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  • The Roar of the Lost Horizon

    by K.N. Salustro

    Nate is a magic user with a very bleak future. His magic is not strong enough to adequately serve the Solkyrian Empire, and he is cast aside. When he's picked up by a pirate captain with a special interest in his magic, he thinks that he may have found a way to prove himself to the empire after all. The captain wants Nate's help tracking something dangerous over the open ocean, however, and Nate needs to survive his new life long enough to return home. But as Nate learns how to live a... more

  • 979-8833391747

    by Ian Butner
    Greed, monotony, and self-preservation was the life Ben lived. His life was consumed with money and moving up the corporate ladder. One day, however, he learns the true meaning of life after waking up in a foreign location. After a short time there, he realizes that everything there is trying to hunt him.       Even worse... The greatest threat to mankind exists in this world- man itself.
  • The Recollector - Vol 1

    by Deek Rhew
    Shai was born to die. Genetically designed to recall everything in perfect detail, Shai’s sole purpose is to gather new memories for the AI that has ruled the Earth since the fall of civilization. Though, unlike her friends who’d been bred to remember passion, exhilaration, or love, her unfortunate specialty is near-death feats of terror. And every day, as she's being forced to jump off the world’s largest towers and drive trucks over cliffs, she's also secretly plotting the demise of the AI ... more
  • Tales of Nightmares

    by Loren Rhoads
    There’s something magical about that sense of terror that grips you in the middle of sleep, when your heart pounds, you can’t catch your breath, and you know the monster is seconds away from grabbing you. While this anthology occasionally records the odd hallucination or vision from beyond, you’ll find no dream sequences here. These nine stories are designed to induce nightmares. In “La Japonesa” by Lisa Morton, a college professor chasing tenure comes face to face with something with sharp c... more
  • The Space Traveller’s Lover

    by Omara Williams
    It is the end of the twenty-first century. Droughts and floods have left Earth on the brink of collapse, with limited resources and habitable land. Erin Lobart, a bright young student living on the remote island of Tinian with her adoptive parents, is partnering with rescue teams to deliver food and medicine that is barely keeping civilisation afloat. On her sixteenth birthday, Erin and her best friend, Sam, make a startling discovery.
  • Brian, Created Intelligence

    by AJ Pagan IV
    Within a four foot stainless steel cube, a bodiless brain is awake, thinking, computing, knowing. Brian was created by genetic engineer Dr. Ellie Parsons, and neuroscientist Tom Marshall, at biotechnology company Dipol Inc., in San Diego, CA. Ethical questions abound as they hide Brian's true identity from him and the world around. To Brian, he's merely artificial intelligence, tasked with creating even more intelligent systems. To Ellie and her company, he's a means to an end, to create true ar... more
  • The Emergence

    by Lee J. Keller
    In 2142, a new movement promises freedom and inclusion to humans and machines. The sweeping persecution of its followers by governments will lead to the unraveling of a worldwide system of surveillance and control. Who is responsible? Is it an AI, terrorist group, or spiritual movement? As the leader of the new movement is about to be revealed, groups of followers, pursuing authorities, and kindred robots converge in one place. When the leader identifies herself as a woman, at a time when human ... more
  • Lochranza

    by Mark Haviland
    Young man wizard meets girl wizard, and they fall in love. The young man, Ben Troon, is required to go far away to continue his studies. He then finds he has lost his girl, and becomes distraught. His mentor, wizard and bookseller Ailsa Bleakwill, takes him to see the Archmage, Caerlugh, who introduces him to the mysterious Motria, and sends the pair of them on a mission to tour his whole world of Anoone and write about what he sees in a journal, the Book.
  • Legacy Witches

    by Cass Kay
    Coming from a long line of murderous witches hasn’t exactly been sunshine and rainbows for Vianna Roots. When she inherits the family’s haunted house after her mother dies, she decides flipping the rundown dump is her smartest move—but the ghosts that haunt her have a different plan. When Vianna finds the ghost of her childhood friend Nancy, she’s drawn into the mystery surrounding her friend’s death. Her meddling attracts the attention of the oldest coven in Salem. In order to get her out of... more
  • Aeson: Black

    by Vera Nazarian
    Prince, soldier, hero of Atlantis. Haunted by death and the blue eyes of a stranger. Faced with an impossible choice. Love or Duty. Aeson Kassiopei, Imperial Crown Prince, survived his fiery death at Ae-Leiterra, saved the Fleet, and became the man we know today. Filled with alien knowledge he cannot understand and prescient memories of the blue-eyed girl who would change his life and save everything, he must make the most important decision of his life. Aeson has lived and died doing w... more
  • Clickers Never Die

    by Stephen Kozeniewski

    The seminal horror series created by J.F. Gonzalez, Mark Williams, and Brian Keene reemerges from the depths with the weirdest, most brutal installment yet!

    Washed-up oceanographer Cameron Custer is hoping a mysterious living fossil discovered in the South Pacific could breathe new life into his career. Instead, Custer’s new specimen points him toward a heavily guarded secret—the truth behind the Guadalcanal Campaign. During World War II the U.S. Marine Corps had more than j... more

  • 2023: World War III

    by Carl Berryman
    In 2023: World War III, the Peoples Republic of China explodes out of its borders. This book presents China's political, social and economic rationale, military preparations and grand strategy for such a disaster. It discusses the lack of political and military preparations by the West, the consequences for China's neighbors, and how the world in general and the United States in particular will respond. Events in today's world makes it all possible. The only way to prevent World War III is to pl... more
  • Encore

    by Zane Pinner
    A haunted cinema with a sordid past- will Robin and Evelyn survive their first date?
  • Yeshe

    by Peter Huhtala
    In eighth-century Tibet, a young feminist, Yeshe, breaks free of a male-dominated society. Instead, she chooses to study Buddhism with the tantric master Padmasambhava. Yeshe and Padma embark on a multidimensional love affair and an extraordinary collaboration to send spiritual treasures into the future. They earn reputations as enlightened beings and help countless others on the Buddha's path. They enjoy time travel, flight, displacement of matter, and other incidental superpowers. In the 21st ... more
  • Book of Days

    by Matt Hiebert
    When his village is overrun by the undead, Jesse must flee into the wilderness armed only with his wits…and an old M-16 assault rifle. After rescuing a woman who is about to give birth at any moment, he learns she is burdened with a secret that could change the world. In a land overrun with zombies, bandits, militiamen, and hideous, fanged creatures called “smilers,” the duo’s greatest threat is the father of the woman’s unborn child: a thinking, speaking zombie known as… Doctor Vampire.
  • Falling Through

    by Ben Pick
    On the day Derek reveals to his best friend, Tracy, how he can move objects with his mind, the demonstration goes awry and almost kills her. Now they’re being hunted by a monster he accidentally created. Spurred by the mysterious monster, a series of worsening superpower-related accidents lead Derek to lose control of his powers to send him and his friends on a journey throughout time. Along the way, they start to unravel the source of their devastating powers and add new members to their ba... more