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  • B08975DPN7

    by Mihai Pruna
    In the blink of an eye, the constellations in the night sky are replaced by unfamiliar stars. Earth and the Moon are now in another star system, around a star identical to our sun. We are not alone. Seven other versions of Earth, plucked from alternate universes, share the same orbit. One of these worlds comes from a very dark timeline: the Axis powers won the Second World War, and they have the means to strike our planet. How will humanity react to an event unlike anything in history? A div... more
  • The Tender Witch

    by Linda Kathryn Illia

    Orphan of North End's infamous Snatching Hag, Eloise Wayward stumbles into a terrifying fork in the road of Fate: succumb to a historical fear of prejudice and persecution as rumors of hagcraft emerge, or dare to uncover a world of magic as real as the blood that runs through her veins? She may just stop the outbreak of a war between humans and witches on her way...


    Eloise Wayward, otherwise known as the orphan of North End’s infamous Snatching Hag, has lived her ent... more

  • Keepers & Destinies

    by Carl F. Brothers
    An oft-overlooked Guardian Angel, Andrea, is tasked with tracking down a prophet who is the key to Heaven’s victory in the impending apocalypse. Desperate to prove her worth to Heaven and herself, she enlists the help of an embattled veteran, James, to aid in navigating her earthly journey. The complications of mixing the worlds of man and the supernatural become more than the pair bargain for when they discover Andrea is not just a chess piece but a central figure in the looming final battle be... more
  • Edge of Light

    by Jay Antani
    As war breaks out in the Indian Ocean and a frightening pandemic rages across the world, 17-year-old Dev Harrison, along with his best friends Abby and Conner, embarks on a fateful mission: To recover the world's most coveted scientific secret from a remote Lake Tahoe location, revealed to him by his long-vanished physicist-father in a series of dreams. Courage, loyalty, wits: The three friends lack for none of these as they cross a dangerous, collapsing California, but this adventure will deman... more
  • The Keepers

    by Aaron N. Knight
    Archeology professor Alex and his journalist friend Stephen are doing research on OOPART, or Out of Place artifacts. These are items from a certain period of time, but the technology used to make them was not available until much later. While researching possible explanations, they come upon a theory about an ancient society with more advanced technology than we have today. However, this society existed thousands of years earlier than history tells us civilization began. During their research th... more

    by Jose Colon
    Chris Collins is in appearance and in almost every aspect the boy next door. Growing to adulthood he soon learns that the abilities he possesses and certain characteristics are certainly outside of the norm. Then there is Lori Muse who is typical of the technology wunderkinds of her era and making a name for herself as a successful entrepreneur but is not prepared to step forward and battle the forces arraying themselves against humanity. Lori ever the cynic and reluctant heroin along with C... more
  • Awaken

    by B.L. Callaghan
    Sapphira Dawn was told she was the new Goddess Incarnate, the most powerful being on Earth. At nineteen, she didn’t feel powerful – she felt betrayed and angry. Suddenly thrust into a world that she knows nothing about, a world where magic and monsters actually exist, Sapphira races to learn all she can about her magic. And to find her place in this dangerous new world. Some of the monsters want to use her, the others just want her dead. But can she gain the knowledge needed to stop an impe... more
  • Unsafe Words: Stories by Loren Rhoads

    by Loren Rhoads
    In the first full-length collection of her edgy, award-winning short stories, Loren Rhoads punctures the boundaries between horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction in a maelstrom of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Ghosts, succubi, naiads, vampires, the Wild Hunt, and the worst predator in the woods stalk these pages, alongside human monsters who follow their cravings past sanity or sense. The stories have come from the pages of the magazines Cemetery Dance, City Slab, Instant City, and Space ... more
  • Water Must Fall

    by Nick Wood
    IN A DESICCATING WORLD, WHO GETS TO DRINK? Nick Wood’s debut novel Azanian Bridges was shortlisted for major awards on three continents: Africa (the NOMMO Award), Europe (the BSFA Award), and North America (the Campbell and the Sidewise Awards). This, his second novel, is even stronger. The year is 2048. Climate change has brought catastrophe and water has become the most precious commodity on Earth. Water companies play god and determine the fate of millions. In Africa, Graham Mason s... more
  • Learning Monkey and Crocodile

    by Nick Wood

    Short stories and essays on shaping better futures for all, on our diverse homeworld - and, eventually, beyond! 

  • Sandman

    by H.L. Sudler
    In H.L. Sudler’s epic novella Sandman, a 5-year-old-boy frightens the adults around him when he begins to draw hundreds of expertly rendered illustrations depicting what could very well be the immediate end of the world.
  • Corporate Torsos Need Not Apply

    by JR Pomerantz
    Will you rise up from your cubicle to save the world? Bob’s day started with a dead colleague and ended with a mysterious, irritating stranger. Now his whole world is upside-down. Something’s going wrong at Market, Research, Incorporated, and it’s not just the extra comma in the name. Alice’s coworkers are losing their minds and their body parts. All she wants to do is pay the mortgage on time. Soon Bob and Alice discover everything they think they know about life in Nu Jersey is wrong.... more
  • Dream Phaze - Germination

    by Matt Watters
    Dream Phaze - Germination is about the inception of engineered dreams and the evolution of indulgence. Set at the crossroads of alternative realities in the near future, it plunges into a world where every human desire, no matter how heroic or evil, can be fulfilled…
  • Orb and Arrow, Book I: Exploration

    by V. L. Stuart
    An imprisoned mage, the daring archer who frees him. Brillar was expected to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a healer but she had other plans. Now a highly skilled archer, she has been forced to kill to release a bound mage. It may have been self-defense, but that is no excuse for a healer. Releasing such a skilled War mage from bondage could get you killed…or apprenticed. Always independent and headstrong, she nevertheless chooses the latter and she and Elden set out to ri... more

    by Nick Wood
    In a modern day South Africa where Apartheid still holds sway, Sibusiso Mchunu, a young amaZulu man, finds himself the unwitting focus of momentous events when he falls foul of the system and comes into possession of a secret that may just offer hope to his entire people. Pursued by the ANC on one side and Special Branch agents on the other, Sibusiso has little choice but to run.
  • REM

    by J.D. Valentine
    Former LAPD officer Danny Etter is a recovering alcoholic skating on thin ice with his family – desperately trying to regain their trust and stave off a devastating divorce. Remaining behind while his wife and two kids go off on a vacation in Lake Tahoe, Danny is caught in a pandemic apocalypse where a mysterious disease turns people into flesh-eating lunatics who wander the towns and cities in deadly swarms. When the chaos finally ensues Danny is left fighting for his life to get back to his... more