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  • Rvwaa: The Rise Of Mother Goose

    by Zephyr Dorsey

    The Enlightened, who believe that government knows best what is good for its citizens, have ruled the archipelago of Rvwaa with authoritarian completeness for a full generation. But when several young rebels meet at a reconcentration camp for the perversely heretical, they begin to form a plan for freedom. Can one Elf change the world?

  • Fragile: A Novel

    by Alexa Weik von Mossner

    A man responsible for keeping New York City alive falls for an underground animal activist from the wrong side of the East River in this compelling novel about love, loss, and resilience in the face of global ecological crisis.

  • Co-Exist: Rise of the Zombies

    by Cyra King
    Double shifts and burnout are all in a day’s work for Nurse Megan Cole. No one’s going to die on her watch. Then a viral apocalypse kills all her patients and turns her into a sentient zombie, forcing her to re-evaluate both her life goals and dietary habits. Fast-forward a year, the city is ruled by the ruthless Salt Lake Z Council. But with her boyfriend Mike by her side, things are okay—until the Council sends Mike to infiltrate the army. When Megan discovers a mangled corpse days later, h... more
  • Please Evacuate

    by Johnny Townsend
    A gay, partygoing New Yorker unconcerned about the future or the unsustainability of capitalism is hit by a truck and thrust into a straight man’s body half a continent away. As Hunter tries to figure out what’s happening, he’s caught up in another disaster, a wildfire sweeping through a Colorado community, the flames overtaking him and several schoolchildren as they flee. When he awakens, Hunter finds himself in the body of yet another man, this time in northern Italy, a former missionary ab... more
  • The Universal Vaccine

    by Nancy Smith

    A University of Texas at Austin art student comes home to find police on her doorstep. They tell her that her microbiologist mother and engineer father as well as all of her parents’ coworkers are dead. She wants to understand what happened. She enlists the assistance of an investigative journalist to find out. The pair have no idea where this search will take them.

  • Temple of Valor

    by Joe Lyon
    Astar has unbelievable powers he can barely control. As a new terror rises from the depths, he is joined with a magical dagger, reuniting the final piece of the ancient God inhabiting him. Astar becomes the most powerful creature in the Universe, and using cunning and raw power, he is capable of shaping world events according to his will. But some things are beyond even Astar’s reach in the Temple of Valor.
  • End Game

    by William Bahl
    Survivors battle infected and each other in a bitter quest to discover technology that can save them from certain doom.
  • Twisted Fate

    by Shana Vernon

    She’s a witch with a target on her back…
    … He’s a prince from a powerful dark coven.
    Can she accept his help while denying the sizzling chemistry between them?

    I should have known my life would come crashing down when I met a mysterious masked man in the gardens of the ball, and kissed him. Or rather… he kissed me. Passionately.

    Before I had a second to catch my breath, we were attacked by rogue witches. And his mask slipped. Only my luck... more

  • Thorns of Chaos

    by Jeremiah Cain

    “Cain crafts a vivid world ... rich with detail and myth-lore that traipses brightly through the darker themes.” (BookLife Reviews)

    “This is a wonderfully written novel, a tear-jerker and page-turner. I highly recommend...” (Queer Sci Fi)

    Finn, a young fisherman living in a Celtic-like village, soon finds his tranquil life shattered when he's caught in the arms of another man by soldiers of a twisted church. The Dayigan soldie... more

  • Edison in the Hood

    by Nadia Uddin
    When Aisha Malik’s mother died, she took a secret with her—one that destroyed her relationship with Aisha’s brother, Sam. But what if Aisha could revive her mother’s brain just long enough to reenact their last conversation and discover the truth? Aisha is an ambitious PR executive with a forte for making complex and controversial topics accessible to the masses. Her brother, Sam, is a despondent genius who loves to fight everyone and everything in the name of justice, hopping from one politi... more
  • The Thoth Re-Alignment

    by Michael Lingaard
    The Thoth Re-Alignment ( The Girl Who Moved The Moon ) Synopsis Before history was imagined, before the first of days, the Bringers of Light crossed the stars with their Cohorts of their vast Horizon and discovered the planet of the third orbit. There, they uplifted the brightest of hominids with the addition of their own DNA and set the new humankind on the road to civilisation. \tWith vast artificial intelligence abilities and the resurrection facility of the Djed pillar, they... more
  • Pax Magellanica

    by Michael Lingaard


    At the end of the twenty-first century, various nationalistic groups sought freedom from the squalor of an exhausted Earth and commissioned four, colossal, colony ships to populate the new planet and habitats around Barnard’s Star.

                One of those ships, the Northern European one, became lost. In a worm hole — trapped for two years, before emerging in a place that was unimaginabl... more

  • The Bush Clinic (The Tribal Wars Book 1)

    by Stella Atrium

    A space colonization story about seeking independence and home rule in the face of corporate greed. Tribal women bind together in a war zone where they are discounted as not important enough to save or keep safe.

  • Kizuna: (Or How To Lose a Spaceship and Still Go Places)

    by Jamie Watt
    Enoch is a down-on-his-luck salvage pilot who is trapped in his job, wants to go home but has nothing to go home to, and no way of affording it anyway since his best friend left him for a masseuse job on Mars. Enoch needs someone to talk to while in the lonely depths of space, so he picks up a cheap interface for his AI. On their voyage, they are kidnapped by pirates, meet a famous engineer lost in time, chase a mysterious (possibly alien) ship, and end up in the crosshairs of Earth’s monoli... more
  • In the Shadow of Humanity

    by N. John Williams

    What if A.I. had a soul? How would it emerge? How would we know?

    In a near-future where entire worlds spring from thought, minds struggle to define reality—and to claim it. Human colonization of the Metaverse brings us face-to-face with a new class of being, made in our image and yet utterly unknown: A.I. Shades of the dead; Drone servants and slaves; and Daemons hell-bent on singular ends.

    Who is truly a person, and who is not? Our answer will shape... more

  • Carved Amidst the Shadows

    by M.T. Fontaine
    Trust the enemy, or Die. To be a Marked means to be loyal and protected. To be a Carved is to be the vilest of traitors. Born branded as a Marked, Kaianne trusts the system. When her brother is born brandless, her misconceptions come crashing down. Now, an orphan and with only one uneasy ally, she turns to the Carved. What she finds is purpose, a chance for revenge, and a family as strong as the one she lost. She will stop at nothing to protect them and further their growing rebellio... more