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  • The Szuiltan Alliance (The Szuiltan Trilogy Book 1)

    by Neil Davies
    When Steve Drake, Space Trader, agreed to take on a trade to the Szuiltans, the only truly alien race ever discovered in man's expansion across the galaxy, he had no idea it would land him in the middle of murder, intrigue and an interplanetary war!
  • The Demon Guardian

    by Neil Davies
    It all started with the sibilant, unintelligible whispering and the movement of shadows within shadows. For Dennis Parkes, it was a sign of his worsening mental health. That is, until the day it spoke clearly and told him what it wanted. Swanhild When amateur ghost hunters Jake Maxfield and Elton Hoggarth discovered the stone with the letters G and J engraved into it, they suspected they might have made a significant find, but because of the worsening weather, they are forced to abandon ... more
  • The Lion On Androcles

    by Neil Davies
    Yso Nakema (The Lion), famed and feared Earth agent, is on Androcles, an old colony world now ruled by the alien Kerexz. His mission is unknown, even to himself. He will learn of it as he meets his contacts on his journey. It's a tried and trusted mission technique, but this time things are going wrong. Unexpected obstacles rise in his way, the enemy seem to be everywhere they shouldn't be, he fails to make contacts and, worst of all, he finds himself getting involved with the problems of people... more
  • The Frihet Rebellion

    by Neil Davies
    Following a bloody and ruthless rebellion, the world of Frihet is finally free of Earth, and Princess Thalor prepares to retake the throne stolen from her murdered father. But already an Earth fleet is on the way to destroy the rebels, and feared among it is the unbeatable ship, Spearhead, crewed by the alien known, for short, as Jon, and a human, Bryant Johnson. With Spearhead against them, Frihet has little hope of surviving, but just whose side is Jon really on, and why? What is the reason... more
  • A World Of Assassins

    by Neil Davies
    Humans are being murdered on the planet Dirve. No one seems particularly bothered, except the humans of course, but they don't count. As long as the problem stays in the Human Sector it can take care of itself. But then the news leaks out, to Earth, to other galactic worlds. Tourism on Dirve begins to suffer, potential holiday makers worried the murders might spread to other races. Now Earth want to send a man of their own to investigate. Detective Inspector Tom Gates is perfect for the job. ... more
  • Hard Winter: The Novel

    by Neil Davies
    After overwhelming Scotland, the glacier gouged its unstoppable way south. Only a few people remained in the desolate, frozen streets of the cities of Northern England. As the daily blizzards blew stronger and the icebergs on the River Mersey grew larger, Norman and Chrissy Leonard prepared to flee their Liverpool home. When Norman heard -- The Roar -- he knew the time for preparation had passed. An unspeakable dread twisted inside him at that primordial sound. The glacier was pushing more than ... more
  • The Village Witch

    by Neil Davies
    She sits on the headstone, claws flexing, wings furled, as she has for almost four centuries. The people of Byre live in fear. A centuries-old evil that grows stronger with each human sacrifice threatens their village. If all goes according to her plan, the Village Witch will unleash almost four hundred years of resentment, hatred and homicidal rage on the town. Tim Galton, an ex-special forces soldier, Professor Alexander Hall and his daughter Susan, paranormal investigators, and a few, b... more
  • The Ant Man

    by Neil Davies
    Digman Marley works for Antman Exterminators. He used to work at the old chemical factory on the hill, before it went out of business. His life is hard, dull and predictable. But something is happening up at the old factory, and the ants he's called to exterminate are acting strangely, and, although he doesn't know it, this week things are going to change forever for Digman Marley. The Short Story 'The Ant Man' is Neil Davies's tribute to both the Black & White B-Movies he still enjoys watchi... more
  • The Midnight Hour

    by Neil Davies
    A short story collection featuring 14 tales of dark imagination.
  • The Evil Incantation

    by Neil Davies
    Ex-Special Forces soldier Tim Galton and History Professor Alexander Hall are adventurers and paranormal investigators. But they don't just investigate haunted houses, they search out the darkest, most dangerous of creatures and do battle. Now they're in Romania, facing a deadly alliance between Satanists and Vampires and heading inexorably towards an encounter with the most evil creature they've ever faced, deep in Transylvania.
  • The Last Harpy

    by Neil Davies
    England, October 12th 1587: Ancient evil has broken loose. The last surviving Harpy, a creature of Greek Mythology, lays waste to the countryside and only one man can stop her.
  • Hard Winter

    by Neil Davies
    A new ice age, an approaching glacier, and driven before it, unimaginable horror. The winter of twenty-one eighteen was a hard one. A new ice age approached and the movement of the glacier over Scotland, while slow, was constant and unstoppable. Norman and Chrissie Leonard believed they were safe for a while longer, in the almost deserted Liverpool town centre, but then Norman heard The Roar and discovered that man wasn’t the only creature forced from its home by the ice.
  • Interludes: 11 more tales of dark imagination

    by Neil Davies
    11 more tales of dark imagination and horror, with "holiday interludes" from the seasons of Halloween and Christmas. The Box The Pathological Good Samaritan Holiday Interlude #1 - Halloween: Tradition The Sarcophagus (with Rhianne Davies) Holiday Interlude #2 - Christmas: A Christmas Pilgrim Conversation The Killing Tree Holiday Interlude #3 - Halloween: Young At Heart The Cleansing Holiday Interlude #4 - Christmas: Two Years To The Day The Ward On The Hill
  • Raised In Evil

    by Neil Davies
    Raymond Shaw has a past he has all but eradicated from his memory. A twisted past involving his parents, a defrocked priest, satanic rituals and murder. But now he dreams of dead girls and he knows the past has resurfaced and is calling to him, calling him back to the purpose he was raised for. Detective Inspector Frank Giles is investigating a series of ritualistic murders that bring terrifying memories of an earlier case back to him. There had been murders then, too, and the cult of the dem... more
  • Welcome Home

    by Neil Davies
    There is a serial killer on the loose, torturing and butchering his way across the North of England. In the quiet Cheshire village of Taupington, Victoria Wheatcroft has found the house of her dreams. But the house holds more than simply memories, and the serial killer, and her own past, are closing in...
  • Seeking the Light of Justice

    by Barry Dr. Nadel
    Professor Yoshua Rosenberg's team of archeologists are investigating the widespread stories of the Light of Justice. Through the discovery of an unknown book, he has his first solid lead about the Light of Justice. Unknown to them they have caught the attention of Vatican security. The discovery leads them to Southern Spain, the horrors of the Inquisition and prison. Medium Synopsis: The legends of the Light of Justice appear across numerous cultures and time frames. Professor Yoshua Rosenbe... more