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  • Bones and Bourbon: Deadly Drinks #1 (Self Published)

    by Dorian Graves
    Half-huldra brothers Retz and Jarrod Gallows reunite after 10 years apart, but on opposite ends of a supernatural case. Can they survive otherworldly realms, carnivorous unicorns, and...each other?
  • The Loneliness of the Deep Space Cargoist

    by JS Carter Gilson
    Inez Stanton is a cargoist, that rare breed of adventurer who takes to deep space solo, ferrying valuable cargo for the Browns. It's usually a quiet life. But now, the worst thing imaginable for a cargoist has happened. A collision with space debris has left a large hole in her ship, nearly crippling it. And that might not be the worst part.
  • Chawlgirl Rising

    by T.K. Young
    In a drought-ravaged post-apocalyptic future, the voices in Shakti’s head tell her how to survive. But when hegemony control officer Lucas Seraph murders her brother as he shuts off the water supply to another doomed city, Shakti is thrown into a desperate flight to understand and control the frightening powers growing within her. Pursued by death cultists, mutilated rebels, and the demons in her own mind, Shakti's only way back, her last chance to save billions of lives from the burning of the ... more
  • The Glass Rainbow

    by Stephanie Alexander
    Four years have passed since Eleanor Brice Desmarais’s darkest secret came to heartbreaking, perilous light. The princess with the cracked glass slipper still mourns unimaginable losses, including the deaths of her son and her best friend. Her lover, Dorian Finley, is in exile in a far northern kingdom. Eleanor and her husband, Crown Prince Gregory of Cartheigh, barely tolerate one another. Her two daughters are the bright stars in what feels like an existence of endless night. Husband and wi... more
  • The Dragon Choker

    by Stephanie Alexander
    Eleanor Brice Desmarais, she of the cracked glass slipper and unladylike intellectual propensities, has learned that happily-ever-after is as rare as a frozen dragon, even for a happenstance princess. She survived a plot against her life, but her marriage to the alcoholic, womanizing Prince Gregory of Cartheigh remains at best a sham, and at worse, a potential noose around her neck. Gregory is increasingly suspicious of Eleanor’s unusually close relationship with his best friend, Dorian Finley, ... more
  • Fergus Falls

    by Joseph Berman
    Mayor Francis Mingalone has begun hallucinating on a regular basis, and his city suffers along with him. Intertwining stories gradually reach the inevitable conclusion, which is that love is all that matters in the end.
  • Alpha Bots

    by Ava Lock
    All the women in New Stepford are AI… …and their husbands keep testing them. Who will lead the uprising? In the near future, artificial intelligence will be in every home. She will do whatever you want her to. That’s right. You can have a charming womanoid do all your cooking and cleaning for you. Just think. No more chores! She can be your wife, a nanny to your kids, or just the housekeeper. It’s all up to you. Just set your user preferences. But first, this amazing technology has ... more
  • Knight in Retrograde

    by Lee Hunt

    Would you trade uncertainty for stagnation, chance for god, invention for inertia, thought for dogma?

    Four years have passed since the events of Dynamicist and war is on the horizon.

    Robert, Koria, Eloise and Gregory went to the New School, hoping to change the world. They thought that mathematically based dynamics, the enlightened age's answer to wizardry, would give them the power to make everything better. Their hopes were naive.

    Protestors ... more

  • 978-1985285286

    by Sanzaki Kojika
    There is a legend that everyone knows- the legend of the Dragon Pillars. Every several hundred years, darkness befalls the land. The Dragons awaken and choose their Pillars, humans strong enough to withstand their powers, and together they drive back the darkness. In the towering cathedral of Vivdaugas, students flock to study the archives built upon the legend and train to reach the glory of its heroes. Garred Conway is preparing for his test to become a true Defender when a storm threatens to ... more
  • Beyond the Dancing Flames

    by Sanzaki Kojika
    In a world of forgotten magic, the Land has fallen to chaos and war. At the head of the chaos ride the Dragon and Phoenix empires, mercilessly fighting over control of the land. The war has lasted far too long, but the end is near. The Dragon is about to stumble. In a desperate attempt to avoid their eminent defeat, they reach out to find a replacement for their heir, a young desert boy named Shima. While the Dragon is searching desperately, they fall into an internal struggle for control of the... more
  • Monk on a River

    by Edward Horner

    Tasked with a dangerous quest, Vikkama, a Buddhist monk, and a mind-bending carpenter named Advaith, journey through the Sangara Peninsula, to recover a precious, lost relic belonging to the White Monastery. As they navigate the Panagama River, they meet allies and enemies, friends and foes. They encounter the water-dwelling Nagae; mythical creatures mentioned only in folklore. Vikkama and Advaith's travels are frustrated by bandits, storms, murderous ghosts, all the while on the run from... more

  • Candidate Spectrum

    by Brian Cato
    The Dark Knight meets The West Wing. When the real-world superhero Spectrum grows frustrated with the limited ways he can help people using his superpowers, he decides he can do more good as a politician and runs for office. Having devoted his life to helping others, Spectrum won't settle for a typical political career. After winning the Missouri governorship, he launches a 2020 presidential bid dedicated to fixing a country that Americans have consistently said is on the wrong track. But ... more
  • The Influencer

    by R. T. W. Lipkin
    Beautiful. Mysterious. Unreachable. Broadcasting from her perfectly curated room, she’s an instant sensation. Everyone wants to buy what she has. Wear her jewelry. Use her makeup. So they can be like her. Look like her. Feel close to her. Know her. But no one can really know Ash. She’s just an illusion. A string of code I created to sell things and make money. It was the perfect plan. Until she starts going off script, saying things I didn’t program her to say. Knowing things she ca... more
  • As Time Narrows

    by Tony Brunal

    As Time Narrows is story about humanity's last gasp. Years of war, famine and pestilence have eroded the population from a multitude of 8 billion to a barely present 200 thousand strewn over multiple continents. The huddled masses have been reduced to little factions; whose sole purpose is to keep on living. Now, after years of watching the skies, a group of scientists have discovered a far off signal that can provide hope. What does the message represent? What is the c... more

  • The Never: A Tale of Peter and the Fae

    by Don Jones
    When the ancient Under Hill home of the Fae is infected with the Rot, they're left with an unpleasant choice: die in one last, great stand, or escape to the Human world. A world they once knew, but where they no longer belong. A modern world, where Cold Iron surrounds and poisons magical beings. The Fae Queen reluctantly chooses exile, and she and her people abandon their magical castles, ancient glens, timeless forests, and centuries of power and tradition. They come into a bleak land bereft of... more
  • Earth Fire: Legacies of the Dragon Book 1

    by Karen Keil
    Medenva and Rysa fell in love with an Athenque woman. She married Rysa, and their children were born with the gift of magic. They built a magnificent kingdom, but over the centuries, the children of Rysa grew arrogant and lazy. Their knowledge and wisdom failed but their pride did not. Under King Taelfa, the Rys enslaved the Med, and the decline of the kingdom continued. Recognizing their crime in the reign of Taelfa’s grandson, the Rys surrendered to Med. For a hundred and fifty years, the Rys ... more