old secrets unravel. Torn between fear and curiosity, she begins to suspect that nothing is as it se... more
  • Sunshine and Shadow: Exodus, or The Second Transit

    by Benjamin X. Wretlind

    Where do you go when the storms come and your paradise rebels?

    On a cold and rainy September afternoon, Father Elijah Jonas convinced his followers to abandon the purgatory that was Earth and travel on faith to a new world. Now, forty years after the most important event in human history no one left on Earth witnessed, the descendants of those who followed Elijah have built a remarkable life. From farms to stables to the mundane of the day, life has been fruitful. But, like many things ... more

  • The Fireshrike

    by Eloise Redding

    Two convicts, Lavinia DeWitt and Zavier Nicholas wash up on the frontier shores of Ta'er Fraedinn. They are picked up on a caravan, which is then attacked by a clan of natives, the Fenrir. The two flee into the woods and are met with a wendigo. The Chieftain's son Fjorm saves the duo and brings them back to camp.

    After spending a night with the Fenrir, Lavinia and Zavier are forced back onto the road. They come to Pennsicol, a colonial town, but they are met with guns. The two a... more

  • Vision of the Spirit Man

    by George Mendoza
    Five years after the events of Journey of the Spirit Man, Michael Seymour finds himself back in the alternate reality from which he had been so eager to escape, but to where he has recently been desperate to return. But the land he discovers upon arrival has changed. A great war rages, and Michael is revered as a warrior and a killer, although he has no recollection of being either of those things. Charged with finding and destroying the Annihilator, a force intent on bringing doom to the lan... more
  • 978-1664142084

    by Mary Schaller
    Two nursing students take an apartment in a Victorian house in San Francisco. One of these women gets involved in some steamy affairs with professional men and drugs. Sadly, she ends up dead. Poison was the cause of death, and it could have been an accident or murder. The poison came from a mushroom called Amanita ocreata. Several suspects could have profited by her death. The big question is, who knew about the poison and who also has a motive? The police find the case complicated by the world ... more
  • Restoration

    by Sam Bradbury
    The air is too thick to safely breathe, streets are more trash than concrete, and ecosystems are on the brink of collapse. Having accepted that climate change would have been too costly and formidable to stop, the world remains divided between the “destabilized” lands of famine and the “stabilized” states where genetic engineering keeps populations fed and pacified. When Lotus, a young student, discovers the abrupt and cataclysmic die-off of a remote mountain valley, authorities are steadfast... more
  • Desolation

    by Simon L Butler
    Twenty-six years ago, the world as we knew it ended. Now, a new generation has come of age in a world that brings out the best and worst in humanity. Civilization collapsed us into a new dark age of desperate and disparate survivors, fighting to make a life for themselves while humanity remains on the brink of extinction. Humans cling on to life in barely-hospitable desert conditions, far too extreme for the hordes of undead that dominate the arable regions of the continent. Follow nomad, Jack, ... more
  • Bardolomy

    by norbert weissinger

    A lonely freighter pilot travels to a distant galaxy and must transform his genetic structure in order to survive on a planet with a climate so hellish that evolved humans hibernate underground during the Burn season. The only one that can perform the genetic modification is a secretive A. I. who has many enemies, namely a mutant clan that wants to put an end to its experimentation. Our anti-hero must decide to continue his futile quest for a new home, or settle the ancient rivalry between a ... more