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  • Saturn Is For Suckers: Book One

    by Rob Gilchrist
    Yeah, I’m from the future. No, it’s not as sexy as it sounds. I’m not even sure how I got here. In the last few days I’ve been: set up as the inside man in a drug ring, knocked out with a taser, set on fire by space pirates, and gotten one third of a lap dance. Humans are dying due to this venom crap from Titan, a moon of Saturn. Someone is raising hell in our solar system and I guess I’m along for the ride.
  • Stone Hill: Shadows Rising: A Supernatural Thriller Series Book 1

    by Dean Rasmussen
    Michael came to Stone Hill seeking redemption. He found a nightmare instead. When troubled teenager Michael agrees to stay with his grandparents for the summer, joy gives way to panic after he discovers the town has changed beyond recognition. A fanatical church leader named Pastor John is in control and performs bizarre miracles to a captivated congregation. His followers patrol the streets by day. Phantoms roam the woods by night. People vanish without a trace. Michael wants to go home, ... more
  • Stone Hill: Phantoms Reborn: A Supernatural Thriller Series Book 2

    by Dean Rasmussen

    Darkness is rising again. And light may never return.

    A gripping psychological horror thriller in the vein of Stephen King, Stranger Things, Dean Koontz, or H. P. Lovecraft.

    Fear of the Temple’s vengeance drives Michael and his friends into hiding. Love for Rebecca lures them out after she is abducted.

    As a prisoner in The Farm, Rebecca faces a sinister indoctrination to extract the location of a secret power source desperately needed by a wea... more

  • Lustful Sin

    by Robert Wright Jr
    Sin is—A dragon.A bounty hunter.A woman with two men in her life. One that shatters her heart. One who sweeps in and turns her world upside down. Is he here to pick up the pieces? What’s a dragon to do when she doesn’t know who to trust?In a dystopian world ruled by fairies, dragons are not among the favored. They're seen as little better than the humans kept as slaves. Sin is now forced into taking on a bounty. She must hunt down a creature that kills with sex. Her life is in chaos as old frien... more
  • The Jealousy of Jalice

    by Jesse Nolan Bailey

    In this dark fantasy, two women enact a scheme to overthrow a tyrant chief by first kidnapping his wife.

    The Realms have split apart, the Stones of Elation have been hidden, and warnings of dokojin drift among the tribes. The land and its people are corrupted.

    The Sachem, chief of the Unified Tribes, is to blame.

    It is this conviction that drives Annilasia and Delilee to risk their lives. Afraid of the aether magic he wields, they enact a subtler scheme: ki... more

  • The Imagined Homecoming of Icarus Isakov

    by Steve Wiley
    A homecoming tale unlike any other, The Imagined Homecoming of Icarus Isakov recounts the fantastical return home of goblin anti-hero and puckish narrator, Icarus Isakov. When Icarus receives a mysterious letter from the long-lost girl next door, he returns to the ghost town of his childhood in search of her. Icarus lodges at a mystical tavern, one serving memories instead of drinks. There, imbibing the past and exploring the present, Icarus is swept up on a wonderfully strange adventure, tak... more
  • The Dark That Dwells

    by Matt Digman and Ryan Roddy

    THE DARK THAT DWELLS is a debut space opera novel featuring an unforgettable ensemble cast, planet-hopping across an expansive galaxy on the brink of war.

    The story unfolds through the viewpoints of four characters: SIDNA ORIN, a mercurial young arcanist, striving to gain the lost knowledge that could save her people. FALL ARDEN, honorable sword-for-hire, working as a guide on a dangerous expedition into an unexplored frontier. BAN MORGAN, disgraced marine wielding high-tech weaponry, c... more

  • Lilitu: The Memoirs Of A Succubus

    by Jonathan Fortin
    England, 1876. Twenty-year-old Maraina Blackwood has always struggled to adhere to the restrictive standards of Victorian society, denying the courage and desire that burn within her soul. But after a terrifying supernatural encounter, Maraina's instincts compel her to action. Maraina soon discovers a plot to unleash a new world--one of demonic aristocrats, bloody rituals, and nightmarish monsters. Putting her upbringing aside, Maraina vows to fight the dark forces assuming control of England... more
  • Raven's Flight: The Raven and Crown

    by Marie Robinson
    The price of freedom is paid with blood, trust, and the heart. When a queen’s hope rests on the edge of a blade, can a woman with deadly aim and a man with devastating magic unite a kingdom on the brink of civil war? The two must reconcile their differences, but as powerful forces close in and dangerous alliances are made, the two discover why some secrets should stay in the past.
  • Dreams of Winter: A Forgotten Gods Tale

    by Christian Warren Freed
    The Gods are gone, lost in one apocalyptic moment of their own design. Humanity is alone, forced to struggle through a mundane existence. They are guided by the Conclave, an order of priests desperately trying to maintain order in the God’s absence. Along with the Order of the Inquisition and their Prekhauten Guard, the Conclave alone knows the one secret that threatens to unravel all. The Three, fabled sons of the Gods, still live and they aim to kill their fathers once and for all. Only a hand... more
  • Boundary

    by Ebony Olson

    Vera Cana has given her life to escape her abusive ex. She’s earned her freedom and has the scars to prove it. Now, she’s starting a new life. Purchasing a cottage in a lush forest, she’s ready to live out her days in peace. The goddess has other plans.

    If Vera thought by hiding out in her little cottage she could avoid any more packs and their alphas, she was wrong. When her new neighbor knocks on her door, the draw to him is magnetic, but the scars of her past are a ... more

  • Of Shadow and Light

    by Ebony Olson

    She will be the one to take his coldness,

    She will unveil the Unseelie darkness and show them light.

    She will unite what should never have broken.

    The daughter of the moon will teach him love and the radiance of the sun.

    Her inner light will purify the tainted ones,

    And she will guide the fey by wisp-light.

    'Prophecy of the Dark Prince'

    Messina Doe was just looking for a warm... more

  • Spectra

    by Ebony Olson
    One-touch of Spectra's fingers leaves the predator Bay craving more. Spectra is a Balance; a decedent of angels whose soul has been intertwined with that of sorcerer Alexander, although her heart belongs to Mercury, the son of an archangel. Bay is a predator de Sang and sorcerer, who runs his own private security company, fighting the purist organization Essence. Seeking out Spectra for her special abilities the last thing he expected to find was a Balance strong enough to withstand his potent e... more
  • Fame Nor Fortune

    by Roxy Matthews
    Budding fashionista, Laura Danby receives an otherworldly offer she cannot refuse, even if it means getting blood on her hands.
  • Hypno-Planticus

    by Roxy Matthews
    Stilhz isn't sure what kind of fresh hell he keeps waking in, but what he does know is how eerily familiar everything is, yet oddly different. With a stolen alien plant being used against its own kind, Stilhz must figure out which side of the fight he is on before an entire race is destroyed one by one. Includes bonus content consisting of two never before seen short stories--For My Boys and DUI Cry.
  • From The Depths

    by Roxy Matthews
    From the author of the Pale Bay Treasures series, Drago's Destiny, and Holiday Resistance comes a collection of pieces sure to make your skin crawl. These sixteen pieces are built with no restrictions. From homeless men staying plump off other wayward souls, to a woman so enraged to care the damage being down to little ones in the backseat of her car. These stories will make you cringe, make you gasp, and make you turn the page to the next twisted tale. Taboo is the word and limits are forgo... more