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  • Suzy Spitfire and the Snake Eyes of Venus

    by Joe Canzano

    When outlaw Suzy Spitfire flies to Venus in search of a vicious serial killer, she’s looking for the road to redemption—but instead, she quickly becomes involved in a gang war, a revolution, and a desperate attempt to protect a young girl from a violent future.

  • Daytrippers

    by H.L. Sudler
    A group of high school students finds themselves in a nightmare from which they cannot escape. On an ordinary October day, they have been drugged. From this drug, they have fallen asleep. From this sleep they find themselves in a world with hardly anything they know and nothing they remember. The year they find themselves in is 1879. They are scared and frightened, and they cannot get home.
  • The Order of the Clock: Volume One The Creation of the Humanoids

    by Gary Erakleous
    THE ORDER OF THE CLOCK Volume One The Creation of the Humanoids Description The “Order of the Clock” Volume One, The Creation of the Humanoids, by Gary Erakleous is a fantasy novel, set in the ancient world of magic and sorcery, in a setting of spiritual intrigue and political deception that captivates the mind. It is, truly, an allegory to the state of affairs we live in today and, possibly, in the future. Sold by Amazon as an e-book or a paperback worldwide. What if an evil force transfo... more
  • Assassin Avenged

    by Shana Vernon
  • The Assassin's Daughter

    by Shana Vernon
    Lenna has been hiding from the Guild since she was born. If they knew about her magic her life would be forfeit. She must brave the possibility of discovery by entering the Guild under the guise of a human recruit after her father goes missing. She realizes she's bitten off more than she can chew when she sees her new instructor is the same guy she met a few months before. It doesn't seem like Cade recognizes her without her disguise, but if he does and blows the whistle, she's as good ... more
  • Blood Moon

    by H.L. Sudler
    Years ago, Walker Dupre was horribly shamed during a fraternity game gone wrong. Years later, he has invited members of that fraternity group back to the college for a Homecoming celebration. He has something to show them. He has a score to settle. A revenge beyond their wildest dreams.
  • Sanguinary Longings

    by Claude Frazier
    In 1918 in wartime France, Dr. Cole Sterling of the American Expeditionary Forces is mortally wounded by a renegade German officer. Cole miraculously recovers from his wounds after receiving a small blood transfusion from a mysterious French woman, Aurora. He quickly learns there is a high price for saving his life. Intolerant to sunlight and needing to drink blood to survive, his old life as a surgeon has been snatched from him. Eventually, Aurora helps Cole regain his enthusiasm for life, and... more
  • Impossible Figures

    by Rick Moss
    Ranger, a once-celebrated conceptual artist desperate for a comeback, recruits Oscar Hiller, a self-destructive young physicist on the verge of a quantum theory breakthrough, to stage the most consequential art performance of all time and existence — and one that may very well unravel time and existence in the process. A darkly comic story of looping narratives, Impossible Figures offers a uniquely deviant angle on our human predicament.
  • The Threads of Time

    by Dave Crawford
    The Threads of Time Blurb Dave Crawford Here is the coming together of two very different worlds. The first as seen through the eyes of Rod a fighter pilot and Hydie a teenage girl, is one of spaceships, time travel, super computers and the weird outcomes from genetic engineering. Both become prisoners of war, both face great dangers. The other world is that of provincial peasants and an urban society with echoes of the nineteenth century. The peasant Zoahum, t... more
  • Reparations: The Complete Series (Omnibus Edition)

    by Philip Wyeth

    The Reparations Omnibus... Four Books in One!

    The year is 2028. A new bureaucracy called the Historical Reparations Administration oversees enforcement of restitution for colonialism and slavery. This is the story of everyday people caught in the crossfire between idealism and technology.

    Reparations USA sets the stage with exuberant world-building, bizarre tech, outrageous spectacles, quirky slang, and a diverse cast of sympathetic characters.

    ... more

  • A Reason for Being

    by Libby Andrews
    Sora Sakurai is a lone wolf. She has a human and wolf form. Her family was killed in an event known as the Okami attack. She is trying to bring peace between man and wolf. Other wolves join her on her journey but an alpha wolf named Taiyo threatens the prospect of peace- he is on a crusade to wipe the humans out of existence.
  • Fort Cruel

    by Rob Moody
    Ezekiel and his people travel to Fort Lower Brule to warn the U.S. Army of the plague. When they get there, however, they have trouble convincing them their story is true. When the plague spreads to the fort, the soldiers quickly become believers. Ezekiel and his friends battle their way out of the fort and then decide to confront the plague's author: Shadow Savior.
  • Plague at Snake Creek

    by Rob Moody
    It's a western—with zombies. Confederate veteran Ezekiel Cool leads a quiet life as small town sheriff in the Dakota Territory. Haunted by nightmares of wars gone by, he just wants to be left alone. But then a terrible sickness invades his town.
  • Death Penalty for a Ghost in China

    by Kim Cancer
    How do you feel about the death penalty? How do you feel about ghosts? How do you feel about China?
  • Deja Vu

    by Felicia Jedlicka
    A story of duality like no other. Two women living in one body who have spent a lifetime separated by everything except distance. With resentment and deception as the foundation of their blind relationship, they do everything in their power to keep their personal lives separate from the other. However, when Elise's life is threatened she has no choice but to trust her counterpart, Deja, to get her out of it, or risk both of them dying. Life is hard enough as one person and nearly impossible a... more
  • Pure Fyre

    by KristaLyn A. Vetovich
    The land of Condel is blessed, and Gaernod is not. Eofyn is king, and Spyre most certainly isn’t. When Spyre’s king threatens Eofyn’s kingdom and the source of its people’s power, Spyre sets out on a journey to save the Blessed Kingdom, not because he wants to, but because the other creatures of Curnen have threatened to kill him if he doesn't. It’s a long road ahead to save a kingdom he’s sure will hate him, and he’ll have to brave the many realms of Curnen to reach Condel and, regrettably, bey... more