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  • Upon a Waking Dream

    by J. S. Bailey
    Open these pages and delve into new worlds where… -A Flat Earther gets abducted by aliens -A college dropout gets by with a little help from her imaginary friend -A woman obsessed with her favorite actor creates a new universe just to meet him -A magic pen bridges the gap between generations -Thirteen isn’t an unlucky number…or is it? Upon a Waking Dream contains twelve science fiction and fantasy tales from the mind of J. S. Bailey, ten of them never before published.
  • What Lies Beyond the Realms

    by Ashley R. O'Donovan

    Young, beautiful, and without an ounce of magic…

    Lyra Lewis, a courageous eighteen-year-old princess, has lived a life of oppression under the rule of her abusive Sorcerer stepbrother and neglectful mother. She meets a mysterious man at a palace banquet—a Faery unlike any she’s ever seen before—but before she can say anything she’s taken away by a dominating Lycan king with dark intentions.

    As her stepbrother stages a violent coup, the faery comes to... more

  • Perfect Sacrifices

    by Diane M. Johnson

    Book 3 of the Perfect Prophet series, now available. Faith healer Alec can never forgive his brother Lucas for the scars he was left with after the Temple of Adonis Christian commune massacre. And Lucas doesn't want to be forgiven. The fallout from their longstanding feud puts the lives of others at risk, as the Satanic cult that Lucas once led seeks to regain its former glory. Those lives include a father who seeks retribution for his paraplegic daughter, and Alec's wife and son who ... more

  • Dark Magic

    by Raluca Narita
    Primrose Titan is the Goddess of Death, an ancient deity who reaps the souls of the dead and rules the Underworld. When the Devil escapes his prison in Hell, Primrose must team up with one of the fabled Grimm Brothers to hunt Lucifer down and prevent his murderous rampage. In a world of magic and deception, they must face the supernatural creatures sent from the Devil himself, along with political enemies acquired over the millennia.
  • The Exile of Zanzibar

    by Daniel Maidman

    Claire built a device to fold space and time. It had a flaw...

    When the smoke clears, she finds herself halfway across the world, thousands of years in the past, and no device in sight.

    In bronze-age Florence, war has lasted for generations. All Claire wants to do is get home, but she’ll need help from the locals. She wins an ally in Marcus Diophantus, a pickpocket turned soldier turned general, who hopes to turn into someth... more

  • The Cycle of Eden: The Young Revolution

    by Daniel Varona

    Eden is a world of unrecognized history and potential, potential that is found in the heart of this cycle’s prophesied hero, Seth. His mother was historically important to Eden’s previous rebirth. So, when this monarch of good is murdered before Seth’s eyes by his older brother, the young hero is left alone in an Eden spiraling into darkness. Yet, unknown to Seth, there is a gift his mother passed on to him, one that allows the candle of hope to burn ever so dimly. Can this ... more

  • The Galactic Zookeeper's Guide to Heists and Husbandry

    by A.C. Huntley
    For eight years, Saffron Savage has been stuck on a dilapidated zoo-planet on the outskirts of the galaxy. Her mountains of overdue student loans make it impossible to afford the cost of leaving, and her sleazy coworkers force her to work demoralizing jobs on a daily basis. Desperate to escape, she hatches a scheme that might just be crazy enough to work: steal the zoo’s rare, two-headed llama and sell it to the highest bidder. When the poorly planned theft lands Saffron and her stolen compani... more
  • The Way of Unity

    by Sarah K. Balstrup
    The Way of Unity is an intimate, yet epic, fantasy about an oppressive religious society controlled by psychic priests. Following her family's murder, Sybilla Ladain seeks to destroy the priesthood, but in doing so, she severs the psychic connections that had bound her people as a spiritual community. A dark and lyrical tale of grief and redemption, The Way of Unity will appeal to admirers of Christopher Buehlman's Between Two Fires and Kerstin Hall's Star Eater.
  • i$ubscribe: Gen Verismo Genesis

    by Author PB Flower
    Extinction of our species is possible not by natural disasters or inventions but by a fabricated organic phenomenon. What if it becomes a certainty, and we can’t tell the difference between real and virtual? It may be that our indigenous intelligence is our savior that puts a stop to our thought-driven obsession with progress. Who’s to say that our knight in shining armor is not an alien race. In the end, it may just be a random stroke of luck that saves us.
  • Goblins! of the Neverending Lands - Book 1: Unlikely Heroes

    by April Ursula Fox
    In the Neverending Lands, a group of goblins are about to uncover a series of unexpected events that threaten to ruin the balance of the world. Is this the beginning of the end of times?
  • Law Future

    by Stephen Krueger
    My book is an anthology of 25 original science-fiction / law stories. Search term on Amazon Books: “Krueger Law Future”. Order online, directly from Amazon (paperback) or Kindle (ebook). 380+ pages. 165,000+ words.
  • SCARS: Heroes come in all sizes.

    by J. Ishiro Finney
    James was a high-rider, a thrill-seeker, an EVA cowboy. He was one of a small brotherhood of men who made a living out of lassoing dead satellites and towing them out of Earth’s orbit. Then came the accident, the one which cost James everything. Now landlocked and grounded with no chance of returning to space, James lives a life of quiet desperation. By day, he struggles with having become an amputee. By night, he is haunted by nightmares of the moment that took his leg, his friends, and his ent... more
  • Dawning of Darkness: The Fall of Gods and Kings

    by James G. Robertson

    Systems fall, planets die—darkness dawns on us all. When a god known simply as the Dark Creator enters our universe, the concord of the world inhabited by the spirits of men and their kings, the gods' chosen few, fades. As this being and his overwhelming force of corrupted horrors and children eclipse Afterworld and its territories, the kingdoms of men must put aside their differences and band together.
    After millennia of fighting, the final blockade separating man from those s... more

  • Burrows of Blood and Shadow

    by Rebekah L Webb
    The dreamers dream all the time, free to go anywhere, to be anything, to see worlds outside themselves, inside themselves and beyond themselves. The Dream Surfer has no past or memory and can only experience life through the dreams and memories of others. He is stuck in a world of doors and windows leading to quiet lives, where pain and tragedy flow like the inevitable path of gentle streams. There is one spot he refuses to go, a dank corner where burrows dive down to dark and brutal depths. ... more
  • Discord and Harmony

    by Matthew Johnson
    What would you give up for love? How much would you sacrifice to protect all that you know? These five stories, set in the world of the Nightingale Saga, explore how far one is willing to go to protect and preserve a world out of Harmony. Here balance is lost as the Dark One seeks to return, threatening to enslave all but those that would give the ultimate sacrifice. Not all journeys end in happily-ever-after as Discord and Harmony clash over the lives of those that would determine the balance. ... more
  • East Sol: The Sector with the Brightest Sun

    by Raine Leggett
    A royal noble meets the crown princess while playing in a field of flowers. After fate threatens to pull them apart, she vows to be her strongest ally. To do this she aims to be a magic knight. As she advances in the ranks she finds herself closer to her goal more than ever. As they find themselves together, they grow a beautiful romance.