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  • The Forked Path

    by T.R. Thompson
    Future and past entwined. Despite the victory over Cantor Cortis, the dark power still spreads. Nightmare creatures are wiping out villages all along the southern edge of the wild Tangle forest, causing a stream of refugees to flow into the capital of Sontair in the hope of finding protection. All who helped overthrow the Nine Sisters of Redmondis have been touched by what they experienced and those they lost. Dark visions sap Petron and Daemi’s strength even as they try to heal the rift... more
  • The Blood Within the Stone

    by T.R. Thompson
    A shadow is spreading across the land. Fear will be your downfall. When the Prefects of Redmondis discover that their quick minds and quicker fingers hide secret potential, young thieves Wilt and Higgs find themselves unwilling recruits. Wilt’s ability to sink into others’ thoughts, knowing what action they will take before they do, is both a prized and dangerous gift. The Nine Sisters of Redmondis have sensed a growing threat, and search for the one who can control the power of the blood ... more
  • Star Marque Rising

    by Shami Stovall
    The future is governed through a genetic hierarchy—superhumans at the top, humans and defects at the bottom. Clevon Demarco, a genetically modified human, has a cocksure attitude and the combat skills to back it up. With his unparalleled skills, he makes his living as a ruthless gunrunner on a shady space station near the edges of the quadrant. Stronger, faster, and wittier than most sad sacks, no one even comes close to Demarco’s abilities—until he crosses paths with the captain of the noto... more
  • Blind Dreams

    by Sejan Rahman
    Shazam Meunice is lost in the world of dreams, in search of his lover, and there appears Don Sandor – The Shadowy figure that guides him find Sheetal, the woman who touched his soul in another lifetime. In an epic fantasy, a heart shattering drama unfolds in the dream world where passionate lovers try to find ways to unite in the real world. But there are obstacles put in place by a race of unearthly species whose agenda is to loot and destroy. Haroon, the young boy dreams of a new world wher... more
  • Tribe of Daughters

    by Kate L. Mary

    For the past seventy years, deep in the mountains and totally secluded from civilization, a matriarchal society has thrived. In this small village there are no brothers, no fathers, no sons. In this village men exist only to serve the women, and boys have no mothers. In this village men do as they are told and defiance is severely punished.

    This is the only life Wilderness has ever known, but when Jameson is brought in from the outside to be her husband, everything she thought she knew ... more

  • Do the Dead Dream?: An Anthology of the Weird and the Peculiar

    by F. P. Dorchak

    Do the dead dream?

    Dive a wreck that was never there, in the waters off Bimini . . .
    Meet a young girl who debates with rooftop monsters . . .
    Dine at a tiny café teetering on the edge of oblivion . . .
    Take refuge from a downpour in a gas station from nowhere . . .
    Discover the real reason behind migraines . . .
    Encounter a love gone bad before it ever existed . . .
    Explore the emotional remains of a woman’s not-quite-dead past . . .
    Foll... more

  • Portraits in Flesh

    by MW Brown
    He'll turn your corpse into a work of art... After a horrific accident Annabelle discovers she can instantly transport herself to the destination on her satnav. Although ghost like when she travels, her remarkable ability takes her from England to France, Croatia and beyond. As Annabelle explores her potential it puts her life and the lives of those she loves in danger and leads her into the path of an enigmatic and intelligent serial killer. What will he do if he discovers Annabelle's ab... more
  • The Hunt For The Great Beasts: Book 1: Water

    by Jeremiah D. Davis
    After two wars, humanity is nearly on the brink of extinction. As if things couldn't get worse, four giant mythical beasts have appeared to take revenge on the humans for their destructive ways. Now, humanity must survive the apocalypse and the threat of the Great Beasts.
  • Soul Suites

    by Hulden Morse
    Homeless people are vanishing from the streets of Chicago. No one gives the disappearances a second thought, until a powerful CEO, Charles Pearson, pretending to be homeless in order to gather information for his company, is found to be one of the missing individuals. A local search ensues, which leads to the discovery of extensive wrongdoings within Pearson's company. The local search quickly becomes a nationwide investigation that begins to turn society on its end, pitting large corporations a... more
  • The Raygin War

    by Larry Gerovac
    In order to defend against an alien invasion by an advanced race that evolved from Carrion beetles, the military put all its hope into a single person. He’s an old school soldier who started his career as a ground pounder in the Sniper Corps. Mac has been involved in about every conflict the military has participated in. United Fleet Command hopes his experience and talent will be enough to neutralize the invading fleet.
  • Rise: Birth of a Revolution (The Flynn Chronicles Book 1)

    by Mark S. Moore

    Damien Flynn is a politician with a conscience.

    Once on the rise in one of the largest colonial empires in history, he now faces certain doom for favoring his disenfranchised constituents. Betrayed by his peers and sentenced to death he realized too late that bleeding hearts are often terminal. Damien's planned execution ignites a series of events that turn his world, and possibly his allegiances, upside down.

    Victoria Montgomery was orphaned by the last war and now finds hers... more

  • Harlem Angel

    by Brenda M Hardwick
    Soraya has always had bad dreams?nightmares really?for as long as her memory stretched. She never paid them much serious attention until now. This one was different. In this dream, she saw somebody murdered. And while she knew it was just a dream, she felt like there was more to it. She needed answers, and the old lady at the home shop was where she was drawn to ask her questions. Harlem Angel is about one of those insidious layers of evil that exists alongside and underneath the normal, real wo... more
  • The Babushka Society

    by Benjamin Davis
    Baba Yaga menaced Russian children for generations, but what would happen if you ran into her in modern-day Russia? The Babushka Society is a demented magical-realism adventure set in the heart of Saint Petersburg, where two young men stumble across a babushka conspiracy, led by Russian fairytales’ stalwart character Baba Yaga, to take the country of Russia back from the Hipster scourge. This edition includes both the original English version and a Russian translation.
  • Vigil

    by P.B. Obeng
    Lemalia is the home of the wonder metal, Duritium, that has revolutionized modern society. When the newly elected president of this small island nation is gunned down, it creates a power vacuum filled by his opponent that sets off a chain of events that reshapes the geopolitical landscape. A world away the U.S. government launches its first superhuman defense initiative, Vigil. The group is comprised of team leader Captain Alicia Conrad, a decisive soldier haunted by her father’s legacy; Cynthia... more
  • The Ancient

    by R. A. Nelson

    My first meeting with the Ancient was also my last . . .

    With these words, a discontented modern-day English professor is thrust deep into the world of the Ancients. Ever since the Making, this race of immortal beings – known to Humankind as the creatures of mythology, from the Dragon and Unicorn to the Griffin and Phoenix – have sought to cultivate the Light of creation, pushing back ever against the malignant forces of the Wasting. Fear, Pride, Vi... more

  • The Hermes Endeavor (The Cosmic Virus)

    by Robert F. Rowe
    The Hermes Endeavor follows the stories of twelve people caught in the midst of an invasion few suspected. As they discover the part they play in the chaos, they must learn the true meaning of sacrifice to save all that they hold dear.