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  • The Little Queen

    by Kevin Hincker

    In this exciting tale of speculative fiction, a mysterious research facility, breeding a single line of honeybee queens down ten thousand generations, finally succeeds in its mission: creating hive sentience. But when the Little Queen gains self awareness and realizes she is imprisoned, she executes a daring escape, which nearly kills her. In doing it, she changes the trajectory of a small mountain town, and the life of Anthony, the boy who rescues her. Anthony is a Keeper. From his mother he... more

  • Obscure Reflections at Dawn

    by Jack Clubb
    Obscure Reflections at Dawn By Jack Clubb An artist wakes up from his dreamy world to find himself lost in a dungeon like chamber, just to be pulled away into another reality. The only answers available are in the cryptic clues left by the previous occupant, a dead man reclining in a chair. Events shift to a woman who is renovating an old opera house in St.Louis, but something is lurking from the shadows. One night after finishing violin practice, someone starts clapping, but she’s alone... more
  • Nova Sapiens: The Believers

    by David J A Cooper
    Kasih is a robotic child drawn into a project to discover her secrets, and into a war that threatens all humanity, including her own. The murder of her family leaves nobody else to explain her design but her. How much humanity does she really have? Is she an extinction-level technology? Can she save her human friends from the army of killing machines based on her own design?
  • Zaldizko

    by Veronica Purcell

    "I'll find a way to save my brother. Do whatever the hell you want. I'm stealing your guns."

    Famine is a man determined to save his three brothers after they were tragically separated when a magical fire destroyed their monastery home. He finds himself in a foreign city called Apocalypse. There he falls in with the Evadale Knight Order security group, which guards the Hell's Labyrinth prison facility. The prison's system goes haywire upon his arrival.<... more

  • Black Star Heart: Applicant

    by Veronica Purcell
    Going against his father's wishes. Leon Brackshaw enrolled in the Eolas Martial Warrior Academy. A warrior Applicant aiming to enter the Eolas Sect as an Apprentice Spirit Swordsman. He meets Anri Eaton, a wealthy lord's son. Meaning is given to his definition of a martial warrior’s heart. Leon’s martial arts path is tested with fierce monster battles and assassination attempts. He becomes the focus of a secret society due to his inherited sword art. The odds continue to stack against him,... more
  • Percivious Escape

    by JJ & AJ Cook
    Who will survive when the future can only be saved by the past?   A vicious insomnia pandemic devolves into a devastating apocalypse, and humanity teeters on the brink of extinction in the thrilling final instalment of the Percivious Trilogy, Percivious: Escape.   Emerging from the dark side of the moon, the HELIX and its crew embark on a final effort to save the last of their species—and ours.

An unexpected alliance forms between humans and the XYZ—Earth’s first intelligent hominid species—to ... more
  • Keeper of the Dead

    by Ryan Young
    After spending years of solitude surviving the undead and collecting their IDs as artifacts, a man discovers that a photo doesn't match the corpse that carries it, sending him on a journey north in search of what became of the mystery woman.
  • Everyday and Ordinary

    by Mark Warren
    A horror novel investigating the origins and dissemination of evil and cruelty across time and space. The book Preface begins is de Sade's Charenton, France, then quickly moves across the Atlantic to 1990s Maine. Gender and sexuality are primary subjects along with bullying and physical threats to two children and the town of Newton, Maine. The gender/sexuality issues comment on de Sade's misuse of those themes; the rest of the book subtly calls out contemporary horror fiction writers for gros... more
  • American Cannibal

    by Rebecca Rowland
    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to (rep)eat it. A mother and daughter negotiate the Oregon Trail with grisly results; an elementary teacher watches the carnage of The Challenger explosion spill over into her own classroom. A possible prospector traveling west is drawn to an isolated inn where no one walks away hungry; a 1950s housewife shares the gruesome repertoire of behavior expected of a proper lady. Prohibition and women’s suffrage, the Civil War and the Vietnam War, the J... more
  • The View from Here: A Science Fiction Novella (The View from Here Trilogy Book 1)

    by Leon Stevens
    Two heads are better than one. What would you do if you found yourself on or in another world? Do you have the skills and knowledge needed to survive or to make sense of what you see? Thomas sets out on a hike he has done many times before. Taking only what he needs for the three or four hours he expects to be gone, he passes a vehicle in the parking lot. The handwritten note on the dashboard read: Not Abandoned. The view at the end of the trail was not what he expected—neither were the fr... more
  • The Golden Ellipse

    by John Hopkins


    In a domed granite chamber deep beneath the Giza Plateau, a proto-pyramidical beacon pulses a warning into the cosmos for millennia while dark spectral forces conspire to terminate the signal by removing its infinite power, the golden ellipse.
     *   *   *
    In 1944, a German spy unwittingly looted the golden ellipse, but in the fog of world war, it ended up in the hands of a brash American fighter pilot who buried the prized contraband in the desert before h... more

  • ReInception

    by Sarena Straus
    In 2126, society finally has its quick fix. ReInception is a machine used for modifying human behaviors, everything from taming unruly children to reprogramming terrorists. Columbia student Leandrea Justus is passively anti-ReInception. But when she and her boyfriend are separated during a bombing at an anti-ReInception rally, Ward — not just his name, but also his status in society — helps her. In return, he wants her to help The Origins, the alleged terrorist group blamed for the bombing whom ... more
  • Les Femmes Grotesques

    by Victoria Dalpe
    In each of these stories, the reader is lured into a sinister shadow space, one both familiar and uncanny. Life is strange, beautiful, and terrible in the world of Victoria Dalpe's debut short story collection. Her characters run the gamut from nosy neighbors to boomtown prostitutes, sentient moss to ghouls with a taste for artist’s flesh. The stories contain chance encounters with truck stop mystics, haunted reality show renovations, and cat people roaming the western plains. In Dalpe's writin... more
  • The Mushroom Effect

    by M. A. Iori

    A time travel-story that narrates a fatal drama about two lovers separated by death (a modern version of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice). She died and he lost his memories of her. A life that, Francesco, feels destroyed, incurable. Rehabilitation has failed. The encouragement of his family was not enough. Friends put aside. Except that, suddenly, after months of unlimited suffering, an old schoolmate proposes an ambiguous solution: to try a substance able to take him into a parallel world t... more

  • Pursuits

    by Joshua Danker-Dake
    How do you stop a weapon you can’t see? Xiong Holonautics’ Chief of Security Green Greene has saved his company from ruin, but even greater challenges lie ahead. A deadly bombing has shattered Xiong’s newest hologram exhibition, and the evidence points to Greene’s old partner and friend, Juha Karjalainen. But the other megacorporations are after Juha, too, and they will stop at nothing to gain every advantage. When Greene learns that Xiong’s biggest rival, Algary Applications, may be behin... more
  • Anamnesis (Timelessness Book 4)

    by Susana Imaginário
    As the story ends, we'll finally learn how it started.