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  • Shadebringer: Book One The Land of Irgendwo

    by Grayson W. Hooper
    In the beginning, there was only Daedrina, and she dwelled in darkness. Clyde Robbins joins the US Army in 1969 to find purpose in life but quickly learns that in war, life is one’s only purpose. But Clyde dies like countless others before him in a rain of fire and lead, and when he thinks it’s all over—and the curtain draws shut on his final act—he awakens in the strange land of Irgendwo. He quickly meets a gruff German Luftwaffe pilot from the Second World War and a pudgy British doughboy f... more
  • Constelis Voss Vol. 1: Colour Theory

    by K. Leigh
    On the dystopian planet-sized ship CONSTELIS VOSS, an android receives a 90s-era personality file. Alex is born as the only android to remember being human. In his quest for understanding exactly who he is, he finds coincidentally familiar friends, a technocratic dictatorship and a mind-bending mystery. Remembering the past means saving the entire human race, but will he succeed without losing himself and his friends? Sometimes it takes a villain to slay villains, after all.
  • Who Built The Humans?

    by Phillip Carter
    In the near future, a shapeshifter remembers the day he first landed on Earth, his starship puncturing the 'unreality-web' draped over the atmosphere; briefly proving that Earth had been stolen from its place in spacetime. The planet thieves, known to most as grey-men, are about to watch him die. Elsewhen, Professor Nori Furukawa reinvents the time machine, taking a poet and a superhuman hostage with him to the 1940s. With the grey-men close behind him, he rushes to put the pieces of the p... more
  • The Book of Souls

    by Books Forward Author Publicity
    Jack Kelly remembers everything about his wife and children; the wonderful smell of his wife’s hair, the way she whispers to him at night, his three children running through the house, the sound of their laughter. But that was his life before the accident. His near-death experience left him in the in-between space, somewhere between this world and whatever comes next. When he awakens, he finds that he’s his thirteen-year-old self replacing his brother’s life-altering incident with his o... more
  • Ms

    by L. Darling
    Maunderer, A person born and raised within one of the last natural remnants of earth. The Prosperous, those seemingly blessed to be born within the confines of a city governed by technological greed. The Fruitless, a dying people unlucky to be caught in the middle of it all. Melody Sail, a resident of Mellows Creek moves to the city of Moonstone after the devastating loss of her parents. With the help of her sister, Miranda, and allied friends…… Can they survive what secrets lay inside th... more
  • The Ethics of HOpe

    by Rachel Lulich
    Jacob froze. Something was very wrong. It’s been weeks since the Pioneer’s experimental Hawking Engine malfunctioned. Stranded in uncharted space and cut off from Earth, crewmembers Derek, Jacob and Vicky struggle to survive in the damaged spacecraft and hold onto the impossible hope that they will make it home. Hundreds of lightyears away, their friends and colleagues on Earth work against the odds to overcome the very real limits of their technology and make a way for the crew to return.... more
  • Carved Genes

    by Kagan Tumer

    Mika has a new, near-indestructible body—a side effect of the Purge virus, but he pushes away everyone, including Amy, the one person who’d been on his side. Thrust into power amid chaos, Amy struggles to rebuild a world ripped apart by the tension between those who carry the Purge and those who don’t. When an opportunistic general exploits that rift to grab power, Amy needs Mika’s help to stop a new outbreak from destroying their fragile society. But can she trust Mik... more

  • Purged Souls

    by Kagan Tumer


    Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist.

    Lori aims to restore order to a world ravaged by virus and war but her unyielding ways have left her with few allies. Facing a conspiracy that assassinated two heads of state to start a war, she has to disobey direct orders and embrace new allegiances. The problem is, the rage that powers her also distorts her moral compasss—which hasn't been reliable in the best of times.


  • Dragon(e) Baby Gone

    by Robert Gainey
    Diane Morris is an underfunded, overworked Special Agent with the Department of Intangible Assets. She'd like nothing more than to leave the danger and excitement of field work behind and park herself behind a nice, safe desk job. When a pair of dragon eggs are stolen by a troupe of international thieves, Diane has no choice but to thrust herself into the middle of a deadly whirlwind of rogue wizards, fiery elementals, and crazed gunmen.
  • Phases

    by P.S. Winn
    Poor George, he has a bit of a problem with the moon when it is full. His wife has died and George relied on her to help him control his feelings. Now, he has to ask the local high school creative writing teacher for help during those strange phases.
  • Into Neon: A Cyberpunk Saga

    by Matthew A. Goodwin
    When a corporate lackey has the rug pulled out from under his illusions, will his hidden fire flicker or ignite a rebellion? Orphaned and alone, Moss is happy to have found a place in the world. But his humdrum working routines take a terrifying turn when a mysterious woman breaks into his apartment and hands him a data chip from his dead parents. Suddenly hearing messages revealing his benevolent employer has a far darker side, he braves the dangerous megacity streets in search of the truth.... more
  • A Metal Heart Shines Brightest

    by Michael Duda

    Awarded Silver Honorable Mention by Writers of the Future, Q4 of 2021.

    The stainless steel people marched by the chain-link fence. Their electronic eyes looked up to the sun. Their sculpted jaws, strong and square. Behind them streamed a banner. A Metal Heart Shines Brightest.

    Young One watches the metal people proudly marching back to Tekna Magnus. They give meaning to her simple existence on an apple farm. If she could be just like the metal people... more

  • The Outside Intervention

    by Andrew Orange

    A Russian Science Fiction Dystopian Novel You Must Read...

    Kier, a young out-lord, gets involved in a dangerous political game where ancient and modern secrets are closely intertwined. To save the largest city in the world from destruction, Kier leaves the Northern Heartland in search of a legendary artifact, created by the Founder of the Empire almost a thousand years before. Much more depends on the results of his search than is known to Kier.

  • 979-8527374209

    by Donald Firesmith
    When demonic aliens kill his father and transport 15-year-old Paul Chapman, his sister, and mother to Hell as slaves, he learns just how far he’ll go to survive, get revenge, and regain his freedom. A prequel to the award-winning Hell Holes series of alien invasion novels, Hell Holes 4: A Slave’s Revenge is a story of love, loss, friendship, and survival under the most hellish of conditions.
  • ANX: life of a recog

    by Howard Jones

    In aftermath of The Great Fall, as depicted in O, Wow, the United States become "Untied" and in a riverside remnant of old New Orleans known as Nola, a young tech struggles to unravel how he came to be condemned as a recog to the ANX penal lattice.​

    “Recogs would accommodate whatever was on offer.They picked up trash for the city.They chased tourist tips.They served the wealthy and powerful as personal body servant... more

  • O, Wow

    by Howard Jones
    O, Wow is a satiric fable of the near future: ​ Nationwide, cities are in trouble. A violent hurricane has swept up the eastern seaboard, overwhelming neglected infrastructure and demolishing public services. Rumored terrorist intrigues of stolen nuclear devices and unleashed plagues have incited multitudes to abandon familiar but now devastated neighborhoods and take to the highways on foot. In the lawless backcountry predatory gangs exploit hapless refugees and vulnerable communities to tr... more