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  • Hopeless, Nevada

    by Aaron Clayton
    Halloween night, Flint and Abby, newlyweds, leave Reno, Nevada for a celebration of their marriage in Las Vegas. Driving, in the dark Nevada desert, they come upon a town called Hopeless, Nevada, which is nothing more than a four-way stop, an abandoned Cafe and gas station, and a flashing, yellow light hanging in the center of the intersection. As Abby checks the map but is unable to find the town of Hopeless, the decision is made to turn west, towards Las Vegas. After some time on the road they... more
  • Neptune's Reckoning

    by Robert J. Stava
    At the easternmost end of Long Island lies a seaside town known as Montauk. Ground Zero on the Eastern seaboard for all manner of conspiracy theories involving it’s hidden Cold War military base, rumors of time-travel experiments and alien visitors...For renowned Naval historian William Vanek it’s the where his grandfather’s ship went down on a Top Secret mission during WWII code-named “Neptune’s Reckoning”. Together with Marine Biologist Daniel Cheung and disgraced French underwater explorer... more
  • 979-8692354709

    by Michael R. Lowe
    This is the first part of The Empty Throne Series, named What Lies Beneath. When darkness stirs far in the north and the sins of man once more emerge from the shadows, an evil long forgotten will rise once more. A dark dream manifests within the mind of a man, devoid of his memories and past life sending him seeking answers to his lost way. His name, Arturius. Along his journey, he meets with a company, a company of a dynasty long since diminished to the flames. A ragtag company with b... more
  • The Orphans

    by Zeb Haradon
    The Orphans is a science fiction novel in which Jim, a washed up private detective who suffers from bizarre neurological symptoms, is hired by an anonymous client to locate seven orphans, the only survivors of a mass suicide thirty years ago. The novel is set on Mars, a planet of war refugees, organized crime, drug addicts, and The Church of Great Bliss – a “neurotheistic” religion which practices the post-mortem fusing and disembodied resurrection of the brains of deceased members, resulting in... more
  • The Usurper King

    by Zeb Haradon
    The Usurper King takes place in an alternate universe where the serial killer Ted Bundy was never apprehended and is now running for president in 2016. Jim, a sufferer of a hybrid computer-biological virus that causes premature aging, tries to pay for his treatments by winning money on the game show 'Guts!', which has contestants competitively predict the future by reading animal entrails. As Jim begins to find omens in the entrails of Bundy's victory, and details of Bundy's murderous past... more

    by Jared K. Chapman
    Class struggle in a society where the majority have superpowers and you're one of the powerless isn't a struggle at all... it's an impossibility. When Mario is taken into custody for killing a Mighty, he must race against time to prove his innocence and survive the onslaught of the real Mighty killer.
  • The Thing In The Lake

    by Conor Metz
    Billy McGregor just wants to enjoy his summer before high school, but a creature lurks within his lake and seems to be picking off the residents one at a time. As a horror-buff, he’s quick to pick up on this and with nobody else seeming to notice, it’s up to him and his friends to take matters into their own hands. But they aren’t the only ones after the creature. A local cop realizes the several deaths are linked and an organization called SID is trying to cover it up. They have their own... more
  • Riley's Excellent and not-at-all Fake Exorcism Service

    by Sophie Queen
    Most people’s in-laws try to make their lives a living hell, but Riley’s literally succeeded. Not only did they decide that selling their souls to demons was a good idea, they included Riley and her husband, Daniel, in the deal as well. Riley’s life wasn’t exactly perfect before, what with her failed writing career and not-so-great marriage. But at least she didn’t have to worry about creepy demons trying to snatch her body! If it wasn’t for the help of a demon named Thomas, she probably (mos... more
  • Lies The Guardians Tell

    by Herman Steuernagel

    The Guardians have lied to humanity for centuries . . . Now she'll be forced to uncover the truth.

    With a well-paced storyline and thrilling action scenes, this story will keep readers on their toes -- Reedsy Discovery

    Sierra Runar calls the Sphere her home, where the Guardians claim to protect humanity from the toxic world outside. But when Sierra discovers the framework of their perfect society might be built on a lie, she begins to ask dangerous qu... more

  • We Who Burn

    by Merethe Walther
    Petra Freyrsdótter can raise an entire village from the dead with her magic—so why can’t she bring her lover back to life? Petra has spent the last two years trying to resurrect Orrus, the man she loves. And even though she’s a powerful necromancer, nothing works, and Orrus is perpetually stuck as a listless shade at her side while she searches all of Aelamor for a way to restore him. But when Petra gets caught by a priest for the God of Truth and Light—an order that burns necromancers at the s... more
  • A War of Daisies

    by A.A. Chamberlynn
    Hawk’s Hollow, Colorado. 1894. Four young women with very different lives and very different dreams, except for one thing: they were chosen to be the Riders of the Apocalypse. Penelope is on a quest to reconnect with the tribe that represents half her blood. Willow wants to win the cross-country horse race, even if it means pretending to be a man. Felicity longs to escape from the cage society has created around her. And Dynah is bound and determined to be Rodeo Queen if it kills her. But ... more
  • Archipelago

    by Zephyr Dorsey
    Archipelago is a satirical dystopia. The story occurs in a fantastical world peopled by elves and fairies, and it contains a humorous undertone throughout -- all so that readers stand a better chance of bumping-up against its societal critiques without going into apoplectic meltdown. Orwell's Animal Farm is its most obvious progenitor.
  • El último gigante: Transgresión. (Spanish Edition)

    by J. R. Hardesty
    En medio del mar del Albor se encuentra la poderosa nación insular de Kalyria. Se ha mantenido como un faro de luz y esperanza para el mundo desde su fundación al final de la Era Sombría hace casi cuatro mil veranos, pero ahora, en el Verano del Mundo 6087, algo malo está por venir. No solo amenaza a Kalyria, sino al futuro de todos los que viven en ella, ya sean extranjeros o nacidos en la isla. Uno de esos extraños es el joven Gigante Menannon, exiliado de su propia tierra de Lornennog po... more
  • The Possession of Mark lyerly

    by Nathaniel Stewart
    Mark Lyerly is at his lowest point. Unable to cope with his teen daughter’s death and the stress of the aftermath of her horrific and calamitous deed, he is ready to end his suffering. However, after two strangers mysteriously show up in his living room, he learns that he will indeed die, but not by his own hand or terms.
  • The Possession of Sarah Allis

    by Nathaniel Stewart
    Sarah Allis had completed her duties as a den-mother for the day, but before she could make her way home she encounters a mysterious woman by the name of Lilait. Lilait has plans for Sarah, and an evening that started off sweetly ends in the unthinkable.
  • Hexing the Moon

    by Angel Leigh McCoy
    Wyrdwood Welcome #3 -- Adventure and Magick -- In the conclusion to the Wyrdwood Welcome trilogy, Viv risks her own life to fix the Trouble she caused. Her new powers are blossoming, and she's beginning to understand what it means to live with magick. It's unclear, however, whether the benefit outweighs the cost. The secrets she uncovers have sharp edges. Can Viv divert a war, or does her very existence herald the end of an era?