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  • Luna

    by David Thomas

    "One day, Earth's cities failed to shine and a silence fell over our corner of the cosmos... and that is when our peace died."

    Adam is like any other seventeen year old. He has dreams, hopes and fears.
    However, Adam's birth marked another giant leap for mankind.

    One day, his entire world begins to slip away.
    One day, he and those closest to him are faced with impossible life-or-death decisions... and time is rapidly running out.

    This is his s... more

  • The Evil That Men Love

    by Aaron J Clarke
    Jealousy, shame, lust… A maelstrom of emotions stirs in this passionate novella, a tale following a young boy in a small town who is doomed to follow in the footsteps of his father. Sinister betrayal. Defying death for love. The Bloofer Man will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and he always gets his way.
  • As & When: Book 2 of The E Apocrypha

    by Alex Andre
    They’ve messed with the wrong woman. Aileen’s got a city to run—its shady part, in any case. Abducted and whisked away from Locksville, she refuses to be a pawn in powerful players’ games. She most definitely is not a damsel in distress and needs no freakin knights in shining armor to come to her rescue. Alas, her best-laid escape plans misfire, landing her in even hotter waters far away from home. Aileen must find her footing in an unfamiliar, unforgiving society, fighting tooth and nail to sur... more
  • Ignore the Dead: an existential horror

    by Jay Sizemore
    IGNORE THE DEAD. In Clarkson, Kentucky, Richard Chandler gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Just five years after losing his wife to the disease. He contemplates ending it all. His suicide attempt is interrupted by a call from a mysterious stranger. What the stranger offers is a way to cheat death, all he has to do is give his cancer away to other people. And ignore the dead. What transpires is a story of terror, one that delves into the existential dread lurking beneath human mortalit... more
  • The Woodcutter

    by Stephanie Ellis
    A tragic accident, shrouded in mystery, leads to a family reunion in the hidden village of Little Hatchet, located in the smothering shadow of GodBeGone Wood, the home of the mythical Woodcutter and Grandma. Alec Eades rediscovers his bond with GodBeGone Wood and the future his father agreed to years ago as nefarious landowner Oliver Hayward schemes to raise money for the village by re-enacting part of the Woodcutter legend. Old wounds are re-opened and ties of blood and friendship are tested to... more
  • The Book of Power

    by Charles Quince
    My novella The Book of Power is an epic, 40,839-word supernatural thriller featuring Hope Bankston, an ambitious but inefficient financial investment manager who must decide if achieving her greatest desires is worth the price of losing her soul. Hope has fulfilled her dream of working for a prosperous investment firm. However, there’s one caveat: her inability to do the job. Her situation would be hopeless if not for a beacon of light in the form of a magical book that she received as a gif... more
  • Legend of the Maara

    by Patrick Castles
    Legend of the Maara By: Patrick Castles While studying the Earth-distant planet, Maara, with his Chaperone crewmates, Jason Tabor, an archeologist, is kidnapped and awakes naked and alone in a smooth white room with no visible door. He is soon joined by Mia, and after some time and study of their captors' schedule, they manage to escape to a new planet. Eventually, a diverse total of nineteen other couples of the Chaperone appear in the same way, each with their own expertise. Questions ab... more
  • All Manner of Beast & Man

    by Damien Kane Rigden
    Following a stay in an inpatient psychiatric facility, Olivia is enrolled in a luxurious mental health recovery center to regain control of her mind and get her life back on track. With seemingly endless amenities and a new best friend as her roommate, has Olivia found a new personal heaven? Or is there something more sinister lurking behind the glossy exterior?
  • Secrets Gnaw at the Flesh

    by C.J. Weiss
    A young man discovers a supernatural world when he proposes to his girlfriend. To marry her, he must also bind himself to a haunted house that her family has safeguarded for generations. Despite decades of training and knowledge, the family line is threatened with annihilation due to a historically malevolent haunting. The family's latest addition stands to tip the scales toward either salvation ... or their demise.
  • Stories, Legends, and Truths from the Blighted Earth

    by R.M. Tembreull
    Stories, Legends, and Truths from the Blighted Earth is a book of fictional narratives and artifacts which progressively knit together a hidden world existing outside what humans perceive as our reality. Earth Mother is sentient, and all manner of life on our planet are Her children to whom She gifts sentience of their own. The “spirit essence” or soul is immortal, and all beings progress through many lives. Within this context, sentient life occupies a hierarchy, where the highest tiers are occ... more
  • Violet

    by Cassandra Buittner
    A girl wakes up on a beach with no memory. She ends up finding out she is a Lightning Element and learns her powers again. Along the way, she meets other elements of earth, air, water, and fire. They are the four core, but there are more. Her father is a Metal and Mineral Element, and these weird creatures, called chimeras, keep appearing with the power of time and space. Violet has the aid of a Kitsune, a magical fox, and is jumped around the timeline. There is this bad guy, Martin Krazor, w... more
  • Lies, Lust, and Larceny

    by Lisa Marie Shaver
    What if you could have all the comforts of a home without having to pay for them? Follow Lilah and Laylah Larceny, identical twin sisters from Buffalo, New York who are getting ready to retire from their careers as hairdressers . One day, Lilah comes up with a brilliant plan after watching a YouTube video that gives her an idea about how she can retire comfortably for free! Then, unbeknownst to Lilah, her twin sister manages to uncover her plan to retire in comfort and takes off to Scandinavia w... more
  • Madness From the Sea: Cthulhu's Lure

    by Jonathon T. Cross
    Madness From the Sea: Cthulhu's Lure picks up 100 years after the events of The Call of Cthulhu. The stars are nearing alignment once again, and Cthulhu’s telepathic reach has ignited. New England is drowning in madness, and one Bostonian woman, an online influencer named Frances, has become enamored with her visions. She garners an online following mighty enough to rival the once mighty Cthulhu Cult and sets off on an ill-fated voyage to awaken Cthulhu at any cost. Madness from the sea is a lov... more
  • Witch Fire (The Sundancer Mysteries Book 3)

    by Juliet Freyermuth

    While fighting an ancient, primordial god known as the Green Man, Nick St. James found out a secret that would change his life forever. A secret that explained why alcohol and abuse filled his childhood. He thought he could leave it all behind. Then someone or something attacks his mother and puts her into a coma. Now Nick must head to Las Vegas and confront both his strained relationship with her and a shadowy cartel that wants her dead. With the help of his voodoo practicing girlfriend, his... more

  • Legends of Andolin

    by A. M. Portman

    Adella's life had been peaceful on the frontier of Valenna. But when mysterious raiders attack and burn her town down, her brother goes missing. Leaving everything behind, she sets off in a desperate ride across the plains to find him.

    Kol, a highly-skilled Sornian soldier, needs Adella's help if he wants to live to see another day. A traitor to his country with nowhere else to turn, he agrees to guide Adella across the wilderness of the Campos. 

    When Adella is captur... more

  • Phantom Ultra

    by Kenton E. H. Ward

    My muscles were fine, my skills still sharp, but my mind… my mind belonged to Phantom.


    It was on that planet that Tommy Cade took part in a military operation that went horribly wrong and culminated in a terrifying otherworldly encounter.


    Despite later becoming a war hero and a renowned golem hunter, Tommy has long struggled with traumatic flashbacks of the event—eventually forcing him to seek out a more peaceful existence. However, any hope of a quiet lif... more