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  • Stage Fright

    by Diane L. Kowalyshyn
    Broadway actress Skye Andrews inherits a journal from her soothsaying aunt, and sets her career aside to fulfil her aunt’s final wishes to be buried in the family plot in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Captain Jet Dalry, a recuperating war veteran, helps Skye slice through the cemetery’s red tape. Despite their mutual attraction and her persistence, Jet is a tormented man who repeatedly pushes her away. Skye discovers the journal is enchanted. It reveals how Skye and her aunt lived parallel live... more
  • Promised Shadows

    by MK Ahearn
    Apricus is a kingdom where all citizens are born with an elemental power, and some are born with a second power such as light, healing, or shadows,. The Shadows are a group of shadow wielders set on overthrowing the king. They seek a powerful ancient crown that would amplify their powers. Rae, a common thief, finds herself working with the Prince, Gavriel, to find this crown before them. Along with their friends they take a journey to recover the crown and learn more about their dark secrets on ... more
  • All the Dark Souls

    by A. M. Dunnewin

    Joss Brevyn is the last heir in a long line of executioners. Although a woman, the same rules still apply: kill the condemned within three tries, or be tortured and killed. Joss has yet to miss her mark, and even though she spends her free time as a healer, the town views her only as a deathsman. So when she and her assistant, Henrik, stumble upon a beaten man on the way home, both are hesitant to reveal who they really are. The only problem is, so is he.

    Aric Kayden has seen bette... more

  • The Lost Ship

    by John Hopkins

    Vengeful Gray aliens abandon a humiliating Cretaceous-era colonization failure and time travel to present-day Earth, seeking a doomsday weapon left behind on a shipwreck lost to time in what is now the Amazon’s vast unexplored wilderness.

    * * *

    Book Two in The Powers That Be trilogy, THE LOST SHIP, immerses readers in the day-after chaos, carnage, and confusion following the near-apocaly... more

  • Psychotropic Dragon

    by Michael Bailey
    From the mind of Michael Bailey, author of Palindrome Hannah, Phoenix Rose, and various short fiction and poetry collections, Psychotropic Dragon brings all his work together
  • Chiral Mad 5

    by Michael Bailey
    Bram Stoker Award-winning editor Michael Bailey brings you the fifth and final installment of the Chiral Mad series, featuring a diverse writers from around the world. Includes fiction and poetry by the likes of Stephen King, Josh Malerman, Zoje Stage, Tlotlo Tsamaase, Victor LaValle. Linda D. Addison, Sheree Renée Thomas, and the late Jack Ketchum (writing with Lucky McKee). With illustrations throughout by artist Seth Brown, enjoy a chiral dance of speculative, horror, and dark science fiction... more
  • Pinocchio's Guide to the End of the World

    by Eva Moon
    Becoming real was only the start. Pinocchio got his wish, but finds there’s more to being human than having the right kind of body. Inside, he still feels like that same wooden puppet. In the wake of WWI, his struggle to fit into a human world leads to a deadly fight with a fascist officer and flight from the only home he’s ever known. From tramp steamers to sweatshops, from love to bitter heartbreak, he can’t outrun his puppet past. Returning home years later, he discovers his beloved papa, ... more
  • Holier Than Thou

    by Nick Jameson
    “A special work of philosophical fiction rich in hidden meaning. Not for the average fantasy reader, this one will challenge you, offering buried treasure to those willing and able to dig it up.” - Jackie Kennedy, FirstLadyReads Alex is the black sheep in The Barnes Clan, a Christian community concealed in the Blue Ridge mountains near Salem, VA, dedicated to a simple, godly life. He was born an outsider, reads the wrong things, wants to write about non-religious spirituality, thinks, like... more
  • Of Fangs and Shadows

    by Jessica J Ayala


    The city is at war. Daemons haunt the mortal realm, and the wolves of Rome have been called to battle.

    Remus, known throughout the Empire as the Lone Wolf, lives a life of solitude, drowning the griefs of his past by hunting those who have ruined him. An unexpected turn of events throws Remus into the crosshairs of the Roman Pack.

    Diane is a warrior of the Pack. One of the strongest she-wolves who can control the aether of her godsgiven bloodline. Something reawakens i... more

  • Allaigna's Song: Chorale

    by JM Landels
    In the six years since Allaigna left home, killed her betrothed, and joined the Brandishear Rangers, she has hidden her family name and her ability to sing music into magic. Confronted with the dire implications of her grandfather’s exploration into long-forbidden arcana, Allaigna must swallow her pride and summon her courage to return home with the ashes of her cousin to prevent yet another war, or worse, an arcane catastrophe to rival that of the legendary Cataclysm. The Allaigna’s Song tri... more
  • The Little Queen

    by Kevin Hincker

    In this exciting tale of speculative fiction, a mysterious research facility, breeding a single line of honeybee queens down ten thousand generations, finally succeeds in its mission: creating hive sentience. But when the Little Queen gains self awareness and realizes she is imprisoned, she executes a daring escape, which nearly kills her. In doing it, she changes the trajectory of a small mountain town, and the life of Anthony, the boy who rescues her. Anthony is a Keeper. From his mother he... more

  • Obscure Reflections at Dawn

    by Jack Clubb
    Obscure Reflections at Dawn By Jack Clubb An artist wakes up from his dreamy world to find himself lost in a dungeon like chamber, just to be pulled away into another reality. The only answers available are in the cryptic clues left by the previous occupant, a dead man reclining in a chair. Events shift to a woman who is renovating an old opera house in St.Louis, but something is lurking from the shadows. One night after finishing violin practice, someone starts clapping, but she’s alone... more
  • Nova Sapiens: The Believers

    by David J A Cooper
    Kasih is a robotic child drawn into a project to discover her secrets, and into a war that threatens all humanity, including her own. The murder of her family leaves nobody else to explain her design but her. How much humanity does she really have? Is she an extinction-level technology? Can she save her human friends from the army of killing machines based on her own design?
  • Zaldizko

    by Veronica Purcell

    "I'll find a way to save my brother. Do whatever the hell you want. I'm stealing your guns."

    Famine is a man determined to save his three brothers after they were tragically separated when a magical fire destroyed their monastery home. He finds himself in a foreign city called Apocalypse. There he falls in with the Evadale Knight Order security group, which guards the Hell's Labyrinth prison facility. The prison's system goes haywire upon his arrival.<... more

  • Black Star Heart: Applicant

    by Veronica Purcell
    Going against his father's wishes. Leon Brackshaw enrolled in the Eolas Martial Warrior Academy. A warrior Applicant aiming to enter the Eolas Sect as an Apprentice Spirit Swordsman. He meets Anri Eaton, a wealthy lord's son. Meaning is given to his definition of a martial warrior’s heart. Leon’s martial arts path is tested with fierce monster battles and assassination attempts. He becomes the focus of a secret society due to his inherited sword art. The odds continue to stack against him,... more
  • Percivious Escape

    by JJ & AJ Cook
    Who will survive when the future can only be saved by the past?   A vicious insomnia pandemic devolves into a devastating apocalypse, and humanity teeters on the brink of extinction in the thrilling final instalment of the Percivious Trilogy, Percivious: Escape.   Emerging from the dark side of the moon, the HELIX and its crew embark on a final effort to save the last of their species—and ours.

An unexpected alliance forms between humans and the XYZ—Earth’s first intelligent hominid species—to ... more