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    by Jamie Eubanks
    A camping trip goes awry when a young woman is lured from her tent in an isolated region of the Vermont mountains. A private aircraft disappears off radar. A teenager and a wildlife photographer make the list of those who have gone missing without a trace. The one commonality is the location: an area of the Vermont wilderness where a mysterious military experiment is underway. Miles away, Donovan Sinclair receives an anonymous phone with an ominous warning: the lives of his ex-wife and son... more
  • City In My Hands

    by Thomas More
    In the heart of Mannahatta, a remarkable heroine emerges. Sakima Tamanend is no ordinary hero; she is a force of nature, empowered by the ancient spirits of the Lenape. Sakima's awe-inspiring legacy and unwavering strength make her a fierce warrior, inspiring a new generation of young girls to embrace their ancestral power. Yet, darkness looms over the city as an insidious interdimensional threat descends upon her people. Sakima must rise to new heights of strength and courage as her world cr... more
  • City At My Feet

    by Thomas More
    Step into Mannahatta, a vibrant parallel world where legends whisper truth and spirits guide the brave. Sakima Tamanend, a fiery soul yearning for warriorhood, stumbles upon a chilling secret: her brother-in-law has unleashed a mythical terror upon the Land Below, the concrete jungle we call New York City. Driven by unwavering love and fierce spirit, Sakima plunges through the portal, leaving behind all she knows. In this strange new world, she'll confront towering monsters, forge unlikely al... more
  • Send Me Your Nightmares

    by Robert Kluver
    Sixty-three-year-old Los Angeles stoner, Hank Wallace, is just trying to get by and get high when he takes a gig distributing ads for a local company. But the job quickly turns into more than it seems. Hank begins hearing voices and experiencing strange visions while passing out the ads. Before he knows it, he’s fallen prey to his employer, a demon from another world. Possessed by the demon, Hank absorbs nightmares from others living in his corner of LA. He becomes a conduit that feeds anxiet... more
  • The Citadel

    by Frank Dravis

    The Citadel, a bastion on the protected planet of Dianis, is the third novel in the Dianis, A World In Turmoil chronicles. Achelous, the architect and orchestrator of the planet's defense against extrasolars, has been abducted by the Paleowrights, a powerful religious order. Chained, tortured, and carried off to the Empire of Nak Drakas, Achelous’s fate is unknown.

    After the mayhem and outrage of Achelous's kidnapping, Marisa, his mistress and a trader princess, embarks on... more

  • The New Rules of Time Travel: 1938 The Deceiver

    by Vincent deDiego Metzo
    Welcome to the second book in the New Rules of Time Travel series: 1938 The Deceiver. Amidst the backdrop of 1938's tumultuous world stage, where the Empire State Building becomes the unlikely anchor for international dirigibles and the specter of war looms near, our protagonist, Sarah Williams, finds herself entangled in a clandestine battle that spans the ages. Haunted by memories and driven by a quest for justice, Sarah's journey transcends mere vengeance. Her path is one of profound tr... more
  • Fragile Anthology

    by Michael Allen Rose
    What’s in the box? Announcing the FRAGILE ANTHOLOGY, 20 brand new stories of horror, bizarro, and speculative fiction all based on a single prompt. A hapless mover knows better than to open a client’s boxes, but when one of them moves by itself, choices need to be made. Reality explodes with the roll of a die and fragments into myriad possibilities. Featuring brand new stories by Brian Keene, Cynthia Pelayo, Christine Morgan, Christopher Hawkins, David Scott Hay, Bridget D. Brave, Garrett Coo... more
  • Prelude

    by J. H. Tabbott
    The K'laadians have watched Earth for over five centuries, and it is finally ripe. A rich planet with all they need–water, breathable air, fertile soil... comfortable. But most important–sufficient technological infrastructure and labor, because someone has to perform the work. When K’laadia targets Earth as its next acquisition, Dr. Maggie Kestler and the Sally’s Pride crew are plucked off the ocean to become pawns in negotiating a surrender. Why attack and destroy valuable infrastructure if... more
  • Disposable Bodies

    by Botond Markovics
    The year is 2338, and Earth is a distant memory. The world is living in the future of Melvin Kadek, the richest man in the Solar System and savior of humanity. Centuries earlier, the threat of drastic changes in solar activity drove the billionaire tech investor to launch the Exodus, a space project of astounding vision through which humanity terraformed the moons of Jupiter and Saturn and created artificial livings spaces in the interiors of thousands of asteroids. Prosecutor Vireni Orlando,... more
  • AWE: A technothriller

    by Pierre R. Schwob
    Pic de Lucrète and his expert team at a bleeding-edge research institute, discover that a climate tipping point will be reached far sooner than anticipated. They must supercharge AI to reveal fake news and prevent a global catastrophe. But adversarial interests in the fossil fuel industry, led by a psychopath with ties to Putin and his oligarchs, will stop at nothing to prevent them from succeeding – from virulent disinformation to murderous violence. From Silicon Valley to Tokyo, St. Petersburg... more
  • The Rochdale Yeast

    by Rik de Mora
    Imagine you could genetically engineer a microorganism that was able to produce LSD into its culture broth. If the microorganism was a brewing yeast you could make beer spiked with homemade LSD. Imagine how much mischief you could cause with that. If the microorganism was a bacterium that you had also engineered to transfer LSD-synthesis to every other bacterium in a person’s body, you could make some very potent live yoghurt. Imagine what sorts of mischief you could do then. Follow Karen Spenc... more
  • Starship-101

    by David Moore
    Starship-101 successfully landed on Proxima Centauri-b about twenty years ago, marking humanity’s first interstellar settlement. But with radio messages taking over four years to traverse the vast darkness of space, this fledgling colony has been isolated from Earth. Enter the Clason twins – Tarvin and Harden – the galaxy’s preeminent Superposition Navigators. These brothers can bend the quantum space-time continuum to their will, instantaneously transporting people and cargo across the stars. T... more
  • The Color of Gravity

    by Alison Huff
    After her sister's disappearance, Seralynn discovers an overgrown cemetery in the forest. Coping with mounting grief, she becomes its dutiful caretaker, unaware it will open a door that has remained closed for centuries—and unravel everything she thought she knew about the world, herself, the depths of true love, and unimaginable loss.
  • The Book of Souls

    by Kevin Moore
    The dead don’t come back, but some never leave… Jack Kelly remembers everything about his wife and children. The wonderful smell of his wife’s hair, the way she whispers to him at night. His three children running through the house, the sound of their laughter. That was his life before the accident. His near-death experience left him in the in-between space, somewhere between this world and whatever comes next. But he recovered and woke up as his thirteen-year-old self. The doctors tell... more
  • The Chronicles of Wetherid

    by Christian Dölder
    In the shadows of ancient valleys and deepest secrets begins the journey of "The Chronicles of Wetherid: The Legacy of the Elves." In a world where the power of nature and ancient magic determines the balance of life and death, an old book lies at the heart of an epic saga. Passed down through the centuries by the elves, the true guardians of Wetherid, it holds the secret to defending against the united enemies of Fallgar. When the sacred book suddenly disappears, an unusual group of heroes e... more
  • A Desperate Measure

    by Seth W. James
    In A Desperate Measure, book 2 of The Cain Series, several months have passed since Cain and Francesca took down the fascist cabal of billionaire Dietrich Stinnes. Riding the wave of celebrity that her victory had inspired, Francesca stepped down as the Mayor of Venice to join the newly-formed European Seawall Foundation, to shepherd the project she had fought so hard to create, with Cain at her side as her Chief of Security. What should have been a blissfully dull—though vitally important—ass... more