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  • Breaking Colossus

    by Matt Wright

    An epic space opera/fantasy based on Homer's Odyssey, and the first in a new series called "Stars Reach." Imagine if the Odyssey were told from Telemachus' point of view—set in space. The story follows Roth, the son of an infamous war hero, Grey Soleis. When Grey suddenly goes MIA, Roth and his mother, Alora, must struggle against forces that would erase their identities and tear their family apart. Breaking Colossus is ab... more

  • Saabrina: Tanglewood

    by Seth Cohen
    Can a break in reality shatter Saabrina and Bob’s world? Saabrina and Bob return from a successful mission (except for creating a small rip in spacetime) to face a cascade of problems that engulfs the worlds they protect and even Bob’s daughter, Rebecca. Will memory, love, and loss help them save their family, friends, and universe? Four years after the events of Saabrina, A Novel, Saabrina: Tanglewood, the second book of the Saabrina series, continues the story of Saabrina, a small sentient ... more
  • A Beard Tangled in Dreams: The True Story of Rip Van Winkle

    by Steve Wiley
    Neil Gaiman meets Sigmund Freud in this imaginative retelling of the first American fairytale, Rip Van Winkle. The original Rip Van Winkle was a modest sixty-four pages. Quite short for a tale spanning twenty years. Why so short? None of those pages accounted for all the years that languorous legend spent asleep. There has never been a single published word of what Rip dreamt all those years, until now. Those wildest of dreams follow Rip from the furthest reaches of his mysterious past, throu... more
  • Saabrina

    by Seth Cohen
    A snappy, sentient spacecraft who wants to be more than talking transportation sporting a wicked cool arsenal. A funny, middle-aged dad wondering what’s the next chapter in his life. And his daughter, now in college, starting her own journey. An entertaining and relatable adventure that will keep you wanting to see what’s next. In Saabrina, book one of the Saabrina series, Saabrina, a small sentient spacecraft called a Saab, gets a new partner, Bob Foxen, and maybe a start to something more.
  • The Ivory Queen

    by Deborah Jarvis
    After making her way to the southern part of Keyralisthmus, Deirdre is preparing to cross the desert in hopes of finding the lost shaper clans and learning the secret to calling on the aid of the elusive dragons. Once across the desert, the centaur shaman, K'ha Vrenil, has promised to guide them through the jungle beyond the mountains. Setting off with the shaman; the white wolf, Nersh; the thief, Jack Parns; his partner in crime, Rontil Moullard; and the transformed prince, Benjamin, Deirdre fi... more
  • The War for Ascension: A Crisis Reborn

    by Dominician Gennari

    In a world where sacred energies exist . . .

    A young Torian is the civilisation’s last hope.

    In the lands of Númaria those who harnessed the sacred energies of the Hydroverse were feared and hunted by darker forces. After painful dreams of a fallen king, young Areus begins to harness the sacred energies.

    Why have these powers unleashed the forces of evil?

    Journeying across perilous lands, he must find a girl who shares a devastating secret with him. Guided... more

  • Hummingbird

    by Helen Harper

    There are three absolutes in Mairi Wallace’s world:

    1. The Mages rule every city in Scotland with terrible, violent authority.
    2. It is not physically possible for any woman to wield magic.
    3. Mairi does not have a voice.

    She is about to learn that none of these things have to be true.

    From twisted wynds and tartan shops to a dangerous daemon and malevolent ravens, the future of a tattered nation might lie with one solitary woman.


  • Quarantine Fever

    by Tyler Grant
    Quarantine Fever is a 30,000 word supernatural occult horror story that deals with a spreading evil amidst the global pandemic Covid-19 Corona Virus. Commander Eve Halsey is performing a routine repair aboard The Odyssey space craft when she spots a strange red glow affecting the western Unites States and southern Canada. After alerting NASA, she is ordered to report back any news of the phenomenon spreading. Jack Staley is a psychiatrist working from home due to the nation-wide shutdown. Whil... more
  • The Alas League

    by Christian-Eric Falardeau

    The Alas League is an entertaining humorous series made up of episodes ranging from 80 to 140 pages each. Brief “interlude” short stories are inserted between instalments, adding increasingly funny new angles to the new Worlds they live in.

    Episode 1: Purgatory
    In the small village of Verminus lives Mayor Monica Boisse, her son Peter, Father Ferdinand Paradise, the owner of the only bar Sylvia Thomac, the garbage man Mario Sax, the police officer M... more

  • The Last House on Earth

    by Robert B Marcus Jr
    What should you do if you find out your next-door neighbor is an alien? Richard Johnson, a college student, just spent his last dime on food, lost his wealthy girlfriend, and had his bike stolen. To add to his misery, he returns to his apartment where he runs into his strange neighbor. Convinced this bizarre man is more than he seems, Richard and his land lady's bulldog, Khan, sneak into his apartment where they find a timegate to the future. Along with his set theory teacher and her br... more
  • Pike's Progress

    by John J Spearman
    The follow up to Pike's Passage, a Finalist in the 2021 BookLife Prize, and the third in the Sandy Pike series, Sandy rejoins the Alliance Navy as they look to recover planetary systems lost after their surrender to the Hegemony of United Worlds and the subsequent civil war in the hegemony. Alison Lynch recovers from her traumatic experience at the hands of the Graz Syndicate and finds herself in the middle of the hunt for an escaped psychopath.
  • Hybrid

    by Rebecca Henry
    Agent Van of the CIA is sent to an Australian underground military surveillance base called Pine Gap. Agent Van finds himself thrown in a conspiracy cover up of an ancient alien race known as species X. Agent Van falls in love with Annika, a mysterious and uncommon woman who displays unusual abilities, leading Van to question her own origin. Mystery and horror explode around Agent Van during a cave diving exhibition to search for a lost colleague referred to as Agent One. The only clue for Agent... more
  • She Steals Justice

    by J. Clark
    In this modern Robin Hood retelling set in the American South, Robyn Carter can't stand her sister's boyfriend and for good reason. His mistreatment of her has Robyn’s patience wearing thin with each misstep. When her sister becomes impregnated, however, Robyn’s fight becomes more than just about her sister’s safety. She fights for her sister, other victims, and the less fortunate in her Black Southern community—vigilante style. Her Robin Hood days take her down a spiraling rabbit hole filled w... more
  • The Rattler

    by Ryan Berridge
    Sam lives in his father’s tavern with his mother and twin sister. His home is on an idyllic island in the middle of the ocean far from danger. Recently pirates have started using the island as a stop off point. On an excursion to the docks, against their father’s wishes, Sam and his sister encounter Junior, the son of the Captain of the Bone Rattler, and two of his henchmen. In saving his sister Sam is captured and taken aboard The Rattler. Sam must quickly learn to fit in aboard the ship to ... more
  • Skyrmion

    by Duane Poncy

    Is Sweetland utopia or dystopia? Or something else?

    In the minds of those left behind, the act of crossing over to Sweetland is, literally, no different than death. But is Sweetland really a new planet, ready to accept a humanity suffering from war, economic collapse, and environmental catastrophe-or is it another kind of escape entirely?

  • Fancy Shop

    by Valeri Stanoevich
    It’s a collection of narrative short and flash tales. The short stories take place at different times (past, present, future) with different fantasy levels – from stories that are nearly real to phantasmagorias and New Gothic. The characters are also different: knights, anonymous people, dreamers, outsiders, crazy ones, technocrats, cockroaches, holders of secret knowledge. My idea is that all the horror is not outside of us but inside our mind and it is creeping from there.