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  • The Creature - What Is It?

    by Mike Jason

    The Creature – What Is It?

    During Thanksgiving vacation, seven college “friends” decide to get away for one last senior trip to the Slaughter Neck campground. A place that got its name from the unsolved mass killings that occurred years ago. But their weekend does not go as planned.

    The legend of the Creature has resurfaced after another rash of killings haunt the area. The friends will encounter something beyo... more

  • Another Way: Beyond the Status Quo


    Anti-corporate crusader Dobie Pokorny wants to save the world. His old boss, Colonel Charonne, wants to stop him. On his "speaking truth to power" tour, Dobie meets and falls in love with Kaylie while enduring attacks at every turn. Can they outrun Charonne and his minions? Will Major Watson steal her away? Is she too good to be true? And, what is up with the little blue alien?

  • Stolen Away (Royal Vengeance Book 1)

    by Miss Raven
    Between two powerful Kingdoms stood one powerful being. A being who thinks that he would have it all. To finally be freed of his shackles in order to reclaim what was rightfully his and take over one, if not both of these Kingdoms. With a plan of action in mind, he takes it upon himself to pull the level and start the countdown to victory. What would happen if his plan was to fail? Would his arch nemesis overrule him, foiling his plans, or will he win long enough to see him suffer?
  • And The Creek Don't Rise

    by R.M. Gilmore

    Small town girl, Lynnie Russell, wakes after a late night celebrating her twentieth birthday, naked and caked in blood. As memories rush back to her, the horrifying reality of what she’s done—what she’s become—rips her soul to shreds.

    To keep those she loves safe, Lynnie must race to unearth the source of the death magic inside her—discovering an ancient familial secret Nana and Mama had kept her whole life.

    Understanding her place in the balance of t... more

  • Spectrum: Short Stories of Science Fiction, the Unusual and the Unpredictable

    by Michael Duda
    Markey VI, an android on an orbiting space station, assists an artificial intelligence. David, the A.I., ponders the question of humanity’s fate. The ultimate question is, “Should life be returned to Earth?” The answer is known as the Singular Conclusion. But the answer’s impact reaches far deeper into Markey VI’s electronic components and programmed logic than could be anticipated. And the android’s final moments bring it closer to humanity itself.
  • Albetration 2394 Ad

    by Anonymous pinzon
    This short story is in two parts, the first part is a science fiction account of speculation for a space-faring ship that travels to and from distant planets using a unique faster than light (FTL) engine technology. The second part is about the actual attempt at getting the science fiction out of the story and placing it into the real world, today! The theme of the second part is from a prospective of what is called Cosmo-theology. Complete with drawings of the spacecraft and various diagrams th... more
  • Simplicity

    by Lucas Lamoreaux
    The world was changing. War, pestilence, genocide, all of these atrocities had become an accepted part of life, something to be watched with forced pity before turning to a reality show or sporting event. The death of others became something to fill the awkward silences on blind dates, next to the weather and what a certain pop artist was doing or what drugs they were on. The people of the States were numb to the rest of the world, safe in their routine of varied but similar existence. Yet, the ... more
  • The Time Gatherer

    by Rachel Dacus

    Can a young timegatherer find love in another century? Not if a secret society out to eliminate time travel finds him first. Young George St. James needs help. He doesn’t know how to unfold the wings of his gift, but a timegathering medieval monk and a 23rd century geneticist can put him on the right track. He learns the genetic nature of his ability and that his destiny is to nudge history in the right direction. Unfortunately, this brings him deadly enemies. As George struggles to thw... more

  • The Witching Vault

    by mickey mikkelson
    Run the witching vault. Protect the Gateway. Say please. And don’t get killed. After her release from magical prison, Jessica Northwood can’t hold a job to save her life. So when an apprenticeship opens up at a spellbound bank, no questions asked, she can’t exactly say no… But she definitely should have. For centuries, the bank’s owners have stood between the Gateway in the upstairs hall and the occult syndicate who want it for themselves. As the current owner, the scryer witch is supposed... more
  • Evolving Elizah: Initiatum

    by C.J. Hall
    Elizah (Liz) Goeff was born into a world much like the one we know today, but she doesn’t remember it. It’s all gone now, covered in ash after a series of natural disasters threw North American civilization into a death spiral. Now Liz’s world is the Green Grow 3, a lush space farm orbiting Earth designed to feed humanity until the planet can heal itself. The space farm was a brilliant plan that might have worked, if not for the terrorist group that calls itself the New Generation. They are ... more
  • I Am Sheffrou

    by Cami Michaels
    An Alien Love Story A woman falls into a wormhole and is transported to another world where she meets an erotic alien. Tamara Walsh, frustrated by her humdrum life, longs for passion and adventure. Her wish becomes reality when she falls through a wormhole and lands on a desolate planet where she meets Maashi, a Sheffrou, a powerful alien with an unusual occupation by Earth standards. Trained in the art of seduction, he fulfills Tamara’s every erotic fantasy while introducing her to the stra... more
  • A Master Is Born

    by Evan Bollinger
    The Seam between this world and the next, just ripped... Nearly a millennium ago, countless necromancers of the Night Fold were banished to a realm unseen. Since then, the continent of Prim Ordal has slowly recovered, its fault-lines and fractures from the Barren Wars fading with the winds of time. But now those times have changed A ferocious blight has been unleashed, rapidly transforming living things everywhere into deathly perversions of themselves. As the darkness unfolds, Roscoe C... more
  • The Fox Demon's Kiss

    by Keri Moore

    Often times, the best way to move on is to move forward. At least that’s what Dana Jones thinks when she and her younger sister Nikki fly to Kyoto, Japan to fulfill their late mother’s wish. But as a young black college student in a new land, Dana’s skills are put to the test—and no amount of work can prepare her for what comes next. On the day of their arrival, a mysterious man warns Dana that she will meet a monster. She dismisses him, thinking he’s a superstit... more

  • Tales From an Odd Mind

    by Nom D. Plume
    The book is a selection of short fiction and poems—experiments with different voices, characters, and situations. After an introduction (by Death), Section One consists of 9 first chapters of stories whose ends I have not yet written: For now, these are just beginnings, in different genres. - Off the Map is fantasy. A master and student explore a mystical world. - Wolf & Raven is a darkly humorous piece. After a mysterious mission, two bloodied agents chat at an amusement pier. - Box of J... more
  • Force Fields from Beyond

    by Naomi Semeniuk
    A science fiction thriller of a different kind, apocalyptic but with hope and impact for the planet.
  • Online-Delta State

    by Yan Song
    In internet world, a group of game characters tried to assassinate the virus dictator but failed, only one escaped and wandered in internetional world to find a chance fighting back.