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  • The Forever King

    by Ben Galley

    Revenge loves company.


    Mithrid Fenn wants nothing to do with magick. Magick is a curse word, banned by the vast Arka Empire and punishable by death. Its purging has finally brought peace to war-torn Emaneska. Only a stubborn rebellion, led by the warlord Outlaw King, raids and pillages the empire’s northern fringes.


    To cliff-brat Mithrid, this is an age of tranquility and childhood games. That is until an illegal spellbook washes up on her shores, a... more

  • The Devil's Angel

    by John Conn
    Things were changing. It was ages since the Devil had fallen. Now, a new one was being created. God wanted something, but the Devil had no idea what it was. It needed someone to find out. It needed an angel…but who? NYC detectives Michael Ryan and Lucas Cole were childhood friends. Inseparable and seemingly cut from the same cloth, they paralleled each other’s moves and thoughts throughout their lives. But with strange visions and nightmares torturing both men since childhood, they are driven... more
  • Jason Jupiter

    by Albert M. Manaford
    One night as ten-year-old Jason Jupiter stares into the heavens from his porch swing and dreams of space travel, an object falls out of the sky and vanishes along the horizon, seemingly in close proximity to his house. Overwhelmed with curiosity, Jason decides to investigate without telling his parents. Following the light from the moon, Jason walks through a forest and into a clearing where, to his surprise, he fi nds a damaged spaceship without occupants. After he enters the ship to explore... more
  • Rage of the Immortals: The CareTakers

    by Kanika Singhal
    A washed-out soldier accepts a seemingly generous job offer from a mysterious stranger, and finds herself introduced to a fantastic new world, filled with magick, drama and new experiences. The only drawback is that the boss is a slave-driving asshole who has bound her to a life-time contract. She soon learns that all is not well between her world and the magickal world, and unless she takes a stance, both worlds might be destroyed. Her choices get her caught in the middle of a struggle ... more
  • Threshold

    by Scott Falcon
    2040…VENTURA CALIFORNIA Becca Wilde, a terminally ill teenage autistic savant, senses a presence—an intelligence—in THE STREAM, the virtual reality entertainment phenomenon created by her tech-billionaire father. She believes the intelligence can create a cure, but her father intends to use radical technology. They are running out of time. Then technology stops working. All of it. No Internet. No screens. Not even cars. But one thing is working—a Russian A.I. that mutated—and is now i... more
  • The Coven's Son

    by Preston Allen

    When Dev gives birth to a baby boy who caused the floor to rumble, the walls to shake and the lights to flicker during delivery, she knows she is raising a witch. Oak was raised in a family coven, but witches don't need magic the way they did in the past. In order to suppress his powers from bursting at the seams, they find that raw garlic keeps his powers in check. Unfortunately, the consequences of smelling like garlic in high school takes a toll on your social life. While creating a ma... more

  • Just Say Zombie

    by Albert Aykler

    Zombies may seem crazy, but have you taken a good look at the news lately?

    Inside the the Silvercrest Muddy Mesa Facility for Mental Rehabilitation, Sid Singleton can say anything but zombie. His treatment includes admitting that the past four years of his life are just a delusion. A bad dream he created out of a dangerous and wayward mind. He's happy to go along. He even learns to enjoy the cafeteria taco pie. And it all would have worked out fine except for one th... more

  • Farewell Ghost

    by Larry Caldwell
    When rock-star Rocco Boyle dies at the height of his fame, guitarist Clay Harper losses the idol whose life he always wanted. In his wildest dreams, Clay never imagined that he’d soon be living on the infamous estate where Boyle died. Or that Boyle would still be in residence…. But in the hills of Los Angeles, things are seldom what they seem, and despite all warnings, Clay ventures deep into the city’s underbelly—touring its famous rock clubs and hangouts, auditioning for a rising local ... more
  • ANTIVENOM (Infinite Vampire, #4)

    by M. Lorrox

    It’s all come down to this: a call to the brave to do what’s right and kill who’s wrong. More than anyone imagined is on the line, and that line is a trail of destruction leading straight toward Væir. A small team of heroes has a huge task, but it’s not as simple as they believe…

    An ancient evil breathes ever closer as a modern apocalypse unfolds faster, and above them all, the sun sets over an ocean of pain, painting the sky red. Yesteryear’s ... more

  • MAELSTROM (Infinite Vampire, #3)

    by M. Lorrox

    There is no peace for the wicked, and tonight there’s none for anyone in Washington, DC. Minutes ago, horror was unleashed, and no one is prepared—they’re devastated. When push comes to gnaw, people must choose: try not to die, or sacrifice themselves to save another.

    While innocent loved ones are trapped in a nightmare, heroes will rise…and fall. The fight will take them to death’s door, but they don’t plan on knocking. These soldiers plan to kick t... more

  • QUEEN'S GAMBIT (Infinite Vampire, #2)

    by M. Lorrox

    Exhausted after their weekend, a small-town family of vampires heads to DC. They’re greeted by a plot that threatens to blow their world apart and cast it into chaos. The fates of the nation, the Vampire Order, and their family are up in the air.

    Eddy meets his heroes—squires his age—and discovers a powerful secret. Sadie navigates the politics of the ancient House of Elders and tries not to kill anyone. Charlie tackles the demands of his new role while dealing with bu... more

  • BLOOD 4 LIFE (Infinite Vampire, #1)

    by M. Lorrox

    Stay living in secret—in peace—or help the humans with their “zombie problem” and risk having the life you’ve built torn to pieces? One vampire family faces such a dilemma, and whether they like it or not, they’re about to have the biggest adventure of their lives.

    Eddy, a teenage vampire, thinks that his life is hard. Dealing with high school, girls, and that whole “daylight cooks your ass” issue, asks a lot of him… Believe it or n... more

  • SOPHIA'S JOURNAL (Infinite Vampire, #0)

    by M. Lorrox

    This documents one survivor’s journey and marks the beginning of the Infinite Vampire adventure. It’s an epistolary story, written from the perspective of…you guessed it, a girl named Sophia, as the world changes under her nose.

    It features over two dozen custom, pen and ink drawings and 96 pages of handwritten story.

  • The Dagger

    by Marieke Lexmond

    The first in a new mystical, magical series featuring three generations of powerful headstrong witches from the Madigan Family and their struggle to work together to keep a centuries-old promise and stop a dark witch from claiming a powerful elemental object.

    Bridget, a member of the Madigan family, is a young detective working in Boston on a new murder case involving a witch. Even though she has sworn never to use magic again, she uses her powers to watch a flashback f... more

  • Black Table

    by Anttimatti Pennanen

    Gus and Jon, pop culture fans from Finland, find themselves in a middle of a galactic fight against an ancient evil, after discovering an alien transportation network, called Black Table. With Earth’s vast science fiction knowledge on their side, these best friends outwit one no way out situation after another. Black Table is a fun account of two likeable, wise-cracking friends who like nothing better than pranking each other. That is, except when they are not doing something more ... more

  • The Last of Her Kind

    by Quill Holland
    What would it feel like, to be the last? She is alone and on the run: from whom, she doesn’t know – it could be any one of the many alien travellers moving through the crowded spaceport. All she wants is to go unobserved and to continue living. But when an alien xenologist spots her, he sees the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to speak with a surviving member of the Rav'ian race, and he is driven to engage with her – but she doesn’t want to be engaged with. For both the observed and... more