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  • Find Them

    by Julia Ash


    Generations pass and the estate’s directive is overturned.

    Situated on a grassy hilltop overlooking a lake and wildlife preserve, the 30-acre parcel is perfect for Nora and Dex. They’ll escape their city’s rising crime, build a home with an amazing view, work remotely, and start a family.

    Only, their idyllic sanctuary becomes anything but.

    A troubled spirit haunts the land, forcing Nora to find cl... more

  • Canary

    by Crystal Inman
    Ray Smith is a solitary soul. Hijacked by determined siblings, she’s thrust into a Fae war with high stakes and ruthless consequences. Ray reluctantly agrees to help and soon becomes head of the growing group. She embodies the daring leader her siblings need, but apathetic anti-heroes aren’t above the fray. A psychotic birth mother. Creatures bred to kill. An obnoxious Fae Queen. Siblings to protect. Ray finds herself thrust into the twisted lineage game that takes no prisoners. There is no r... more
  • Warped State

    by Jo Miles
    Jasper Wilder is a community organizer, not a spy, but he’ll become one if that's what it takes to stop a deadly research project by the mega-corporation that devastated his home planet. Then he meets Havoc, an idealistic local activist who will be blamed if Jasper goes through with his plans to destroy the experiment. He's prepared to risk his own life, but will he also sacrifice the person he's coming to care about?
  • Countdown To Arrival

    by E-Squared
    This is a history book sent back from the future that the NSA tried to suppress. It begins with extraterrestrials landing on Earth in dramatic fashion on July 21, 2028, due to technical difficulties onboard their Mothership. In exchange for temporary refuge here, they take it upon themselves to repair our planet and its civilization. Unfortunately, it does not end well for us. And because they accept some responsibility for our demise, they decide to allow us a second chance at saving ourselves... more
  • Sea of Souls (Sea of Souls Saga Book 1)

    by N. C. Scrimgeour

    Free-spirited Isla Blackwood has never accepted the shackles of her family’s nobility. Instead, she sails the open waters, searching for belonging on the waves.

    But when tragedy calls Isla home, she realises she can no longer escape the duty she’s been running from. Selkie raiders have been terrorising the island’s coasts, and when they strike at Blackwood Estate, Isla is forced to flee with her hot-headed brother and brooding swordmaster.

    To avenge her family an... more

  • Forged By Pain

    by Bojan Bilos
    A broken Princess with nothing to lose sets out on a path of destruction while struggling with her inner demons.
  • Simons Dream

    by Jeremy Howe
    In 1986, Chicago police officer John Stinson is killed while on duty in a crime that was never solved. In present day, golf course employee Simon Verner begins to have vivid dreams through Officer Stinson's perspective of the events leading up to the murder. A unique link is discovered between the two men, and Simon takes it upon himself to solve the mystery. However, a ruthless villain with supernatural abilities who goes by the name of "X" discovers Simon's abilities and attempts to stop his q... more
  • Out of the Shadow

    by Blue Matt Jeff
    In a world plagued by a devastating genetic disease that decimates the male population, the powerful turn a blind eye to the impending peril while the women fight to preserve humanity's legacy. In a realm gripped by a devastating genetic disease that has caused a drastic decline in male populations, the powerful cling stubbornly to their authority, oblivious to the impending peril. Meanwhile, the resilient women strive to ensure the continuity of humanity. Princess Malak, trapped in an a... more
  • Phoenix Rising: The commander of three of the most powerful mind-controlled space-age drones ever created turns from the supreme

    by Mark T. Wellington
    Unveiling the latest sensation in the world of Short Form Novels: Phoenix Rising by Mark T. Wellington! This high-octane, adrenaline-pumping thriller will transport you to the year 2035, where mind-controlled space-age drones reign supreme, and one man's quest to save the world takes an intensely personal turn. Immerse yourself in the gripping story of Tony Simmons, a fearless Air Force major with the extraordinary ability to control three of the most powerful drones ever created - the Dev... more
  • The Compound

    by Gwenna McAllis
    A missing father. A lifetime of secrets. An ancient evil. Twenty-one-year-old Daniel Wester graduated from college two months ago. He has a bachelor's degree in history, a pile of student loan debt, and no job prospects in sight. When his dad mysteriously vanishes from inside their locked home, Daniel finds an old wooden box covered in strange symbols, a creepy collection of books about demonology, instructions to find an aunt he's never met, and driving directions that lead him halfway ac... more

    by Terrance Coffey

    Body snatchers. Mind control. An alien invasion almost too clever to be caught. Read the most chilling sci-fi first contact story in years…

    A seemingly normal six-year-old named Kaden is concealing a profound mystery. He possesses an uncanny wisdom beyond his tender age, navigating the world independently, and wielding an eerie influence over those around him, even his parents. Yet Kaden is not alone in his inexplicable nature. In the quiet town of Lynch, Ke... more

  • Our Vitreous Womb

    by Haldane B. Doyle
    In the far future, humanity has rebuilt civilisation and reimagined itself through the power of pure biotechnology. Oji Anabasi is one of the few remaining sapiens, though he is also an accidental hybrid of two ancient lineages. Follow Oji's life from cradle to grave through the eyes of his headstrong mother, irresistible wet nurse, devoted wife and ardent ally.
  • Violetta: A Fae in the House of the Fairies

    by Denny R. Swartzlander
    Violetta is book two of the Eleganta series, and continues the story began in book one—Eleganta: A Novel of Fairykind. Ten years after the march of Sunderin and capture of Ethywyne Eleganta, the trolls continue to poison the Fairy Realms, and Violetta, Queen of the Faes, occupies the Fairy Castle. The surviving fairies live in hiding on the Isle of Naviila where they’ve sheltered Ethywyne’s daughter Lira, the only fairy youngling. When Violetta ensnares Lira with a promise to help find Ethywyne,... more
  • Black Table

    by Anttimatti Pennanen
    Jon and Gus, science fiction fans from Finland with a penchant for fist bumping and pop culture references, travel to the Portland Rose City Comic-Con to see their hero, Dr Wells, the founding father of sci-fi. At the convention, tragedy strikes, leading Jon and Gus to an adventure of—science fiction fans’—lifetime. Discovering and accidentally activating the alien, time bending device, which they name, Black Table, Jon and Gus jump from world to world, finding new allies, friends—a boy called K... more
  • The Catalyst

    by Anttimatti Pennanen
    In the final chapter of the Black Table trilogy, the crew of Unity find themselves literally in a colossal battle between Breathers and species behind the Protectors of Light. Jon and Gus are trusted on a mission to find an ancient weapon, the Catalyst, with a possible power to wipe out Breathers once and for all. Meanwhile on a different timeline, Kentho and his family discover an ancient book, Chronicles of Myron, sending them on puzzle solving quests to find more clues how to reunite them wit... more
  • The Journey to Saraland

    by Cherilee Kinman
    The protagonist takes the reader through a paranormal, psychological, esoteric, science fiction, fantasy tale in an antiquated, western setting. It's apocalyptic in nature.