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  • Misos on a Mission: Adventures of the Miso Mice

    by Annette Czech Kopp
    The Answer Book is still missing…will it ever be found?! Find out as the Miso Mice visit the Rainbow Bridge and Suzy Butterfly’s Center for Awareness Techniques where OctavioKat jumpstarts all their wacky energy tools propelling the Miso Mice on more adventures as they search for that elusive Answer Book. Enjoy the next fantastical volume in the “Adventures of the Miso Mice” 5-star acclaimed series.
  • Imprint of Blood (Birth of the Rim Book 1)

    by Phil Huddleston
    A distant Star Empire, ruled by Amazon warriors from 1184 BC. In the other direction, an implacable enemy, bent to destroy Earth. Three unlikely lovers holding the future of humanity in their hands. Good luck with that!
  • Epitaph Proven: Foedus et Monstrum

    by Flos Nullius

    Lyaphend Farwalth is a fugitive ex-government operative in Golem, an autocratic, technologically advanced colony isolated from the rest of the world. Having escaped into a life of relative simplicity alongside her affluent adoptive family under the employment of a cyberterrorist clan, she is left with questions regarding her upbringing and the inner workings of a nation she barely knows: What is the history of Golem's mysterious ruling family? What are her faint memories of a faceless wom... more

  • Age of Canaan

    by Nir Levie
    In this Canaanite myth adaptation, Anat, the goddess of passion, and Baal, the god of fertility, navigate celestial warfare and moral dilemmas, weaving a captivating tale where their choices hold the power to reshape not just the heavens but the very fabric of humanity. This 150-page fantasy graphic novel draws inspiration from epic poems discovered in Ugarit, Syria, dating back to the 15th century BC. Age of Canaan unravels the forgotten tapestry of Canaanite mythology through five interconnect... more
  • Deep Time

    by Peter Dingus
    In the year 2240 AD, the human race has migrated to the far reaches of the solar system, but that hasn’t ended conflicts among the many human outposts separated by vast stretches of space. Earth, devastated by climate change, has become a corporate state where governments are a mere proxy for corporate interests. The Saturn Commonwealth, a billion miles from the corporate centers of power, is the only remaining free human society in the solar system. Serena Roe, once an indentured corporate s... more
  • Jean's Discovery: The Uncovered Gene: Book One

    by K. Redd

    After taking a DNA test, Jean Anderson finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster as she embarks on a mission to find her long-lost family and uncover the truth about her unusual DNA. But little does Jean know that this journey will take her down a dangerous path filled with deceit, turmoil, and unexpected alliances.

  • Good Food - An Understanding Of Basic Alchemy

    by Luna Charles
    According to the book's teachings, African spirituality was systematically suppressed and demonized by the Catholic Church, fearing the book's power and the movement it inspired. They created a clandestine subgroup called The Sons of Eve to suppress its teachings and maintain their control over the masses.
  • Knights of Orion Citadel: Illusion of Safety

    by Avalon O'Clair

    An innocent young woman, unjustly sentenced to endure a monstrous curse.
    Three heroes, determined to set her free.
    But powerful enemies battle against them . . .
    . . . and time is running out.

    When Emma takes the life of an attacker in self-defense, his corrupt billionaire father will stop at nothing to exact his cruel revenge. Traumatized and alone, Emma must run for her life, her world reduced to a lonely nomadic existence of cheap motels ... more

  • The Happy Office A Novel

    by Sam Cacas
    Launched on New Year’s Day, “The Happy Office” follows the life of Iam Bello, a government worker who is disillusioned by the system’s inefficiencies. Seeing the struggles of citizens who cannot get the help they need, he comes up with an ingenious solution: THE HAPPY OFFICE. This one-office agency - composed of thousands of Drones and AI Interfaces who troubleshoot problems unsolved by existing agencies in addition to helping consumers discover how to attain individual Happiness on their own ... more
  • Reality Reframed

    by Edward Brown
    A mini-collection of Science Fiction short stories by Edward N Brown that will stir your imagination! A small easy-to-read booklet of 3 tall tales involving alien encounters – with a Christian perspective. For those who like Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Myth, these stories will make you think and smile! ‘Outside-the-box’ stories to entertain, enlighten, and surprise.
  • Colony's Dawn: Book One of the New Europa Trilogy

    by N Joseph Glass
    Colony life had been a positive force for two centuries, or so Gift thought. Her relentless optimism struggles to silence the gnawing doubts stirred by recent conspiracy theories—rumors and lies she considered them, at first. When the whispers grow into a deafening din and discontent sprouts acts of sabotage, Gift discovers her beloved New Europa wasn’t as tranquil and hopeful as she believed. Gift Ojo, a 26-year-old Nigerian Italian with the joy and innocence of an adolescent, loved her life... more
  • Overlap: The Lives of a Former Time Jumper

    by N Joseph Glass
    This unexpected journey full of secrets, heartache, and hope, considers the consequences of time travel and attempting to alter the past. Addicted to time jumping, Marcus lived and relived his life when he discovered the overlap. With questionable motives for selecting her for his first and only interview, Marcus reveals to Jessica secrets previously known only to himself. Some secrets would have been better kept buried.
  • The Elitist Supremacy: A queer, dystopian science fiction adventure (The Elite and the Rogues Book 1)

    by Niranjan
    Alexander Selwood is hiding many secrets. Being the first immortal is only one of them. He is also hunted by the despotic ruler of Cynfor, Cesar Thaxter -the man ruling the galaxy for centuries. Unknown to Alexander, the group of rebels who had been fighting Thaxter in secret is also seeking to use his company to build a safe haven. He would do anything to keep himself from falling into the clutches of either the Resistance or the Supreme Ruler. When the consequences of his actions cascade in... more
  • The Blue Star: First Locality Adventure

    by Justin Caleb
    A strange virus is spreading through the Locality, transforming people into twisted, animal-like versions of their former selves. TORINA JADUS, Minister of Medicine and Health, sets off on a dangerous journey across space with her loyal team to work on a cure with one of the galaxy’s greatest medical minds. Planets and entire star systems are quarantined or destroyed as governments struggle to contain the outbreak. With civilization on the verge of collapse, will she be able to save her people, ... more
  • An End to Kings

    by Ryan Schuette
    In the highly anticipated conclusion to A Seat for the Rabble, former NPR reporter Ryan Schuette returns to Odma, a richly detailed world not unlike our own. Riven by social injustice, wealth inequality, and powerful magic, the Kingdom of Loran stands on the brink of war . . . and the bastard prince, Jason Warchild, means to save it. With an army of Cloudlanders at his back, Jason marches to the Kingstrials, where he must kill his rivals—including his zealot uncle, Shaddon—to claim his father... more
  • Lost Cargo (Get Lost Saga)

    by Noah Chinn

    One Big Lie, One Big Score, One Big Heap of Unexpected Trouble. 


    Out of fuel and out of luck, Maurice "Moss" Foote is having a bad day, until he gets a lead on the score of a lifetime. Easy pickings, if his crew doesn't mind a bit of pirating...
    One tiny lie might get them both on board.
    What's the worst that can happen?